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Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2017 - 2018

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Top 5 Upcoming Smartphone 2017 - 2018 See More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXQ2TKNG3FPV-iUoLXH1IQ?sub_confirmation=1 1. Huawei Honor V9. 2. Sony Xperia XZ Premium. 3. Huawei P10 Plus. 4. LG G6. 5. HTC U Ultra. Top 5 budget smartphone February 2017 Under $250 Hello Viewers this smartphone have best features. This phone is amazing for the price and carrier friendly.Motorola Moto G4 Plus have good performance ,13 mp advance camera and fast TurboPower battery charging and more advantage. key specs:-Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920 pixels,RAM:2GB,OS:Android 6.0.1,Storage:16GB,Rear Camera:16-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3000mAh The BLU R1 HD most popular smartphone on amazon because their reasonable low price.it is also best budget smartphone key specs:-display:5.0" camera:8 MP.5mp,2GB RAM,2500mAh. The Huawei Honor 6X best for good metal design super fast performance and fingerprint sensor .this smartphone one of the best budget smartphone . key specs:-Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.7GHz octa-core,Front Camera:8-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920pixels,RAM:3GB,OS:Android 6.0,Storage:32GB,Rear Camera:12-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3340mAh ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser 5.5-inch display, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone. ZenFone 3 Laser features a powerful 64-bit processor - Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 430. Its elements exude exclusivity, from its metallic body and premium aesthetics to the unique ergonomic design. this mobile is the wroth of money with good unique features.samsung galaxy j7 prime have best camera super fast performance and perfect for all. key specs:-Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.6GHz octa-core,Front Camera:8-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920 pixels,RAM:3GB,OS:Android 6.0,Storage:16GB,Rear Camera:13-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3300mAh. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Top 5 World best Smartphones of 2017: Upcoming Smartphone 2017 in this video i show you TOP 5 BEST Smartphones of 2016.All are best company smartphones like Oppo , Samsung , Asus , Blackberry , Sony. January, February, March, April, may, June, July, August, September, October, November, December Technology. Tech, technical, budget smartphone, under $200, $300, $400, $500, most thinnest, stylish, slime, perfectly carried, borderless display, AMOLED, IPS, Gorrila display, selfie camera, dual camera, 4k video camera, zoom camera, focus camera, camera lens, led flash, HD flash, 3d flash, dual core processor, core 2 duo, octa core, quad core, snapdragon 820, Qualcomm, Hardware, IOS, new phone, Ram 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, ROM 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, ALUMINUM BODY, All mobiles have best camera's, high graphic's, Full HD Display. 4G LET, Long Battery's , best RAM And ROM , Best Processer, AND Best Gaming experience. - Some More BEST 4GB RAM Smartphones :- LG V20 , Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Google Pixel XL , Huawei Mate 9 , Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe , ZTE Axon 7 , Vivo Xplay 5 , Xiaomi Mix Evo. NOTE : we do not own any of the trailers,music,logos,songs shown in the video any they are all the copyrighted contents of the respective owners.

