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Moto E4 hands on: $70, really?

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Read more: https://goo.gl/rcwqHy | Buy at Amazon: http://tyvm.ly/dRNn1 We take our first hands on look at the $70 Moto E4. Download the AndroidAuthority App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidauthority.app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://google.com/+androidauthority - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave John Velasco: https://twitter.com/john_c_velasco Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1

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Text Comments (554)
SeaBird (5 days ago)
I have this phone, amazing for the price!
Nerdy RayRay (18 days ago)
It is a really good phone! I recommend!
JasnoGT (1 month ago)
Washed out colors? He must be joking. The screen is very vibrant for an LCD. He probably has it at the non vibrant setting.
Gaming with kat :3 (1 month ago)
I have this Phone its pretty cool Btw its the gold one...
Clit Commander (1 month ago)
Where can you buy it for 70$
Haris Zaheer (2 months ago)
I'm commenting using this phone. it's vaow
Jake Rios (2 months ago)
Curious can anyone answer I got the metro version Moto e4 so does it have 3d touch? I lightly push the phone and option screen for that app comes up is that considered 3d touch?
-W G W- (3 months ago)
Got this phone free for signing up with MetroPCS as a backup carrier. My version doesn't have the fingerprint scanner but I think many reviewers are a bit spolied. 2gigs of ram and the 825 processor and 308 Adreno have epic performance for under $200 bucks. The screen does not distort back at all at angles. I prefer this phone actually over my S6 because I like the matte plastic body and how it feels. My samsung phones, the newer phones may feel heavy and primium but they also feel like they are made out of glass and to me feel cheap and as if they will break too easily. What's odd is my Moto E4 does things faster than my S6 or Note5 dispite what the performance apps giving it a lower score. Go figure. - Hope this comment helps some in deciding on this phone as it's really a gem.
eli 90 (3 months ago)
Dollar general prices
David Cote (3 months ago)
I just bought one (Feb 22,2018) for $40 at Wal-Mart. It's a pretty solid backup phone or one to walk around with.
Matt Kline (3 months ago)
Every Walmart that I have visited has this phone available for $39.00 ! I bought one just to see what you get for less than 50 bucks in a smartphone and was so impressed that I went back and bought a second one just for back up.
Audio (3 months ago)
The display on my E4 is great. Not washed out at all. Very sharp.
Candi_Cisses (3 months ago)
I Love My moto 💯
Chris Emerick (3 months ago)
Salad fingers
Tasha Drysdale (4 months ago)
We understand it's a budget phone so u can stop say that's what u get for $70
Edmundo studios (4 months ago)
Wasn’t this guy with phone arena?
Aleksandar Ustić (4 months ago)
Does this work on European networks?
Scott L (4 months ago)
I am watching the review on my Moto E4 which I purchased because I broke my other phone and I'm waiting for it to be repaired and this seems like a viable backup device
Bex Underwood (5 months ago)
Moto E4 or Lg K20plus?
MegaTheshiz (5 months ago)
$70?! They're $200 in Canada. Same price as my Mote E2. I think I'm gonna cave and buy this one.
Nathan Craddock (5 months ago)
Moto g4 vs e4? Which won is better. Plz comment if u know.
calvin uber (6 months ago)
I cam get this for 50
Mike S (6 months ago)
Got mine for $42 at Walmart via Verizon. My expensive phone screen cracked and I can't wait to get it fixed. This will work as an emergency phone, texting, light content consuming and text document creation. A high value phone for the price but it does feel cheap when you are use to metal body flagships with great screens. Its a Honda Toyota base model of phones... It will get you there.
mani arvin (6 months ago)
Sadly here in sg it launches with mediatek 6737:(
S A (6 months ago)
Thought it was a great phone and I was about to buy one until I found out - on moto forums - that there's no notification light (LED), or some update has disabled the function on the phone and there's still no fix. Does anyone know about this issue? A
dingus (6 months ago)
I got mine today for $49.99!
Zach B (7 months ago)
I got this as a media device. The Verizon prepaid version at Walmart is $40, it's locked on prepaid but that doesn't matter since it's just a media device for me. I can't believe how great it works. Makes my Z Force seem like a complete rip off, except the camera
Y Sims (7 months ago)
I cracked my screen on mines. But it's still going lol. I really like this phone. I had a Samsung note 5 so I do miss my pen lol. My screen faded to blue/black on my note 5 and the screen replacement wasn't worth it with no warranty left. So after researching I gave this a chance to replace my Samsung. I never had a Motorola phone so it was a new experience. Fast, good screen, no problems. It's obviously not a Samsung or iPhone so that should be considered. Paid 40 for it at Walmart.
iETxT3 iEPXD (7 months ago)
Its free at sprint... Should i buy?
