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Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Redmi Note 5 vs Honor 9 Lite vs 10.or G | Quick Comparison | My Choice

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Hi Guys, In this video, I compared Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 5, Honor 9 Lite & 10.or G. Reasons to Buy Redmi Note 5 Pro ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Only Base Variant 2.5.99"FHD+ 18:9 Display 3.Kryo Based Snapdragon 636 CPU ( Very Efficient & Powerful) 4.Powerful GPU 5.20 MP front camera with flash 6.1.25 micron pixel size ( Rear Camera ) 7.Fast Charging 8.Bigger Battery (4000 mAh) 9.Gorilla Glass Protection Please LIKE & SHARE this video. Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel. Thank You & Have a Nice Day.
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Text Comments (311)
Redmi note 5 very best phone
Tenor g is best mobile don't by mi
LYRICS Point (1 day ago)
Tenor G ka price kam ho gya hai meine 4GB/64GB wala variant sirf ₹9,699 me kharida hai.
Abdul Mazid (1 day ago)
9 lite is the best canmpear to othe
silent hepline (4 days ago)
Note 5 is best
Adil Shaikh (5 days ago)
Huawei honor 9 lite is best I Will buy it
InfoTech India (4 days ago)
It is best for photography
Somesh Reddy (6 days ago)
Honer 9lite
Kundan Thakur (7 days ago)
10 ro g not 4g gold
Sanjay Hyalij (7 days ago)
Note 5
anil gaidhani (7 days ago)
10orG good
Rishab Singh (8 days ago)
Redmi note 5 best mobile phone
Jeet Thakkar (10 days ago)
Honor 9 lite mobbail is best
Nishant Kumar (10 days ago)
10.or G Rs.8000 R.note 5 Rs.9999 Huawei honor 9 lite Rs. 9999-12999 R.note 5 pro Rs. 14999-16999 so i think 10.or G is better then all the devices, kyuki uska price bht kum h.
Rupchand Hansda (11 days ago)
10or g best
james assumi (12 days ago)
honor 9 lite
Rangnath Pawar (13 days ago)
10 or g good
guru productions (14 days ago)
10 r g
Áaush xettrì (16 days ago)
Redmi note 5 pro I am using this phone
Vivek Patel (16 days ago)
Honor 9 lite is best
What'sapp status (16 days ago)
vinitgoswami 746 (16 days ago)
Mujhe Redmi note 5 pro hi best laga h quki es cam or Ram,Interal Best De gayi h
Lucky Dangi (17 days ago)
Honor 9 lite is best
Sandeep Samberwal (17 days ago)
Bhai mene to 2days phle 10org..leya hai ye best hai
Tech With Mech (18 days ago)
10 or g is best
Bikram Chatterjee (18 days ago)
I want 10.or g
Prem Mora (19 days ago)
honor 9 lite nice
Ankul Dwivedi (21 days ago)
akash kaman (21 days ago)
I choose 10 or g because its good looking and specification also is good we can pull home buttons only when we need then it has no troubles that mistakly finger can touch and suddenly the app comes back or close thanks for the comparison.
Kumar Vaibhav (21 days ago)
Abe chutiye... Honor 9 Lite plastic build h
Kumkum Jha (21 days ago)
redmi note 5 pro
Amaze boy (22 days ago)
Samsung J7 pro worth buying or not
InfoTech India (22 days ago)
Right Now it is not.
Ian Hume (22 days ago)
Note 5 pro and 10 org is best but 10 or g beats it by price. 😅😅
FASTEST WORLD (23 days ago)
Maine to honor liya hai
Anita Negi (23 days ago)
10 or g 3gb wala
Always Tech (23 days ago)
10 or g only 8000-9000
Jeeshan Khan (24 days ago)
Redmi Note 5 pro
abdulkadir mohammad (25 days ago)
r.mi not 5 pro
Rohit Raj (26 days ago)
Honor 9 lite
Afridi Nadeem (27 days ago)
Honor lite 9 is the best....
Ian Hume (22 days ago)
Afridi Nadeem its only good in looks , dont get confused.
honar 9 light
Ian Hume (22 days ago)
gaming guru 009 confuse mat ho design dekh ke . Use karke dekh.
know the unknown (27 days ago)
Bhai mobile karidne ke baad compare karna. BC
Vismay Dharod (27 days ago)
You have recommended wrong phones, tenor g is the best as it cost 2000 less than all others.
