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Huawei P20 and P20 Pro Hands-on: Ultimate Smartphone Camera?

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Read the post: http://andauth.co/huaweip20 | Buy the Huawei P20: http://tyvm.ly/p20 | Buy the Huawei P20 Pro: http://tyvm.ly/P20pro The Huawei P20 doesn't just have a new look - it also looks at the world in a unique way. Josh brings you the hands-on! Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (935)
Sumaiya Mahmud (1 month ago)
Is it nova 3e?
Freddy Nunez (2 months ago)
Will this phone sell in the US?
Will Adrian (1 month ago)
JZ VR (2 months ago)
Great video, these are killer handsets.
MrBibi86 (2 months ago)
*I love how these smaller companies are keeping Apple and Samsung on their toes!*
Nick (2 months ago)
I hate how obvious that thrashcan icon is on the back :/
tarun makker (2 months ago)
Why don't they jump 50 years ahead and give 20 cameras at back no matter what the cost. If people are stupid enough to buy expensive iphones or vertu then they'll buy this too
Aaron Burdfield (2 months ago)
Love the look and specs of this phone!
Syed Waheed Abbas (2 months ago)
The notch hide option is cool... And the camera is a beast...
Ben j (2 months ago)
wow i like it so muchh😻😻😻
Max Marx (2 months ago)
I don't see anything wrong with the notch
Ahmad Dauda (2 months ago)
One day to go
Ahmad Dauda (2 months ago)
Nice review #androidauthority
yut suneki (2 months ago)
The body is made of gorilla glass 4 or 5?
Victoria Pratt (2 months ago)
Looks incredible. the look of the external " Twilight edition is amazing. Wish I had one. WOW
Álvaro Agraz (2 months ago)
You always need a tripod for such long exposures. ALWAYS. And Huawei's claims don't change that reality.
Bryce Haney (2 months ago)
I want it so badly
moltenbullet (2 months ago)
Man. That looks gorgeous. But I hope that we'll somehow be able to safely over ride their custom ui with stock android.
Bouncer1707 (2 months ago)
HTC u11 had a good camera best at the time but the phone was awful just like this one
RAJESH PRAJAPATI (2 months ago)
sleek design with exquisite camera quality great power inbuilt
Syed Waheed Abbas (2 months ago)
Your giveaways are awesome and love your work @AndroidAuth
Dinos Wood (2 months ago)
What kind of glasses is it made of? gorilla glass 4 or 5
Fabian Honor (2 months ago)
No headphone jack????? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
amazing smartphone!
tommy langan (2 months ago)
Does it have 960fps slow mo?
Jacksnake D. (2 months ago)
People! Huawei do not have a problem with design (look P 10 and Mate series). They just want to prove to Apple (for interdiction on selling Huawei phones in USA carriers), that they can do almost the same (or better) Iphone X. And looks better! Plus the notch is optional .
Mason (2 months ago)
when does this come out?
criosray (2 months ago)
Expensive with shitty processor... No thanks.
Saeed Anwar (2 months ago)
I'm very excited about this phone... love to see this spacial onr😘😍
Liam Downes (2 months ago)
Had been holding off from upgrading my S8 for the S9+ until I saw what this is capable of. And after watching the many videos of hands on experience I decided to bite the bullet and go for it with a pre order. Yes the notch is there doesn't bother not the first and certainly not the last phone this year to have it, it can still be covered by losing a small amount of screen that's ok it's a fix and least Huawei thought of this. Also no SD card tray. This was the one thing that held me back a small bit. But again Apple customers are used to it I'm sure I can too. Then no 3.5mm jack again not a deal breaker as use Bluetooth headphones most of the time and if you pre order in Ireland you get Bose Bluetooth headphones worth over €350 also there's a single and USB C headphones in box. Then there's the cameras I can't wait to try these and I congratulate Huawei for being different and taking a chance on this and from what I have seen yes 4k video looks messy and 1080p is about as good as it gets but I'm happy with that so many people really use 4k at 60fps day to day?? Back to the cameras they look amazing from the early shots I've seen. But everyone is different maybe the pixel XL 2 is the people choice maybe the S9+ is the best all rounder but I'm willing to try something new and that's my rant haha. If you get it I hope you love it. If you don't enjoy what you have and I hope your happy. But for me much like the P20 pro I'm trying something new and different. Have good one folks.
Roshal Ijam (2 months ago)
3 lens. Its amazing. 😁😁 and the colour. ❤
sivakkumar chinnu (2 months ago)
Pro looks good..having too many cameras will mess you more....but camera performance looks at par with s9 or xl2
Gouransh Gahlout (2 months ago)
Wooo I love this phone please give me because I have nothing
Reinhard Schuerer (2 months ago)
Amazing camera and a fingerprint sensor where I want it combined with great look.
Victor Truke (2 months ago)
Very Nice
SHIV CHOPRA (2 months ago)
Nice Video...
