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Top 5 FREE Messaging Apps for Android

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Here are 5 of the Best Messaging Apps for your Android to replace your Stock SMS app. 1. Pulse SMS (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xyz.klinker.messenger 2. Textra SMS (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.textra 3. YAATA (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rpkandrodev.yaata 4. Mood Messenger (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.calea.echo 5. Android Messages (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.messaging _____________________________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (166)
mel johns (23 hours ago)
Mood, textra..
Benjamin Sam (1 day ago)
Come on!! Where is the SMS organiser from Microsoft...imho it's the best out there, very productive!
iTechUOutGuy (3 days ago)
I use TextNow. I tried to use Facebook Messenger but the app is so cluttered now. I might go back using Hangouts and Google Voice. Who knows.
Red Heart (3 days ago)
where is microsoft sms organizer
Yonathan Cherkos (4 days ago)
Mood Messenger is the best ......tnks....
Charles Yeo (4 days ago)
I envy the countries where SMS is pretty much unlimited with the phone plan. It costs too much to use sms here and everyone uses LINE or whatsapp
antmiket (7 days ago)
I like the LG stock messaging app on my G6 for simplicity. I have used Textra and ChompSMS which are nice customizable sms/mms apps. But my new favorite is PulseSMS. Being able to use it on my Windows laptop, G6 and iPad makes it a great iMessage replacement (I recently gave up an iPhone for the G6). Definitely worth the money for the lifetime subscription.
EmperorOfNyte82 (9 days ago)
I wish Google Voice would integrate with a third part app :( I never use my carrier number.
Rahul Kumar Sahoo (9 days ago)
I use SMS Organizer, you should check that out.
Sam Ashok (9 days ago)
You should try out Microsoft's SMS App. Really better than all messaging app featured in this video. The Name is "SMS Organizer" Try it. you wont be disappointed.
angel flores (9 days ago)
Jamel Singleton (12 days ago)
+1 Like button for pronouncing GIF correctly.
Gillian Collins (14 days ago)
Do all of these apps allow you to send texts using wifi?
Ashwin Mothilal (17 days ago)
SMS Organiser from Microsoft????🙄
Tejas Bobe (19 days ago)
You missed sms organiser
Richard Shelton (19 days ago)
Android Messages doesn't support GIFs, correct?
shiestjoo (19 days ago)
i use pulse. it's nice
Sékou SIDIBE (22 days ago)
Mood Messenger is the best !!!!!!! So much features, incredible !! Private mode included !!!!
RodimusPrime29 (23 days ago)
Love using Textra....have been using it for a while & absolutely love it!
Brian West (23 days ago)
I been using Textra for years. This is the first video I've ever saw that said Textra wasn't that customizable. Lol
Robert Eden (23 days ago)
do any of these allow an archive to a standard format (say XML) based on date, to get it out of the main SMS store database?
Bryan Belew (23 days ago)
Lost interest when you said "jifs."
Riley Coleman (23 days ago)
iMessage = Best
Leo Y.M (23 days ago)
Does Textra has the option to schedule a message when you buy the PRO version?
Brian West (23 days ago)
Leo Y.M Yes
Steven Zeh (23 days ago)
Ever heard of Signal?
CocainaBlaze (24 days ago)
SMS is archaic AF.
Mathäus Wegert (24 days ago)
I think Google's approach is way too simple for my taste. I wish you could get better options on stock Messenger.
ofthesic0133 (24 days ago)
Coming from an ex iPhone user, messaging on Android is a fucking nightmare. Any media sent can't be viewed unless it downloads and saves to your camera roll. What kind of shite is that? WhatsApp is a nightmare, you'll have a folder filled with 1000 images in a week.
Maxwell Weinbach (24 days ago)
Stock Samsung messenger.
Humaiz Azad (24 days ago)
Best Gallery app?
Himanshu Gupta (24 days ago)
I used Pulse, really great app also I think "SMS Organizer" from MS must be added here, its also great app, what you think..
