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2018 Volvo XC60 T5 Malaysia Review | EvoMalaysia.com

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The all-new 2nd-generation Volvo XC60 is well-received, but much attention is focused on the T8 PHEV variants. At the ongoing Sisma Auto Volvo carnival at Glenmarie, I managed a quick drive in the base T5 model. Specs-wise, not as impressive as the T8, but it's a nicer car to drive enthusiastically. May be need bigger rims and accessories to look better. Specs: Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum - RM282,011.00 - 1,969cc, Inline-4, Turbocharged Petrol - 254hp @ 5,500 rpm - 350Nm @ 1,500 - 4,800 rpm - 8-speed AT, AWD - Brakes (F/R): Vent Disc / Solid Disc - Suspension (F/R): MacPherson Strut / Double Wishbones Features: - LED daytime running lights - LED headlamps - Keyless entry - Parking sensors: Front & rear - Teverse camera - USB ports: 2 - AEB: Yes - Blind spot warning: Yes - Lane departure: Warning & assist - Airbags: 6 Also watch: - T8 review: https://youtu.be/HktY9lLoPR4 - Launch quick review: https://youtu.be/313hsey2l78 - Car vs plane: https://youtu.be/AHXdigTRRUc - Bobby's T8 review I: https://youtu.be/UFonB4UwrBI - Bobby's T8 review II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwzlbxQ1vJE&t=335s Subscribe after watching and give us a like at www.facebook.com/aurizn. Our team also includes: - Bobby: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzza... - Beng: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHA... www.aurizn.com www.evomalaysia.com www.estatemalaysia.com www.caratmalaysia.com www.idmalaysia.com
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Text Comments (28)
Jag M (14 days ago)
Like your honest opinions Kon. Keep up the good work!
Kon Wai Luen (14 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Hagar Hagar (17 days ago)
Volvo Malaysia should keep the offer of t6. That will give Kon what he wanted.
Kon Wai Luen (16 days ago)
Hahaha, I think the T5 is good enough for me.
Raja Nazrul Hakim (17 days ago)
Kon.. the video's quite shaky la.. very hard to watch...
Kon Wai Luen (16 days ago)
Sorry, could be loose mounting.
Kizuna760 (17 days ago)
sad..theres no t6 variant
Kon Wai Luen (16 days ago)
They might offer it if there is sufficient demand, but as it is, the RM30k gap between the T5 and T8 mean that there is too little room to slot a T6 in between.
P Lee (17 days ago)
I tested Mercedes GLC200, Volvo XC60 T5 & BMW X3 3.0 several times each. BMW X3 is the best to drive, quietest, most engaging, most responsive to drive, and the built quality also the best. Among these 3 cars, the T5 is the worst to drive, although it may have more safety features than the other two cars; T5 feels pretty light to drive like a typical Japanese car.
Kon Wai Luen (16 days ago)
The X3 definitely has class-leading dynamics, and the GLC 200 is actually rather good, but I don't feel the XC60 is far behind either.
Lee Son (17 days ago)
P Lee ya I do find T5 engine to be a bit louder than X3. For me I find the 18inch 5 y-spoke rim to be a deal breaker. But if one polestar the T5 for additional 6K plus, that would be awesome.
ck chung (17 days ago)
Thank you for the invaluable info.
Wang Wenjia (17 days ago)
what phone camera are you using?
Kon Wai Luen (16 days ago)
Just my Samsung Galaxy J7
Looks to b like sumone is upgrading their Waja... Thumbs up...^_^
Kon Wai Luen (17 days ago)
HAhaha.. belum mampu lagi bang.
Glowing PartyTM (17 days ago)
The scratch on the storage, is it normal? Prone to scratch?
Kon Wai Luen (17 days ago)
I'm not sure, to be honest, but the grade of plastic does appear slightly lower than what I found in the T8.
Bobby Ang (17 days ago)
"Glorified hole." ..........
Kon Wai Luen (17 days ago)
Didn't come out right, did it?
Peter Ambrose (17 days ago)
No matter how monotone your voice is, your reviews is still fun to watch
Kon Wai Luen (17 days ago)
Hahaha.. thanks for watching man~!
Bobby Ang (17 days ago)
This is perfect for those who don't want the PHEV powertrain.
Kon Wai Luen (17 days ago)
Yeah man. Way better than I expected.
ck chung (17 days ago)
Between XC60 T5 and BMW X3 30i which one will you choose ? Why ? Will not consider PHEV cos living in condo, no charging facilities.
Kon Wai Luen (16 days ago)
in his vid, Bobby recommends that you go for the T8 if you can afford the RM30k difference.
ck chung (17 days ago)
Thanks Bobby . Tropicana Gardens - relatively new condo . So your choice is T5 I presumed .
Bobby Ang (17 days ago)
X3 suspension slightly more pliant. Other than that, the specs of the T5 is way higher than the X3. Which condo you live in? Many have successfully convinced their management to allow installation.

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