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🇮🇷 The impact of sanctions on ordinary Iranians | Al Jazeera English

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A month before the Singapore summit took place, the US president pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Iranians say it is proof that he cannot be trusted, but many are not just angry with Donald Trump. Al Jazeera's Zein Basravi explains from the capital Tehran. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: https://www.aljazeera.com/
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Text Comments (204)
C-3PO (9 hours ago)
governors want jihad not prosperity for people
Suren Kalantarian (12 hours ago)
Really sad
wave runner (1 day ago)
Everyone blames Iran for terrorism as a cover for Saudi and Israeli war crimes. Iran's support for Syria against Saudi funded Wahhabism is necessary.
drmnys (1 day ago)
Isn't that the whole point of sanctions. To oppress and deprive the victim country's population to such an extent that they turn against their own government and each other creating chaos and social unrest. That's the diablocial plan of the West in Iran and other countries. It like waging war in a more underhand sinister way.
Dulu Plaz (1 day ago)
All look peace, peace, and real peaceful living every Conner on Earth. Leaders come on power for Short time with theirs' agendas that some time s good or may be bad that results come later days so we the people must calm and waiting for good days ahead. What is your opinion?
James Kiffin (1 day ago)
iran should dismantle its nuclear programme & stop supporting terrorism then there is no sanctions & its people would be better off
Deepak Kumar Shaw (2 days ago)
they say *death to America* everyday and expects America to help them. LOL!
Rod Stuart (2 days ago)
'Western' countrys are despicable in present state of mind.
masoud keshavaraz (2 days ago)
Death to Al Jazeera .
Ghufran Ahmad (2 days ago)
Go Iran, west is hypocrite. Period
La France (3 days ago)
Sanctions just means less money to fund terrorist mosques.
wave runner (1 day ago)
Saudi Arabia funds terrorist Wahhabi mosques, not Iran.
Ayush soni (3 days ago)
We indians are with iran 🇮🇳❤🇮🇷
rammmin1 (4 days ago)
It's interesting how stupid people here blaming victim for unfair and illegal us sanction against Iran, brain washed ,dumb idiots.
James Russell (4 days ago)
Perhaps if Iran wasn't the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Change your hostile government or suffer the consequences.
Muhammad Akbar Khan (5 days ago)
Iran Dictators (Ayatollahs) are spending tax payers money heavily in Syria,,Yemen,Iraq,Baharin and against KSA. As a result people are suffering from inflation,devaluation of currency and price increase ,the price of wrong decisions are being paid by Iranians people they must raise voice against it.
Nidhi Krishnamurthy (5 days ago)
If the Islamic Revolution hadn't happened, 🇵🇰 would have been sanctioned and been written off way back in 1979
zigg zagg (6 days ago)
R Greenup (7 days ago)
Of course it's Americas fault, Iran's rulers are pure and would never get involved with Islamic Terrorism. LOL.
wave runner (1 day ago)
US, serving Israel, is the main problem in the Middle East right now.
Bangladesh ball (5 days ago)
R Greenup It's ironic when an American blames iran for supporting terrorism.
Dennis Nelson (7 days ago)
Iran leadership will pay a horrible price. Iran is murdering in 12 different countries today. Trump will win in the end. Your leaders don't care one bit about you.
Reasonable (7 days ago)
Dont confuse the regime with its people, the regime is a fascist corrupt regime, most iranians aren't even muslim, if hijab wasn't mandatory most women wouldnt even wear it.
Thomas Jackson (6 days ago)
Reasonable that is bullshit Iran is mostly Islam they just secular like Tunsia , Malaysia so on which repeated them from their religious leader
Dariush Ashkani (7 days ago)
Our economy is the way it is mainly due to sanctions. Our gov might not be the best but our main economic woes come from sanctions.
James Russell (1 day ago)
wave runner Sounds like regular international politics to me.
wave runner (1 day ago)
What bullshit. The US openly funded terror groups in Libya and Syria. Stop playing the victim. The US obsession with regime change (many who are secular by the way) has created vacuums for terrorists to fill who are then supported by US allies Saudi Arabia and Israel.
James Russell (4 days ago)
Dariush Ashkani The only people who consider the US to be terrorists are organizations who are opposed to democracy, individual liberty, and free expression. If you are opposed to those ideas you SHOULD consider the US terrorists. Anyway, just try to place sanctions on us, you will find it does not work in your favor.
Dariush Ashkani (4 days ago)
James Russell well if thats the case then america arabia and israel should also get sanctioned as youre even bigger terrorists.
