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The Best Midrange Smartphones [Early 2018]

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A thought occurred to me as I was reviewing the Galaxy Note 8 last year, and then it popped up again when I took a look at the iPhone X. A lot of people think you need to pay 900 to a thousand dollars for a good smartphone these days. And you know what? You don’t. For the past few weeks I've been using the Honor 7X, HTC U11 Life, and Motorola Moto X4, three midrange smartphones that bring a slew of special features not seen before in this price bracket – which runs from $200 to $400 unlocked. That's not the most affordable collection of smartphones can get, nor is this roundup at all exclusive – but at the top of 2018, I believe it to be the sweet spot between frugality and a solid Android experience. Join me for The Best Midrange Smartphones at the top of 2018! [SPONSOR] This video brought to you by Thrifter, a new way to save money by shopping based on value (and not hype). The fine folks over at Thrifter have sniffed out a great deal on a first-generation Moto Z for $270, which you can check out here: https://www.thrifter.com/unlocked-moto-z-play-deal. And you can always visit Thrifter for great deals on everything from gadgets to home goods, at http://thrifter.com [SUBSCRIBE] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOpcUkE-is7u7c4AkLgqTw?sub_confirmation=1 [PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO] Honor 7X: http://mrmobile.tech/4hu HTC U11 Life: http://mrmobile.tech/4hv Moto X4: http://mrmobile.tech/4hw Essential Phone: http://mrmobile.tech/4hr Moto G5 Plus: http://mrmobile.tech/4hs OnePlus 5T: http://mrmobile.tech/4ht [ABOUT MRMOBILE'S BEST MIDRANGE SMARTPHONES 2018 ROUNDUP] MrMobile's Best Midrange Smartphones 2018 Roundup was produced following several weeks with an Honor 7X, HTC U11 Life and Moto X4 provided by Honor, HTC and Motorola (respectively). The devices all received software updates during the review process, and were used on T-Mobile, AT&T and Project Fi. [MUSIC] “Days and Days” by Eternity Bro, available at Premium Beat: https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/days-and-days “Up Top” by Tonemassif, available at Premium Beat: https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/up-top [SOCIALIZE] http://facebook.com/themrmobile http://instagram.com/themrmobile http://twitter.com/themrmobile https://www.snapchat.com/add/mrmobilesnaps http://mrmobile.tech [DISCLOSURE] This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details: http://www.mobilenations.com/external-links
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Text Comments (950)
Attention Xiaomi fans: as soon as they sell a phone in North America that's optimized for US networks I'll be able to test it. Until then, I'm afraid I'll have to leave that brand to other reviewers.
Nokia? :O
The Colour White (16 hours ago)
Sam T Being a Xiaomi fan, you're not wrong. So many people in the Xiaomi Forums app or whatever it's called, a lot of people were asking for Nougat on their Redmi note 3.
What about honor 9 lite?
Jay Sarma (2 days ago)
that's why u have nt added xiaomi mi A1 in the list...btw moto g5 plus doesn't have dual camera...the newer model g5s plus has it..
Moaz El-Hamamy (3 days ago)
the xiaomi mi a1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
qrpnxz (44 minutes ago)
You put 399 (!) for the moto x4 but I just got it for 299 through project fi and I saw it for 349 in most other places.
Amr Abdalla (2 hours ago)
Your voice is great
AdamIsTalking (4 hours ago)
It's unbelievable how much I've found the Moto Actions useful. I'm probably going to be upgrading to the G6 when it comes out, from a G4, simply because I don't want to lose the torch shortcut...
John Riggs (1 day ago)
[Honor 7X] - No NFC, Forgettable Hardware Design, Micro USB port?!?! What did you expect for that $199 price point?!?! This is MY NEXT SMARTPHONE, now that it's coming Amazon.....IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!! https://www.amazon.com/Honor-Camera-Unlocked-Smartphone-Warranty/dp/B078NCL7GJ
xP (2 days ago)
Excellent review, and thank you for this! I can not believe you do not have easily over a million subs yet!
