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5 Most Powerful Smartphones In The World 2017

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Text Comments (175)
Saint Peterson (7 hours ago)
Please do not support red Chinese phones because of what the Chinese people liberation army is doing in the south China sea.
Technical Desk (7 hours ago)
Yes dear
Charilaos xarilaos (21 days ago)
The best phone is the one which cost 1/10 or less of the highest priced and offers 90% or more features than the most expensive... regardless of maker,,, and there are many in this category...
Faisal Sheraz (23 days ago)
which phone's photo shows when this video is seen in list or in thumbnail view?
Stan XXX (26 days ago)
Where the hell is LG?
Claude Berube (26 days ago)
Apple... Spelling Mistake.... DESIGN ...... not DESING
faiza aziz (27 days ago)
oneplus 5(t) is the most powerful smartphone in the market
Technical Desk (27 days ago)
Rubenasia one (1 month ago)
This video sucks. It didn't even mentioned Huawei pro 10 mate.
Ebuka Ojen (1 month ago)
sex video
Kaling Taying (1 month ago)
Just like politics.... This video also got a same sickness.... Corruption
Ex Inferis (1 month ago)
any "midrange" android phone of 2017 is better then iphone7 , especially with root.
Balram Modanwal (1 month ago)
10000 ka phone ka itana rs..
Balram Modanwal (1 month ago)
Lootu phone h
laguilayan isulan (1 month ago)
never an iphone fan....nokia first...sony ericsson...blackberry...sony...samsung...now MEIZU pro 7...the best!
Fantasticman (1 month ago)
HUAWEI mate 8pro
Jevs Padrique (2 months ago)
Xiaomi MI Max 2
avery domingue (2 months ago)
you got paid by apple to do this because everyone with a brain knows the galaxy note 8 phone is more powerful than any bullshit iphone ever made.
WWE Chatter (2 months ago)
what the hell where is redmi note 4
Eamon Augustine (2 months ago)
does not matter . Everyone thinks their one is the best. " All made/ out sourced over seas" SO SAD. i would love to buy an all american phone . manufactured and assembled in USA.
rain anthony (2 months ago)
I phone not the best s8 and note 8 is stronger but it why you get out of the phone
ali shahbaz (2 months ago)
i phone 10 resoultion 1080 * 2360 and smsung s8 note 8 resoultion 1440 * 2960 4 GB and 6 GB ram who is better
ali shahbaz (2 months ago)
Note8 samsung s8 is the best
Eldress Reid (2 months ago)
I love my LG....the only phone ill ever buy is LG.. Android
Asahel Thefun_girl (2 months ago)
Samsung disgusting huawei no.1!!!! Remove Samsung!!!
Linus Kenneth (2 months ago)
To me no phone is the best,i love Chinese phones,we are in a competitive world
Victoria LeChantier (2 months ago)
This is the most useless idiotic video I've ever seen an attempt to show the best of *anything*! What a waste of time going on and on with those stupid useless animations and videos!!... Just get to the point and go over the features that make this phone supposedly 'so wonderful'
Gentle Serenity (2 months ago)
iPhone 7 on first rank? I sense some kind of practical joke. This clip reminds a lot of Monty Python...
Gentle Serenity (2 months ago)
And as others already pointed out, if you care about REAL performance in real life tests, rather than getting duped by hype and theoretic values, you won't get around taking a look at the XZ Premium.
Rohit Singh (2 months ago)
Please tell me your not fucking me. Where’s the specs motherfucker ... asshole I don’t wana see fancy graphics just the specs when you say most powerful...
Sule Bello (2 months ago)
lovely you are the best keep it up
Oliver Kimask (2 months ago)
Fucking idiot Iphone sucks d 1+ 5t is most powerfull
ABDULBORIY URINOV (2 months ago)
iPhone X is the best
Brad B. (2 months ago)
Why is iPhone number 1? Bunch of nonsense. iPhones are not particularly powerful. They are just very very very slimmed.
