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$500 Drone vs $3000 Drone - DJI Spark vs Inspire 1!

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Casey's Video: https://youtu.be/nujgBunvgBI DJI Spark: http://amzn.to/2qhvB2f DJI Inspire 1 Black: http://amzn.to/2rVTehb Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Connery by 20syl ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD

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Text Comments (2385)
CaseyNeistat (11 months ago)
nice use of a Ferrari as a tripod Marques
Nick k (3 days ago)
Yeah, Casey neistat!😀😀😀😀
andeng flores (1 month ago)
CaseyNeistat how many drones do you have?
federico guerra (3 months ago)
Soli Amsalem (3 months ago)
Kostya Ryzhkov ע
Adrian MH (3 days ago)
Yes but does is blend?
-v- (3 days ago)
Barry Corpuz (23 days ago)
I want the camera from the inspire 1! I'm gonna get a Inspire Drone!
Akhil M S (1 month ago)
Compare it with xiaomi drone !!
Awais Ali (1 month ago)
CoolCatGamez (1 month ago)
It's Casey!
FARAZ MOHAMMED (1 month ago)
Who's ferrari is that???
QBOX 83 (1 month ago)
SURENITY ! (1 month ago)
Ralf Kirt (1 month ago)
why 4k why?
juan martinez (1 month ago)
Cool review
Scenes in the Sky (1 month ago)
you need to make a mavic air review
HUMAN LIFE (1 month ago)
by which camera u shooted yr description video? pls tell me the name of camera n model.
Joey Pereyra (2 months ago)
This video is dji vs ferrari. Hahahaha...
Ninjawarrior700000 (2 months ago)
That's Casey Neistat
Vil (2 months ago)
Song from intro please?
Jeremy H. (2 months ago)
For not being a video professional and just making some OK videos here and there, I think the Spark will more than do what I need. They're even cheaper now.
iaag o (2 months ago)
next compare a couple million dollar drone with weapons on it vs the dji spark i think the dji spark would win
Why did the DJI Inspire cross the road? ..... Because the pilot was trying to fly the other way
Airick 5150 (2 months ago)
nice vid, good job
Achisachis73 (2 months ago)
Casey and Marques... a great duo!
Achisachis73 (2 months ago)
nice video man, good info
SOLID KREATE (3 months ago)
Dude you are a much better reviewer than that other dude in your video.
Acid Shot (3 months ago)
It's 600-700€ drone...
UKWYA 93 (3 months ago)
Nice car Mark
RyanDoes - Gaming & More (3 months ago)
L0L! Ferrari just got roasted!
Rudra Pandiya (3 months ago)
Dji magic air
TheLions Vlogs (3 months ago)
Why does he always bump up the price by a lot... the dji drone isn’t 500... it is 369 and original price was 399 NOT 500.. and the inspire 1 is 2000 dollars not 3000... when he tries to make himself look rich😂
KlockworXMusic (2 months ago)
500 is the fly more pack which is fairly popular since it comes with a controller that works way better then just using your phone to control the Spark. The Inspire 1 Black Edition sold for $2999, but has since been discontinued I believe since the release of the Inspire 2.
LUpilot2012 (3 months ago)
*more thrust
Atheist Avenger (4 months ago)
Damn you make good reviews. I see why you got all those subs.
Kirby 1810 (4 months ago)
Want to send me a Spark to Test? Cant afford it xD
HAMID VLOGS (4 months ago)
Did you split Ferrari's rental costs with Casey ??? jut kidding
BraddVrodlok18 (4 months ago)
Burger King 🍔 is giving away Drones if you buy $1.49 chicken nuggets
HeroSpartan (4 months ago)
A big drone is not faster
KlockworXMusic (2 months ago)
A larger drone will be able to carry a heavy payload faster then a smaller drone. They aren't looking at racing drones, they are looking at camera platforms. And even if they were, a 100mph racing drone wouldn't even take off with something like a Ronin attached to it, but an M600 will do 70km/h equipped with a Ronin camera.
Mrr Yarmar (4 months ago)
Nice bro
Gurmehar Bajwa (4 months ago)
Nice vid man!
Gurmehar Bajwa (4 months ago)
Gotta love Marques for the shots at that Ferrari... *cough *cough, aha I mean...