IDN Bala (7 days ago)
$1=72000 rials or 7200 tomans
syim A (7 days ago)
long live Iran!! a lot ignorance comment below, says Iranian poor? please.. Iranian and poor doesnt get a long, as their DNA is wealth naturally
Toby Melrose (8 days ago)
I know
Ivan (8 days ago)
White modern and well educated people like most in Europe, only to give woman choice to have head without hijab if some want that and guys to drink beer if they are secular and Iran will be like every normal European country!
carpe omnious (6 days ago)
Vlatko Vukovic much better than KSA....
Karim K (6 days ago)
Vlatko Vukovic 👍
Carlton (8 days ago)
iran is a tard country , care~
green life saves (8 days ago)
All happened cause Iran always threathen Israel! If you focus on own growth nobody would interfere in your matters. But now you blame America like always and playing military role in syria Lebanon iraq yemen and iran itself. Stop making enemy and focus on your great nation! Persians are one of most brilliant people . Good luck
summer solstice (8 days ago)
Putting one nation against the other. The protocols of the learned elders of zion are coming true.
Doc M (8 days ago)
I love persian people but i cannot stand the regime. I mean its a fasist regime of its own kind.
issareign (4 days ago)
Iran is less than 50% persian
What? Why? (4 days ago)
Doc M are you talking about the us
lobiapolo2012 (6 days ago)
Doc M but still less racist than USA
Bart Versteege (8 days ago)
this ship is sinking....
Forsake All (8 days ago)
The only solution is don't Satand against the most powerful Nation.
©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍ The enemy of my enemy is my friend long live the Revolutionary Islamic Republic of IRAN 🇮🇷✌ Supporting self determination groups and fighting against sectarianism promoted by Western Nations attempting to divide and conquer.
GetYour Fix (8 days ago)
Also, the US doesn't often break deals. We've had a ceasefire with North Korea for 60 years now. :)
GetYour Fix (8 days ago)
The Congress in the US told Iranian officials not to make the deal with the US and that the US would likely pull out. Obama never passed it through Congress, so Congress could then revoke it later. It's unfortunate, and it makes the US look weak... But it's not like it should have come as a surprise.
D wanderer (8 days ago)
D wanderer (8 days ago)
Luv u Iran
Shameem Ahmed (8 days ago)
Seems to be a bias report reflecting western view point against Iran. Iran should not surrender to the aggression of US and Israel for some economic growth.
Doc M (8 days ago)
Oh yeah so that persians suffer. The leaders live a luxury life but common people suffer
Sourav Poddar (8 days ago)
Shameem Ahmed I'm not opting for surrender but the point is it's not the leaders who suffered, it's the common people who suffered. I don't know how much common people care about Israel, Saudi, Palestine, US, Syria or other such matters but the only thing they care is their security and quality of lifestyle which clearly they are not getting right now.
John Excell (8 days ago)
Iran 2018 = 1923 Germany
Aladdin Loves Jasmin (8 days ago)
death to iran
masoud keshavaraz (2 days ago)
death to your whole family .
Aladdin Loves Jasmin (5 days ago)
Na my mom is not Iranian she will not be raped like typical iranian female my mom is a powerful persian mom
lobiapolo2012 (6 days ago)
Aladdin Loves Jasmin death to ur mama I hope someone rapes her and she dies a painful death....cheeers!
Aladdin Loves Jasmin (7 days ago)
i am persian i love jews they are awesome
Zindabad Pakistan (8 days ago)
iran is from shia kafir cuntry elway mek prablam big shem kafir kafir iran kafir
L Coters (8 days ago)
They chant "Death to America" so we dont care if they starve in the streets.
James Russell (4 days ago)
Den Koxh 40 Million is roughly 12% of the population, not a significant number, and many Americans choose to live in poverty fpr various reasons. Government debt is a problem, but it can be turned around easilly once government spending gets cut. To be clear, the Iranian government supports ACTUAL terrorist groups, organizations that seek to uphold religious liberty, democracy, amd freedom. So long as our military remains strong, we can do any amount of "political bullying" (which is a weak person's way of saying diplomacy) that we want. Tge global position of the USA is strong, and ther doesn't appear to be any serious challenge to that claim as of yet.
Den Koxh (4 days ago)
James Russell the same can be said about the U.S..its desperately trying to hold onto whatever global influence it has and as for wealth...well it's got the highest debt in the world. In fact 40 million Americans live in poverty...times are infact starting to change and U.S. bullying will be a thing of the past...
James Russell (4 days ago)
Den Koxh So they can all get in line and suck us for how little we care. Other nations tend to be weak, less wealthy or influential. Their opinions mean nothing.
Mary Jane (8 days ago)
I trust Trump. Go Trump!
Prince Amoah (8 days ago)
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (8 days ago)
nuke irans cultist regime and their sheepos into dust this people stoning their woman to death babaric 3rd world craphole
kamran kam (4 days ago)
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Oh so your solution is nuking them, lol and you think you are civilized? What an idiot.
