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Julius Malema question to Thabo Mbeki regarding land issues & more

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A Clip from The inaugural Chairman conversation with Thabo Mbeki
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Quyn Ishtar Zurhorst (3 days ago)
You choose to be misled, you greedy corrupt shitheads!
Koketso Evans (5 days ago)
Emma Vilakazi (12 days ago)
Of all great president in Africa is safest of all President Mbeki as intelligence as he is actually have nothing to offer l wonder why people listen to him. It really sad how leaders like him just sold out south Africa to the highest bidder. Black Africans live in poverty. Shame
teboho mohase (27 days ago)
Yoh this guy, damn how did he get that job????
kenneth matsenene (21 days ago)
Given mkhari:)
kenneth matsenene (21 days ago)
teboho mohase he gave himself the job ..he owns the station
NOMBI TSHOLOFELO (28 days ago)
Without land we are nothing
Themba Mabhena (1 month ago)
the host is shiiit
Fotso Alex (1 month ago)
The host smoke weed
Mdu Ntshalintshali (1 month ago)
the host !? ay ay ay.... pointing and waving hands at the presidents face anyhow
Spear Jackhamer (1 month ago)
mbeki should HV run for a third term we miss you mbeki and kgalema our country would be in a better great place
Spear Jackhamer (1 month ago)
mbeki should HV run for a third term we miss you mbeki and kgalema out country would HV been better
Spear Jackhamer (1 month ago)
mbheki should HV run for a third term we miss you Thabo and kgalema
Spear Jackhamer (1 month ago)
mbheki should HV run for a third term we miss you Thabo and kgalema
Brian Mashego (2 months ago)
Very disrespectful host.
Brian Mashego (2 months ago)
Very disrespectful host.
Mel MM (2 months ago)
Unprofessional fucking host !
dan tafari (2 months ago)
Thabo talk,talk and say nothing.
clean up (2 months ago)
Mbeki stated "the land is for the blacks and the whites" he is ridiculous, the land is for the black people, how can you have a revolution and the people who had the power before the revolution still have the power. This is a pseudorevolution, the BOERS need to be defanged and the land they stole taken away from them, Mbeki will not do it, but Julius and the people will, I'm watching from Kingston, Jamaica.
Jack Bvuma (2 months ago)
When I watch this wise man, I ask myself why did the ANC chase him away for someone like Zuma. It is astonishing how politics can drive a once sound party to one that no longer has a proper vision for the future. Our country will find its feet again chaos is temporary sound logic will rise again.
CARNOT AGBOMENOU (3 months ago)
Thabo is very uncomfortable. At the end, he talked, talked but said absolutely nothing. I lost my respect for the man. What a shame !
CARNOT AGBOMENOU (1 month ago)
Little Feet yes motherfucker. I am a pure African and I can insure you that we will purge our lands of white people. You will never find one second of peace on our lands ever again. And just FYI, education doesn’t need to be mesure according to your metric; even if we do so, we are much smarter and stronger than you motherfuckers.
Little Feet (1 month ago)
Michael Thompson (3 months ago)
The African ancient ancestors speak through the wind that blows. No Africa belong to the indigenous people of the land. Not the colonizers. Does Europe belong to the African ?
RAAS (3 months ago)
Why don't the ANC develop land of which there are thousands upon thousands of hectares of government land? Why don't they give people ownership of their piece of rural land which they already occupy? Why do the ANC fill their own pockets through corruption, raping the treasury and bankrupting South Africa? They should empower people, not push them to the brink where they murder out of hate and anger because of empty promises. This country is a disgrace to the vision Mandela had of creating a country where all are part of. You give them squatter land but you don't give them a purpose of being, something to work for. When motives are driven by revenge and not forgiveness, this country will never move forward, especially when corruption, yes Malema, yes Zuma, yes ANC, yes Zionist-butt kissers DA, are running the show.