Dustin Cole (2 days ago)
i own the moto x4, and i can say its an amazing phone!!!! the camera is a weak point point but i found the google camera(pixel 2) works amazing and is 10x better than the stock one!!!! only downfall is its really slippery and maybe the lack of updates! overall great phone!!! BTW bought mine in Vegas for about $320 brand new and unlocked!!!
Kyla Perez (3 days ago)
Which js better. Meizu m6 note or honor 7x?
Corrado Scire (3 days ago)
Dont like the front button on the moto and samsungs
Corrado Scire (3 days ago)
Taking the 7x best camera, great battery life, bigger screen and very god for my usage
denniebone626 (4 days ago)
I've been using my Essential PH1 since December 6 and since purchased the updates have been coming so fast I lost count. For $500 this phone is blazing saddles amazingly fast beautiful beast.
Sloth Drew (5 days ago)
Great video! Nice job not making funny faces when you demonstrated the X4's more dramatic shortcuts. King.
Jimi Arisandi (5 days ago)
Nokia is midrange to. Are you agree ????
Rishi RuleS Patil (5 days ago)
x4 is beasr
Mackenzie Hopkinson (5 days ago)
I would just buy an s7
Maniax (5 days ago)
I was asked yesterday which phone to buy for under 400. After a quick price check online I recommended the LG G6. I am sure it will beat all the phones in this video. :)
Arvin Reyes (6 days ago)
All Honor 7X reviews that I've watched consider it's design as a PRO. This is the only one who says it's a con.
Julia (7 days ago)
Honor 7x has built document scanner? 😱😭😭 I shouldn't have gone with the Mate 10 Lite 😔
Chris Pivik (8 days ago)
Thanks for the great review. Out of curiosity, did you happen to have any issues connecting the Moto X4 to wifi... particularly to a mesh router system?
WEM Ka (8 days ago)
I Don't like HTC design choices anymore.. but I think the U11 Life has a glass/metal sandwich according to GSMArena!!
no ones picking htc i am going for it
Richard Powell (8 days ago)
Looking to switch off Apple. Anyone have a great android recommendation that won’t slow down over time?
DAMIAN GABY (8 days ago)
Lenovo P2 is the best.
Kasim Hussain (9 days ago)
So... Honor 8 or Moto X4?
Cryengine_X (9 days ago)
I find it funny, surprise! His favorite f the bunch is the most expensive of the bunch. You can never get away from "you get what you pay for"
Faisal Muhammad (9 days ago)
Memories :- Hyato huesman got hired in pocketnow and I unsubscribed them immediately.
Hon2838 (9 days ago)
well,if xiaomi can sell in the us without all the patent issues preventing them,this list would look very different. PS:the best selling mid range phone in 2017 is a xiaomi phone named Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon /4X
Tom W (9 days ago)
An LG G6 is a much better pick than the last one at least, £360 and decent specs - almost s8
Moto x4 looks cool and premium
John Rupesh (9 days ago)
Sometimes I wonder if HTC makes phone for people on mars..
John Laniba (9 days ago)
If you're talking about less than $400 mid range phone none of them are good phones. One Plus 5 and Xiaomi Mix 2 are better in everything. Now if you're talking about $200 mid range phone then Honor 7x is the best
Kyle Merritt (9 days ago)
I think the Oneplus 3T is better than all of these while still being sold within the price range of the three.
Andrew Clement (9 days ago)
Ahh the squeeze function makes the build quality absolute crap
Angel Manuel Perez (9 days ago)
Hmm... I'd rather hit eBay and get a refurbished or used LG G6 for under 300 bucks. Flagship specs at midrange prices.
Aditya (9 days ago)
Sony xperia XA2
Mark Schwacofer (9 days ago)
Love your video, but hey ZFORCE 2 375.00 BETTER THEN ALL THOSE PHONES. you can pay full price on Tmobile unlock it and use it on all carriers, except Verizon or Sprint. [ it has 8.0 OREO] I will say my favorite PERIOD is the HTC U11 but alas i left Sprint because the service is crap as is the coverage. I got the Zforce2 for 15.00 dollars a mo no money down. ..on Tmobile. Just put a Zagg screen protector on it. 25.00 and JBL speaker mod 49.99 so total investment is 450.00 and you have a cheaper copy of the HTC U11.
