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OnePlus 5 vs Google Pixel XL: Two of our favorite phones, compared

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The OnePlus 5 and the Google Pixel XL offer two of the cleanest takes on Android out there, but they're also two decidedly different phones. Does the OP5's newer, faster hardware and much lower price tag put it above Google's 2016 flagship? Let's take a closer look. Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background Tracks by LAKEY INSPIRED - http://bit.ly/1OAApVv
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Text Comments (275)
FellTheSky (3 months ago)
stock android superior display superior camera 400$ Yeah..
machindra pawar (4 months ago)
Which cover you have applied to op5
malik sahib (4 months ago)
I like your op5 wallpaper could you plz give it to me ?
DreeTheGodd (4 months ago)
Is this guy really trying to say that the cheap ass Chinese oneplus 5 is snappier than the pixel? 😂😂😂😂 gtfoh
Karthik Reddy (5 months ago)
Link for that pixel orange wallpaper plzz
Samm Eddgy (5 months ago)
I am addicted to my Google pixel and will never go back to Samsung or any other phone again x
Ulysses (6 months ago)
Holy shit where did he get the rainy live background please dear god someone tell me
Praveen Govindaraj (6 months ago)
Can i know the name of Live wallpaper in OP5?
Chef Monstro (6 months ago)
I can get a 128gb pixel xl for 400 new sealed or spend a little more and get the oneplus 5 128gb or just wait to see the Pixel 2 which would you recommend?
Noel Ventura. (5 months ago)
Why is pixel still over 800$. I thought the price went down. That's too much money that price needs to go down
Rameshh Oza (7 months ago)
so which one to buy ?? because I'm all confused after watching this video
K.C.C. (7 months ago)
jelly scrolling effect on OnePlus 5 🤢🤢🤢
Michael Wilson (7 months ago)
Pixel XL with Oreo unstoppible!!!
Da.shArk87 (7 months ago)
I got the OnePlus 5, got no jelly effect (thank God), can dial 911 on volte without any crashing and I have EIS on 4K recordings. The camera has been improved and further updates still coming. It will be one of the first (behind the Nexus/pixel) to get Android O. Anda that thing is a beast. I was a hardcore Nexus fan so I like the pixels and I like Google smartphones. I liked to brag people it was a Google device which now unfortunately I cant say. The OnePlus is a really good brand and I can't recommend enoug
Vichar B. (7 months ago)
Enjoying my OP5.
fatheen firdous (7 months ago)
now one plus 5 got camera software updates so it can beat pixels camera now
Daniel O'Brien (7 months ago)
I can get a pixel xl for 500 should I get the pixel or the one plus 5
Ahmad Fraz (6 months ago)
UndyingLegend (7 months ago)
It was a good comparison, but shouldn't we compare the Pixel 2 when it comes out to the op 5, because pixel came out in 2016 and op 5 in 2017
Danial khan (8 months ago)
Do a battery test.
Shwetank Singh (8 months ago)
what's the wallpaper in one+5 shown here ? couldn't find it on playstore 😅
Yu Wong (8 months ago)
Oneplus 5 is shit while zooming
Deepen Wadhwa (8 months ago)
i think it should have been lg g6 vs pixel xl. i wanna buy the xl but im short on budget so the best smartphone in my budget is lg g6 according to the specs , not one plus 5
Cynder (9 months ago)
4:31 what the hell was that
Ujjwal Char (9 months ago)
Can I get one plz lol 😂😂
Muhan Reus (9 months ago)
One plus 5 is good but I don't understand why people hate one plus 5
Will Frame (9 months ago)
RAM management is trash on the Pixel.
Tamara Girodie (9 months ago)
Great vid Zach! I'm looking forward to the next Pixel :)
Noel Ventura. (9 months ago)
I got my pixel XL
One costs your kidney
TECH LEGEND (9 months ago)
ansul kumar (9 months ago)
which cover r u using on op5 in thr video??
Tejas Patel (9 months ago)
ansul kumar it's a skin
Kevinn Cheng (9 months ago)
What was that app of month calendar widget showing on Pixel XL?
SRIDHAR STREAKS (9 months ago)
What's that wallpaper on op5??
Eli Grey (9 months ago)
TheSinotti (9 months ago)
'Due to the size of Oneplus a manufacturer however, they weren't able to pull that off' Could you please refrain from using the "oh they're just a small start-up" card. Oneplus is a subsidiary of OPPO and falls under the umbrella of mother company BBK electronics which besides OPPO and Oneplus owns VIVO and TCL brands. BBK is a large Chinese electronics conglomerate and with a massive marketing and R&D budget.