Nick Nickleton-Kumordjie (3 months ago)
The South African land question must be dealt with in the light of “treaties” signed with lands appropriated by colonial governments for the “foreigner” (for the lack of a better word). It cannot be right that lands transferred by illiterate chiefs at gun point can be said to be fair dealings in the land - a transaction, which requires specialist training at law. Fairness dictates that all treaties signed during occupation and the colonial period be revisited and redistribution supported with financial incentives by government. The fact that fallow land cannot be worked upon because of the lack of finance is another indictment on the whole colonial and apartheid system. It is reasonable that all fair minded South Africans must be organised into a Lands’ Committee with international input; bearing in mind that some countries have land issues with indigenous people. It is immoral to make whites in South African poor because they are white or poor because they are black. It is reprehensible that the wealth and land are in the hands of a few people and the politicians are shying away from addressing wealth redistribution for the benefit of all South Africans. There is enough wealth in South Africa for infrastructure, jobs, housing and welfare. There must be a willingness and goodwill in South African for change to come about. The willingness to sell or buy is a very bad policy with grave short comings; if there is no commitment of financial incentive to buy or the unwillingness to sell. Fair redistribution with financial incentives for both white and black is the way forward. Watch fallow land.
Msizi Mcanyana (3 months ago)
Profound answers
Daliwonga Pantshwa (4 months ago)
poor fucking host
RK (4 months ago)
Mbeki is very wise. The government gave hundreds of farms to farm workers and all those farms are now just bush or fields. Unless you have tractors and farming implements, owners who can agree on things, workers that show up for work and business knowledge on how much to keep for stock and maintenance, getting land that then just lies empty doesn't help anyone.
Thomas Molete (4 months ago)
Host needs to go back to training... He's annoying.
muzi ngwenya (4 months ago)
mxm this host
tilemarron (5 months ago)
I wanted to hear more and more from his Excellency Honorable Sir Ntabo Mbeki!!!! He has profound and deep thoughts on how to approach and solve the land issues in south Africa! A great and wise man! The host was a bit interruptive. But we need to involve such great leaders in solutions seeking even if they are no longer in officials
Kofi Rey (5 months ago)
No matter the time that has passed? A Crime is a Crime and the Land that was stolen bye thief's should be seized? And dispersed back to the majority of the democracy... end of story.
efirem unquai (5 months ago)
Nelson and thabo mbeki, those were just legends.
macev 78 (5 months ago)
The host is fucking scumbug
Jon Dilen (5 months ago)
You can see Mbeki uncomfortable body language at the mention of Jacob Zuma. I think Jacob really hurt him. He is also very diplomatic in his answers.
Zimisele Cira (5 months ago)
Oh my God! What an unprofessional host. mmm Did he pass grade 8? Merely asking 😔
Mthobeli Farm (5 months ago)
I was never been so annoyed by the host, he is sooooo fucking annoying just let the man speaks his mind man nxa
Nhlanzeko ninela (5 months ago)
It's a shame that China will belong to Chinese, England will belong to English, India belong to Indians, but South Africa belongs to everyone who lives in it, so confusing.
4ABLACKAFRICA (5 months ago)
Sifiso Mthethwa Africa belongs to Africans! Europeans are gonna show up in Africa after Africans been there for thousands of years before they even met a European and claim any part of Africa belongs to them! Delusional as fuck! Africa for Africans! Africans First!
Sifiso Mthethwa (5 months ago)
4ABLACKAFRICA you think I don't know all of that? The crux of the argument here was who does South Africa belong to and the truth is everything South Africa is today, regardless how it came about, is a result of both Black and White (mostly white)
4ABLACKAFRICA (5 months ago)
You are the one who don't get the picture! South Africa as we know it today was built by both Africans and whites for whites! During aparthide whites stacked the deck in their favor and today whites still have the advantage! Whites and Arabs assaulted Africa, conquered it, and twisted it inside out! Africans should be kicking you out the country but wont because they are afraid of Europes response and they don't understand why the European is in Africa! But some of us who live outside Africa have been watching South Africa and we know the situation and we know why the European is there! Whites are gonna lose! Africa for Africans! Africans First!