Said Amid Ibrahim (2 months ago)
Bugs (2 months ago)
omg nightshot without using tripod. gg my p10
Jim Ciutto (2 months ago)
I like it
5 MIN Fun (2 months ago)
Good phone
Khan Mohsin (2 months ago)
Extraordinary Phone 👌 Fully Feature This Phone I like This Notch Option 👌 And Color Purple Blue Camera Is To Good 👌
Jordi Lopez Vazquez (2 months ago)
Very nice phone.
javier beltran (2 months ago)
Nice video
still believe S9+ Camera is better specially on Video ...it support 4k 10bits
franciscr80 (2 months ago)
Like! Good phone.
Blue Raven (2 months ago)
Huawei is really step up the game early this year 😀
Beautiful phone
Shashikant Bhogshetty (2 months ago)
I love this unique concept triple camera & looks of this phone is beautiful. Thank you Android Authority foe one more Giveaway
Kevin Tee (2 months ago)
Phone finishes are getting better every generation, although I wonder how they'll stand up to wear without protection, which tends to either cover or dull their beauty. For the screen, nice that the notch can be "disabled". Waiting for next year already though when the next thing in smartphones is synthetic diamond screen meaning they're scratchproof and mostly shatterproof. These smartphones may one day mean the death of SLR cameras, but not just yet.
Ninad Bhagwat (2 months ago)
Loved the colours! Double ticks checked !
Michael S (2 months ago)
This phone is thick af.
Lisanne (2 months ago)
Is it possible to stabilize video with Google stabilization? You can apply afterwards.
Todd Beckman (2 months ago)
good looking phones
Oscar Garcia (2 months ago)
The blue one looks fantastic
Michael (2 months ago)
Not a fan of EMUI, but hardware wise really nothing to complain about, overall an epic phone.
Vanny Agustina (2 months ago)
Now if only all this greatness launch officially in Indonesia 😭
rabet rahman (2 months ago)
iphobe apps see more http://sharepop.me/ac2119
StoneDEJ (2 months ago)
Any Samsung fanboys here? 😏
SonofRich B. (2 months ago)
Will the P20 and P20 pro make there way to the U.S. and if so what is the price point?
Ethian315 (2 months ago)
I think if a phone manage to copy and be better than another phone, then it's a success...which is just like Apple.
Bombosa (2 months ago)
So sad that this phone isnt coming to the states. Looks like an incredible phone.
Ethian315 (2 months ago)
So many butthurt Apple, samsung, and Google fans.
Frederick A (2 months ago)
Please, could we see the effect of Snap Camera app HDr's effect on the phone?..or Google's android 8.1 camera app effect on the phone?
V (2 months ago)
Are there gonna be any giveaway on this phone? And when am I ever gonna win one? 😂😂
Jef B (2 months ago)
Best phone on the market, bar NONE (except the Porsche Design Edition of this). Huawei hits a home run!
John Jonathan Salud (2 months ago)
No headphone jack No SD card slot The worse is, there is a notch. I don't need the triple camera set up.
33booyaka33 (2 months ago)
Probably the best smartphone of the last few years.
Reign Magsayo (2 months ago)
S9 plus vs p20 pro camera comparison pls
Frankie Kangoroo (2 months ago)
Buying Huawei is like buying an NSA-Phone. No thanks
carbon (2 months ago)
Huawei has become the new Samsung.
miSta1982 (2 months ago)
May you @android authority make a Video withethe gesture Navigation like the iPhone X please, is calling „onscreen Navigation key“ Not the Fingerprint ohne.
roydon dsa (2 months ago)
I want to buy a smart phone not a camera
Jean ou (2 months ago)
Just break three camera~~
Hugo Lewis (2 months ago)
Sure manage strain complex overcome pull overcome shelter blue ever.
B Mulvey (2 months ago)
I like P20 in blue. Will it be available to purchase in the US?
Panha Vonn (2 months ago)
Waiting oneplus
Alucard (2 months ago)
honestly, the cameras in smartphones seem to get way too much attention... yes, it's nice they are good, but isn't "good" enough? Everyone's always comparing the cameras and even though they are already pretty excellent people seem unimpressed and want more and better. A camera from any 5 yo phone is already good. Why do you want such monster cameras on phones? What kind of photos are you all taking that even need that? Instagram shit? please... Most people rarely even use the camera on their phones. Everyone's a professional photographer now, aren't they? If you want a good camera, just buy a camera.. It's that simple. Maybe we should choose a camera and use it on smartphones as standard, while continuing to develop them, because obviously that's important, but only use them once they're perfect (years from now). This way, we reduce the prices of phones. Have a set of cameras for top-end smartphones and a set for cheaper ones. Cameras are already great.
Ethian315 (2 months ago)
It's called pushing the boundaries, maybe in the future, all these can be implement into DSLR and become small and easier to operate, we don't know, but if we don't move forward, how do we even explore and progress. Of course other aspect of the phone has to be push forward too.
