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The Property Show 4th March 2018 Episode 250 - Upmarket Homes Expo

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miamori13 (2 months ago)
Nancie's looking disheveled and not put together. Look at the hair? I'm disappointed because I always tune in to watch her fabulous style and makeup. You're a brand, dress like it please and thanks.
Kanja Samson (3 months ago)
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obarelida (3 months ago)
hehe the man worked hard and pass on, as the saying behind every kikuyu woman there is a dead man
94110mission (3 months ago)
Who's going to pay nearly two million ksh for a Studio apartment where the only view is of the VOID in the center of the building? A strange design for an apartment building.
Faith Delina (2 months ago)
94110mission Ati best buildings

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