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Huawei Ascend II Review Part 2

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Huawei Ascend II Review Part 2 Huawei is starting to stake its claim in the U.S. smartphone market and the Ascend II is just one of many new Android devices we're seeing from the Chinese company. The Ascend II is definitely worth looking into, considering its price tag of $0. Any time you can get a phone for free, it's definitely pique your interest. However, just because it is free, doesn't always mean that it's the obvious choice. So, where does the Ascend II stand? It's definitely a low-end smartphone. With a 600 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, a 5-megapixel fixed focus camera, and a low-resolution 3.5-inch display, you can see why this phone is Free. It's nice that the phone ships with Android 2.3 instead of the older version 2.2, and Huawei's UI adds some interesting customization features. Still, with U.S. Cellular's other budget-friendly options, the Huawei Ascend II has some tough competition. Is it the phone you should get? Find out in the review. Part 2 of 2 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/phonedog Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/phonedog Win Free Phones: http://instantwin.phonedog.com/ Visit http://www.PhoneDog.com for all the latest cell phone news, reviews, and more.
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Text Comments (51)
Jamie Parrao (4 years ago)
can u screen shot???
Diamond 4 U (4 years ago)
I will get a review up for you as soon as I can. Im a little busy this week but I will be sure to get it up for you. :)
rachel (4 years ago)
I'm about to get so it would be really cool to see A review from someone who wasn't paid to review it.
Diamond 4 U (4 years ago)
I am getting this phone next week and i will put up a review and unboxing because she is to picky for me..
Was up with net10 costumer service being on all videos of net10 and straight talk what your point you aunt goin to give me more data or fix your company I give it 2 years when u guys go down and out that's if u guys don't fix the data problem I'm with net10 but next month I ain't paying no more so little data for $50 and I don't make calls or use txt messages instead of unlimited calls and txt give me more data to use :(
Cryptid Productions (4 years ago)
Good battery life my butt, I mine went dead in under 24 hours of just standby.
CaptainCharisma931 (4 years ago)
yes all androids have google play
SaraST8 (4 years ago)
Hello Michael, I'm Sara with Straight Talk Wireless. I've read this post on the thread and caught my attention. Our manual doesn't say anything about this application. But for Android phones, usually this application is pre-installed. If you need further assistance, you may send us an email at TF.CorpResulutionTeam@tracfone.com. Thank You.
michael johnson (5 years ago)
does this phone have google play
esd67 (5 years ago)
I have this phone and got a 3800 mill amp battery for this phone for around $8.00. With a bigger battery you get a new back plate with the battery because of the size of the battery which is great. Got it at amazon. Can't beat the price for a battery almost 3 times power of the stock battery. Good phone for what i use it for. Does lose internet connection at times but that could be because i live in a mobile home with a lot of tin around me. Paid $69.00 for the phone.
Elpidio Sias (5 years ago)
just because it black.... razist
SaraST8 (5 years ago)
Hi ktrom17! This is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. There is a need for you to download a screenshot application from the android market. Should you need further assistance, feel free to send us an email at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com.
Kelsey Trombley (5 years ago)
How do you take screenshots? If anyone could let me know I would appreciate it.
seba pagani (5 years ago)
can you screenshot on this phone?
Terrance Massengale (5 years ago)
Can you change the lock screen?
Ashleygames2 (5 years ago)
just got this phone i switched from ZTE score to this , all i use my phone for is for really music and instagram , Da ZTE sucked
Brian Ramirez (5 years ago)
I also got this phone and ill give it a 8 out of 10
Darci Stewart (5 years ago)
i got this phone like 4 days ago, and I like it a lot.
Da Tru Mate (5 years ago)
Huawei tried to improve the ascend no dice, the ZTE score is way better.
Jarad Householder (5 years ago)
For real tho, way to many people complaining about this, it's rediculous
Jarad Householder (5 years ago)
Real talk!!
