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Watly: would bring potable water, energy and internet services to remote areas.

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Watly: would bring potable water, energy and internet services to remote areas. Watly is a project born in Barcelona with the Italian businessman Marco Attisani, who with a team of several people from around the world have worked since 2013 in what they call "the first thermodynamic computer that runs on solar energy in the world, "which would be able to provide clean water, electricity and internet. Watly has brought together more than 22 million dollars in investment since 2013, they have earned various awards where Horizon 2020 stands sponsored by the European Commission, and last year managed to jump-start version 2.0 of its device in Ghana , this after a successful campaign in Indiegogo. Version 2.0 has been operating since 2015 in the small village of Abenta in Ghana, which supplies drinking water, electricity and 3G connection about 750 people. But the company aspires to more, for it is already in the planning stage Watly version 3.0, which would increase the size and capabilities, with the aim of reaching communities that exceed the 3000 inhabitants. Version 3.0 increase its size to 40 meters long, 15 meters wide and have a close to 15 tons weight. But how does it work? 40 use photovoltaic panels on top of the structure capable of generating up to 70 kWh per day, which would be available through outlets and portable battery chargers. This energy also serve to purify waste water or seawater by a process vapor compression distillation, which removes process pathogens, salt residues, heavy metals and inorganics. This system would be able to purify up to 5,000 liters of water per day and life expectancy is estimated to be 15 years plus its maintenance would be minimal. Also comprise a system to connect via satellite or 3G or 4G antennas, this to provide an internet connection with a radius of 500 meters, which would both know the status of the device remotely and to keep informed and connected to the community. Therefore, they have launched a new campaign Indiegogo funding will serve to raise new funds, which will help build Watly 3.0 in order to be presented in September 2016 in Barcelona. #Watly #TRESemmé #SanBenedetto #Perrier
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Romana Merlene (1 year ago)
I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to inplix webpage.
Aban Tech (2 years ago)
#Watly #TRESemmé #SanBenedetto #Perrier

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