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Robot + Dog + Pop-Tart = ?

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Text Comments (2700)
Angela Lover (1 day ago)
Juan Silva (1 day ago)
Melhor brinquedo do mundo caralho
Wellton Rosivan (2 days ago)
E vel foca
kitty 242 (11 days ago)
ARYAN JAIN (17 days ago)
Very funny but after all unbox therapy is awesome
alan headrick (20 days ago)
This is funny as hell.
Sumit Mitra (21 days ago)
Yhe dog is more natural behaving than the robot 🤗🤗
J C (25 days ago)
*robot slips on poptart* THE FUTURE IS NOW
China Town (1 month ago)
Our grandchildren will laugh
Micheal Brown (1 month ago)
Office Chair (1 month ago)
Cozmo is better
Joshua The Science god (2 months ago)
lol slips on poptart
fevzi kis (2 months ago)
wtf man!!if some kind of war is going to be happen between human and robot this laugh has started everything
Sinisa Proloscic (2 months ago)
No chocholate
AngelStar10 (2 months ago)
Was I the only one who thought this was adorable?
Dhany 16 (2 months ago)
It's so cute
Austin Schriver (2 months ago)
Hey can you make more videos on Nao?
Woolf Kapone (2 months ago)
hahahahah 8000 dollar XD
Gabbiadini (2 months ago)
The dogs confused as fuck LMAO
Dr. Banter (2 months ago)
8 Thousand for that? Teddy Ruxspin was better lol
The Dubstepper Music (2 months ago)
That moment you slip on a poptart😣😤😰
Tatin Cunanan (2 months ago)
That robot was savage he just throw pop tart to dog
SoulJahMan Serbian (2 months ago)
Anonymous Person (2 months ago)
I just died twice
Skylynn Andujar (3 months ago)
I want one so I can talk to it
Syed Asad (3 months ago)
Guardian EspeonYT (3 months ago)
Is 8000 dollar robot Fascinated by a poptart
sinoskopya sky (3 months ago)
He's so cute!!
Bob Cyga (3 months ago)
40 lmao
Austin Jackson (3 months ago)
Athong Khongsai (3 months ago)
Aazaroth (4 months ago)
Strawberry pop tarts, never good. Never good. ..
Sofir Uddin (4 months ago)
Remember that scene in Robocop 2 where they announce the new Robocop but all manner of horrible things occur, this weirdly reminded me of that lol
MASTERCHIEF 117 (4 months ago)
looks like nao just doiing it on purpose, lol. he is just learning how tto walk
Juneao Alfred (4 months ago)
Watch Nao documentary video.. actually Nao has ai learning on his step and walking.. the Robot learn.
Breaker X (4 months ago)
How much do they pay you
Malia Ronquillo (5 months ago)
who laughed when it fell. Just me...
MuabYT (5 months ago)
> buys 8000$ Robot "I will begin to explore my environment" > slips on pop tart
Smooth Potato (5 months ago)
The end tho
What's in The box (5 months ago)
Omg I'm dead lmfao
Mitchell Belskiy (5 months ago)
why did you laugh so hard when the robot put the legs up?
Mitchell Belskiy (5 months ago)
i slipped on a pop tart and i got up i slipped again yay
England is my City (5 months ago)
8 grand and foiled by a 2 dollar pop tart.
SweetCupcakes Lovly (5 months ago)
Tim Whelan (5 months ago)
Yello Darkness (5 months ago)
Jason Stokes (5 months ago)
No updates? Did it break?
yang ji (6 months ago)
chinese made
Creeper Nation (6 months ago)
In this video, it's the sight of how the world will end. JK. I don't really believe robots can take over the world. They need to be programmed to do bad things. let's just hope no one has that type of money to make an army of advanced humanoid robots. It's so cool. It knew it fell and got up by itself. I did laugh when it fell again at the end. Why did it do that xD That tech is not cheap to buy one bit. I could never afford that, and if I could, I would watch it like a hawk.