Ani mangadict (5 years ago)
nice ring
msBOOSIE13 (5 years ago)
can you screen shot this phone
6Steve_ (5 years ago)
I have sprint ♥
kelseyrae340 (5 years ago)
I'm stuck on this and the Samsung Repp, which one should I get? The Ascend II has some really bad reviews, but other than that it's perfect. The Repp has a faster processor-worse camera, etc. and better reviews.
Devin Pryor (5 years ago)
Omg I'm In Dallas :) Wanna Meet Up ;)
gokussj4toyreviews (5 years ago)
in cricket u pay $55 a month for internet etc.
Emma K (6 years ago)
im getting this phone tomorrow for a cent ;)
Lamar Battle (6 years ago)
@Eballs84 And yet here you are looking @ an Android phone
Nick Miller (6 years ago)
No multitouch? In 2012? Really? Pathetic.
Robin Batra (6 years ago)
Its better to get a Nokia 710 or the Samsung Focus Flash instead of this garbage.
Robin Batra (6 years ago)
Wow. What a terrible performance in the browser.
wooooowwe1 (6 years ago)
400 mbps o.O sign me up quick
Elgysomar52 (6 years ago)
This phone is garbage!!!
redwingsandjazzfan (6 years ago)
@WilDeRSkillZ Calm down dude. After looking at their website I agree they have some nice devices like the Honor and Ascend X. The reason I said they didn't have any good devices is because I had never heard of any of the other ones.
Jannis Anderson (6 years ago)
I don't wen finish watching this!!! Phone companies need to bring back the physical keyboards!!!
siege86 (6 years ago)
they need to start making phones with real keyboards again.
Rapty Yoshihara (6 years ago)
@zd111809 I say that because i tried quite a few of their devices and they r great. And i can play pretty much any game on my U8800 pro. Modern combat 3 , Asphalt 6 , real racing 2 , Everything works. and android itself runs super smoothly because the phone has 512 MB of ram and adreno 205 GPU . and ofc keeping that phone on 2 ghz would be crazy , for games i have it on 1.6 and its fine. U shouldnt be against huawei , really they r fairly new , give the company a chance .
Zuleika D’Emilio (6 years ago)
@WilDeRSkillZ u only say that because you own one of their phones.. 1ghz isnt that great.. not for android and super game playing.. and overclocking is going to deteriorate your device over time.. something to think about.. when it comes to android you need dual core now.. single core works fine if you have wp7 though..
Alzain Ali (6 years ago)
sydney ur CUTE!
Lycosa (6 years ago)
Your voice and all is so annoyijng and everybodyt doesnt ahve 3G thats too new. G or E
Rapty Yoshihara (6 years ago)
@redwingsandjazzfan Dude , Ur fucking wrong. go to their website , they actually make some high range android devices that r awesome. I have a U8800 Pro , its fucking beast and its pretty cheap compared to other phones. And yet the CPU is 1 Ghz and i can OC it to 2 Ghz. Nice huh? the display is pretty big and it has HSDPA+ support , Huawei isnt a popular brand so their prices arent huge like samsung or HTC. and the quality of their phones is excellent.
Alexxander Peace (6 years ago)
It's really not that bad. Mii friend has that phone and I've messed with it some. It's not a bad phone by any means.
redwingsandjazzfan (6 years ago)
All of Hauwei's Androids are shit. The Comet and Ascend and Ascend 2 are all low-range devices. They all have small displays, lackluster cameras, and either 528 or 600 mhz processors.
Nice Snacks (6 years ago)
This name is a turn off for this device lol
Fermin Ortiz Jr (6 years ago)
This phone is as horrible as the first one. -__-
stayingsharp (6 years ago)
what is this? 2010 phone?
Jordan Sanchez (6 years ago)
Garrison2592 (6 years ago)
i would never get this phone!
Dylin Soukaroun (6 years ago)
hah wow the phone is ok?

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