Chupick Nicolas (7 months ago)
I can't believe that you guys get paid to do these reviews when the (written) review for this phone mentions absolutely nothing about the call quality or battery life. Did you just play with the phone for 30 seconds and hastily write a one page review while sitting on the toilet!? It certainly feels that way.
Chupick Nicolas (7 months ago)
$140 in Canada :/
UGS4697 (7 months ago)
If I were to buy this phone could I use this on my Sprint plan? I want to do this because my phone is on a lease and I have to return it by the end of the plan.
Evan Ohashi-White (8 months ago)
My Moto E4 does not have a fingerprint sensor
Johnathan Radmer (6 months ago)
Evan Ohashi-White I think only the Verizon edition has the fingerprint scanner
Harry Lea (8 months ago)
ha the UK addition is metal
Mark Olar (8 months ago)
I got one at Walmart for 40 (locked to Verizon)
zen (8 months ago)
I have this phone, and absolutely love it. I moved to it from a Moto G3 with only 1GB of RAM, so this E4 with 2GB is great for me. No more need for the "RAM Cleanup" app. Even if you're not on a budget, this is a great phone.
emofreako (8 months ago)
I love my Moto E4, even compared to some more expensive phones. However one downside is that the fingerprint scanner is absolutely garbage.
Andrew Sani (9 months ago)
My school is getting these phones. Every 9th, 10th, and some 11th/12th graders are receiving these phone for free! I think my school is part of this Sprint 1Million Project. Also the phones come with unlimited data, unlimited calls/texts, and hotspot capability!
Urban Kitsune (9 months ago)
This phone is $40 at Walmart for prepaid. I got it and love it. Been using it for 3 weeks and shows no sign of slowing. Battery life is decent even though people say it's crap. Can play Pokemon go for 6 hours on a full charge and not even my s7 lasted that long. It's a freaking great smartphone and would recommend it to anyone. The thumb print sensor works fabulously and you can even use it if the phone screen is off to unlock your phone (unlike my s7edge). I literally have no complaints about it
Alberto Morales (8 months ago)
does it work with gsm bands if you buy the unlock code on ebay?
Schmidteren (9 months ago)
anyone have battery benchmark on this one? gsmarena and phonearena have no info on it. :(
impalaman32 (9 months ago)
I just got mine for $40!!
ekoms108 (9 months ago)
39.99 at Walmart
Brenda I Burroughs (9 months ago)
ii got it for 40
David G (9 months ago)
It's 129.99 right now
Jose Lopez (9 months ago)
it's 130 now rip
Kenny Mendez (9 months ago)
40 dollars right now at Walmart. 2 dollars to unlock it on eBay.
Nelson Patterson (6 months ago)
Kenny Mendez will that unlock code from ebay allow me to use AT&T right
ciara :P (9 months ago)
The colors were dark cuz he barely had the brightness up 😂
Azzagard (9 months ago)
It's down to $39.99 at Walmart currently.
Loren Peterson (9 months ago)
Good Site: https://republicwireless.com/phones/moto-e4/?product-param.condition=new&product-param.color=%23000000&product-param.capacity=16
Cory Steed (9 months ago)
I bought mine Verizon version at Walmart for 39.86
T R O Y 2 0 4 8 (10 months ago)
feels lightweight. 150g
Clarence Ho (10 months ago)
how do the international e4 (mediatek) and the usa e4 (snapdragon) compare? the international e4 plus has 3gb ram
Fabian M (10 months ago)
Guys!! if you guys want this phone for $50!!!! buy it from Us Cellular website, its already unlocked, can confirm since im using it with my Verizon chip!!
Warped (10 months ago)
But but but it doesn't have a fruit logo. Add that and charge $600 more!
Justin Crediblename (10 months ago)
$26 on ebay. goodbye dysfunctional iphone 4s with memory that doesn't clear, no memcard slot, and random shutoffs.
awais ahmed (10 months ago)
Moto King 👑 of budgets
Tenkashi69 (10 months ago)
at MetroPCS it's only $50
Hussey (10 months ago)
Just got the motoE4. its pretty nice so far. been about a week. obviously phones slow down with time, but i believe this is a good purchase instead of the 600$ phones
Rahu B (10 months ago)
otg supported?