Kalia Mahanty (27 days ago)
10 or
Nakul Jee Singh (28 days ago)
I like redmi note 5 pro
Ritik Soni (30 days ago)
Abe 10org 3gb ram vala 7999 me pad rha he 9999 me nhi
Govinda Kumar (30 days ago)
FW crash course (30 days ago)
He is mad
Anil Kumar (30 days ago)
Redmi note 5 pro
Karan Kashyep (30 days ago)
10.0r g best
Subhankar Jana (30 days ago)
Honor 9 lite is best phone from any other phone
Ian Hume (22 days ago)
Subhankar Jana confused by design and looks.
smarty boy mayank raj (1 month ago)
redmi note 5 pro
Sumon Kakoti (1 month ago)
Vineet Tripathi (1 month ago)
10 or g is best than other because its price is low and featured are very awesome
Technical Sumit (1 month ago)
Redmi Note 5 Hip Hip Hurra Mi Hip Hip Hurra
Puja Shaw (1 month ago)
Redmi note 5 pro
All Rounder (1 month ago)
Honor 9 lite this is a waterproof 📱
Asif khan (1 month ago)
Please make a video coolpad vs tecno camon i
Ashutosh Parida (1 month ago)
10 or G is the best
Jomon Joseph (1 month ago)
Red mi not 5
DoEverything Yourself (1 month ago)
Abhi 10.or G ka price 8000-9000 ha
sheild productioms (1 month ago)
I think 10 or g is better
COC GYAN (1 month ago)
10 or g
Luckyraaj Patra (1 month ago)
Tumhe Honor ke bare me kuch nehin pata kya? Agar kuch nehin pata to video kyun bana raha hai....
Suman Sumar (1 month ago)
Prashant Gadekar (1 month ago)
Jehirul Hoque (1 month ago)
10 or g
sanskar verma (1 month ago)
10. or g is best 7999 only
bilal ahmed (1 month ago)
Honor 9 lite
Cricket Gaming (1 month ago)
Asus zenfon max pro vs note 5 pro karo
Ayush Raj Sharma (1 month ago)
Keep complete knowledge.. Note 5 pro is of 15000 😑 If u r getting this below 14000.. Then buy it for me too 😑
Pavan Tarak (18 days ago)
Asus max pro m1
Mehtabul Warsi (1 month ago)
10 or G
saurav shaji (1 month ago)
Honer 9 lite
Namdev ratnparkhi (1 month ago)
Honor 9 lite
ANSHUMAN NAYAK (1 month ago)
10 or g best
Ansh Kukreja (1 month ago)
I love redmi note 5 best budget phone
Sagar Lenka (1 month ago)
Mi not 5 pro
Rajdeep sharma (1 month ago)
R note 5 pro
Rajashekar J (1 month ago)
10 or g
sajan chourasiya (1 month ago)
10.or Ka koi nya wala phone aa RHA hai kya
Note 5
Mukesh Prajapati (1 month ago)
Honar 9 lite awesome looking phone
sports is here (1 month ago)
10org is best
Ashish verma (1 month ago)
Go for 10 or g it is one of the best budget smartphone full paisa vasool phone......
Alok Biswas (1 month ago)
Honor 9 lite is best
Amritsar Awaz (1 month ago)
Note 5 Best
Lucky Kerketta (1 month ago)
My choice ten or g kyoki isme sab kuch hai bazt ke hisaab se
neela (1 month ago)
Redminote5 pro best
sarfaraj ansari (1 month ago)
my choice redmi not 5 pro
subho Mondal (1 month ago)
10 or g
Md Javed (1 month ago)
Samsung ghuthna tek liya hai redmi ke samne
Anshum verma (1 month ago)
All mi phone hang
Bikash Mohanty (1 month ago)
Redmi note 5 pro is best
Yatinkumar Shah (1 month ago)
Redmi Not 5 pro best phone
Harekrushna Dey (1 month ago)
Note 5 pro
Swarnali Deb (2 months ago)
i choose honor 9 lite
Afshan Parveen (2 months ago)
Honor k phone m kuch hota hi nhi...toh weight kase jyada hoga😂😂
Sagar Majhi (2 months ago)
10 or g nice
Nik Thamke (2 months ago)
redmi Note 5 pro... is mobile ko emi pe kharidne na Ho you kese kharide
Akshay Chetri (2 months ago)
honor 9 lite nice phone
Ayush gupta (2 months ago)
Honor 9 lite

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