Marvic Libo-on (4 months ago)
The Heartfelt Kid that would be more expensive
Frewu (4 months ago)
This moment when you can compare a little selfie drone with a professional drone... awesome!
MDG Collections (4 months ago)
Love my little Spark! Thanks to my wife for Christmas! 12/29/17 NYC
Tech Savvy (4 months ago)
If they had an award for the ugliest youtubers, Casey would win.
likegames33 (4 months ago)
Yesterday i lost my small drone :(
LEADING INN0VATION (4 months ago)
please do also a short review about the mavic pro
Winston Churchill (4 months ago)
Marques Brownlee Mr. Neistat is a terrible person, you are a gentleman. I like you. Carry on.
markfothebeast (4 months ago)
Save your money and get a drone with GPS. The little toy ones will blow away with your wallet.
markfothebeast (2 months ago)
KlockworXMusic Sorry. My mistake. I saw one for sale locally and I Googled it. I couldn't find any GPS related details. Otherwise I may have purchased it
KlockworXMusic (2 months ago)
What? The Spark has GPS. And it depends what someone wants, no one puts GPS in racing drones. You're making very general and somewhat incorrect statements. As well, I have seen someone lose an Inspire 2 in very high winds, it blew off out of signal range and we were unable to ever recover it.
Roberto Licardie (4 months ago)
Now, to your regular college student that doesn't have a Ferrari budget... A DJI Spark is more than capable to shoot some cinematic compositions. You gotta make the best out of what you have. Cheers
David Smith (4 months ago)
When you buy the drone from dji, would you mind using the affiliate link in the description of my last video?  Thank you!
Jayanth S (5 months ago)
✌✌peace to you too!
Nuclear Potato (5 months ago)
Do you know Justin Brownlee?
bar nel (5 months ago)
nice review
George s. (5 months ago)
Wow.,is the inspire better than fantom 3?
Marlon King (5 months ago)
I want a drone. I want to believe the spark is good. But being that small, I’m convinced a gust of wind would send it hurling in to the deep blue see.
iwill nottake (5 months ago)
I will be more interested if u make a video on the Ferrari
iwill nottake (5 months ago)
yeah I know. I took advantage of the sale, got the alpine white coming
David Smith (5 months ago)
DJI has a 30% off sale!!!  The link is in my last video!!!
Sup Kids (5 months ago)
Why does everyone forget about 1440p it’s just from 1080p to 4K the reason I like 1440p is that it actually has higher than 60hz
David Smith (5 months ago)
Sup Kids DJI has a 30% off sale!!! The link is in my last video!!!
Pepe Le Pew (5 months ago)
MKBHD is boring me these days but damn that crispness is bloody gorgeous. Marques too.
David Smith (5 months ago)
Pepe Le Pew DJI has a 30% off sale!!! The link is in my last video!!!
Vale (5 months ago)
Don't call that fat ugly piece of a shit faster than a fucking Ferrari.
David Smith (5 months ago)
Vale DJI has a 30% off sale!!! The link is in my last video!!!
Vania Brewda (5 months ago)
Don’t see the difference between the 4K and 1080 on here. Maybe because I’m watching via mobile device?
David Smith (5 months ago)
Vania Brewda DJI has a 30% off sale!!! The link is in my last video!!!
Connor Read (5 months ago)
Really with you did the inspire 2, but still a great video!
David Smith (5 months ago)
its the inspire 1 pro or something like that
Paul Sison (5 months ago)
inspire 2
Jason KY (5 months ago)
Of course the DJI Drones are good, it is design and manufacture in China.
Gurung Rudra (5 months ago)
Which country 500 dollar
Philson (5 months ago)
still prefer the mavic
Ahmed Siddig Muhammed (5 months ago)
So it's not foldable? ***k it
David Smith (5 months ago)
i wish
Kevin Yang (5 months ago)
Hey guys I've been debating on the two, the dji spark or phantom 3 standard. I'm looking towards more of a film look. Which would you guys recommend? Thanks!
David Smith (5 months ago)
Please go with the mavic if you have the money, you would regret not doing it.  When you make your purchase, can you use the link in the description of my channel’s last video?  (It would be much appreciated!)
