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IT & Telecom Market Updates | 14th Feb, 2018

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IT & Telecom Market Updates | 14th Feb, 2018 Website: www.phoneworld.com.pk Facebook: www.facebook.com/phoneworldmag Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhoneWorldpk Google+: https://plus.google.com/+PhoneworldPk Tumblr: www.phoneworld-pk.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (23)
Sheikh Sarwar (7 days ago)
Very good thank for information
muazar jan (8 days ago)
mehtab good rawarlpindi
Altaf Jan (9 days ago)
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
Altaf Jan thanks for watching
Khan Nawaz (9 days ago)
Nice work cere on
M A Siddiqui (9 days ago)
Best thing about this segment is you replay most of valid questions
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
M A Siddiqui thanks for feedback
Wahab Amjad (9 days ago)
Apki voice volume bohat slow hota hai plz ziada volume Kia karein
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
Wahab Amjad i will try to speak loud next time
M. Rashid Paracha (9 days ago)
Good news.
Dark Raider (9 days ago)
Awesome update video well explained
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
Dark Raider thanks for watching
faisal sindhu (9 days ago)
Very Nice video
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
faisal sindhu thanks for feedback
faisal sindhu (9 days ago)
Samsung s8 plus main update aa gay ha mara phone s8 plus update ho gay ha
faisal sindhu (9 days ago)
U welcome
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
faisal sindhu great
Khalid Khan (9 days ago)
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
Khalid Khan thanks for watching
muneeb arslan (9 days ago)
U r best
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
muneeb arslan thanks for watching
DiL Awar (9 days ago)
Thanks for the kind information.. very nice video.. 👍
Moina Shah (9 days ago)
DiL Awar thanks for feedback

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