Bad Drivers (9 months ago)
Pixel seems better
Credit MacDaddy (9 months ago)
Is someone fucking with your mic when you're recording this? There are a bunch of weird sounding parts that keep fucking with me.
R T (9 months ago)
XL still!
arpan roy (9 months ago)
Both are very bad.
Joe Liang (9 months ago)
I like that the XL is faster in running out of battery. lol
Stego Saurus (9 months ago)
Yeah you couldn't give me any other phone besides a Pixel. One Plus has a long ways to go IMO.
Rajath Pawaskar (9 months ago)
Pixel even though has very good camera it's priced too high here in India so most people buy iPhone.
James KR (9 months ago)
how can i get that jelly effect on my iphone?
James KR (9 months ago)
Pixel ❤
Daim Hafizy (9 months ago)
what's the calendar widget app?
John Cole (9 months ago)
I liked it but the camera was crap
GoodInSense (9 months ago)
Despite of one plus 5 lots of shit, I don't know why youtube reviewer are pushing the one plus 5. I hate op service, cheating habit and this much is enough for me to tolerate.
Gurvir Panaich (9 months ago)
Love this video 😎.. Can you review some of the different skins/cases for the OnePlus5? I still need to get one for mine.. got a few scratches on the back of it already 😌😥😬
Mic Jam (9 months ago)
compare the 1+5 to G6. they almost have the same price right now...
barsason1 (9 months ago)
wallpaper on pixel from 0:50?
Mathew Gerreyn (9 months ago)
What is the wallpaper on the Pixel XL? Please give me the link! Thanks!
Paška (9 months ago)
Oneplus is just that kid that can do better than top dog but its still shit
ButzMeister (9 months ago)
Watching on my OnePlus 5 😊 I love this phone and the performance.
Std Isd (4 months ago)
I pity u now that the OP5T is out! Buahahahaha
ButzMeister (8 months ago)
Really ? Believe me, you will be impressed by this phone just by taking it into your hands. It feels so amazing .
Walter Londen (8 months ago)
Erik Windimut nice mine is arriving in a few days :3
Damehuri AD (9 months ago)
I don't like jelly fish
LEENA KOYA (9 months ago)
whats that icon pack man
Adam Ramadhan (9 months ago)
1:20 ???? Smooth
Steven Lowe (9 months ago)
Good match up, but I'd say the 1+5 is the better phone overall. Software, design, audio, battery life. Pixel 2 should be more than a match though. Let's hope it's not stupidly priced
m_harch (9 months ago)
I want to see a note fan edition video!
What icon pack you using on the one plus 5??
Sneha Patnaik (9 months ago)
avtomat klashnikov 1974 Delta if u get know which icon pack is being used plss do let me know in the comments
TheBlackCat1997able (9 months ago)
1:19 "Smooth" *facebook crashes* ahah
Jaswanth G (9 months ago)
That 1:20 though in pixel
Joseph Harvey (9 months ago)
I hope they make the 5 a little smoother. It is monster fast though
KuruKuruGorilla (9 months ago)
How come 1+ can be favourite if except SD835 doesn't have anything good
Jarvias Owens (9 months ago)
The pixel screen ❤❤❤
Piyush Vyas (9 months ago)
Whatwallpaper is rocking on pixel wallapaer
Kevin Davis (9 months ago)
Pixel XL, all the way. Between the two of these, I say, if you're looking to get a phone in the next few months, wait until the pixel 2 comes out.
Saksham Kumar (9 months ago)
How to get rain effect on wallpaper as in one plus 5 in this video.
Saksham Kumar (9 months ago)
AEn Mo thanks
AEn Mo (9 months ago)
Saksham Kumar Rainpaper
Noh Danish (9 months ago)
Sully Mems (9 months ago)
Pixel is far better
SJ (9 months ago)
@1:20 Hate when this happens. Right on the money. I would rather expect that on a OP5,not on the pixel. w0w! Nice video btw.
yogosans14 (9 months ago)
One plus 5 is better. Better design and better price.
DreeTheGodd (4 months ago)
yogosans14 it looks just like a iPhone lmao how is that a better design
Jim McNevin (9 months ago)
The reality is that the OP5 should have been called the 3T Plus. My 3T can do virtually anything the 5 can do and it has OIS. The 5 does not.