Code-Grammar (6 months ago)
Jay Torres (6 months ago)
Slips on Pop tart > Yoga moves to get up
ComradeSam1994 (6 months ago)
who's laughing at the guy in the background??
benjaminaj1231 (6 months ago)
$8000 piece of junk
MuscleGod (6 months ago)
C A P S L O C K E (7 months ago)
NAO: You want your poptart? here you go. Your welcome. 0:17
Teach Divice (7 months ago)
I also have this robot and it's really cool
Denis Halilov (7 months ago)
Това видео е готино
Lui_Does_Gaming (7 months ago)
0:39 that laugh tho
How To [GAMES] (7 months ago)
thats to funny him falling over a pop-tart, he must really hate them XD
Brian Arthurs (7 months ago)
That is so cool!!!
MaskedBunny (7 months ago)
*time to start saving up for this robot so i'll finally have a friend*
DragonMC (7 months ago)
man I was drinking water when the guy slipped.... I am in luck that the phone is waterproof
Lycan Lane (8 months ago)
IT'S SO CUTE! I feel bad for the little guy when he falls. I want one now. I just want to hug it! 😍
Raziel Uchiha (8 months ago)
This is abuse !
Sunanda Thakare (8 months ago)
funny robot I like it!!!!!!!!!!!
ya ping Sang (8 months ago)
1:00 - 1:02 RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!!!!!!!
Alex McNulty (8 months ago)
Do more videos with this little guy they are too funny
Josh Hansen (8 months ago)
for 7k ill go buy a car
SergioFreex (8 months ago)
*clicks on video *an ad shows up* Ad was a pop tart ad* Me: oh the title has pop tart
Grape Jello (8 months ago)
Unbox pepper robot
Ballsack Boy (8 months ago)
I laughed my head of when he fell on the pop tart
Declan O'Hare (8 months ago)
0:33 his laugh
Tomasz Pilinski (8 months ago)
He slips from an ice-cream bar
ankit tiwari (9 months ago)
dog is like " what the fuck is going on" who is this master ? should I bash him or not?
MC CABE (9 months ago)
Haha this robot is a cool guy
STL 32 (9 months ago)
😂dead at 0:34
testodude (9 months ago)
$8K robot defeated by a 40 cent pop tart.
Marcus Robinson (9 months ago)
Can you show it falling, and getting up on it's owm
Ricardo Pramana Suranta (9 months ago)
"Please wait, I'll try to get up" - THAT'S SO CUTE
U_ G. (9 months ago)
That was so nice😂😂😂
Bilada Br (9 months ago)
1:00 kkkkkkkk
S A (9 months ago)
hahaha he made a mess, little fucker
Cricri Chan (9 months ago)
Chocolate are toxic for dog
Francis Dolbec (9 months ago)
This robot is to funny!
Ugochi Njoku (9 months ago)
where did you get it at and how much was it
New Life Trucking (9 months ago)
Philip McCleary (9 months ago)
Wow that video was so much fun to watch with all the pop up ads covering the action. Wow You Tube what a way to make me a loyal customer of a company that uses pop up ads to block the video I am watching. Phil's rule is if you block what I am watching I will not purchase what your selling.
Ritik Saha (9 months ago)
Why should I waste 8000 $ on this piece of junk
Anonymous Potato (9 months ago)
The robots so cute....i love it
Tushar Plays (9 months ago)
Robot + Dog + Pop-Tart= An Edible Dog Robot Pop-tart
Emily Reno (10 months ago)
Aaron Al-Rasyid (10 months ago)
I think he needs a pair of shoes :(
Yuda Irfanto (10 months ago)
Marc Hildebrand (10 months ago)
JADEN 11 DODGE 11 (10 months ago)
This is soooo f ing hilarious!!!!!
bogoljub djordjevic (10 months ago)
hahahha that was lmao
HeartBeast (10 months ago)
people questioning robots worth , plz check other videos of same version robot to find out lot other things it can do
shubham vashisht (10 months ago)
someday,these robots gonna be more intelligent than us and then they gonna watch these videos where their ancestors are just objects for human enjoyment.......then they are gonna terminate whole human race for seeking revenge
ThatGameGuy 103 (10 months ago)
How far robots have advanced: Drops pop-tart, trips over it, tracks pop-tart around, falls over, gets up, falls over on purpose.

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