Wong Tik Ki (9 days ago)
I got a Nokia 8, about 500usd. It is perfectly fine. All the latest internals (except may be camera and it's software.) Waiting for the iPhone se 2 now.
OpTic KTG (9 days ago)
The Moto X4 has been my favorite budget phone since it was announced
Mareepu (10 days ago)
You could also buy some 2-3 year old flagships. I got a Note 5 $250 certified refurbished, with the Nougat updates and with some tweaks runs buttery smooth and the battery lasts. I'm a minimalist when it comes to apps, though.
SiR (10 days ago)
moto g5s+ is way better than the x4
UHCIHA SASUKE (10 days ago)
Pray For The World (10 days ago)
What about the Honor View 10?
Sean Tiu (10 days ago)
LG V20 is now less than 400$.
Antonio Valencia (10 days ago)
For anyone who is a Windows phone fan, you can get a Lumia 640 XL on Amazon for 100 dollars unlocked. Good camera, great battery, throw in a micro SD card and youre ready to go.
Adwait kale (10 days ago)
Actually I am using the honor 7x and till now the performance has been smooth. Haven't noticed any crash or stop in apps after heavy usage
Trey (10 days ago)
The Moto G5 Plus is a pretty good smartphone. But I prefer the Moto G5S Plus.
Lords Gaming (10 days ago)
You forget Sony Xperia Xa2
Ross Eldrin Taupa (10 days ago)
Xiaomi note 4x will beat all this phone
Saurabh Shinde (10 days ago)
Xiaomi is making a big mistake by not launching their great phone's in American markets. Otherwise Xiaomi Mi A1 would have been the best
bikash dass. (10 days ago)
Honor 7x much better than both
Aman soni (10 days ago)
Mi A1 is best budget phone
Junnan Shimizu (10 days ago)
Moto G5 plus or Honor 7x?
kauzyperda (10 days ago)
too wide, each and every one
screencut (10 days ago)
Using different microphones nearer the end of the video? Suddenly sounded very different :P
Emem Ntekpere (10 days ago)
The honor 7x looks so cool!
Chris Baskins (10 days ago)
Definitely have to say the LG Stylo 3 is the shit for a cheap phone.
Michael Cain (10 days ago)
Nokia 6?
Ayy LMAO (10 days ago)
Have you tried changing the animations in the developer options for the Moto phone?
Alnoor Kotadia (11 days ago)
Mi A1 is the best
Dylan Hameleers (11 days ago)
Hey mr mobile :) i'm a young (15) tech enthosiast and fandroid! I would love to review tech like you... But how to get started? All i have is a oneplus 5... I'm not asking for money or free phones... Just advice, if i even should start a channel at all?
Adil Khan (11 days ago)
Micheal F. Keep up the good work sir you are on the league of your own in making videos.
Dmitrii Vacula (11 days ago)
I got a Moto Z Play and it's awesome! The chop chop to flashlight is super useful!
Vice (11 days ago)
Review xperia Xa1 Ultra, i prefer your opinion regarding sony products following the review of the premium you did a while back
Kowsar Ahamed (11 days ago)
from zacks latest video to your new subscriber :)
Mo'tasem Issa (11 days ago)
I think you should have a look and even do a review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, its a game changer in terms of 'value for money'
sic22l (11 days ago)
It should say "The Best Midrange Smartphones [2017]". In Early 2018 many midrangers will have their debut and I'm talking about January. We already have new Samsung A8 (2018) and Sony XA2. Both look very promising.
Honor 9 is great too.
Khawajayy (11 days ago)
The Honor 7X has a 1080p+ display. Why is it listed as 2160p?
Rometh Da3msandha (11 days ago)
What about the elephone s8
Williams christ (11 days ago)
I'm a huge tech fan, and I've never seen anyone doing a better job than Michael. Just don't know why there're only averagely under 200000 reviews and half a million subscribers
Shebaz Ladha (11 days ago)
I know the phones you chose were specifically of early 2018 but you should've atleast given an honorable mention to the Oneplus 3 or 3T. Great price and lower than the moto x4 while being better in almost every aspect
abdul wahid (11 days ago)
I am just thinking to buy a 2014 phone in 2018 😎
Justin Moyer (11 days ago)
Thanks for addressing the special Moto X phones of yesterday and how the new X4 doesn't live up to the precedent they set. Coming from another admitted Moto fan, I still fantasize about what such a phone would be like.
