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LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8: Which should you buy???

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Its hard decided which smartphone to get next, especially between the LG V30 & the Galaxy Note 8. Fear not we are here to help Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/booredatworkcom Subscribe to Booredatwork - http://bit.ly/SubscribeToBoored The Weekly Podcast: https://goo.gl/uzoFpM TekBeard Podcast: http://tekbeard.com/ B&H Affiliate Link: http://goo.gl/A4jaVM Background music: http://goo.gl/0TGU0P Newsletter signup: https://goo.gl/hpGHiB Check out more Booredatwork: 1) iPhone 6 vs. Lumia 930 review - http://bit.ly/1Y06Gdz 2) Batman v. Superman Deleted Scene Reaction - http://bit.ly/22Zna9f 3) Samsung Galaxy Note7 Hands-on Review: https://goo.gl/y3iQiT Follow BooredatWork on social media: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Booredatwork/?fref=ts Twitter - http://twitter.com/booredatwork Periscope: Booredatwork Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/booredatwork/ Pinterest- http://pinterest.com/booredatwork/ Subscription Boxes Super Geek Box: http://tinyurl.com/ofjzrad 1UP Box: http://goo.gl/EObqwo Loot Crate: https://goo.gl/728SvV 10% Code "booredatwork" Here’s where you can find more of the Boored family on Youtube! OnBoored: http://www.youtube.com/c/OnBoored BooredFemme: https://youtube.com/user/Booredfemme Booredgamer: https://www.youtube.com/user/Booredgamers Be sure to comment below, your feedback is what we look for. Thanks for watching! Booredatwork brings you the newest in tech and entertainment, in two weekly podcasts and daily reviews. Check in every Saturday at 12 pm EST for The Weekly, the latest reviews and discussions on wearable technology and smartphones, and Fridays at 7 pm EST for Comic Crunch, the latest in comic book news and films in Hollywood
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Text Comments (879)
Lg v30 many features and galaxy got pen for children xD
DR Richard cbrr (1 month ago)
LGv30!!! all the way!
Piyush Sharma (1 month ago)
Bagh be yaha se mat banaya kar tu video
mario orozco (1 month ago)
Nice job bro
jake hansen (2 months ago)
The fact the only reason these Samsung fans won't switch over to the lg v30 is non existing bootloop issues proves its the better phone I mean if Samsung or apple made the v30 it would be no argument the best phone of 2017.
Kas (2 months ago)
I'm watching this on my V30, it's awesome folks. I love it and trust me you won't regret it.
The only section where samsung is ahead little bit is display otherwise lg is king
Mark Hense (3 months ago)
Which would you buy today?
Droneworks Camera Action (3 months ago)
Every LG phone I've owned had horrible battery life and had many issues. So for me it's the note 8 for the win !
Mike Mac (3 months ago)
The lg v30 will unfortunately not sell as well as the note 8 due to how popular Samsung is...However I do feel the lg has more USEFUL features mainly with that camera...Not saying the note 8 is bad by any means but it seems like they were more focused on the pen and more software features for that then anything
Michael thapa (3 months ago)
The guy is LG fan He is only saying pros about LG camera Shit video!
Richard Romasanta (4 months ago)
thanks bro. nice video.
roderick viado (4 months ago)
Love the HIFI QUAD DAC on my LGV30+.
DHRUBO KHAN (4 months ago)
This guy is too dark....
Jean Lai Kan (4 months ago)
The V30 wide angle camera is better than my 10-20mm DSLR wide angle lens. It has no barrel distortion at all.
Russ Novak (4 months ago)
Link to the DC wallpapers
biggs949597 s (4 months ago)
What the hell was one of those guys named the black Iron Man LOL why does he got it include black in his name well I'm the white ass beater do I have to put white in there I mean come on now these blacks are just taking this too far you can't even watch a cell phone review without their spewing their f****** dirty Blackness into it
milktea0009 Treadway (4 months ago)
LG V30 using ESS Quad-DAC wins!
Jose Fernández (5 months ago)
Wtf ?? Test nigga ? Fuck you .
