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The Best Tablet for Gaming?

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Can you actually game on a tablet? Let's find out. Nvidia Shield Tablet K1: http://amzn.to/1Kicqhh Asus Transformer Book T100HA: http://amzn.to/1PUpcCV Apple iPad Mini 4: http://amzn.to/1ofk0zp With tablets getting more and more powerful and options with Windows 10, Android and iOS available in this video I compare the best tablets to game on including the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1, Asus T100HA and iPad Mini 4 with gameplay from games like Minecraft, League of Legends and more using both a mouse and keyboard and game controller. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Add me on Snapchat! https://www.snapchat.com/add/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan

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Text Comments (2397)
profesional vasja (1 day ago)
I have an iPad 7 it’s so good for shooting games
Justin Dang (9 days ago)
but can it run fortnite?
Samuel Helasmo (21 days ago)
Subtitles WTF
TristanPlayz HD (25 days ago)
iPad Mini 4… isn’t so great
Nvidia Shield K1 For $200. Totally Worth It.
The King Mooshroom (1 month ago)
I prefer iPad because it has fortnite mobile
NaibPlays (1 month ago)
I Think I Can't See ASUS Zenpad 3s 10 :/
Maximize 3000 (1 month ago)
I came here to see a good tablet that can handle some clash of clans and minecraft
SuCCeSSvS (1 month ago)
But none of those android tablets have fortnite..... epic games are cunts
ABXshorty XX (1 month ago)
Is anyone playing iPad 4 I do
Lemo iOS (1 month ago)
i like ipad pro 10.5
Make a new best tablet for gaming updated
Kakarott 754 (1 month ago)
Wtf is wrong with the captions it's wrong but right
RajatudeHD Raja (1 month ago)
Can I now where is samsung
Stuff & Things (1 month ago)
It's Asus not asues
*Cough Cough* Razer Edge Cough Cough*
Jesus Gastelum 790 (1 month ago)
I have iPad mini 2
Shelby Castaneda (1 month ago)
All of this is much cheaper today lmao. Looks like I found a new tablet
José Luis (1 month ago)
Creo que veo este video tarde jaja pero en todo le vídeo olvidó decir que el iPad tenia pantalla 2048*1536 que es mucho mucho mejor en pantallas de estos tamaños. En un celular se menos de 5" si se ve bien el 720p pero en 8" o 10" no.
Shad E (1 month ago)
Pro tip:don’t get the iPad Air get the iPad Air 2 it’s so much better and I regret buying the Air
Strela-3 (1 month ago)
Alexand3rTV (1 month ago)
Fix the texting on the video, its very inaccurate
cemetree (2 months ago)
Watching on my iPad mini 4
blue sk3tch (2 months ago)
Commenting on my iPad Mini 4!
cemetree (2 months ago)
blue sk3tch Same
Portal_Jumper_79 (2 months ago)
if you make another one of these (please do) be sure to put in the nintendo switch
GameTesterDev (2 months ago)
You can get both of the other tablets with 128 GB which you can't do on the ASUS
EndermitEGameS Playz (2 months ago)
But can it run roblox?? Lol jk
Benji funk (2 months ago)
Coc is the best game
Benji funk (2 months ago)
Ipad mini 4 dude is 650box you freak
GamingWithJin_YT (2 months ago)
I like the surface pro 2017
Core Gaming (2 months ago)
Surely surface pro
Hashim Sarfraz (2 months ago)
iPad Air 2 is best because I have
Ninja Kirby (2 months ago)
Your mom
Elan Varun (2 months ago)
2017 iPad is best now believe
Austin is this, guys Hey.
MARCH MELLO (2 months ago)
In the thumbnail,why is austin holding iPads like his cards
LorenzAssassin 1O1 (2 months ago)
Ah yes ipad mini its good for crtical ops player use it
LorenzAssassin 1O1 (2 months ago)
Will it be good for critical ops?
Ryan Smith (2 months ago)
I wanna see an iPad pro mini, if it came out it probably won't have a keyboard but an iPad mini with pencil support would be cool.
Psychotic Squirrel (2 months ago)
This isn’t fair - the Asus one is practically a laptop!
Cooper Benbrook (3 months ago)
I’m upset the tablet K1 is no longer available 😔
x3DwAnY / 67N ClAN (3 months ago)
Greengem Epic (3 months ago)
Okay, I own an iPad Mini and I constantly wish I had gotten an Android tablet.
Ryan Cooper (4 months ago)
The captions author typed 4.0 instead of 6. 0
Vigita Gt (4 months ago)
Iᑭᗩᗪ ᗰIᑎI Iᔕ TᕼE ᗷEᔕT
Ftefyboi (4 months ago)
I got an I.onik tablet
Game Bros (4 months ago)
Apple sucks
WorkForIt HD (4 months ago)
Omg i got it from my brother
Ben Hull (4 months ago)
Could you play something like fable on one of these ??
ThePCBuilderFor2018 - (4 months ago)
I surely have the mini 4, 350$ in Best Buy, 32GB ssd upgraded. Takes 43.2 secs for Startup And Opening G00Gl3
NoobaGutt (4 months ago)
wtf is up with the subtitles being way off
ameer fredericks (4 months ago)