Sifiso Mthethwa (5 months ago)
China was built by Chinese. England was built by the English. South Africa was built by all those who live in it (almost entirely by the intellect of the ruthless oppressor actually). You get the picture?
4ABLACKAFRICA (5 months ago)
Nhlanzeko ninela "South Africa belongs to everyone who lives in it!" Whites living in white countries would not say this! Africa for Africans! Africans First!
joshua constance (5 months ago)
Host not impartial. Mr President and Hr Malema had the opportunity to discuss matters frankly and freely with dignity and intelligent arguments. It's not the place of the host to manipulate agendas. Good arguments by both speakers. Wish these great minds could debate their points freely on a more impartial platform.
King Kontant (6 months ago)
this is a 3beers shebeen talk,where the host got there earlier
ash kays (6 months ago)
Self Emancipation (6 months ago)
Thabo Mbeki sounds very weak and apologetic, just like a "typical" niggardly coward, a toady, when discussing the land issue. He is absolutely correct to declare Black people, including himself amongst others, to have been and are still being "misled". To be misled in the abundance of knowledge means to be: Moronic, Idiotic, Stupid, Lazy, Egotistic and Damned !!! This belief and unwise ideology of South Africa belonging equally to so called Blacks and Whites is so ridiculously stupid it is sickening, totally quixotic! I beg you Mr. Mbeki to go to your master's country and see if you are equal to the "lowest" British in the white man's land. How foolish and obsequious can you get? Don't you know that there will never be peace in any part of this universe where a black man expects to share equally with a white person? Most Black people never seem to "over stand" the caucasians, and that is why they continually remain under white people. I wonder if Black people will ever "git it"? Too blind to see and face "Reality", yet too busy chasing after worthless vanity which they have been misled to believe will lead to their salvation. The Mis-educated Negroes will always be......"MISLED".... forevermore! Follow the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and begin your journey to free your mind from mental depravity. Free yourselves from mental slavery and brainwash-education that makes you behave like morons, too afraid to do for self is to be damned.
zipozonke mpumlwana (6 months ago)
I hope the Host got fired after this..so disrespectful!
zipozonke mpumlwana unfortunately he's the owner of this, he can't fire himself🙈
matebane monare (6 months ago)
don't miss the lost picture, Mbeki flawed the whole basis of the EFF. Implementation is harder than it looks, if the great Mbeki failed, you are baby sitting a crack pipe if you think a nikka with a honours degree in BA can.
khae74 (6 months ago)
This host iyaphapha at a wrong time
Thuli Swakamisa (6 months ago)
The host is stupid guy propaly u employ by BBC to descriminate our elder
kenneth matsenene (21 days ago)
Thuli Swakamisa lol
Thuli Swakamisa (6 months ago)
Stupid host who is this guy we're we're u wen Mabululo shoot us
Britian Mogooane (6 months ago)
Mandela has given people Equal Human rights, more like a step for people to start reclaim rightfully belonged to them lawfully, then what did Mbeki do? Only Maintained what Mandela given to the people , for me He didn't bring any change. U say He's best? With what? Economy did not improve, He just maintained...for ne He only wasted time.
Victor Bergman (6 months ago)
Mbeki says there is nothing to be ammended on the constitution and then later goes and contridicts himself in trying to explaining the contridiction of the Freedom Charter and the Constitution... He had 2/3 majority as a President and could've fix a lot in the biased constitution of SA. Instead he wrote poems. Mxm
Thabo Sethipa (6 months ago)
Mr Mbeki is hiding behind the Freedom Charter and answers questions by asking question yet he does not give practical solutions
Tuzz Matloga (4 months ago)
Thabo Sethipa He speaks from the economic view point
C T (4 months ago)
I expected him to skirt around the issue and he did just that. smh
Malik Jasson (4 months ago)
Thabo Sethipa you should ask yourself why? To whom has he sworn his allegiance to...
