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Chromebook Pixel 2 Review!

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Chromebook Pixel 2 LS: Most beautiful laptop you shouldn't buy. Chromebook Pixel 2: http://www.google.com/chromebook/pixel/ Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3067)
Basil Doungel (1 month ago)
Could have been atleast 1tb of storage...
stikowsky (1 month ago)
The rectangleness boxiness is really nice
Max Chill (1 month ago)
I found your attitude to be repulsive at the end. I want this, it's amazing. Wtf can't it do? You didn't even make a single mention.
ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo (2 months ago)
I think Ls stands for Ludicrous *sPRICE*
Brodie Dooley (2 months ago)
Would this still be worth it in essentially 2018?
Junaid Siddique (3 months ago)
For a moment I thought this is a MacBook lol😂
pareyaopih daqui (3 months ago)
Google Pixelbook
Luke Pruscino (4 months ago)
I have the surface pro 4 and I’m sticking w/that
cloud i9 (4 months ago)
All they need to do to hit it home is cut a deal with Adobe and have creative cloud on the thing and it would be an immediate buy for me. I would never buy a Mac or PC again at that point.
Wayne Mceachron (4 months ago)
If you are in the market for a chromebook and can afford this price point, it's a must buy. I have one and my wife and I love it. For my office setup we might buy a windows based deskptop or laptop just in case we need windows, but our need for windows is becoming less and less.
GETALXFE_Smh RBLX (4 months ago)
It looks like a MacBook Pro (2015)
GETALXFE_Smh RBLX (4 months ago)
There should be no ASUS, ACER, HP or other brand chromebooks they should just have this the google pixel chrome book
Rick (4 months ago)
Can I install Windows
Arnob Ghosh (4 months ago)
Hey anything on surface book 2??
Luis Rodriguez (4 months ago)
The bezels kill it
Galo Alfredo (4 months ago)
thank you. i have a question can you run Microsoft Office?
Bart van der Steen (4 months ago)
Are you going to review the pixelbook too?
MD Bayezid (4 months ago)
please do a google pixelbook review...
Alex Rud (4 months ago)
I wonder if there's a way to rub windows on it, so you can actually do real work on this.
Sundar Subramaniyan (5 months ago)
Wait, is this a Mac clone with limited functionality? Not for me, thank you very much. Taxi!!
Susayththanan Ravindran (5 months ago)
Brownlee I am a big fan of you can you give me a iPhone x after the release
Apple Pie (5 months ago)
It kinda looks like Macbook 2015
Josh Dillon (5 months ago)
How are Android apps on this thing?
ayush gupta (4 months ago)
Josh Dillon it's chrome OS, so it runs apps similar to your android device
txmoney (5 months ago)
It sure is pretty. Too bad Chrome OS is a joke.
Monkey D Garp (5 months ago)
No hdmi pott?
Rafael Vela Hernández (5 months ago)
Came here to see if I buy one vs the PixelBook
Jukebox300 (5 months ago)
Taran (5 months ago)
I don't understand what will you do with an i7 and 32gigs of ram on a machine with chrome os. This is a serious waste of money.
Jonathan Lopez (5 months ago)
I'm trying to find a good video explaining chrome os, I kind of confused, I was super excited about buying this for typical school function and media consuming. But at the end he says a great pixel​ book that you shouldn't buy... Hmm
M4st3rm1nd (5 months ago)
Don’t make sense paying so much for a browser computer.
NAVEEN RS (5 months ago)
if LTE feature is included it's really nice and awesome to see
Shane Williams (5 months ago)
pointless device
Richard Servello (5 months ago)
Do you think this is a good Pixel C replacement. Do Android apps work reliably? I love my Pixel C, but it still has resale value...so this could be a nice upgrade.
Marco Phillips (5 months ago)
eh you forget the main reason someone would get something like this, access to the linux 100% top notch supported hardware.
Robert Hall (5 months ago)
LTE would make this a legit business machine. It would appeal to business people that work outside an office. A lot of companies are using web based apps that would work perfect on a light and efficient machine like this.
Ma re (5 months ago)
Shut up and take my money
Brian Medina (5 months ago)
No speaker grills? It's like Google has to botch one major thing on all their new devices. What the hell good does a great screen do if the over all viewing experiance is shit do to bad muffed sound.
hilal (5 months ago)
how does it go running adobe after effects?
joy alawadhi (5 months ago)
I dont think i will buy this shitt .. 1000 $ for web browser .. Hell no .. I dont think so
Chand Ray (5 months ago)
New Intro Style., And the last conclusion too.,
My Name Is Ori (5 months ago)
It needs a good video editing software and a GPU for it to be an option to anyone but the super rich student
говнобук, покупайте макбуки
Daniel Blagoev (5 months ago)
The only linux distro that i love more than Linux Mint KDE is ChromeOS
Chris Garner (6 months ago)
Will any mouse work for it, and any game pad?
HiTechKing (6 months ago)
Looks so sleek
Joe Edwards (6 months ago)
Yep. You shouldn't buy it. Yet...I did, and I love the thing.
Ghaffar Ellis (6 months ago)
The functionality is coming to LIFE!
Bran'sTech (7 months ago)
Could you make a video on the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus?