Deepak Sharma (24 days ago)
Try Microsoft's SMS Organiser
Yuval88fish (24 days ago)
idk about other places, but in israel whatsapp is the go to messaging app. litteraly everybody is using it
Lues (24 days ago)
SMS in 2017?! Wtf
Alaska ball (24 days ago)
How the fuck did you know I got a OnePlus 5T
tom mc (24 days ago)
Sorry I havnt been on here for a while, was this android authority??
Michael Harries (24 days ago)
SMS still be used over all the encrypted messaging alternatives?
antmiket (7 days ago)
In the US, yes, it is the primary form of messaging. Facebook Messenger is also popular, and since iPhones are so popular, iMessage is widely used too. US carriers typically give unlimited sms with most phone plans.
Rhey Lewis (24 days ago)
Jeremy Soo (24 days ago)
Said Gifs wrong, un-subbed.
Pyramid Head (24 days ago)
I use Textra SMS for my SMS/MMS needs and with Windows 10 and Cortana on your Android device you can send and receive messages on your computer.
Harsh P (24 days ago)
Merry Christmas.
BuilderBro9000 (24 days ago)
0:15 I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here but the creator of "gif" does not reserve the right to alter the English language because nowhere is there a "j" or even a "j" sound in the words "Graphics Interchange Format" so people that say "jif" need to learn to say it properly
Ryan Barrett (9 days ago)
pronounced graficks inetrchanJ format. so theres a j sound at the end of interchange.
BuilderBro9000 (23 days ago)
Matthew Davisson Try pronouncing "Graphics Interchange Format" out loud and ask someone who has good hearing if they heard a single "j" sound. Their answer may surprise you ;)
Matthew Davisson (23 days ago)
BuilderBro9000 I guess you have never heard words like giant, gigantic, giraffe, or gingersnap???
Brad Nerdy Nay (24 days ago)
I go between Textra SMS, EvolveSMS, ChompSMS and Android Messages. Now, I'm going to download Yaata SMS to see what has changed!
MRSUCCESS PSN (24 days ago)
Just started Yaata and so far it's really good but all of the other options are good too. Shout out to the developer of Yaata for creating the app by himself. I upgraded to premium just to show love.
Nived Ullas (24 days ago)
What widget ate you using
Murlikrishna Chippa (24 days ago)
SMS Organizer by Microsoft is the best SMS app, it's free no in app purchase, clean and useful.
Alex Wong (24 days ago)
But can any of these support group messaging?
Alexander Kot (24 days ago)
Using SMS in 2k17? O_o
selw0nk (24 days ago)
You are missing Signal Private Messenger
Jerry Huang (24 days ago)
Wow, I don't use any or heard of any of these apps. I use whatsapp, wechat, line, fb messenger.
Dany V (24 days ago)
What's an SMS?
Douglas Smith (24 days ago)
Messaging...Used Textra, but seemed to be overridden by the stock app on my LG G6 for some reason , even when I shut off the Lg app in settings...
Jeremy C. (24 days ago)
why you exposing your phone#
Yener (25 days ago)
here in europe no one is using SMS i dont know why the US is still using this olddated format!
Darwin Cruz (25 days ago)
Textra because I bought it way way back. :)
Shaun (25 days ago)
thank you
Looods (25 days ago)
Curious, why would anyone use SMS when there are tens of internet messengering apps like what’s app, telegram, Allo, and so many more??
Jason M (17 days ago)
SMS can be sent to pretty much anyone using a cell phone.
Matthew Davisson (23 days ago)
Looods I literally only know a couple of people who use WhatsApp. That's not very universal. I know about 30 that use allo.
Looods (24 days ago)
John Doe haha to start my question had no ill intention but regardless this is the internet haha Two what’s app has over a billion users it doesn’t get anymore “universal” and internet is just part of life (to those who’ll watch this video so to those without an internet connection this video is irrelevant anyway). I get your point though, still I have no clue why anyone would use sms.