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Text Comments (54)
Katelyn Jones (18 days ago)
I don't think the transparent phones exists
Monu Mev (3 months ago)
LG q6 ki ret kya h
Rohit Sharma (4 months ago)
Check out the New iPhone 8 plus Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q_1rRf2blQ
Brian Cullen (5 months ago)
None of these ads are shot with a working phone, they are easy cgi
chloe marquez (7 months ago)
Hi Igxd bi d vj for xk xk c
chloe marquez (7 months ago)
Gcj fo form and OWL h just fkcvj
chloe marquez (7 months ago)
H u I tivi fo. Gobj f
chloe marquez (7 months ago)
Nfj if it's do kgj
chloe marquez (7 months ago)
Y fb so do j itk do you GN ckv xjb kfi hv to
wilson hill (7 months ago)
Alex Dobre (7 months ago)
I was a bit disappointed with Honor 9 cause they changed the touch ID button from back to front. I am waiting for Honor 9 or Huawei 11 or whatever name it will have. I have Honor 8 and it works perfectly. Nothing to say!
Byron Thomas (8 months ago)
Awesome Video, and Great Smartphones. When do these become available? I am blown away with this presentation and the Awesome Music in the background. Please let me know where I can get more information. And where is the Musical Score from? I would love to download it? Email me: ByronT1956@gmail.com This video Presentation Exceeded all my expectations of a quality Smartphone,thank you. Mr. Byron Thomas. 😊
Mama maharjan (6 months ago)
Byron Thomas jj0000977u77jjjgu mmkiki8ipp Jhjjkjj0000000iķòokk
joey cecilia (8 months ago)
Apple ripoff
Kiran Khan (8 months ago)
Doogge BL7000 Is Out can't believe I'm Going To order One from Banggood
honest comment (8 months ago)
Watching this video on iPhone7
sonam sherpa (8 months ago)
Hope I could buy Abby of them
Pratik Rai (8 months ago)
Please give me the name of music played in Sony experia zs
T-Cloud (8 months ago)
it's free music by youtube
A Sa (8 months ago)
Where is the sumsang in list
Sienna Venturina (9 months ago)
Pester Bruschetti (9 months ago)
Pantelis Litras (9 months ago)
ATTENTION!!!! Do not buy anything from Pandawill!!!! I bought a smartphone from Pandawill. I paid 260$ and after 7 months stopped working. I send it back for repair. Pandawill answered me that it was out of warranty (they are lying that they have warranty) and asked me to give extra money (92$) for repair. I made a report to Visa MasterCard for get my money back. After the report I made to visa MasterCard they accepted that Pandawill was lying and they refunded my money back. My advice is that if anyone has same problem with Pandawill to do what I did.
Owen Fowler (9 months ago)
The back of the htc doesnt look like a galaxy s7 or anything...
Shanu Roy (9 months ago)
Hi can u subscribe me please 😇
Ghanshyam Chauhan (9 months ago)
Shyam A (9 months ago)
Where is Samsung Galaxy S8?? It is the powerful Beauty of 2017 phones.. I am really confused between Samsung S8 and Sony Xperia Preminum ..
Bhai aisi video editing kis app se karte ho
Tejendra Baruwal (7 months ago)
TECHNOLOGY जो आपको बनाए और भी Advance this is the advertisements joint together and uploaded.
T-Cloud (10 months ago)
videopad se........ Thnx for comments....
MdShoaib Mdshoaib (10 months ago)
DJ MASEL (10 months ago)
i like it
Anne Casanave (8 months ago)
The quality YouTube comments I see
Jude Blaise (10 months ago)
I think Samsung galaxy edge is the best phone in the world no weight for Samsung with super screen amoled and edge best launch
Abdelah Omari (5 months ago)
T-Cloud عبدالله.سلا
T-Cloud (10 months ago)
yes, you say right
Utsav Brahmakshatriya (10 months ago)
what is the name of the song playing at sony xperia XZ premium
Utsav Brahmakshatriya (9 months ago)
Victor Burca thanks
Victor Burca (9 months ago)
Utsav Brahmakshatriya sky high - elektronomia
Kennex (10 months ago)
You got a dislike because of the clickbait.
Permal Elija (10 months ago)
trop cool
TechRev BD (11 months ago)
Good job......
NF3 DESIGNER (11 months ago)
my mobile 📱
XxKazxX xoxo (11 months ago)
So now every single phone looks like an iPhone clone? except Samsung phones
Mr. Birla (11 months ago)
Rene Manguerra (11 months ago)
SO where's the phone that was on the thumbnail?
Musa Azam Nomany (9 months ago)
I will never click on t-cloud ever.
wasim chouhan (10 months ago)
Rene Manguerra (11 months ago)
I did not click your video for any of the featured phones you showed. I clicked it because I was interested in the one in the thumbnail. You are misleading your audiences. Reported.
T-Cloud (11 months ago)
"thumbnails" it's just concept.. brother.....

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