Valentino Nguyen (7 months ago)
Only if chrome had the ability to download software and apps it would be the best option in terms of speed
Christopher Anderson (7 months ago)
Chromebooks, a total waste of developer's time and customer's money.
bigdogreilly (7 months ago)
heres an idea why cant google use remix os its android for desktops and its better than chrome os beacuse it can be usefull offline and its better
BaconToast (7 months ago)
You could actually install windows os on it, Ive seen the tutorial on the internet somewhere, but didnt look into it too much.
Ryan Mohammad (8 months ago)
Carlo de Guzman (8 months ago)
no LTE option?! are u kidding me? something thas based on internet connection, thas rather poor.
Laith Haddad (8 months ago)
3:37 every single day BROOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Cobamernani456 (8 months ago)
I never really liked Chrome OS. However, if I saw Chrome OS on a tablet I'd shit my pants.
Spawn (9 months ago)
What an ugly thing
Peter Nguyen (9 months ago)
I miss MKBHD's bedroom
Cougar (9 months ago)
You could install Zorin OS on it to get way more functionality, Zorin doesn't need a start button. Send from Zorin OS
Samar Hamal (9 months ago)
waiting for chromebook pixel 3
pressefr (9 months ago)
The only thing I would like laptops to do to get Android App keyboards in. Because Window's Vietnamese keyboard is unusable, when SwiftKey Vietnamese has it solved. Though neither Pixel or Windows laptops will ever have this available. Unless they have the keyboard available in WIndows "Store" via Tablet Mode.
Samuel Andreson (9 months ago)
Where do you find this??
Nico Bellic (9 months ago)
can i put a ssd in it ?
DASH (10 months ago)
looks like macbook
Oshy Faustus (10 months ago)
Wtf 3:21 subliminal messages much?
Oshy Faustus (10 months ago)
Seems a good Linux machine, i7, 16gb ram, 64gb storage for 1000 dollar?
Konstantin Ivanov (10 months ago)
This machine suck sooo much. I am here writing this because otherwise I will have to throw this piece of shit chromebook out the fucking window
Sebastian Dowey (10 months ago)
I watched this on a chromebook... but not as cool as that one.
Yda W. (10 months ago)
does it have access to google play ??
Shark jaws (10 months ago)
Looks soo much like a macbook!
Giovanni Rolli (11 months ago)
can you install windows on it?
EddyGraphic (11 months ago)
This laptop is way better now, because you actually have Google Play Store and can run Android apps.
Kevin Sam (11 months ago)
So I need internet everywhere to use the chromebooks? Which means I can use only at home and work and not on the go? And what about plugging in USB's and Hard Drives? Will that work? Where's the file manager in this?
vegass04 (11 months ago)
This is definetely not a usable machine.. Who the f.. wants to use it without real OS. But hey, there's a solution. You can now install Windows 10 on Chromebook. You have to know a thing or to but its doable.. Now Chromebook becomes extremely cheap ultrabook.
Niels van der Beek (11 months ago)
haha the mackbook from 8 years ago the logo even lights up 😂😂😂😂
Jasrn1ne Liu (11 months ago)
Emma Rose (11 months ago)
This is the MacBook of Chromebooks.
National Photographic (11 months ago)
can you install windows ?
Nidal Adnan (11 months ago)
SD card limit/ capacity?
Daniel Pierce (11 months ago)
Why does every tech reviewer go to The Verge when showing off a new gadget?
Lightzpy (11 months ago)
Just buy a macbook pro 2012 ffs
idanial (11 months ago)
i heard it is discountinued now? its odd because google apps is coming to chrome os
48Hz (11 months ago)
Im really tempted to get the $300 2013 pixel.
archerce (11 months ago)
Still worth buying it today?
JlXip (11 months ago)
Great video!
Sachin Sharma (11 months ago)
Fuck!the video quality of mkhbd is always amazing.
Bp Rijal (11 months ago)
who will pay 1200$ + for just a browser 😏
Promodh Sridhar (1 year ago)
copy cat ..google copied mac on the design but forgot to copy the performance of a mac book
Gregory Perkins (1 year ago)
people say they need a powerful laptop...then all they do is open a browser anyway. i like the fact that chrome os is optimized to be light weight. i think at 400.00 its a great deal
Intergalactic Gamer (1 year ago)
lol that 1 frame of the macbook
Ryon Atkinson (1 year ago)
Soubhik Pailan (1 year ago)
please make a video on Asus Chromebook flip.
Adar Marcus (1 year ago)
could you install windows on it?
k.s. one (1 year ago)
Michael Hum (1 year ago)
I wonder if this has Google Play Store...
Arthur Thaete (1 year ago)
You can buy it and then install windows on it by enabling USB booting through a flash drive. Honestly the only reason why I want this computer is because it looks so simple sleek and modern
Wonder Man (1 year ago)
This doesn't seem like that long ago
Jessica Suarez (1 year ago)
Can you open and close the laptop without needing to shut it down ... like mac?
Brendan Blackwell (1 year ago)
if only it came with windows
coppersandwich (1 year ago)
Any free screenwriting apps on Pixel 2 or may be screenwriting template in google docs (like in Pages '09) ?

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