Gerald C (3 months ago)
Clearly this video was paid for by IPhone maker, Apple. Making a ridiculous claim, there is no way possible the IPhone 7 is anywhere near the best phone in the world. Sorry, I am sure this video will be flagged unless it is noted somewhere that it was sponsored by Apple.
sean mcgann (3 months ago)
Apple really it sucks
Gray Hodge (3 months ago)
Apple has the best “DESING”
Rolly Arreglado (3 months ago)
Apple hahahaha no way
Rob Wightman (3 months ago)
S8 is best in this liine up not 7 IPhone
king10adem (3 months ago)
Nope U need to check out the Infolio. From World Corp
life hack (3 months ago)
apple iphone 7+ is not powerful than samsung s8+
double Nickel six (3 months ago)
Y no Samsung they are powerful
natalie storm (4 months ago)
i knew the idiot was gonna put apple up there kmt........ he gave a god description of the s8 make me wanna go n buy it but the apple phone my ass
sushmitha sush (4 months ago)
Sex atrcr
meghshyam gaonkar (4 months ago)
meghshyam gaonkar (4 months ago)
meghshyam gaonkar (4 months ago)
Salma haahek
CA Robert CA Robert (4 months ago)
Incrediable rOhel (4 months ago)
But íphone iz íphone Galaxy android without no 2,nyc Galaxy s8
Dcrack Sam (4 months ago)
You should take into consideration the pricing too ...I vote for one plus 5
Mister User (4 months ago)
I use Huawei . Very cheap and handy. A good one too.
Ebuka Ojen (1 month ago)
video sex
mike eve123 (4 months ago)
You are wrong brothers... cherry mobile is the best of all smartphones. Very affordable and all the advance technologies are present.. cherry mobile is unbeatable...
Lacreatia Kendi (1 month ago)
mike eve123 bonnymwaitege
Tom Secreto (4 months ago)
With the new Samsung HUB out now making the S8 a PC if you want it to be or just have a large display or keyboard or mouse this is yet another reason the S8/S8+ tops it again.
I just banked my iPhone 7 plus for a Moto z2 force. iPhone camera got outdone by Moto camera, very wide margin. Huge storage and shatter proof helped Moto in the competition as well, not to mention the projector aspect.
izan 2012 (4 months ago)
Bullshit ,where's nokia 3310 haha
manskie desuyo (4 months ago)
Abdulsalam Cute (4 months ago)
Huawei Mate 8 same apple I phone
s u f f e r d r i v e n (4 months ago)
Chinese phone ?
Gougoulina 20 (4 months ago)
i phone what !!!!!? number 1 !advert like that I don't use music
Jacobs Federiso (4 months ago)
I don't think that there are many better brand phones!!
Rey Gorge (4 months ago)
what brand is on the thumbnail?
Prashant Shrestha (4 months ago)
Lg phones are better
Sylvio Fleurant (4 months ago)
Shame on you by choosing iPhone7 plus as number 1. Poor iPhone. Samsung is the real king as always.
Myungsup Kim (4 months ago)
Who determined the ranking?
K Pop (4 months ago)
How is iPhone 1st??
farhaan mohammed (4 months ago)
iPhone best of best in speed shit s8 also can’t beat it now android fans like =this video is wrong or I wasted my time or s8is faster than iPhone
Harshwardhan Katkar (4 months ago)
You stupid don't forget about mi mix 2
Boris Daley (4 months ago)
Whhat about the note4 n the s7edge
Daniel San miguel (4 months ago)
Apple always have half the specs down that can always keep up with the competition
jose ferrer (4 months ago)
I hate iPhone it sucks and it always will android phone are the best
Mukhtar ben Saddique (4 months ago)
Well.. i think SAMSUNG galaxy S8 is the best smartphone in 2017. No doubt?. if you are looking for the newest technologies in smartphones? then you have to focus on SAMSUNG phones 👌😎✌
John Monteiro (4 months ago)
I think oppo is great the R11 has the Best camara both has sids 20 mp
parthasarathi ghosh (4 months ago)
absolute BS
ww tt (4 months ago)
Are you kidding iPhone 7 plus no. 1 ??? Greatest joke 2017 and beyond.
Ex Inferis (1 month ago)
ww tt even huawei mate 9 is better then iphone :)))
ww tt (4 months ago)
Yet the stock of Appl still going up and up! !!. Stupid consumers apple die hard followers Ha ha ha ha ha
Asif Khan (4 months ago)
S8 is better thn iPhone7 u fucker
Rohit Khadgi RK (4 months ago)
are those smartphones made for super heros????
