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The Ultimate Overkill Gaming Monitor

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For a gaming PC this might be the best monitor you can buy. Samsung 49" CHG90 Curved Gaming Monitor on Amazon: http://austin.tech/samsung49 How to Build a Gaming Computer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca4MgTNO69o Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (1816)
Dollingo (2 hours ago)
watching this on my 18.5 inch Im actually feeling jealous
Stevie G (4 hours ago)
I think someone in this world needs to make a gaming setup with ultrawide monitor surrounding him/her from all directions. So he/she can see all angle from his/her seat
Justin Hirscheimer (9 hours ago)
Might as well use a tv
Ryan Okubo (10 hours ago)
That thing is giant, I want a curved monitor, but nothing that big. Would it be better to go with that giant 49" or a triple monitor set up? (reasoning, monitor breaks, giant curved one is done, versus one of three monitors is gone) What would you guys choose???
PotatoSensei02 (1 day ago)
I now feel so ashamed because you called the RX480 (which is what I have) a low end system. :(
Mikey6048 (1 day ago)
You are supposed to attach the stand to the monitor as it's in the box. That's why you open the box the way it says to.
Moba Gaming (2 days ago)
Useless expensive shit which has nothing to do with actual gaming. Maybe great for watching movies, but that's probably it.
JENHUNG WANG (3 days ago)
Xbox one x Ps4 Curve monitor
FireGGoDGameR 32 (3 days ago)
Spock Mulconray (4 days ago)
Imagine connecting an xbox one or ps4 to it now that would be an overkill
RockstarJustin (4 days ago)
Is hey, this guys Austin
Ryan Perkins (4 days ago)
I thinks ment to be used as a seemless dual monitor setup make a video on that
Cyanide (4 days ago)
he keeps saying ''low end computer'' but im slightly worried what he calls low end at this point
Ricky Boy Cuartero (5 days ago)
Hi guys, im poor..
Steelers6190 (7 days ago)
You have an Overkill gaming monitor that Ultimately beats all other Monitors by a long run and Only insane people will buy this Monitor for Gaming. If you have An urge to buy this for Yourself go ahead.
BWG (7 days ago)
JAROD FATA (7 days ago)
Unbox therapy did a setup with it
kingpredator HD (7 days ago)
What gaming pc do u use Austin
kingpredator HD (7 days ago)
It's really wide, but it should be a bit taller
callum logan (8 days ago)
Yea I’m pretty sure that’s a tv, you’re not fooling anyone.
That’s basically a tv
Go17Gabe (8 days ago)
So this game would be wonderful for Euro Truck Simulator.
yuvaraj putin (8 days ago)
Looks like banana 🍌
Ruu (8 days ago)
Its cool but having my 21:9 monitor but most games dont work with it giant black bars
NicolasHerps (8 days ago)
Hey guys! This is Austin and this might be the most overkill comment of all time
maks kuznia (8 days ago)
My dad said if I have 300 euro he will give me the rest to buy it... chill
Iron Spectrum (8 days ago)
Oh you bought a tv. THATS A BOMB AT GAMING!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👍
Peator (9 days ago)
These review channels as useless as garbage if you legitimately decide to buy something or not based on this retard opinion get help my dude.
Dr Evil Minecraft (9 days ago)
It will be cheaper if you have two 1080p monitor side by side
Kyler Powney (9 days ago)
Austin you bought a skinny tv not a moniter
drifter4training (9 days ago)
any news of when the BFG nvidia big screen monitor going to be released ? any chances of reviewing one ?
Biniam Gaming (9 days ago)
That's a Tv cut in half
Brigham McKee (9 days ago)
is the QLED much of a difference from a normal LED
Rohit Ashwin (9 days ago)
That’s bigger than my tv
MossimoH2o (9 days ago)
Why not just two monitors?
SevenDeMagnus (9 days ago)
Hi. Thanks. That's the cool Avatar movie monitor:-) God bless, Proverbs 31
DoctorX17 (9 days ago)
Too wide for me, also not too keen on the curved screen thing... I like having multiple monitors instead of one giant one, it makes snapping things easier. I have 3 monitors right now, so I could snap 4 on each, total of 12. You couldn't easily do that on a single monitor
MrFlippy Music (10 days ago)
How big is it again?
Andrius A (10 days ago)
Austin, where is your video about dyson cyclon v10?
Chris F. (10 days ago)
I came for the MW 2012 thumbnail
randomrazr (10 days ago)
why cant thay make these monitors 4k?
Kenji Kazama (10 days ago)
lmao i have have a 20' by something 1440p monitor i bought from a bookstore. also nice video
anonymous 616 (10 days ago)
Why couldn’t they make it an even number (50 inch)
QuinnFTW (10 days ago)
I say it's not impractical at all, because it's pretty much dual monitors without the gap.
SuperMario 53 (10 days ago)
Now that's too much.
Mechsterity (10 days ago)
i'm playing on a low end pc with this *rx 480*
JoKerSMILE 117 (11 days ago)
Hud and mini map can be changed in size man
Why you laughing all-time ?
David Thomas (11 days ago)
If you watched porn on this, you could see the camera guys
TacoMeat FijiWater (11 days ago)
One of my friends got this for christmas...