Robert Fan (5 months ago)
A long time Samsung user, I chose LG v30+ (standard 128gb) literally because the Note 8 has too tall of a shape. It looks weird and feels plasticky. I was surprised that I couldn't tolerate the plastic feel of both Galaxy S8 and Note 8. I loved S4 and S6 edge. S6 edge had maybe best build quality Ive ever seen on a phone. It's a wonder to look at the metal work on S6 edge. And to feel it with the curved glass and metal buttons. A work of art. Glad I chose LG v30+ even though I miss the Samsung screen and edge interaction. But the LG v30 has lots of great qualities including of course the best sound of any phone when using headphones because of the quad-DAC. No more tethering a bulky portable headphone amp/DAC to your phone. Now it's built in and activated with a click on the screen.
Bob Brown (5 months ago)
LG bootloops
Amitayputi2203 P (5 months ago)
lg v30 or note 8 guys i dont know :( helpp
dunno yolo (5 months ago)
Only nice  thing about LG V30 would be camera and audio/ recording and plugging headphones in is  vary annoying wish it could work with BT instead of a Damn wire to deal with and No Stereo speakers really Sucks . Note 8 is a better workhorse design
Nermin Valjevac (5 months ago)
Note8 is Better
RoggyTheGamer (6 months ago)
Idk about you guys but I bought both of them
Karan Sekar (6 months ago)
after watching all the review videos v30 is definitely the best of 2017.2k17 is Lg year
AchillesNYC (6 months ago)
After the release of the v30 it's obvious which phone is better. The note 8, still on top. Nice try LG, but not even close
Makaveli456 (6 months ago)
lol you know a phone is lit when it gets compared to the note 8
mel johns (6 months ago)
Note 8,all the way...coming from the note edge, g6,S7 edge...note 8 is the best phone I've used or had..
Cole (6 months ago)
Horror story for prospective V30 owners: I got one knowing full and well the display issues, so I planned to return them if there were any defects. I had to return my first model due to a broken pixel, then the next one for 4 broken pixels, now on my third one. My third one has horrible lighting uniformity issues, a little color temperature, and it worsened after ATT's 14 days so I can't even return it. I'd probably get an S8 now if I could. Other than the display, though, best phone ever tbh.
Biker Manny (7 months ago)
What if the note 8 dropped in price to 820 from TMOBILE?
John McJohn (7 months ago)
Nice review. Instead of regurgitating the same basic info you pointed out some specific things other reviewers didn't.
Boo Anderson (7 months ago)
Most of the Note 8 "wins" can be replaced by an app./software. v30 DAC and Real glass lens camera is hardware based.
jimiz jimiz (7 months ago)
lg v30 is good for me music music music
Dror Levi (7 months ago)
Note 8 for me...
keshealm (7 months ago)
Which phone is the best for watching games and events by Livestream?? I have the note 4 & Samsung Galaxy note Tab A and neither one of these Samsung products Livestream very well. I don't want to get the Note 8 and have the same problem. So does ANYBODY KNOW what phone to get?🙏
Diane Miller (7 months ago)
Nice comparison noting the differences. Both phones are the bomb! I'm not a fan of the curved edges of the Note, tho. What I really want is the V30 with an S-pen!
Michael Dean Carr (7 months ago)
I did my research and went with the V30 over Samsung. Faster modem, Quad DAC, I liked the size and elegance of it. Very happy with my decision, never looked back.
wunnell (7 months ago)
From what I've seen, the V30 provides the same multi-tasking functionality that the Note 8 was shown to provide. Maybe the Note 8 can do more that wasn't shown but otherwise that may have been a bit unfair to the LG.
wunnell (7 months ago)
2TB is the maximum capacity supported by the SDXC spec, so devices that don't support that capacity don't fully support the spec. It'll be a while before anyone is putting larger than 256GB in a phone though.
FrancoTash (7 months ago)
Its all about preference.. Wide angle/quad dac VS. S Pen/telephoto For me V30
Ezekiel Wang (7 months ago)
Wish i could get the lg v30, too bad i can't afford it, :-(
RONALD Vieira (7 months ago)
You forgot to mention who likes better screens that don't have quality issues and videos that don't shake and front facing cameras that don't produce washed selfies. Note 8 for the knockout win.
One part of a phone that is used more than anything else is the screen. No one even remotely comes close to that Note 8 screen. Throw in all of those extra features that are exclusive only to the Note and it's a slam dunk. 6 gigs of RAM better image stableazation and front facing camera and it's a clear victory for the Note. The LG screen has big time issues also. Still a very good phone but I feel the Note is much better. All these people saying who cares about the spen probably never took advantage of all it's uses. I used to be one of those people until I bought my first Note and ever since then I never looked back. And I even played around with the LG but I felt it paled in comparison.