Chosen Idea (5 months ago)
They're so different, not sure why you're choosing between those two? Have you thought about the Mavic?
Branden Stewart (5 months ago)
Great drone! I've used mine for the last few videos, super excited how the footage turned out. I love the little spark, it's perfect for travel bloggers!
Jussi Valter (4 months ago)
It's perfect for shy drone flighters too like me :D Nobody will not notice me flying this tiny drone. Nobody will not get angry or even notice that I'm shooting video. Still the quality of the camera is very usable for even more serious work. That's awesome. I hate fly my 1,2m diameter giant DJI S1000 octo copter!
Chinmaya Panda (6 months ago)
I saw Casey's video the day released.. but didn't notice you at all though i am following you for long time..casey is pretty attractive that you forget everything
The Insane Bolt! (6 months ago)
Or just build one
Oscar Mabon (6 months ago)
good vid
Show time (6 months ago)
So a drone is more expensive than an iphoneX
Chosen Idea (5 months ago)
There are drones more expensive than some cars.
the Sidekickerz (6 months ago)
moe musa (6 months ago)
I wanna see Casey vs Marques in FPV drone race in New York or LA like if you agree
David R. Cohen (7 months ago)
Spark is junk for lil fags
Tenzin Tsultrim (7 months ago)
you suck
Mohsen Aghdam (7 months ago)
Very interesting 👍🏽 &a cool Ferrari man🤤
Karl Pikner (7 months ago)
Subscribe me, I want my first 10 subs :) Nice video!
SAAALTY tree10 (7 months ago)
I got a good deal for a 50 dollar drone that had a camera on it and was exremely small.
UNBOX (7 months ago)
spark is the most interesting drone
George David (7 months ago)
there are two types of black people.. acceptable/good looking and bad looking. well let's say you are not part of the first
Sreejith Sd (7 months ago)
Pls if ur going to give away one. Pls give me one. I don't have enough money to afford one.
박서준 (7 months ago)
I envy you
Mister Multirotor (7 months ago)
Just so u know, it's pronounced quadcopter
Lorenzo cardenas (7 months ago)
You can literally build a drone way better then the spark for 150 dollers same size too
Matt Lynn (7 months ago)
I need your advice: I just sold my phantom 3 pro. I do real estate photography as a side gig for the fun of it. I almost never do video so the 4K really isn’t a benefit. I means it’s nice but usually it’s going to be saved down to 1080 anyway. I do appreciate really nice shots but I’m not sure if I can justify the mavic over the spark here? Usually i only need to be up for less than 6-8 mins anyway. Any reason the spark isn’t good enough? Really just comes down to Raw vs JPEG right?
Cartney84 Ian (7 months ago)
500 just enough can keep in pocket lol
Sébastien Roy (7 months ago)
I was sure that the film tool would be the spark. That’s weird
Kevin Smith (7 months ago)
Anyone noticed the Ferrari? I'm chocked.
Umair Khattak (8 months ago)
man the tesla hit on the ferrari was dope. good one marques
Lukas S. (8 months ago)
Hey Marques, didn't the Spark get a 4k update? I would like to see a new comparison between the Mavic and the Spark. Keep up the good work.
박서준 (8 months ago)
You are reach
hsvkidusa (8 months ago)
Awesome drone pilot.....ha
Nadun lochana perera (8 months ago)
The Tesla vs Ferrari burn tho 🔥🔥🔥
Vacced (8 months ago)
Can't even afford the spark
Robert Rosenberger (8 months ago)
Do u have to brag with your ferrari you fucking snob
Da Majestic Muffin (8 months ago)
So, brand new spark or used inspire from eBay?
om choubey (8 months ago)
Buhut achhe
hooe hooe (8 months ago)
Cheap phones are getting good. Good phones are getting cheap
Prince Priyanshu (8 months ago)
Film tool vs fun tool yeah? So I am going with fun tool Yes bcoz 500$ just 500$ man fun tool is like film tool for me bcoz just in 500$ it's amazing But film tool is wow 3000$😅😅 very costly so 500$ is good for us
Law For All (8 months ago)
Are drones legal in the states... And if yes, do you have to get some registration for each drone
Talha Balaj (8 months ago)
Quality of these video is so good <3
isaiah jean-louis (8 months ago)
Nice vids

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