Ipad air 2 is better than all of the other tablets
thealternativeJ (4 months ago)
*why are the captions inaccurate*
Amor Evora (4 months ago)
Hey austin this is guys
༺ƤsψCнσ༻ (4 months ago)
Lol i was watching this on a ipad mini 4
nono Soso (4 months ago)
Shield has only 2gb ram, it is very glitchy once you do very data intensive games
Ayman Sammo (4 months ago)
About that windows 10 can u play clash royals and hay day on it?
MisterGaming IL (5 months ago)
If the ipad 9.7 2017 was in this video its was the best tablet
iTest KJ (5 months ago)
iPad mini 4 is really good, I love it. I will buy the iPad Pro later.
Edwin Schwarz (5 months ago)
It needs to run Dolphin emulator
Finlay Mitchell (5 months ago)
The iPod touch 6g is a great tablet for gaming, even though it's from 2 years ago!
MobileDecay (5 months ago)
I'm watching this on my s8 while factory resetting my laggy Shield tablet. I was hoping to find a better recommendation than the same tablet that is lagging like a mountain of monkey shit.
DefendersOfGaming (5 months ago)
I’d choose the Nvidia Shield tablet. I like the way you can link the controller.
Dragon Lex (5 months ago)
Guys if i buy asus nowdayes will it still be good and run games that are ment for newer phones?or there is already a beter ipad for games
Lord Fenix 17 (5 months ago)
But can the shield run nba 2k17 with cloth simulation? (I didn't put 18 because it's currently exclusive to ios)
*NO tablet is fit for gaming*
*Yes for sure!!* *but I'm talking about a tablet without physical buttons*
MobileDecay (5 months ago)
Xkylefree2401 Switch?
Pixelnet Studios (5 months ago)
The iPad mini 4 is small but It can barely stand Modern Combat Versus
Vize (5 months ago)
help is the best gaming tablet my budget is $400 should i get ipad mini 4 or a cheap ipad pro
Dark Gamez (5 months ago)
iPad 2017
Potato Productions (5 months ago)
holy sh*t 666 dislikes
Army Metro (5 months ago)
666 dislikes
ST3 (5 months ago)
The thing about the Shield is that there is a MicroSD slot, and paired with Android Nougat's Force to External option, you can get more storage on your device! I would recommend the original one though
Tristan Speno (5 months ago)
My iPad Mini 4 has 128 gigabytes!
Nonamus Gaming (5 months ago)
Started playing games on my iPad 2 and it just kicked me out the game and the screen turned off. But my iPad Air 2 is perfecto
Galactic Gaming (5 months ago)
What about the iPad Air 2? I have it, and I’m pretty sure it has 4K graphics and 120fps.
Mr Snuffles (5 months ago)
I'm watching this video on a nvidia shield k1 xD
CuBeRJAN3 (5 months ago)
Android/iOS gaming? nope that isnt real gaming
297W (5 months ago)
What is going on with the captions
LuckyGhost (5 months ago)
With 400 on the IPad Mini 4 I can get a Nintendo Switch and 1 game.
Mandalada (5 months ago)
But an iPad can do so much more
hottu doggu (5 months ago)
Im watching on my inferior samsung tab A :(
Golden Tv (5 months ago)
I game on a iPad.......l
[]HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT [] (5 months ago)
iPad mini or iPad Air.. I’m stuck
ZephrOli (5 months ago)
I legit thought that to title was 'what is the best gaming tablet for gaming?' I think I might have dyslexia ;)
fame TV (5 months ago)
Who did the captions😂😂😂
G Tech (5 months ago)
What about iPad 2017
SlimeGaming (5 months ago)
bruh its uploaded in 2016 not 2017
MonsterKat (6 months ago)
can anyone suggest something that will run Albion? I don’t care about gaming much on it besides that game. I’m mainly getting it for YouTube and other stuff at work.
Recki (6 months ago)
English subtitles have a lot of mistakes l
ChickenBrat (6 months ago)
Um the iPad mini 4 has 120GBs not 16
ChickenBrat (6 months ago)
I’m glad I got the iPad mini 4!
rigimortous (6 months ago)
The Nvidia shield is $400
Army S (6 months ago)
Aha.. I didn’t even know my sad little I pad mini 4 was a good gaming electronic
GARRIX MG 11 (6 months ago)
Like si tienes tablet
Flamextreme (6 months ago)
Why the fuck are the subtitles messed up
Nop windows yay
Tristan Speno (6 months ago)
I am watching this on an iPad mini 4
Eddie R (6 months ago)
Why does YouTube have more ads than pornhub?
HD .R (6 months ago)
nvidia. i like that
england is my titty (6 months ago)
Dont buy android for gaming when the new mcv came out there was alot of crashes for android still has it wasnt optimised on the other hand in an ipad it was smooth as butter.. fuck raw power its all about optimization get an ipad pro
NISom SOM (7 months ago)
When it comes to India, The Nvidia shield K1 is priced at ₹45000 and iPad mini 4 at ₹28000......Always the iPad here for gaming

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