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Don't Let Me Save Your Data

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Thanks to DriveSavers for sponsoring this video! https://www.drivesaversdatarecovery.com/ Inside a $2 million cleanroom to recover data from hard drives, SSDs, smartphones and more! Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (1019)
Damian9303 (11 hours ago)
How much is this? And how much should I add for them to not go through my personal data while recovering my hard drive?
scotty thompson (1 day ago)
cool computer talk austin
V Square Swingers (2 days ago)
Same as Linus
HRG Tutoriais (4 days ago)
pena que o video nao é em portugues
Marusi (5 days ago)
Tim Leijten (5 days ago)
linus did it first and better...
SourceGod (6 days ago)
Austin getting thicc
Mark steven (7 days ago)
linus ,ade a video n drive savers and I edited the captions, bet ya'll didn't do that
Dialgavspalkia (8 days ago)
I want to see a quick peek at the CIA's data recovery. That ought to look ultra expensive😰
DaRK Arts (8 days ago)
Linus did this
Aj T (8 days ago)
Can they save my apple 2 data, or my XBAND data
Od1sseas (10 days ago)
Stop saying "Hi guys this is Austin" is so fucking cringy. Just stop.
Gareth Sanders (11 days ago)
Stylish indeed
Yi Long (11 days ago)
I thought Austin was gonna cook us some Crystal Meth....
Martin marty (11 days ago)
Nic Hughes (11 days ago)
Joshua Joji Mathews (12 days ago)
hey data this is drive savers
Jackyjo007 (12 days ago)
Totally better than Linus haha
DOOM DUDE (12 days ago)
Hi random person
adithya vismay (12 days ago)
Hey guys this is hardwell
Adam Mikhail (12 days ago)
Guys I need help So I’m building my first gaming pc in September but because of my budget I don’t know if i should get a gtx 1060 and 8 gb of ram, or get a gtx 1050ti and 16 gb of ram. I’m starting to feel like 16 gb is becoming a commun requirement for recent and upcoming games Thanks for your help
ツInvertingly (12 days ago)
Hey Austin, it's guys
Kyle Hannemann (12 days ago)
Hey Austin, I'm still waiting for "Building the ultimate Wii".
lewis murphy (12 days ago)
He looks like the riddler out of Gotham
SHASANK SHAW (12 days ago)
I am not getting any notification 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Willydabest (12 days ago)
Lol, I actually have a laptop that always blue screens when I power it on. Maybe this will help.
Dan 194 (12 days ago)
Wtf he is so hot👀
Kostya Slobodyanyuk (12 days ago)
Is this any good to build? Ryzen 7 2700X MSI B350M Gaming Pro EVGA GTX 1060 6gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb ddr4 Samsung 960 Evo 250gb sad Blue WD 1tb hard drive EVGA 500b power supply
odischloempel (12 days ago)
The Ultimate Playstation 3 Next ? ;)
Azeus (13 days ago)
What’s your main phone Austin?
Tiddly (13 days ago)
Some one please help me I will pay $ I stg So on a old Pc I am upgrading it is a ATX and it has on the mother board 24 slots and I cant find a power supply that has 24 pins I saw a couple that have a 20 pin cable and a separate 4 pin cable so at first I thought that would work but then some where else on the mother board there is a 4 slot spot so I am so annoyed and I have to get these parts before like 3 weeks so some one please help me by sending me a link to one that u think would work
Reaction Bros (13 days ago)
man i wish i had a better pc cause i wanna play fortnite on epic settings and it would look majestic but my shitty pc only can run low settings and my cpu is apparently 80-90 degrees plz save me austin and im a big fan of you
franfred11 (13 days ago)
Hillary should have bought one of those data eliminators for her emails
albiechops (13 days ago)
can you do a face reveal?
TMD1 (13 days ago)
Austin can you do the ultimate Xbox one x
Dimitris Patsiaouras (13 days ago)
jeryrig should go there
laughy jacky (13 days ago)
Cause I remember the last time you did a video on ssd’s for the fastest ps4 and Xbox one
laughy jacky (13 days ago)
To make the loading time faster
laughy jacky (13 days ago)
Uummm is it worth it to get an ssd for the Xbox one x
laughy jacky (13 days ago)
[info redacted] (13 days ago)
Make a "Building the ultimate[ Xbox one X, Xbox one S (preferablely), PS4 pro, or PS4 slim]" video. Preferably Xbox one S, please.
Katherine Taylor (13 days ago)
When will xbox make a vr
Aditya T.S. (13 days ago)
Awesome Video Austin.
Jelly Abomination (13 days ago)
What do u prefer Xbox or ps4
Linda Li (13 days ago)
Austin, fuck you, go die!!! repay my money!!!
Linda Li (13 days ago)
What should I do? I was lied by Austin. He deceived my money and caused me to lose my job.
