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Debbie Travis Productions presents a real-estate series on HGTV: The Property Shop 2

19 ratings | 24540 views
The Property Shop follows realtor-turned-broker Tatiana as she unabashedly goes head to head with the big Montreal real estate agencies to get her piece of the pie. Along the way, Tatiana's in-your-face, sexy, 'love-to-hate' style wins over clients and helps her close deals in one madcap adventure after another --while managing an armload of newbie real estate agents, a husband and two kids! Get the inside scoop as Tatiana works the deals that her agency depends on to succeed. It all makes for exciting and unexpected real estate chaos that takes viewers into the life of a dynamic and driven woman who wants it all ('and deserves it all').
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Text Comments (17)
Italo Di Renzo (3 years ago)
Es exceptional !
Raphael Fortin (4 years ago)
top 3 listing Real Estate agent in the bizz actually... and the show was a great marketing strategy.
Facundo Varela (5 years ago)
La parto como un quesoooooooo !!!!!!
T Newman (7 years ago)
Is this show shown in the US?
soonermagic24 (7 years ago)
2:07.... i busted a nut!
Great show!
jaydunford (7 years ago)
hands down best show ever
David Côté (7 years ago)
She scares me
C Lamb (7 years ago)
Can't stand this greedy,rude, phony narcissistic bitch.
babysunn2 (8 years ago)
she is HOT Colombian
pyromaniachic (8 years ago)
Who takes the 'class' out of 'classy'? - TATIANA!
Cr3ativity (8 years ago)
I would have never guessed in my right mind that Debbie Travis would host a real-estate show. Go figure that one out...
cheungdty (9 years ago)
Love the show. It is real & funny
TheTallMan35 (9 years ago)
Because the average American is mindless and will watch anything. Prime example: The Jerry Springer Show. Only in America.
b0ondockz (9 years ago)
Seen the show, unfortunately. Who cares about this whiney, complaining bitch who doesnt know what hard work is but pretends to. Just another asshole who wants to try to get rich driving around in a Range Rover to show somebody an overpriced house so that she can get over paid on commission, and then act like she did alot of work. Why do they put this shit on TV?
MasteringLOA (9 years ago)
I love the show .I love to see the process. Also If she said she was coming to get me I would get caught on purpose.
nhprman (9 years ago)
This show sounds wild. I watched the first episode on HGTV and it looked interesting. Best of luck with it!

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