Javier Hernandez (10 months ago)
I'm on Verizon but I really wish it was the Moto e4 plus. it's 5.5" and has. 5000mah battery. I wish Verizon would sell the plus instead for an extra 20 or so.
sparkshower100 (10 months ago)
Not a single word about 5000 Mah battery? edit: Sorry that was e4 plus for under $100
AgaricusD (10 months ago)
Does anyone know if the US unlocked version supports usb OTG?
Braden Coppersmith (10 months ago)
does it have slo mo and this or Moto g4
Braden Coppersmith (10 months ago)
would this be good for a first phone and would it stay fastish for possibly 1-2years
akmdks (10 months ago)
How can you complain 1 bit for a phone worth 70 dollars ?
Mick Zest (10 months ago)
Ordered this prepaid moto e4 online from verizon, couldn't activate it, called and they said the pre installed sim was the wrong one. Went to verizon store they put the right one in. The real bad is people I talk to say I break up. it has 2 microphones. the one on the back looks like the plastic hole was never cleared to the mic? Looks like I should get a needle and poke it. Does yours look closed? I disabled hd voice I havent broke up yet but I only did it twice so far.
Karl Austin (10 months ago)
Anyone know if this phone is coming to Boost Mobile at some point?
Muhammad Eeqan (10 months ago)
where can u buy this phone?
Erickkach (10 months ago)
wait? headphone jack is a feature? isn't that a no shit its a smartphone?
Mahesh (10 months ago)
So does it have google assistant ?
butsukete (10 months ago)
Is the bootloader unlockable? Guessing not since Verizon.
Joe A (10 months ago)
Stopped watching at "Verizon"
George Phillips (10 months ago)
Hey !! Omfg pale i love this one a lrt branch
coconut1984 coconut (11 months ago)
Funny how these reviewers sound so surprised $70 phones exists. There are $45 phones too.
Reuben Skelly (11 months ago)
it's not 70 dollars though
i bet this phone beats my iphone 6 (biggest regret of my life)
Khanin the Uhnahkian (11 months ago)
This phone right here is the real Flagship killer lol.
November Delta (11 months ago)
Your voice is annoying.
Joram Kuboja (11 months ago)
Can anyone help me how to buy this phone am from Tanzania and i real want this phene
Ruben Hendriks (11 months ago)
light It is snck% dawn =)
Edgar Sanchez (11 months ago)
I hate this guys voice, and i hate is reviews.
Krishnakumar (11 months ago)
50 bucks for 3310 and 70 bucks for Moto E4. Guess people would know where to invest... I love Nokia but, HMD global is no Nokia.
rajesh ranjit (11 months ago)
But it has Mediatek processor besides North America
Dylan James (11 months ago)
evening quick switch leadership examine honest even facility.
MTG 102 (11 months ago)
check out the Stylo 2 for 80$
Justin K. (11 months ago)
I wonder how much the Amazon Prime exclusive version will be
Pritam Naskar (11 months ago)
is it Verizon exclusive? means can I buy this from India?
Sky King (11 months ago)
better than iPhone.
Hector G. (11 months ago)
I hated when reviewers act like a plastic back is a bad thing, they are part of the problem because companies tend to think they speak for the rest of us. If I drop a plastic back phone it will likely not break or at least it is easily replaceable, now this is on a $70 phone. If only I could say the same about my $800 glass back device!!
Steven D (11 months ago)
Didn’t I see that John V was retiring a few months ago?
Felipe Augusto (11 months ago)
While that... New iPhones and the Galaxy Note 8 are going to be sold at $1000
Shakuntala Jain (11 months ago)
In India Moto C Plus is launched at 108$ and Moto E4 is a higher series so it would be about 150$😭 Why are you doing this Motorola😭
Andrew Casiquin (11 months ago)
here in ph it's priced at $130
Just a dog (11 months ago)
leego m8
Grumpy Cat (11 months ago)
Wow Lenovo cares about Motorola more than their other Lenovo brand phones.
famousdeq (11 months ago)
found my next phone.
Claudini Varguez (11 months ago)
Motorola is back on the role again, I'll take 4 of them, please.
Lauren Watts (11 months ago)
Summit kit adventure merely middle comfortable moral gesture.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker (11 months ago)
Looks good. Hopefully, there will be a gsm model at this price.
Erik Pierce (11 months ago)
Bought it yesterday and got it today! Amazing phone for the price! But amazing phone period. Don't listen to the washed out lcd and bad viewing angles. It's a very solid panel.

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