Andrei Silviu (7 months ago)
I d choose the note 8...i love the s pen...but it.s pretty hard...cause i like to take pictures and listen too music....and even edit them...but the NOTE 8 can do so.
Andrei Silviu (7 months ago)
Nice headphones...maje a vid for em.
David Merriman (7 months ago)
I've been on Note since Note 1. I can't stand the shape of the 8. I'm going with V30
First 2Flight (7 months ago)
I have the LG V30 plus, it also has a translator. Haven't tried it yet so I am not sure if it does currency. Been a Note user for years and rarely used the S-pen. In the end it was the V30's wide screen camera and audio capabilities that sold me on switching.
Somojit Dutta (7 months ago)
Lg v30
Dimebag Darrell (7 months ago)
I don't get which one has the best audio quality, cause on paper, note8 has wider frequency range. At that point i wonder how efficient "quad dac" is. That B&O thing might mean something, but is it good enough for an audiophile? I need an explanation guys.
Carlos Cruz (7 months ago)
the Lg v30 is surprisingly one awesome phone. Lg got it right this time👍
Bibo Chevres (8 months ago)
Note 8 easy decision LG is good the first year o less
MrJeffw223 (8 months ago)
Note 8 all the way.
KeepingItReal (8 months ago)
Getting both... one of the previous owner note 7 .. getting a 425 dollar trade in from Samsung and nice discount from verizon onlgv30( 200 dollar prepaid card and daydream). Saving about 700 dollars total . Plus I love both phones
ahfimiwonawun (8 months ago)
Do audio interfaces(for xlr mics) work with them through the usb-c port?
Dennis Bamfo (8 months ago)
This video was bias, he spent 8 minutres praising the v30 and 5minuts just whatever with the note 8
Kateman Kuleha (8 months ago)
Note 8 all the way, v30 for starters
Abraham Musalem (8 months ago)
I bought a V30. Loved the V10. Awesome video man.
txmoney (8 months ago)
I would get the V30 over the Note 8 in a heartbeat!
Neil MacInnes (8 months ago)
I like that you brought out the strengths in both and didn't criticize either. For me it's the quad dac and the camera, no brainer. The Note does look like a great phone but having the ability to steam hi Def music through the V30 appeals to me more.
candygonemad (8 months ago)
Where'd you get that izuku midoriya background from?
Ahmed Shafeeq (8 months ago)
Very nice presentation you did here, so subjective & direct to each one's differentiative points. Good job 👌
Booredatwork.com (8 months ago)
+Ahmed Shafeeq thanks. Glad you enjoyed it
Juan Ferrer (8 months ago)
both are fantastic phones, very hard to pick one.
Siam Sattar (8 months ago)
Guys help me fucking decide. Still can't decide shit!!! I want that v30 camera wide angle lense but also want iris scanner, spen and better selfie I love that blue v30 design my god what a beauty But i also love that royal blue note 8 looks like a beast Help me choose!! This has been my hardest decision since s7 edge and nexus 6p
boomdunker (8 months ago)
I for one think that V30 is the best android Device out there....
Jeffrey Adams (8 months ago)
Got my v30 on launch day. Best phone I have ever used.
Mark Fauzi (8 months ago)
The LG V30 will replace my two years old Galaxy Note5. From note to V series, why not?
DuffelBag (8 months ago)
Note 8 second camera near useless, 0 ergonomics with size, functionality is hindered by it's lack of features and manuverabity. Price is not even worth bringing up. If you didn't already tell, the V30 has my vote
Adriaan Cilliers (8 months ago)
The V30 will be cheaper and offers more value in my opinion. The V30 is a better all rounder. FYI, you dont need live translate on the Note if you download Google Translate.
SinnerJ (8 months ago)
IPhone X is meh, so two best contenders this year are the Note 8 and V30. I love the S Pen features (I use my S Pen on Note 4 daily), the photo options, which I think is just a bit better for my usage, multi screen, better screen, and the UI on Note 8. In other hand , V30 offers better video recording features and DAC, which are the main features I love about the V30. DAC can be compensated with actual Amp/DAC devices, but the video recording is definitely better than Note 8. God, I wish Note 8 had the same video recording capability of the V30. I'd gladly pay for the current price tag on it. Sigh...
ipad 4arab (8 months ago)
As a multimedia consumer, I'd go with the LG V30. Not to say that the Note 8 isnt, but the LG is more affordable. I dont care about the S Pen though.