What? Why? (5 days ago)
Aladdin Loves Jasmin actualy it will this is not america
west riv (5 days ago)
Moe nuke the whole middle east and isreal. Death to the caveman
Moe (5 days ago)
west riv “get out the way”?! Like we see how the Syrians are being treated by the “peace loving” so called western democracies.
west riv (5 days ago)
Hunter Zolomon hope some hillbillies in America get a hold of some nukes take out Iran's leaders. All the nice people in Iran get out the way seems like there's some real good people there. USA needs to get rid of the leadership there and set the nice people free
Vincent Hitchin (8 days ago)
The only way America will treat Iran like an equal is if it has nuclear weapons. Think about it, America is not telling Russia or China to denuclearize or is threatening war with them. With Russia there are sanctions but war with either country is not going to happen.
Stacha Stochmolh (8 days ago)
America has no pity on Iran .Islam has no pity on Iran .Kick out the religious government ,confine religion to mosques only away from public sphere .Well but architecture looks beautiful ,sidewalks are in good condition so its not that bad .in Iran .
daneyal hussain (8 days ago)
It seems al Jazeera has taken the opinions of some specific people to propagate their agenda..
carpe omnious (6 days ago)
daneyal hussain what you expect from Al Jazeera and BBC?
Gamer -X (8 days ago)
daneyal hussain these are not lies my friend!wake up!
viva padrepio (8 days ago)
Work with President Trump or fight against President Trump. Is Iran smart enough to make the right choice? Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!
NoobAkuma Worstgamer (8 days ago)
if only i could die
David P (8 days ago)
Iran is corrupt, its people are poor and afraid to protest due to the aggression of the regime.
Dariush Ashkani (7 days ago)
Our economy is the way it is mainly due to sanctions. Our gov might not be the best but our main economic woes come from sanctions.
Taz 123 (8 days ago)
Iran could be a booming country with it's natural resources. However, their government and it's silly ideology of spreading the revolution has become far too much of a burden on it's people. Time for regime change and get all the religious people out of government. Because religion + politics is a disaster waiting to happen.
wave runner (1 day ago)
You can't really just blame the government. Remember when Saddam invaded the whole world was against Iran (except Syria, Libya, and Algeria). Iran defended itself. Now the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are against Iran. This isn't against their government as claimed, but to block Iran from becoming a regional power. Remember when the US abandoned the Shah? Why? Shah was going to move Iran away from US control and he was gone within a year.
drmnys (1 day ago)
Just because their ideology doesn't coincide with yours doesnt make them wrong u dunce.
Maria Hewitt (4 days ago)
Hunter Zolomon Just Iran. Because Netanyahu, says so.
Sammy (8 days ago)
Highest level of Sanctions are needed until there's a Regime change in Iran
Pow (2 days ago)
JACOB 007 wow so that's your strategy, huh? Creating civil war in a country not in line with America's or Israel's interest?
What? Why? (4 days ago)
JACOB 007 hhhhh retarded israeli why what you saying didnt happen
grinningchicken (5 days ago)
Sanctions have never worked.
Amal Somali (8 days ago)
American and Israel ist a virus of the world God bless Iran country
wave runner (1 day ago)
You just need to accept that and the fact Iran remains majority Islamic regardless whether the government is secular or religious.
What? Why? (5 days ago)
Arben Anthony Saavedra actualy its the american sections
What? Why? (5 days ago)
Covert Puppytwo actualy its the western agression
carpe omnious (6 days ago)
Zindabad Pakistan I don't know why Pakistanis hates everything and everyone, they got no belief in peaceful coexistence.
goli880 (8 days ago)
if standing before the American imperialism is considered as ideology there is no negotiation between iran and American orange monkey this orange monkey is with terrorist daesh and Israel not even with americans
Covert Puppytwo (8 days ago)
tell it to the grand muppet of iran!!!
Mumtaz Mumtaz (8 days ago)
Iran good country
H3adHunt3r (6 days ago)
Iran is a good country ran by a Fascist Regime that doesn't reflect the true values of It's own people.
Resistance 313 (8 days ago)
JACOB 007 Death to Israel- your existence is temporary like every vile invasion, mark my words!
rio (8 days ago)
its not like before sanction they were living rich. their leaders stealing all the money and give it to hezbollah,hamas and iraqis.
What? Why? (5 days ago)
rio typical brainless americants
Dariush Ashkani (7 days ago)
Our economy is the way it is mainly due to sanctions. Our gov might not be the best but our main economic woes come from sanctions.
Lamar Azmoe (8 days ago)
Sounds like the United States giving all the money to Israel and the military industrial complex

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