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Huawei P Smart - Huawei's new Killer Budget Smartphone!

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Unboxing and review of the 2018 Huawei P Smart - Could this be the next 'Flagship killer Smartphone from Huawei?" Sim free price is £229 and its 17ppm on a 24 month contract with Vodafone with £9 to pay upfront: https://goo.gl/BaKqBU 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ Sponsored by Huawei My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (1268)
Im_n60030 (8 hours ago)
😂😂😂 This is the honor 7x just Huawei branded even tho honor is a sub brand of huawei. Guess Huawei is getting jealous of how good honor is doing😂😂😂
BrettTheTenseTuber (2 days ago)
Is the upgradable storage able to be internal memory ( being able to download games on it ) ?
Rui Iria (2 days ago)
can you compare this phone with the Honor 7 x? i'd like to know the diffrence between them...
rasengan720 (2 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what track he's using in the video?
Bojan Vasilevski (4 days ago)
Could you please do a comparison between the Huawei P Smart and the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). I'm really struggling to choose between the two of them.
Octaval Eagle (4 days ago)
is the transfer of apps from phone storage to sd card possible? as in huawei's honor phones it doesn't let you do that just asking....
P Kittinavy (4 days ago)
Nice British accent.
Souporno Mukherjee (5 days ago)
Honor 7x 🙄
Florin Boboruta (5 days ago)
is it better than huawei mate 10 lite?
harvey lamb (5 days ago)
maybe a review of the honor 7x, basically copy and pasted onto this phone 🤔
MHKMbwanguHeavyK (5 days ago)
Please make more videos on the P smart
technical roshan (5 days ago)
What u think about redmi note 5 pro
georgia antonopoulou (6 days ago)
JUST LOVE IT'S DUAL CAMERA AND DESIGN...!!Too good to... be true....!
Mark Arcus Locsin (6 days ago)
Well im planing to stick to my mate 9 lite for a moment untilnext release
Mr Mok (7 days ago)
I'm underwhelmed by my Mate 10, so I'd pass on this one.
Humble Ideas (7 days ago)
Hi pal. I love huawei and I have 4 of them in my house including this M3 media pad I am now using. I made a video of it. Do you mind if I post the link in the comments here? From, a small-time YouTuber....
Joelrez (7 days ago)
More depth please
Legion (7 days ago)
Does it have slow mo?
Argyro Skari (7 days ago)
O Octa Core - HiSilicon Kirin 659 2.36 GHz
eva tsivelekidou (7 days ago)
Tο πιο δυνατό του σημείο νομίζω ότι είναι η διπλή κάμερα :)
Arsenal Glasgow (8 days ago)
1m sub congratulations great job
Nisaar Ally (8 days ago)
Vectorize (8 days ago)
I use P8 lite, great phone. I can't wait for Huawei, Google and Samsung to leave Apple in the dirt.
Mohamed Ishak (8 days ago)
Can you review honor view 10 ?
Nag Nagendra (8 days ago)
It's design is similar to honor 7x
Zhaodong Cai (8 days ago)
Certificated by American Top 6 Spy agencies. LoL
ruel hodge (9 days ago)
Could put the p smart n compare it to the honor 6x
Ashen Gamage (9 days ago)
It's like Huawei nova 2i in front and back is like honor 9 but very advanced than them.
Pakistan Corner (9 days ago)
Watching on P smart
Phone Pedia (10 days ago)
Nice video going to add in my website (y) Huawei P smart price and specifications: https://phone-pedia.com/huawei-p-smart/price-and-specs
IVIakeItHappen (11 days ago)
P smart vs Honor 9 lite vs Mi A1 please
Tech Videos (11 days ago)
Your in the UK?? Edit: I'm in the uk
Oyon Miazi (11 days ago)
is the camera's portrait mode better than xiaomi mi a1
Gaming Therapy (11 days ago)
I like everything about the video. Presentation absolutely made me wanna watch the whole video. Congratulations, I had to subscribe to the channel. I won't be missing anything anymore
Edmon Bekyan (11 days ago)
Always enjoying your reviews. Can you please compare Huawei Smart to Huawei Mate 10 Lite
Sérgio Rito (12 days ago)
Compare P Smart with P10 Lite... which wins in performance and usability? Processor: is the Kirin 649 so much better than the Kirin 658? Memory: does the 4GB in P10 Lite excel the 3GB in the P Smart?
Sérgio Rito (12 days ago)
Meant to write "Kirin 659" and not "649" :)
Jahid Hasan (12 days ago)
Pls bro review for the honor view10 please...😍😍😍
Rohan Reznor (12 days ago)
You banged the phone box way too hard on the table. lol
6a9ow7elf (10 days ago)
What size pixell main camera??? 1.25nm -is in`t it??? or no??? Thanks a lot advanced for your answer.
Boi You Roasted (12 days ago)
Getting this next week :0
Flapping Online logic (12 days ago)
They stole the look of the samsung galaxy s8 i see
Gennaro Barra (12 days ago)
this or mate 10 lite ?
Lenz Walters (12 days ago)
awesome phone mrwhosethephoneman :0
Andrei Galambosi (12 days ago)
GamerPro BG (12 days ago)
The Mate 10 Lite will be a great one to compare!
