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Yamaha Viking top speed test

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Tops out at 51mph, you cant feel it govern itself. Its still pulling pretty good at 50 but you can feel the limiter kick in.
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Trevor Westerlund (1 year ago)
whats the top speed like 29
Trevor Westerlund (2 years ago)
i could beat that hunk of crap in my 250 quad
dasmoose fourfourzero (1 year ago)
it's not a performance sxs, purely for utility.
Wayne r (3 years ago)
you know, I could have said some things, and could have been funny, but to those who point out the dad reassuring the kid things are okay, "we are having fun".. congratulations, you are good people giving good people their due.  screw you idiots wanting to crap on everything.
Slick Mongercash (3 years ago)
To me, that was beautiful. Dad having some fun with his kido. Reassuring it's all good :)
Justin Smith420 (4 years ago)
rocky 7 quit bein a lil bitch. it's a back road
Greg Rowe (4 years ago)
Unless you live near there, you're not going on that road with a car and if it rains, it better be a 4x4 truck or tractor or it looks like you're not going to make it. There's a few roads like that around here and although that technically are county roads, they're unmaintained so you're not going to see any sedans going down them. Just atvs and 4x4 trucks just for the sake of mudding and might see a tractor.
Greg Rowe (4 years ago)
Was wondering what the top speed of one of these was. I bet it would go faster if the rev limiter didn't kick in. Im sure there's a way to override that, different chip or something but it would probably void any factory warranty. Looks pretty remote to me, so I doubt unless you live out there, you're never going to drive on that road in a car.
shift rk (4 years ago)
I thought recognized the trail. I won't tell everyone where you were, but i love that area.
Ian Muller (4 years ago)
@rocky7 It isn't illegal everywhere first off, what's the difference between that side by side and a car. Its a fuckin seasonal back road and in today's time let's be thankful dad spends time with his kid. You stay in the city with the rest of your judgmental douche bags and leave this shit to the country folks!!!! Ha ha ha what a douche!
Cody Teague (4 years ago)
That helmet is too heavy for that kid. Watch your head movement compared to (his/her's.) If you hit something hard enough from any direction it won't be pretty at all. Put the kid in a 5 point harness, goggles and a trucker hat.
tigahshark (4 years ago)
Now that's just some good old family fun right there and a awesome machine
k dub (4 years ago)
does yours have eps? i was looking at getting one of these just wanted to know if it was better to save the money and get one without it?
aronsrb4815 (4 years ago)
Im going to pick mine up friday, I cant wait
hemiram2k5 (4 years ago)
Congrads, i picked up mine yesterday, enjoying it so far aswell.

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