CtrlALlTerrorS (2 months ago)
No matter how much I love it, I'd have to see if they finally fixed the poor audio recording in their phones and I might go back. It would be hard for me to trade in the stock Android in my Pixel 2 at this point and the camera is gorgeous enough..
tenchichrono (2 months ago)
Wow... looks amazing.
Psychopath Boy (2 months ago)
If you do not like the notch, you will surely have problems on 2018,just get over it,damn it!
Gimm Wolff (2 months ago)
I fallen deep love towards this awesome phone
Shafit Kazi (2 months ago)
man EMUI is the only problem i see
Henry Gordon (2 months ago)
Mountain white athletic think herself myth square upon stone reserve chief.
Malcolm Vladisclav (2 months ago)
Good luck buying Chinese iPhone X imitation phones.
Hanoz Navdar (2 months ago)
Huawei today is what HTC used to be back in the day. Always trying to 1up with design and quality.
villavan kothai (2 months ago)
Holy crap 51000 ISO ?....0.0
winj3r (2 months ago)
This would be an amazing phone if it wasn't for that stupid notch.
Ki an (2 months ago)
Why not a 4th wide angle camera like the LGs?
Ritesh Dhoot (2 months ago)
I feel, Huawei has really taken camera & AI improvements a leap forward .. Last year, it was Pixel XL 2 which brought such a great camera improvements along with great camera software (machine learning, edge detection, scene sharpening etc.) ..
Ron Juno (2 months ago)
After having the P7 last 2015, will definitely get this P20. So lovely!
Neil Thompson (2 months ago)
Ankan Biswas (2 months ago)
The final DSLR Killer has been made. 2k10 best of luck for cameras. And finally RIP Samsung and Pixel.
Beastly G (2 months ago)
God it's just so good looking, + that camera... I may just let the notch slide. At least it's the smallest I've seen by far. I wouldn't want to hide it though, that takes away a bit of screen so might as well use it with the notch.
Rod E (2 months ago)
While I loved this phone with Leica lenses, the photo comparisons I'm seeing online made me realize 2 things: 1, this phone has one of the best camera(s) of all the phones in the market right now. 2, my Pixel 2 was really advanced for its time, as the comparison between Pixel 2 photos and P20 Pro, you can't really see that much of a difference on the pictures. Which is a testament to Google Pixel: they were able to do with one camera, what others do with 3. Still Team Pixel 2, even after iPhone X, Samsung S9, and Huawei P20 Pro
TECH GAJET WORLD (2 months ago)
Power and slim !
kingsleylu jinkai (2 months ago)
Beautiful phone
ShankayLoveLadyL (2 months ago)
I'm currently using EMUI. I used HTC Sense, EMUI, Samsung Sense (or how is called samsung UI), Android Stock, Sony UI and 5T. HTC have the best UI, Stock android makes no sense and it's used as an excuse for manufacturers who can't optimize an UI, EMUI is the worst of them all along with Sony UI. I stick to HTC Sense being the fastest UI on the market + reliable and it was proved too. Lack of 3.5mm is another stupid excuse for manufacturers giving them space for other "features" while it's not fcking true at all as it was proven the opposite too. The problem is at consumers who refuses to open their eyes. I hope U12+ will have a good screen or at least as good as U11+ otherwise, i will switch to a new U11+ and i'm done with smartphones for 2-3 years.
ShankayLoveLadyL (2 months ago)
I don't know what happen to Sense UI in last year, but, i will take any risk and i will buy a HTC U12+ this summer. i'm using a backup phone from huawei right now. I installed Nova launcher over EMUI because it became more and more slowly. In HTC devices that never happen to me (with more than 10 apps with real-time push notifications). In huawei i have only 3 and it looks that's ruined device performance already + I had only one widget on the home screen (other 2 screens were only few icons).... On Htc i had like 1 to 3 active widgets on each screen. It's totaly disappointing what a huge difference is between these 2 UI. At the same time, on XDA dev, none of u11 users were disapointed by device smoothness and power.
Ethian315 (2 months ago)
Nah, i'm a HTC user too, but after some updates last month(try to wrecked the phone so i can change a new one?), my m7 went dead. Then i try a cheaper Mi phone as a temporary phone, which is really really simple and fast. So I'll give a chance to EMUI. Just a matter of preference i think.
Hudson Lee (2 months ago)
No headphone jack means no purchase
I'm so excited for the camera shoot-out! It will be epic!
MR George (2 months ago)
pretty good ENGLISH. here and there minor slips though PLEASE fix that fEEnger word its fInger "uh" sound . your welcome .
Adam Tech & stuff (2 months ago)
huawei is now #1. forget about those other companies.. they even put the onscreen fingerprint in their Porsche edition, the mate-rs
cheng jim (2 months ago)
the ultimate P99 with 99 camera

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