Presley Chan (8 months ago)
Charismatic Batman oh... Just ignore my comment 😊.
Charismatic Batman (8 months ago)
Presley Chan ois is hardware,what they put is software called eis,so basically theres nothing oneplus can do to put ois in their oneplus 5 unless they recall all the oneplus and start upgrading it like what the dude above me said
Jim McNevin (8 months ago)
Presley Chan Read this! http://www.androidauthority.com/oneplus-5-camera-oneplus-3t-780368/
Jim McNevin (8 months ago)
Presley Chan No it doesn't. It is physically impossible. What it has is EIS. Electronic Image Stabilization which is added through a software upgrade. Object Image Stabilization is a physical device added to the lens of the camera. So unless they recalled all the 5's and undertook the cost of redoing everyone's camera, you and the OP5 do not have OIS.
Presley Chan (8 months ago)
Jim McNevin it has ois now
Dan Doe (9 months ago)
Niels Junker (9 months ago)
Great video 👍😎 I need a new phone but can make a choise between oneplus 5 or samsung galaxy s 8 ? I can't buy pixel in Denmark 🤔🤐
Noah Willson (9 months ago)
My Nexus 6p died much earlier than I thought it would have to I decided to go with the Oneplus 5 for the price and for the specs. I would have traded this dual Lens set up for a single great camera. This camera takes very clean shots during the day but during low light my Nexus 6p blows this out of the water. Im sure the pixel XL rocks a slightly better camera than the Nexus 6p.
Vishwanath Vishwa (9 months ago)
That One Plus 5 Wallpaper though! Can I get that?
AEn Mo (9 months ago)
Vishwanath Vishwa Rainpaper
Mohmed Hassn1 (9 months ago)
Oneplus 5
Kombinatsiya (9 months ago)
Let's not propagate the myth that OnePlus is a small indie manufacturer. They belong to one of the largest mobile manufacturer in the world.
Plabber Green (24 days ago)
not good for vlogging....u need wide angle camera for vloggin
Arjun Batra (1 month ago)
Plabber Green CRAP????? seriously ?? Lol i have pixel but now i regret about not buying one plus 5 coz i use it for vlogging and camera is fuking great just compare it with any phone in this price range
Plabber Green (3 months ago)
maybe but the camera is CRAP
Muhammad Mohsin (9 months ago)
how did you get the rain effect on walpaper btw nice video.
AEn Mo (9 months ago)
Muhammad Mohsin Rainpaper
Saurav Ghosh (9 months ago)
The things where OnePlus takes a significant leap are: Jello effect. They put the display in reverse or something right? Terrible camera. And whatever, no one cares about the OnePlus 5 really.
Bill Gates (9 months ago)
stop calling it the xl. call it the fucking pixel. I don't know why this bothered me but it did
PlusLucas (9 months ago)
Bill Gates Now that you said it, it bothers me too. Thanks Bill
Jason Wilde (9 months ago)
I'll take the pixel over the op
molimits2 (9 months ago)
I have OP5 and Pixel (not XL). OP5 battery doesn't last 6-7 hours of screen on time!! Its average at best but it does charge super fast. Pixel much better screen and also more consistent camera (but less color accurate)
OnTheRocks (9 months ago)
Pixel Advantages: Camera Support Lag/Jelly-free scrolling Dials 911
Vedant Nagar (5 months ago)
I don't care we don't have 911 here
Little King (8 months ago)
Jelly scrolling is awful. One plus should have made a public apology, recalled all Their units and put the screen on right. Short term, cost money z but in the long term probably more profitable and looks better for the company.
simongslo (8 months ago)
There should be no compromises here and the jelly effect is visible everywhere, not just scrolling up and down fast, but it's visible with normal scrolling in settings, whatsapp, messengers and basically everywhere. And this is only scrolling down (not up/down in a fast way). Seems unnatural. Try to turn OP5 upside down. You will then see how it should look like. And then you will see the difference.