Sunny Singh (8 months ago)
I feels good to see people preferring v30 over that shitty phone!!!
Sunny Singh (8 months ago)
V30 anyday!!!!
Brad Trevenen (8 months ago)
LG V30 seems like the best audio replacement for my iPhone 6. I didn't buy RHA 750's for nothing.
NightShade (8 months ago)
My brother has a LG and I've tried it I really dislike the interface and it hasn't changed much so I'm going with the note 8
jackelofnar (8 months ago)
Getting LG V30 once they are released
Stanley Yau (8 months ago)
Ragedx Rino (8 months ago)
tbh, I love my s8+ but I want better audio an a tad bit better camera software.. I'm more than likely gonna finish paying off my S8+ an get the LG V30 on Oct 4,just because of the HIFI audio an raw camera software an it's alot cheaper than the 960$ Note 8 . I'll still have my S8+ as my daily tho... the screen on this phone is just so amazing...
J C (8 months ago)
The Note 8 will out sell the LG V30. Because LG is dragging their feet on the V30 no indication on releasing the phone and zero communication with consumers
Booredatwork.com (8 months ago)
+J C bingo
Justin Marrero (8 months ago)
Can I have the Midoriya wallpaper? I'll sub if you do!
KraKen Skyware (8 months ago)
Note 8 came i was like yes my next phone V30 came Now im confused as fuck
R X (8 months ago)
LG has made a great phone but it’s brand gets little credit. Samsung gets loads of credit from its fans.
GU1TARR0CKER789 (8 months ago)
Bro, that nightwing/batman wallpaper is amazing!!! Could you please link where you got that? Also great video!
rzmr (8 months ago)
Can tell me where you got the wallpaper?
Jake Obenhein (8 months ago)
The call speaker actually doubles as a microphone. I watched LG's entire V30 unveiling event.
Jake Obenhein (8 months ago)
I think you might be mistaken. LG is not the only company using a wide-angle rear camera. Motorola will be using a wide-angle camera for their midrange phone, the Moto X4.
Cesar Macareno (8 months ago)
I like this guy.. great reviewer.. i wish the lg v30 would have been on sale before the s8.. i would of got the lg.. i had the v10 before the s8+ and i lived it :')
Michael Rebong (8 months ago)
Wow for a phone review I sure saw a lot of human
Michael Rebong (8 months ago)
And headphones
Patrick Sarker (9 months ago)
I guess we'll see which phone sells more by the end of the year and decide which one was more appealing to majority of consumers.
Migzen Languido (9 months ago)
V30 is a complete freedom and note 8 is a more straight forward it only competes with apple and that whats makes the note 8 sucks...
Migzen Languido (9 months ago)
Nice wallpapers where'd you got those
NandoGo 고난도 (9 months ago)
he was overexposed at only 200 iso. I know this depends on many other things but DAMN. Getting a V30 for sure.
NandoGo 고난도 (9 months ago)
I mean this in a good way for the V30 btw
Hafa Adai (9 months ago)
Enjoyed your review. Sub today.
T0mmyGun654 (9 months ago)
Good job on the comparison video.
MrEazy7468 (9 months ago)
Kendrick Perkins we know that's u?!😉
coceng123 (9 months ago)
You really convince me to get both ! 😊 and for this I thank you !
scott121 (9 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMoxiqjHqio this guy tested the camera for both note 8 and v30
Biber Bok (9 months ago)
I am one of those undeciders..sence i cannot put my hands on one just yet iv been relying on videos and other means for info.. Watched to of vids so far, most seems to be bias towards samsung simply because they are the most popular. Iv owned both. Currently with the g4 and yes had to fix bootloop problem but its is a totally an awsom phone. Out of all the vids iv watched your was the most imforment and unbiased. I liked how you visually demonstrated certain aspects and functions of each instead of just using words and pictures and by doing so more information was put out over a shorter time. Really has helped thanks
Booredatwork.com (9 months ago)
+Biber Bok glad I could help and you enjoyed the video. Don't forget to subscribe
Audiognome (9 months ago)
LG v30

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