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Testing earbuds that translate in real-time

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CNN's Samuel Burke sits down with Waverly Labs CEO Andrew Ochoa to test their language translating earbuds.
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Text Comments (83)
yellowface7 (13 hours ago)
Can you pair these with gaming devices?
Sammy Jackson (13 days ago)
american steal ip from japanese?
Thomas Fay (26 days ago)
A real-life babel fish? Douglas Adams would've been proud!
Markus Federico (2 months ago)
I received my Set of two earphones but one of them is defect, does not connect. Got a Ticket number from Lulu from their support, now since 4 weeks no more reaction...lousy service, defect product.
PEDRO Hanks (2 months ago)
faggot voice
James Bentley (2 months ago)
I own these. They suck, just use Google translate. The translation is really poor, the software picks up random words. They should never have shipped it in such a poor state of incompletion.
Manga Ede (3 months ago)
Még nem teljesen tökéletes, mert nem fordít le minden európai nyelvet. Például azt a nyelvet sem amin ezt a bejegyzést írtam. :D
Jinshields (3 months ago)
Finally I can watch bts without having to wait for subtitles
Gideon Bellamy (4 months ago)
Can we have it yellow and fish shaped?
Krammer Dezső (3 months ago)
No problem. We'll try to do our best!
Nilsson (4 months ago)
I cannot believe how incredibly stupid I was, investing in this about a year ago. Completely useless since it needs a phone - it's nothing but a bluetooth headset... This is basically a scam. Besides this I will have to pay a extra toll fee just to get it delivered to me. I learned my lesson...
Jason Young (5 months ago)
People cracking jokes and bashing this are stupid. This is the first big thing to hit the market. The first car was shit, the same for the first smart phone, laptop, and plane. Give it 5-10yrs or so and translators will be in big trouble.
Bob bobby (5 months ago)
Bryce Z (5 months ago)
It really looks like they were speaking more into the phone when they apparently didn't need to.
Jerry Hudson (5 months ago)
My only real problem with them so far that I have seen is you have to give the person you want to converse with an ear bud. I don't think a great many of us would except a ear bud from some stranger and stick it in our ears. Now if the person has their own and you could quickly pair that up with the phone you have so the phone works with both sets that would be good. Or perhaps better yet an app is on both phones and you can connect them with either a normal call or by blue tooth. I just don't think I would want to stick something in my ear a stranger gives to me.
Juan Jordan (7 months ago)
So I want to ask is if there is no wifi or a cell phone tower in certain places like Dominican republic how can this work??. I hate to spend all of that money and I cant talk to no one where I am at...
OldschoolMusicJunkie (7 months ago)
If I am wearing my earbud in the USA speaking English, can someone in South America speaking Spanish wear an earbud and talk to me with each language being translated if we are talking on a speaker phone? REPLY
Krammer Dezső (3 months ago)
Please refraze your question so that we here in South America can translate it into Spanish! xD
mobile uploads (7 months ago)
They give you discounts here https://goo.gl/FfXkb8 for the Pilot
James Peleski (8 months ago)
It's a observation that it often won't translate foreign words. Like if you said "I had sushi" you'd get something like "I had suzie". You'd probably have to say "I had raw fish" which would be a bit crazy if you were translating into Japanese.
Abdelilah mriddouch (8 months ago)
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Julian (8 months ago)
Haha what’s happening. Are people this lazy? Why not just learn to speak another language because we all know translation software isn’t accurate. And if I’m at a party full of Chinese speakers I’ll be very happy I invested my time to learning Chinese because it’s rude to make someone go out of their way and use an ear phone.
harry pot (8 months ago)
This is the kind of translator that will have you lose your new foreign girlfriend.
sai srujan reddy (9 months ago)
My Q , why can't you in built this in a phone for real time communication will calling?
TOKYO (9 months ago)
Finally u could understand what all these Chinese people are talking around you are saying 😂
Jonas Tidelius (7 months ago)
Considering how different the Chinese dialects are I'm guessing it will not work out that well unless you are in Beijing.
tareq dahan (10 months ago)
I want one. does it translat to arbic?
LBailey 05 (10 months ago)
i can speak French but i can't teach it i am very bad at English. when i go out my best friend has to come with me to translate French to English, she does not know french but she understands my body language and she speaks it. she is actually typing this right now. in conclusion just get a best friend like her and translation complete plus it cost nothing:)
Mario Weenersnetchal (1 month ago)
LBailey 05 salope
Ericules555 (11 months ago)
what if your in a crowd or more then one person is speaking? or battery dies or no WiFi or in a dead zone
traineediplomat77 (7 months ago)
Ericules555 then you are back to where you are now....