John Doe (24 days ago)
Looods maybe it's because SMS universal and doesn't require an internet connection....oh wait, that's exactly why
Rix Morales (25 days ago)
For me, Android Messages is still the preferable one, though I would appreciate if it would allow sending text messages through Internet, and a web app
Andrew Griesmann (25 days ago)
You could have stopped at Pulse. It's the best.
Darek (25 days ago)
Gifs, not Jifs! 😋
Yassir Rossel (25 days ago)
Make a top for the most useful mobile apps
thesmart1 (25 days ago)
It's "Gif" not "Jif" 😱
Not Raymond (20 days ago)
thesmart1 This is what happens when you try to act smart..
Tech for Kings (22 days ago)
thesmart1 thankfully, the creator has already settled this idiotic debate. Hint: you're WRONG!
mikecantreed (24 days ago)
thesmart1 It's "fag" not "thesmart1"
Raymond Erazo (25 days ago)
Android messages....
MrRiggyRiggs (25 days ago)
Textra, end video!
Himanshu Chamoli (25 days ago)
Paid video?
Raresch Oprea (25 days ago)
Hy there to you all. I have a question about those app, if you could answer me. I search for a messages app that can combine chat entries from the same contact in the same windows. So, if a contact in my list has more numbers and gives me a SMS from different numbers, I would like to see them in the same window and to have the whole conversation in the same place. Also, I would like to have the option to reply to a specific number, the last one or the one that I have select, and not use the feature of sending a message to all the numbers that contact has, but only to one of the numbers. Do you know if any of those apps have this feature? Or any other app? Thank you very much for the answer, and Happy Holidays!
MARTY SINCE87 (25 days ago)
I used textra for years
Brandon Monroe (25 days ago)
TEXTRA for the WIN!!!
Jarrod Higgins (25 days ago)
If privacy is more important to you than having Deadpool as your SMS app background... Signal all day...
Jarrod Higgins (17 days ago)
Jason M true, but it wasn't a hard sell to get people I know to switch. Can't let Russian hackers intercept my dinner plans!
Jason M (17 days ago)
Jarrod Higgins I like Signal, but you only get the end-to-end encryption if the person you're messaging also uses it.
Sayantan Ray (25 days ago)
Use the app - SuperSMS. You will never touch another messaging app. Why? 1) U will never again get notifications for spam advertisement sms (auto detects). 2) All expense related SMS bundled together. 3) Persistent OTP heads up notification, with the option to copy paste. Give it a try!
Nouman Nazir (25 days ago)
yeah Pulse is really on the top of the List, just love it 💬❤️
Nick Bradley (25 days ago)
Anyone got this wallpaper ?
Off Dat Go-Go (25 days ago)
Yes, Textra. #BeastMode
Telegram !
stillouthere (25 days ago)
Is the OnePlus 5t your daily or is the pixel 2 I ask because I have a pixel2 but the 5t looks so much better and is cheaper but the 2 years of warranty and 3 years of updates are hard to pass on
CaRnAgE_4_Justin (25 days ago)
Textra is the best by far!
kishansinh parmar (25 days ago)
Aaron Montgomery (25 days ago)
I use pulse
Akash Gupta (25 days ago)
What is the advantage of imessage over normal android messages ? I have an ipad but never really understood. I dont use it for that thing.
Wilfred Pimentel (25 days ago)
imessage works with internet instead of data. This allows the app to behave like any other instant messaging app, like Whatsapp, therefore there is no character count (from apple to apple), and it is easy to send pictures, emojis and gifs. With normal android messages, on the other hand, there is character count because they are SMS (160 characters), and it is not very comfortable for chat.
Varun Paul (25 days ago)
Watching this on my OnePlus 5T :-)
Darveek Blancovitch (7 days ago)
Varun Paul sameeee
kamellion77 (25 days ago)
The best thing about this video is the gorgeous OnePlus 5t..