Rick Truman (6 months ago)
Africans hello it's time to owned your land and stop sharing your land with Caucasians. South Africa belongs to black people and not to whites. They don't belong in Africa. They are there to take the minerals resources and not really there for your success
Vasili Karvelas (6 months ago)
That host though, fully disrespecting Mr Mbeki Good discussion though.
Donald Waterman (6 months ago)
All tribal land should be given to individuals with title deed.
Mandla Kabini (6 months ago)
Resentment is the biggest challenge from Head/Heads of the country. Next leader/s would do better, provided that He/She consetration on it to regain our original values. Thank you.
Paul Raolane (6 months ago)
what a good President we had who else if not Thabo Mbeki
Paul Raolane (6 months ago)
what a good President we had who else if not Thabo Mbeki
Jabo Mahomela (6 months ago)
Eish the presenter here sucks crusly.....they should have placed someone more formal
Jabo Mahomela (6 months ago)
Malema is the best guys admit it.....An i love T Mbheki
Charles Mutero (6 months ago)
No white man brought a grain of soil from europe; the land was already here in Africa; which the white man savagely took from our fore-fathers R.G MUGABE
lm bester (6 months ago)
Mbeki is way too classy for this host...
David James (6 months ago)
I am so sorry that Pres. Mbeki is still not SA's president. He is a smart and logical person, I have a lot of respect for him.
Adriaan Pretorius (6 months ago)
just the kind of reasoning i am looking for. GGOOO Thabo
TheFounded #GodMecries (6 months ago)
This host should be fired!!!!!!!he is so disrespectful and irritating.
Cathy Motaung (6 months ago)
Mbeki is an Hon man re o jwetse rona he
Cathy Motaung (6 months ago)
Malema o laheile o ne o re Zuma is an Hon man jwale hona jwale o reng?
lydia phamotse (6 months ago)
Thabo Mbeki my President It will stay like that to me and no one will takes it away from
Marga Erasmus (6 months ago)
1. land will be shared amongst the ones who work it.....2 . people make claims and when they are told the claim has succeeded , they rather take the money,,very important comments Mr Mbeki...
VUYANI GULE (6 months ago)
Please don let this guy (host) host anything ever he is the worst for such an engaging topical issues. Yoh ai this is beyond horrible.
bakani baleni (6 months ago)
the worst mistake south african ever made was to topple Mbeki from power , the man is very intelligent that all african presidents
Njabulo Masuku (6 months ago)
Thabo Mbeki is a towering intellectual.
celltanic (6 months ago)
o and the host, he wanted malema to post the question to Mbeki hoping to put Mbeki into a corner, when he didn't corner him he started interupting Mbeki, he has his own agenda
celltanic (6 months ago)
if malema receives land, he will most probably be shocked that the land does not plough itself, land means nothing unless you work the land. Malema wants the land to sell back to the white people to make quick money
DKDC Gangshit (1 month ago)
What’s your point? If that’s what he chose to do it’s his land to make that decision. Dumb ass
Beau Dumezulu (4 months ago)
Malema had land “farm” and it had plantation. I just did a simple google search “Malema’s farm”, there are pictures from the farm.
Gibbs Zimu (6 months ago)
celltanic true
Pam Radebe (6 months ago)
Power fm pls fire this guy
kenneth matsenene (21 days ago)
Pam Radebe what are you talking about ? He owns power FM. This is given mkhari Google him
Pam Radebe (6 months ago)
This host Uyaphapha shame
You can't fake having an inability to host...he should strengthen himself
Deon Gunter (7 months ago)
At least the older people knows more than these young boykies that is just chasing to make us hungry !
Grillo Grillo (7 months ago)
Who is this guy Malema? I have travelled extensively in my life and South Africa no doubt has the dumbest black politicians I have ever witnessed...This skinny dumbo proves it..he sounds like an old Ford V6 engine on steroids and wishes he had a white girlfriend and a bunch of intellectual friends.. The poor MAVROS..Well judging by his sudden loss of weight and idiotic remarks, it is quite evident he bats for the other team..His boyfriend is probably home preparing dinner!!