Nikki M (11 months ago)
When they make a more accurate one, I'll finally be able to watch series without subtitles. Hooray!
Maya Yordanova (11 months ago)
still using Google translator
Nature Boy 2 (11 months ago)
But how many different types of cancer do these cause lol
Jahi Abdulaziz (1 year ago)
dralix (1 year ago)
Everything will be easy in future.Hard work is gonna less day by day
Пустышка (9 months ago)
All except the job search :)
Saqib Javed (1 year ago)
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Edgar Chacon Flores (1 year ago)
I hope they pay royalties to google, if it was not for them this will never exist. because basically it is just a bluetooth headphone XD
Envyon Blade (10 months ago)
take a look at his phone
Alexandra Constantin (11 months ago)
they don't use google translate
TessaSnap (1 year ago)
This is wonderful! I have a dilemma wherein I have found an unknown relative in Europe, we communicate via online translation, but I want to go to Europe to meet the family and the problem is - How do we translate when face to face? I thought of continue the online translator, but sort of cumbersome having to type each interaction - hire a translator...could be expensive & challenging. These earbuds may just be my answer! Luckily the family speaks both German and Italian (and very little English). I wonder if my U.S. phone and app would have any difficulty being used in Europe and would I need to do anything special for that...?
OldCryptopsy (1 year ago)
I will use this to get me some mamis in colombia
!Eso pa' que.!
3TNT3 (1 year ago)
Dude doesn't even get that the pace of technology development will pick up speed and advance soooooo fast that it won't be anywhere nearrrrrrrrr decades before this technology can replace translators. I give it TEN years, MAX. Smh... Whyyyyy do Iiiiii know that, and this guy doesn't??? It's hiszzzzz thing!
DCek DCek (1 year ago)
When the report started finding mistranslations and pointing them out, I bet the guy was thinking.... "You weren't meant to test it this hard dick rider"
WaDai (1 year ago)
i need this for counter-strike
DJ Moist (8 months ago)
Rp (1 year ago)
best comment lol
Consuelo Valero (1 year ago)
por favor en español
ROBERT DUNN (1 year ago)
This will revolutionize the world
Allan Aringo (1 year ago)
As a French and Spanish translator, I can tell you what this thing cannot translate.....................intonations, contexts and idiomatic expressions. It is only meant to translate words. ¡Punto final!
RoScFan (5 months ago)
Allan Aringo yeah you need to get a sense of how to phrase what you want to say.
Allan Aringo (1 year ago)
Allan Aringo bon ashol peep??? write something readable, consumable, sensible, useful
self made billin (1 year ago)
Allan Aringo bon ashol peep!
Phoebe Grigor (1 year ago)
I invested in these about 8 months ago and will I regret it? Maybe, but it's too late nowwwww (I'm very excited to find out how they work)
Got mine. Still waiting on support to get back to me about pairing issue withe the app.......stay tuned
Shocker CK (6 months ago)
They are shipping now, so we will soon see if they are good.
Jamal Kpoto (6 months ago)
Well... any update?
traineediplomat77 (7 months ago)
I invested 18 months ago... still waiting...summer southern hemisphere perhaps
Fluffyhead (8 months ago)
Hiya, did you receive the product?
Ed (1 year ago)
Jack Lowerson (1 year ago)
Need this for French
D. White (1 year ago)
Just learn french.
The Magic Bush (1 year ago)
that is pretty unneccecary
well your SHIT get it?
earthcry (1 year ago)
My Q is, why is there a need to purchase a said earbud product when it seems to be paired/translated via translator in phone? a phone already has a microphone.
Chiming Lam (11 months ago)
This is to provide free conversation between two parties even when they are walking side by side etc. etc. However, you don't need to buy the earbud if you only ask for some information from foreigner when you are travelling overseas. You just need to read the translation in your phone when the foreigner tell you something through the microphone in your phone.
earthcry it is supposed to pick up everything without you taking out the phone and it will keep the microphone on sleep mode until it hears something which is better than pressing the microphone button everytime you wanna say something
Minecraft pe rail (1 year ago)
4 comment
Jason (1 year ago)
why is this product a thing, THIS IS MURICA, SPEAK ENGLISH GODDAMMIT!!!!
Badboy2525 (9 months ago)
Some Random Kid yes and no
Rahma amma (9 months ago)
Jason gytuy
Jork MV (9 months ago)
Lol, you guys speak USANIAN and you are USANIAN not "American" 😂😂
do u spek amurican lmoa
Jason (1 year ago)
PP S (1 year ago)
this is pretty unbelievable
Alex da Vinci (1 year ago)
Looks like a giant poop in his ear.

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