PG Studio (11 days ago)
Which Camera&Video Phone is the best? Samsung S8 LG G6 Huawei P10 Plus
JK's TIME (11 days ago)
MrMobile please review the Honor 7X , & is it a huge issue to not have gyro sensor on Honor 7X ?
JK's TIME (11 days ago)
MrMobile please review the Honor 7X , & is it a huge issue to not have gyro sensor on Honor 7X ?
Aakash Jhaveri (11 days ago)
Honor 7X doesn't have a 2160p display....
abdel aziz ibrahim (11 days ago)
wow 200usd for honor.
Ben Avenlino (11 days ago)
no lgg6 that sad
Nate's Random Videos (11 days ago)
So what happened to the promised options for Verizon users?
Dean Shufflebotham (11 days ago)
Is there really a market for a mid range ? Because let's face it .none of the above devices stack up to the flagships of last year or the year before. I mean you talk about £400 for a moto X 4 ...is that any better than a s7 edge ? Or LG g6 which new are both sub 350?
SaniPlays (11 days ago)
I might get the Z2 Play. Not as good looking as X4, but supports Moto Mods which has to be one of the best features on a phone. I don't want a glass sandwich phone again, since i just broke my S8 with a small drop on wooden floor when getting out of the bed
mhans311 (11 days ago)
I traded in my LG V20 for a moto x4. I'm overall happy about it. I like the smaller form factor and the phone looks much better. The camera on the moto x4 was better than I expected. The battery life has been really great. No charging during the day anymore like I had to with my V20. But the real seller for me on the moto x4 over other unlocked phones was the fact that it works on Verizon. HD voice and all.
ReJaggrd (11 days ago)
Mi a1?
jgtdec29 (11 days ago)
What is Mr. Mobile's thought on Sony XZ premium for 500? I got it at that price and think for that was a good price point for a good time. Not sure how many years it can buy though. Thought about Galaxy S8+ but the customer service is terrible on most things and people had many issues. Sony had Oreo out of box and I can live with a design others hate and no fingerprint scanner.
Dhruv Khattar (11 days ago)
G5s plus is better than g5 plus
Dhruv Khattar (11 days ago)
OnePlus 5t the best device
Nitro (11 days ago)
MrMobile @400 is the moto x4 worth it since the OnePLus 5t is so much more for not much more?
Haroon zahid Khan (11 days ago)
dear michael , i am ur follower since you were in pocketnow, just want to say one thing. normally all of you top youtubers ignore budget and mid range phones all the year which in result grab us to some other channels normally indian channels which review these phones regularly. so kindly in 2018 consider budget phones for your review as most of us cannot afford high end phones and we wait for the best budget phone all the year.....and we want the review from you, as you are different from others.... regards.
Ayon Barua (11 days ago)
Honor 7x👌
GamerSrijit (7 days ago)
Suntp Cruise yes. Its pretty decent. For less than 200 dollars.. Even less if you buy refurb, its actually a steal
Suntp Cruise (7 days ago)
Ayon Barua yo! Should i buy 7x for real
GamerSrijit (8 days ago)
Ayon Barua yeah boiii
Jeric Ryan Rosal (11 days ago)
And I'm still here using my Moto x 2nd gen.
Jake Games (11 days ago)
No one plus?
panos sagonas (11 days ago)
So satisfying voice.Love your videos!
Red Hood (11 days ago)
Better buy older generation flagships. Cheaper and has flagship specs.
*ɪˈfeɪs* (11 days ago)
Anyone hate big phones? 5 inch is the absolute maximum size for me
Ben Law (11 days ago)
I picked up iPhone 6 for £150 and it’s so reliable
Walter Shwe (11 days ago)
I thought the US version of the Honor 7X only had 3 GB of RAM, not 4.
Jouz (12 days ago)
From the US with the MI A1 global version is a beast!
Tech TV (12 days ago)
watching it on honor 7x
Daegan AM (12 days ago)
LG G6 is going for $400-$500 unlocked. I feel like it was the most underrated smartphone of 2017.

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