EcklesDee (11 days ago)
dude austin is swol
ChampionGaming (11 days ago)
Hey guys this is Austin
Marco Meijer (11 days ago)
museum relate review insect figure daily doctrine selection idea wake video.
Michael Livote (11 days ago)
1080p should not even be mentioned at this price point....1440p MINIMUM......
SimsForever (11 days ago)
i have the 1440p 16:9 version of that monitor
Wes K (11 days ago)
@austinevans cool video, at least you didn't almost drop it this time, haha. Any possibility of reviewing the Nvidia 65" BFG monitor if it goes into production? I would love to see your take on that besides the CES preview
Tech Review Ireland (11 days ago)
overkill my backside, I NEED one of these
Party Box (11 days ago)
white dot triggered me
GodOfDeathJames (11 days ago)
Does it support minecraft tho?
can you give it to me because my birthday is march 23
ArcSmith (11 days ago)
Why is G-Sync almost never supported on high-end monitors. Like what is the point of a 1080ti if you won't even be able to take full advantage of behemoths like this? It seems like all monitors of this magnitude only support free-sync. p.s. I know that there are AMD cards that can run this monster, but vega sucks up power and isn't even as powerful as a 1080ti so my point still stands.
Marcus Andrade (12 days ago)
You content creators are ignoring Siege on tests! Dont do this, Siege its a Blockbuster right now
Techno Kreep (12 days ago)
Hey Austin, This is Guys
Prince Xamim (12 days ago)
I'd actually love to use this sucker in my office. I've to do a TON of multi-tasking and a super wide monitor would be pretty handy.
nick 71015 (12 days ago)
Nice Boat!!
Flowlance (12 days ago)
Low resolution. No USB-C. No thanks
omar aman (12 days ago)
32:9 holy fuck
Azka Aditya (12 days ago)
Hmmm too late Austin
Tom Brown (12 days ago)
Would an i7 4770 and GTX 1060 3gb be enough to power this monitor for gaming at 1080p? Or would I need a 1070 or more?
James Ng (12 days ago)
You have to review the Final Audio E2000 - The sound quality is amazing to it's price
Mobile Tips 121 (12 days ago)
wow amazim
Such A (12 days ago)
Sirazul Islam (12 days ago)
Hey guys this is exhausting 😂
Tiny Oats (12 days ago)
At this point it isn’t even a monitor
FBItwinkies (12 days ago)
This thing is so ridiculous and I love it, I wish it was 4K because then it would have been the perfect overkill monitor
PotatoTech (12 days ago)
Why does Austin sway and bounce for gestures???
Planet Orange Gaming (12 days ago)
DrivingBackward (12 days ago)
iracing would be perfect on this
Josh Criste (12 days ago)
That is sooo cool
saintbenidict bk (12 days ago)
Could you make a $250 dollar gaming pc I don’t have a lot of money but I do have lots of old computer stuff
J M (12 days ago)
“pretty smooth” “40 to 50 frames per second” wot
WAVE (12 days ago)
Please do some more budget smartphone videos, I am really looking for a phone under $200, your like the best at reviewing anything lmao. So to get the truth about a phone I come to you.
AE Puppet (12 days ago)
$2,149 definitely gonna sell well.
Datboi99 64 (12 days ago)
Dude you make awesome content, and your comparisons are useful and accurate and your reviews are phenomenal
Clavin gaming (12 days ago)
Jack already review this so ur video is pointless ( but i think u have a better community ) so it would be better?
Caty Loren (12 days ago)
It's cheaper that the iPhone X at least ...
Overkill (12 days ago)
Well then Austin guess im famous since im in the tittle.
Tyler Boucher (12 days ago)
*there's so much room for activities*
ThatOneMoron (12 days ago)
It’s the Burnout Most Wanted in the thumbnail everyone. NFS fans will understand.
Henry Kurek (12 days ago)
Scooter Brad has one :P
YamiYukiSenpai (12 days ago)
Windows needs to support 4 windows side-by-side.
Mark P (12 days ago)
So i didn't know about you or your channel until today. Excellent video and energy. *two thumbs up*
Zex Alex (12 days ago)
Again, not what gamers want. Just another proof of "hey we can do it big". Please use your influence towards telling lg /samsung what gamers want/need. That is fast ultra wide 4k or wqhd IPS or VA panels with no backlight bleed with gsync and freesync versions. 32'' or 34'' or bigger for the big wallets.
slykrysis (12 days ago)
1. Scaling/UI is bad and not supported fully in most games 2. Resolution has warping on the sides 3. Curved displays are bad technologies for use cases 4. Expensive 5. What else am I missing?
Sendo (12 days ago)
your face is not compatible with your body but you rock it well gj homie
deante watson (12 days ago)
its 1080p thats why i dint buy it
ABJ Walkthroughs (12 days ago)
This aspect ratio is very weird if you are using a 16:9 normal computer😂😂
Khaled Mhamed (12 days ago)
what is better a 2500$ prebuilted pc from any store or wait a month to amazon un builted pc
Cavegamer (12 days ago)
SneakE920 (12 days ago)
I wonder why people only say hz rate instead of hz rate and response time?

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