Faye Crystal (12 days ago)
He sounds and looks cute. Lol
xpresspritam (12 days ago)
man waiting for the Huawei triple camera phone
Jerome Mackay (12 days ago)
Hi what's the best phone Huawei P smart or Huawei Honor 7x
El Bazooka (13 days ago)
I like my xiaomi mi a1 better
kingpiiin (13 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Really good to hear about 'midrange' devices in 2018. Would be interested to see how it compares to Huawei's 2017 flagship devices like the P10. Would really appreciate that video since the P10's price has been slashed recently
Demetre Saghliani (13 days ago)
I don't understand; is this competing with the Honor 7X? Why?
GT Blade (13 days ago)
So.... What is more better: Mate 10 Lite or P Smart?
Jo K (13 days ago)
Huawei P smart or P 10 lite it s better?
maryan tpa (13 days ago)
Huawei P Smart, Honor 6x, which one is better?
MR YAHAYA (13 days ago)
Cheap mobile
Make a video about the honnor 7x vs huawie P smart
Jared Telford (14 days ago)
Please make another top apps of the month list video!
Trey Perry (14 days ago)
Micro USB is a deal breaker
Francesco Varrato (14 days ago)
Micro USB? Here's a deal-breaker for this phone
The Specialist (14 days ago)
Not bad, looks cool too😎
Jeremy Nguyo (14 days ago)
Please compare battery life to other Samsung phones of its range like the Galaxy A7 2017..
BlackBullPistol (14 days ago)
Glass is not "premium" on a phone it is junk! Aluminum on the other hand is high-end material. I like way more alu and plastic rather than glass in my hand, much more pleasant...
Michael H (12 days ago)
BlackBullPistol I agree. Im tired to see all tech youtubers hype the glass back phone as premium..
Fariz TGK (14 days ago)
Arun, Please help! I am making a tech video and i want to know what you call the vfx at 0:04
Ali Aziz (14 days ago)
Bro can u compare it with xiomi A1
Ryan McDavid (14 days ago)
should I buy the upcoming Huawei Nova 2s or the Oneplus 5T? Masteeeers, please help meeee
Pro Noone (14 days ago)
I love it
Sayar Ganguly (14 days ago)
D B (14 days ago)
So... What's the difference between this and the Honor 7x
cacalaca (14 days ago)
witch do i get Huawei P Smart or huawei p9 lite 2017?
cacalaca (14 days ago)
also do a review of the huawei p9 lite 2017.
Montana Stiegelmeyer (15 days ago)
Review elephone u pro
Ian Thompson (15 days ago)
for the same amount of money, if you are deciding to buy into the Chinese phone market (which can be risky)... you'd be better off getting the xiaomi Note 2. Better benchmarks and what not
Gyan Infinity (15 days ago)
Please tell which background music used in unboxing anyone tell me please
Ben Jacob (15 days ago)
Do longevity tests on the phone to see how they stand up to the test of time
coool rahul (15 days ago)
Plz review samsung galaxy a5 2017 black colour plz👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈
fab q (15 days ago)
Plz do review of Samsung galaxy c8 and comparison with p smart😀
tino (15 days ago)
You should review the mate 10 lite. Love your videos Keep up the good work :)
Gabriel Manasseh (15 days ago)
I don't get it; what's the point of this device when they own Honor? Are they trying to cannibalize those phones now?
Sudarshan Nambiar (15 days ago)
Compare against xiaomi note 4
Karan Vagadia (15 days ago)
It's same as honor 7x
MR TECHNICAL tv (15 days ago)
auswin bertin (15 days ago)
Love your videos....😍😍
Mrwhosetheboss (15 days ago)
+auswin bertin 😁
أحمد حميدان (15 days ago)
aluminium is always better than glass it just feels better.
altair auditore (15 days ago)
Check out mi A1 pleasee
Craig Curtice (15 days ago)
You say aluminum wrong bro lol
Craig Curtice (15 days ago)
It has 3 gigs of RAM come on people ram ram ram ram it's the freakin food it's the phone's food the more the ram the snappier the phone
Craig Curtice (15 days ago)
I seriously don't know what the deal is with bezel-less screens I like a vessel I don't want my fingers touching the screen I like being able to hold the sides without hitting a button that's all this phone suck and I think a lot of people agree it's the tech people that want desilus not the average Joe
Dead Eye (16 days ago)
What is that game?
Andre (16 days ago)
why do all of huaweis cheap phones now look better than the old flagship p10+?? i need an upgrade
Kobbo '5 (16 days ago)
P stands for Pretty Cheap
Tanmay. W (16 days ago)
This phone is known as Honor 7x in India
dr techno (16 days ago)
Just a rebranded Honor 7x
Nasir Saeed (16 days ago)
Can you do a capmpaison review of huawei mate 10 lite and p smart phone? Which is better
caballero (16 days ago)
No NFC again? what the hell?
Antonio Ktk (16 days ago)
Huawei honor 9 lite , honor mate 10 lite honor 7x honor p smart all under 300 dollars with the same specs
Herminilo Singcol (16 days ago)
Compare it with Huawei mate 10 lite. 😋
SomeNerd (16 days ago)
I believe honor 7x is better!!
CLONNY Games Fan (16 days ago)
Finally this video i bin waiting for
Christian Austria (16 days ago)
Dude I love videos I wish u hit 100,000,000,000
Mutant Forest (16 days ago)
Sir Arun can u make a review for huawei nova 2i

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