Vincent Solomons (7 months ago)
This host is totally unprofessional
Boitumelo Olipant (7 months ago)
I am exasperated by this host. i think he is drunk... he thinks this is an illicit bar without a license. just shut the damn up... hope he was fired
kenneth matsenene (21 days ago)
Boitumelo Olipant good news is that he can't fire himself ..he owns the station :)
Pascal Chauke (4 months ago)
Boitumelo Olipant it's like khoza wanting to play at a deby, hai this dude ruined the show. he shud hire a professional host, or his friend Bob Mabena
nompumelelo Lembede (7 months ago)
''who's in charge here'' damn idiot someone please shoot that host we don't need him ....he should've shut up
Anton vdM (7 months ago)
i wonder if this world would reach the year 2200 or even 2100..
Daludumo Tshangisa (7 months ago)
Yeer, the host messed up everything. I felt embarrassed while I was watching it, as if he's my relative.
Sandile Mbambo (7 months ago)
Joe Osia Opiyo (7 months ago)
President Mbeki did Injustice to the person who asked him the question..
J Law (7 months ago)
Mbeki is still skirting the issue with clever tongue. In the end, the land MUST be returned—that is how reconciliation works. We can talk about how that is to be done but it MUST be done. I would suggest that the constitution be amended accordingly: all lands in the hands of the minorities shall be set at a price decided by the minority holder. If that price is unreasonable then the government shall impose a cap on that price. Then, whomever has the money to purchase the land, and has made such an offer matching or exceeding the price, then the seller MUST sell it to her or be penalized by a punitive tax, a portion of which shall be directly distributed to the party who made the offer to purchase. The alternative is to just take the land and redistribute it to the true South African.
Desmond Mamabolo (7 months ago)
sorry to say this but fuck that host, he should go back to primary
Zusiphe Fadana (7 months ago)
poor host mxxm
Skara555 (7 months ago)
Zuma woudnt last aminute in this intelectual discussion! Next thing he wud burst in a struggle song!
Malik Jasson (4 months ago)
Skara555 😂🤣
Sisa Dumalisile (7 months ago)
Skara555 😂😂😂😂
Skara555 (7 months ago)
Eish this host tho!! Mxm!
Xabiso Ncanywa (7 months ago)
this presenter guy should be told never to disturb a man when talking
Bilal Mahomed (7 months ago)
Funny video
Tshifhiwa Ramabubuda (7 months ago)
But you're not sober yourself.
Bongani Lungani (7 months ago)
the host ayboh,it toopooor
SIYANDA ISAACS (7 months ago)
poor host
Simphiwe Gova (7 months ago)
what you did in order to eliminate those fallow as president? nothing you didn't even worry you just went back where you live
Kevin Muswede (7 months ago)
The host really messed this nice discussing
Tebogo Sising (7 months ago)
Host is a mere bore and stodgy!
Simphiwe Qwabe (8 months ago)
Look at how this chap points at our former president. Pathetic!
Thobile Msongelws (8 months ago)
well sad
JON OLOT (8 months ago)
If you take the land and you don't know what to do with, then is useless. Likewise, if you take money in exchange for land and it added no value. Then the society loss altogether.
Welile Mhlanga (7 months ago)
JON OLOT who says the people that want land don't know what to do with it?
Ntokozo Magasela (8 months ago)
The host is such a clown, disgusting to say the least!
Zimisele Cira (5 months ago)
Ntokozo Magasela did you just say "the least"? Hahaha God he's a mess
phindelihle mncube (8 months ago)
lomfana akananhlonipho nje, he should be taught that when speaking with abantu you shouldn't point fingers!!!!!!!😞😞😞 even Mr Mbheki is not pointing a finger at him.. this guy should go learn inhlonipho and about public speaking
Tsakani Makhubele (8 months ago)
But still the land still belongs to White and if I had correctly Mr Mbeki said the land is shared among the people who work it.why doesn't the land owner share with the land worker?
wordRSP movement (8 months ago)
The question here is not Land, what we should ask ourselves how can so many people be hungry when there's so much land to produce enough food for South Africans?

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