Jasper Edwards (4 days ago)
kamellion77 (24 days ago)
Debojit Mandal oh, yeah, out of subject I know, but that's the way it is, the device is pretty distracting I guess
Debojit Mandal (24 days ago)
kamellion77 no u said the best part of this video is one plus 5 t and not those apps that made me laugh
kamellion77 (24 days ago)
Debojit Mandal ???
Debojit Mandal (24 days ago)
kamellion77 ha ha ha😂
Jason Davis (25 days ago)
I've been using Textra and love it
Mubeen Mi4i (25 days ago)
What is the icon pack
Ishraq Mirza (25 days ago)
Yeah I use the Android messages app by Google. Really like the simplicity of it.
soccerguy2433 (25 days ago)
Textra hands down the best!
Jason M (25 days ago)
No mention of Signal??
Jason M Is signal a really good messaging app
Benozir Hossain (25 days ago)
cesar abreu (25 days ago)
This was great!
Sammy Silva Solis (25 days ago)
Stock Squad where you at?
ALFIYAN SUBAIR (25 days ago)
I like sms organiser by Microsoft most
Tg Tech (24 days ago)
Julio Lagara (25 days ago)
Only if Google would add SMS to Allo. It would blow the competition out of the water. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
thatjakelad (22 days ago)
I have the option to if one of my contacts doesn't have it. Click invite then chat via SMS
Mr Beasley (22 days ago)
Julio Lagara facts
Jonathan Figueroa (23 days ago)
This and Android Wear support. Go figure a Android messenger that doesn't support Android watches.....
Ryu Amakusa (23 days ago)
Julio Lagara absolutely true. I would be happy to use Allo if it has SMS integration as well as Duo integration. If Google could integrate Allo with SMS and Duo feature then they could use that as an equivalent to iMessage by making it as the default messaging app to Google phones and Android stock phones.
Mathäus Wegert (24 days ago)
Yeah! Seriously! I don't understand why they didn't do that out of the gate! Also add Duo support in the same app.
Varuna Janardanan (25 days ago)
None of these have auto spam filters. Microsoft sms organizer and reos sms both do a great job. Highly recommended.
Sanjeev Khatoi (25 days ago)
Varuna Janardanan i second that. It's the best
Tim Harper (25 days ago)
Oh no.........he said "jifs" :(
Justin H. (25 days ago)
Burn him.
Sven Ober (25 days ago)
Samriddha Basu Gift, Gang
Tim Harper (25 days ago)
Samriddha Basu aur we getting into silent letters heer? Googl krom browser is gud.
Samriddha Basu (25 days ago)
Tim Harper I think you mean Crismas, not CHrisTmas? 🙊
Tim Harper (25 days ago)
Samriddha Basu I hope you like your Christmas jifts today!
Lorenzo Rey (25 days ago)
I don't understand why people keep using sms...
selw0nk (24 days ago)
A lot of people in America use SMS not like third world countries.
Fredrik Selvig (25 days ago)
I wish more people used SMS. I'm not always available on Facebook or Snapchat. I don't have my mobile data on at all times. It uses battery and my GB.
eddie pearson (25 days ago)
Zach Bowser messaging on iPhones is fragmented as well. Everyone I know with an iPhone on the US uses Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Not everyone with an iPhone cares about imessage. Half of them don't even know they are using it because it's just defaulted
Shawn Brown (25 days ago)
You see me as a reply to anything he was just trolling
Jason Wilde (25 days ago)
Lorenzo Rey some people do prefer sms
Dhanesh Kawad (25 days ago)
You must've added SMS ORGANIZER by Microsoft .
Giovanni Gallardo (25 days ago)
1:56 was it a thot tho?
John Doe (25 days ago)
Textra for the win
Zoheb Ali (25 days ago)
Awesome video!
Subham Banerjee (25 days ago)
What is the Google search widget??
Jason Wilde (25 days ago)
Pulse is so good!

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