Louis (9 months ago)
Nicholas Bridgemohan do you even own op5? Its just 719 cad. And its a lot better than Lagsung s8 and Crapple iphone. But not on the camera. The camera is just not good if u have shaky hands
PinkieBarto (9 months ago)
You won't even notice the jelly scrolling unless you are scrolling up and down fast on purpose, even then you have to concentrate to see it properly. Who scrolls up and down constantly on a daily use?...
jvidia (9 months ago)
1:20 Facebook crash ! AHAHAHAH
Tadho (3 months ago)
1:19 actually, Facebook crashed in the background while he was scrolling through twitter timeline. You could see a brief pop up message
xHoser (6 months ago)
jvidia Twitter* ...and it didn't crash
Mayank Khatri (9 months ago)
I have one plus 5 I am satisfied with phone but not with camera
Parthiv Patel (9 months ago)
Mayank Khatri phone is amazing, but camera not so great.. finally returned my op5 after debating for few weeks
Angel Ramirez (9 months ago)
Someone can share the walls?
Romain Marivel (9 months ago)
Zachary wins the battle! ❤️ from France
Terry Bb (9 months ago)
Pixel Xl>>>>OP5
Terry Bb (9 months ago)
Live wallpaper name/link please?!
AEn Mo (9 months ago)
Terry Bb Rainpaper
bt97gml (9 months ago)
Man, I love my OP5. TBH, I kinda like the "jelly" scroll. It's a fluke and somewhat of a mistake, but it looks kinda cool to me.
Walter Londen (8 months ago)
bt97gml i agree
Ollie (9 months ago)
How did you get that google now on the pixel?
waheguru singh (9 months ago)
They weren't able to pull that off because of the *size of Oneplus as a manufacturer?* Bitch please! You're a tech reviewer ffs, stop making excuses for Oneplus, every tech enthusiast worth its salt knows that oneplus is owned by BBK Electronics, a company which also owns oppo & vivo, the world's third & fourth largest selling brands so no shit, they do have plenty of resources to innovate as much as Samsung & apple! They didnt do it just because it would ruin their cost cutting schemes! Also, OIS is also not there which is a hopeless move for a camera-centric smartphone! Oneplus 3T was a solid phone but Oneplus 5 is a sick joke of a smartphone in 2017! It just rly fast, charges fast & has a respectable battery life, EVERYTHING ELSE is just *mediocre*. I do respect you but this sounds awfully lot like paid promotion to me.
waheguru singh (9 months ago)
Haroon Ahmed yes i agree that these things could inflate the prices. *But, they did inflate the prices!!* That too with adding a camera & taking the OIS off. i just cannot take this shit from such well known tech reviewers! Every time they fail on something, they have the excuse like oneplus is a small company with limited resources & tech. Im like, No shit! im no tech specialist & still i know these facts but *How can they not?* Ultimately, it feels like they're making excuses for oneplus & hence, bought off. *A tech reviewer should do their research before making such biased statements!* Plus, Oneplus isnt a separate company that BBK Electronics bought off someone else, they're the one who launched oneplus as a brand! (They're gonna launch one more mobile phone brand very soon.) So, no matter who sells the most, all profits would go to the same firm. Oneplus is as well known as Oppo Vivo, if not more!
Haroon Ahmed (9 months ago)
Oppo have plenty of resources to include a 2k bezeless display and all them other things u said (besides the ois which should be there), but they probably enforce a budget that Oneplus have to work with, they also wouldnt want a company they own with a smaller name to overtake them in the market either. Tbh the inclusion of them would also push the price towards the s8 aswell
simongslo (9 months ago)
Never saw the jelly effect in the reviews and hated people commenting on it, but it is actually visible on this video - 1:39 and 3:58 (see the image with the red phone on his feed) are just the most visible here. Why don't reviewers comment on that also?
masterkjn (9 months ago)
Can anyone tell me what case is he using on the oneplus 5
Dileep Kumar.R (4 months ago)
dbrands skin
nate p. (9 months ago)
masterkjn its a skin
Michał Smyk (9 months ago)
Pixel is better. Look at camera and updates.
AbdulMalik Olanrewaju (9 months ago)
i use the pixel XL, it works fine for me but i will love to get the One Plus 5 maybe because fo the dual SIM
Shane Morton (9 months ago)
Still very happy with my XL. I won't go with a OP device, because they don't work on Verizon, and because of OP's terrible update/customer service record. I like the cost:performance ratio, but other than that, I'll stick with Google devices.
Honestly the software and speed on so many phones is becoming less and less comparable. They are all super fast and honestly the best thing to compare is the price, and hardware features...
Sunny Liu (9 months ago)
I used to love ur profile pic lmao
Will Komba (9 months ago)
icons on the op5?
Darek (9 months ago)
There's so much Jelly on the OP5, that it's leaking of the screen... 😂

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