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Mirrow provocator: These Russians intend to put four people in a microcar.

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Mirrow provocator: These Russians intend to put four people in a microcar. We're seeing vehicles normally offer seats for two occupants, and leave behind us a small room for cargo. For in the same field in which cars of less than 3 meters long, the Russian concept Mirrow provocator, wants to prove that you can do different things move. That said, the car is particularly small in terms of its length, 2.7 meters long, but it is quite high and wide, and that's where you get to play with space for four seats. It is as wide as a Mercedes GLE - almost two meters - a large SUV. The other striking point is the height exceeds two meters. We understand that there is a performance based car, you want to fool the user taking curves at high speed, here the important thing was to find ways to find room for four occupants. A practical car for the city. The changes also affect the doors, so little length no sense to look for a traditional opening system with four units opening in the same direction. Here are just a central gate at the rear of the car, and as a security method, on the sides there are large windows also give access to the interior. Like other proposals that are appearing on the market - Gordon Murray T.27 - bet for two powertrains: a more traditional based on a 1.5 turbocharged diesel capable of running at 100 kilometers per hour in 8.7 seconds motor. Another fully electric with a range of 400 kilometers usage. This unique square and results in high space for four occupants, but also to load in the central area, as seen in the image that recreates the vehicle from above. When park it, it makes us do face that side, it is almost a square. Nothing serious on pricing or availability, for this we have to wait to advance the year. If we know that will be a vehicle with a range of wide prices, as there will be very basic versions, and other very luxurious, more technology. It is interesting to know that external panels can be changed to play with the designs, and will be built with recycled polymers (occupy 50% of the surface). #MirrowProvocator #Vehicles #MirrowProvocatorCars #Russians #microcar #MercedesGLE,
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Ranko Ivanovic (6 days ago)
Josef Fučík (2 months ago)
how is it adapted for a wheelchair invalid? / from 2020 must be wheelchair accessible and wheelchair access for every new taxi /.
Kamjar Pourhang (11 months ago)
Nice Car :-)))
Aban Tech (1 year ago)
#MirrowProvocator #Vehicles #MirrowProvocatorCars #Russians #microcar #MercedesGLE,

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