SuperMarioParody (13 days ago)
Hey Austin You Should Review This PC CyberPowerPC - Gamer Master Desktop - AMD Ryzen 5-Series - 8GB Memory - AMD Radeon RX 580 XTR
Brian Fernando (13 days ago)
can you do a review on the ROG Strix SCAR II Gaming Laptop, GL504
Giovanii Gonzalez (13 days ago)
Remember when duncan said asshole YoungHomie on a question about him having a girlfriend *yes i said duncan for you old school Austin Evans fans*
Agent M (13 days ago)
So this is where Hillary Clinton went...
Cheesy The Gamer (13 days ago)
I have this WD book drive that has a hard drive that has lots of copys of windows and when I tried to turn it on it made clicking noises.
The_Quantum_Doctor (13 days ago)
Hey data this is Zuckerberg
The_Quantum_Doctor (13 days ago)
Anybody knows a good case for the photon 4.0?
KING 8 (13 days ago)
Ask for Austin ok got it
GunSlinger LumberJack (13 days ago)
Hey guys,This is Austin!
Mr_Cake (14 days ago)
I uhhh have a 32gb “Homework” drive I need to move
ItzVoxel lol (14 days ago)
Huh, DATA, hmm checking through save data.... found 1 sad memory! remember the time your house burned down in 2014? And remember your friend helped you?
Qin heuang (14 days ago)
Linus already did it!
Fyre Nexus (14 days ago)
Do is Hyrule warriors definitve edition worth it
MikeNoPlay (14 days ago)
"Copy" "Paste" , "Mark , I've done here,gotta take a coffee?"
bfredd33 (14 days ago)
I am a gtx 1080
rain shine (14 days ago)
Your made for this.
middleschooler96 (14 days ago)
Linus did it
draxman76 (14 days ago)
That's really cool that people will go to such lengths to recover files.
Meem Ain (14 days ago)
Why do you have your video as an advertisement in YouTube
Sebastian Moya (14 days ago)
jason s (14 days ago)
Awesome video thanks man!
Linus have a face change?
Juan Carlos (14 days ago)
You won a new subscriber..
erica (14 days ago)
You don't need a cleanroom to save flash chips, only the super sensitive mechanical drives.
Tykely Bazx (14 days ago)
You channel is cool
Lewis Li (14 days ago)
Legit when he said USB's bitten by dogs my phone made a weird noise like a stutter noise😲
Flena 10s (15 days ago)
rock austin
Janko Kinčeš (15 days ago)
You forgot to make another cheap waste amazon mistery.
ZachGames21 Casazza (15 days ago)
Sav ma data
Gamefreak924 (15 days ago)
Go back to reviewing gameboys
Steve (15 days ago)
Think Linus beat you to the punch. ;-)
I love you Austin From Syria😍
nandan chebbi (15 days ago)
Austin Evans looks like a plastic surgery went bad
nandan chebbi (15 days ago)
"Hey guys this is Austin, hey Austin we know"
Hansolo Cody (15 days ago)
LOL LInus did a way better job on this that you did Austin.
TVperson1 (15 days ago)
Austin the HDD NINJA
Buhoi Alexandru (15 days ago)
Numai eu am vazut leul ala sub monitor?
Lee Trigs (15 days ago)
Yay a not-Computex video
Dominik Kužila (15 days ago)
Totally better than Linus's tour :D
noob gamer plays games (15 days ago)
oh i remember you duncan33303
Ady Freddy (15 days ago)
Nerdy Storm Shadow detected 😂
CryoJinx (15 days ago)
I wonder if it's Austin
Riztech101 (15 days ago)
10 mb.... wow
Raji Banerjee (15 days ago)
*HEY GUYS, this is a generic comment!*
Shadey Speedster 2345 (15 days ago)
Can u do a video on fixing/getting bluetooth on windows 10
Diego Torres (15 days ago)
What do they tell you if they find what's in your 84 gb "homework" folder?
SKITTLESRYUMM (15 days ago)
wonder how much porn they recover
Allen Hasbun (15 days ago)
What if Austin ruined the drive. THEY WLLLL HaTE HIM
Christhekid (15 days ago)
You can’t even store all of lil pump’s songs on 10 megabytes
Eric Parrish (15 days ago)
Good thing we didn't put Linus in the clean room. He would drop something.
MrKittke (15 days ago)
you got a S/O from myth
DRWXP (15 days ago)
I have a new found respect for data recovery companies, no wonder it's so expensive. I learned the hard way that for unrecovable info like pictures or home videos you should always have two backups, I lost years of worth of family photos because my only external hard drive died on me after a fiend borrow it.
mrlithium (15 days ago)
I had that exact Seagate 10MB drive in my IBM 286.
Tariq S. (16 days ago)

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