Pushpinder Cajla (4 months ago)
Where's htc u11
Smaran Rai (4 months ago)
'A' for effort man, but you gotta get your facts straight before you publish a video, not go by what you feel is right... Okay i agree that the iPhone 7 is a powerful device but calling it The most powerful.....!!!!!
Sule Bello (4 months ago)
yes you are world clas phone you are keep it up
zepolrg (4 months ago)
Too much special effects. Best most powerful phone not best special effects and graphics.
Moreno markiso (4 months ago)
Syedtariq Shah (5 months ago)
why iphone in number 1...?any body tell me..
Akash Gun (5 months ago)
I got the 7 plus red haha..iPhone is the best
Liakath Hussain (5 months ago)
This guy loved spending alot of money for shit
David Merriman (5 months ago)
Whoever made this video should be fed to ants
Younas khan (5 months ago)
What the hack iPhone on no.1 no chance
Akshay Wagh (5 months ago)
S8 is no1 Smartphone in given list & everyone knows that...!
Kenzo (5 months ago)
Hi all I'm a Sony fan ... Couldn't change to another brand for so long.. Now I'm thinking of Sony Xperia XA 1 Ultra coz the price is matching my pocket more than the XZ premium ...so anyone knows if it's a good choice ? Thank u
Yunfei Wang (5 months ago)
chinese copy cat
ODey Hymns (5 months ago)
the title should be :5 most terrible phones😂😂😂
Mad Mike (5 months ago)
i have lg g3 and xperia z2. kiss my ass iPhone
Lokesh Chaudhari (5 months ago)
You forgot the symetium according the day you upload this videos and I think you kept the powerfulness by price cause MI4A IS JUST like iPhone 7 BUT THE MAIN IPHONE IS KEPT ON 1 IS= that phone is impossible to hang even god cannot make it hang
Roberto Reynaldo (5 months ago)
They are just showing physical video without specs like RAM and internal memory.
Muhmd Ajmal (5 months ago)
Whre z mi6
Matthew Gill (5 months ago)
Fuck that viceo iPhone 7 plus was last years model so fuck u to who ever made this video
Alvin Devassy (5 months ago)
my phone one plus 5
Technical Desk (5 months ago)
i already using this phone the flagship killer phone
David Berry (5 months ago)
The HTC U11 is faster and more powerful then any of these phones.
Borun kcb (5 months ago)
iPhone is only one best, they never compromises with quality. If you don’t use you don’t understand.
Himansu Bidika (5 months ago)
Best is Google phone. .....
Kasim K (5 months ago)
Shyamala Shet (5 months ago)
Where is blackberry
canzo0378 (5 months ago)
How is iPhone more powerful than Galaxy s8 when all its specs are less than that of s8? What a stupid, biased video.
Iulian Iancu (5 months ago)
canzo0378 lol u cant compare android to ios u noob,stfu ios at halp android specs still can beat any android on market.stfu
ODey Hymns (5 months ago)
SONY XZP is more than powerful..
Clay Page (4 months ago)
ODey Hymns u
Clay Page (4 months ago)
Sony xzp
Jagadish Das (5 months ago)
ODey Hymns, no man
Ajijur Rahman (5 months ago)
samsung galaxy no .1 samsung galaxy note 8
Jerry Lazaro (4 months ago)
Be happy on what you have. Its not the price and the brand. Its who is using it.
Raja Sankar (5 months ago)
Raja Sankar (5 months ago)
ioan sorin Ivan EIS
ioan sorin Ivan (5 months ago)
Raja Sankar no ois video
Bea Morales (5 months ago)
Nope!thats not sony nor iphone is the most powerful,why wouldnt you think a 12GB RAM AND 1TB ROM WITH 60MP+20MP CAMERA AND DUAL SNAPDRAGON PROCESSOR 835.TURING PHONE HAS IT.
Adrian Troalic (1 month ago)
Be Morales, we might never be able to buy the phone anymore unfortunately, the owner has filed for bankruptcy and has suspended production :(
Raja Sankar (4 months ago)
musiclovingheart merciDIEU Welcome 😉
Raja Sankar thanks for the kindness.
Raja Sankar (4 months ago)
musiclovingheart merciDIEU Turing phone cadenza and i think it still not released. "Turing phone" is the previous model of this phone and it is the safest phone launched in 2015.
Which phone is that?

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