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Google Home Max Review: $400 Smart Speaker?

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Google Home Max is a ridiculously powerful smart speaker for $400. Is it worth it? Google Home Max: https://store.google.com/us/product/google_home_max?hl=en-US Audio test song: Say Nada (Remix) by Shakka Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: On and On Pt II by Hocus Pocus ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3620)
Awais Zarmisha (1 hour ago)
Who else got mr mobile as add
Dashawn King (17 hours ago)
When he said hey google my Google started talking lmao
Elisha Kriis (22 hours ago)
Its an Awesome video, also watch my youtube channel and please make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
Vermillion93 (1 day ago)
The max is overkill in my opinion I prefer the mini.
Arthur evans (2 days ago)
Nailed that thumbnail
Wood.Work.LIFE. (2 days ago)
Dr, Disrespect in the background, legendary
B Leijssen (2 days ago)
How is the sound vs sonos play 5
Garrett Gray (3 days ago)
Him saying hey Google set off my freaking Google home
Richard DelFranco (5 days ago)
Very good review. Top notch work.
Nathan Stansfield (5 days ago)
My google home went mental with this video on, everyone in the house is now awake again
Daniel Morelli (5 days ago)
Dr Good Life (5 days ago)
Has everyone got a google home and it talks every time marquez says hey google
Mike Workman (6 days ago)
I want one that talks like Morgan Freeman.
Cameron L. (6 days ago)
Great review! I am looking forward to getting one of these!!
Ola Bergvall (6 days ago)
@mkbhd Upon watchibg this... Just got at laugh out of my Google Home. I said: Hey Google, change your voice Google says: I'm afraid I can't talk like a bloke, no Got me giggling
harshaashok93 (6 days ago)
Hey mkb.. Can you do a review of jibo?
Gurtej Singh (6 days ago)
Google home mini video- 5 minutes Google home video- 6 minutes Google home max video-7 minutes Am I sensing a trend here..?
Chase McDougall (7 days ago)
It looks like a loaf of bread.
nick martin (7 days ago)
Google home is really cool and useful with other smart home items. But it SUCKS when it doesn't work xD
Michael Fielding (7 days ago)
I really like your reviews and as such I got a pixel2 that I absolutely love!! However, while watching this you activated Google assist about 8 times on my phone lol. Nothing like 8 unintended breaks.
WILLIAMPIGGY111 (7 days ago)
That triggered off my google home while I was in the other room
4boyscouts (7 days ago)
Same reaction I had when I heard Google's other voice.
Herre Bosma (7 days ago)
At first I didn't bother with any videos about audio, until I heard some great speakers at a friend of mines place. It really makes a big difference in every single experienced with sound, especially music.
Maksymilian Tomasik (7 days ago)
399? But can you do this?
Ben Ward (8 days ago)
when you said hey google and asked the question my google home mini replied with the exact same Answer
Nikola Radulov (8 days ago)
you so would compare things to a watermelon
HC Li (9 days ago)
Dat Thumb
Andrew Seodyal (10 days ago)
The Max sounds amazing in comparison to the others
Brent Tipton (10 days ago)
I know you can connect it to a turntable via the 1/8" aux input. Can the turntable output be broadcast to other connect Google Home/Minis, or is a direct input to the Max only? I'd love to be able to broadcast my turntable to my entire network of Home/Minis.
Tom Allen vlogs (11 days ago)
Nice editing and video
Nick S (11 days ago)
Hb sonos
TheDanielShepherd (12 days ago)
Urgh, I can tell I hate the sound signature from that even from your short demo - that typical horrible boxy consumer speaker sound that they all seem to go for. For this price you could buy a Elac Uni-Fi which is about 1000x better sounding - granted you need an amp and another one, but these things are still expensive for dreadful sound quality and all those horrible over priced boxy junk from Bose, H&K, Sonos, JBL, B&W. You can get a pair of ADAM A7x studio monitors for this price and feel the sound in front of your eyes.
elias0nU2b (13 days ago)
Can you please do an in depth review of the HP Elite x3?
2cool0 (13 days ago)
Wise leader Marques, tell me more about this chrome cast audio and google Home combining. If I get google Home mini and chrome cast audio can you also connect one more thing to the chrome cast audio? So say I have google Home mini connected but I want to play a song from my phone to the chrome cast audio. Can I do that while the Home mini is connected?
Heroic (13 days ago)
Nice video! can you do a review on the Sonos Play 5 gen 2??
NITIN MEHTA (14 days ago)
THE best YouTuber of all times! Love your videos. Keep up the good work..!
Quackeh (14 days ago)
i was watching this and when he was demonstrating commands my google home heard and responded and it scared the shit out of me
The war on your mind (14 days ago)
So glad you goyum like our product. We like watching your every move. And gathering all your information has never been easier thanks to our Google home.
Speedy Scorpion (14 days ago)
My Google home mini went off when you asked yours how tall it was
DeadlyKiitten (14 days ago)
Hey Marques! I was wondering if you would do a review on the sailor moon Meitu phone that was released last year?
Mike Chininin (15 days ago)
That thing looks like a beast.
51317 (15 days ago)
This shit is garbage for even $60. You're telling me this is more technology advanced and expensive to make than the PS4? You can big a big stereo surround system for that price. What's with stupid young people thinking this is worth the money? And I'm young myself.
MultiScragy (15 days ago)
your video tripped my home mini in 2 instances and it started repeating what yours was saying :)
Tristan Kai (16 days ago)
anyone who wants a good sounding smart speaker with 360 degree sound should definitely look into buying the UE megablast. its epic!
azariel prieto (16 days ago)
Right when he said Alexa my Echo Plus went off
Janathan gamer Archu (16 days ago)
Wow Google speaker and phone
Brad Rivera (17 days ago)
Seat library career ghepzkl dad plate handle claim cancel slightly herb industrial chance.
6 Months Later (17 days ago)
I ended up buying one of these as well and fell into that niche of people who this thing was made for.  Ended up putting it right next to my bed since I liked it so much.  Really enjoying the Max! Thanks for the review!
ppdan (17 days ago)
When measuring speaker SPL don't measure so close. 1 meter is a good distance for most speaker and less is always bad. The closer you are the bigger the tolerance on your measurement.
Sutanreyu (17 days ago)
The four dots was a logo I came up with years ago; now Google uses it. :|
Vlogsy Gamer. (17 days ago)
it just triggered my Google Home Mini
hello serenity (17 days ago)
you set off my alexa
Ryan Yao (17 days ago)
like SONOS play 5
Khoa Tran (17 days ago)
Banana bread straight out of the oven
curiousgeorgieo (18 days ago)
Okay Moogle kupo my final fantasy
Arepa- Kun (18 days ago)
A donut for 45$ A coffe for 120$ A watermelon for 400$ Thanks god google is not a country, just kidding 😂
SAJJAD SSS 333 (18 days ago)
Slim420 Reshades (15 days ago)
Google Max = BBC
Wolfgang7117 (15 days ago)
SAJJAD SSS 333 your retarted
SalmanPlayz (16 days ago)
Did you really have to mention "Black"?
ChitownMuscle (17 days ago)
jj caywood (18 days ago)
Bro you kept activating my Google home in my room😂
Mathieu Phaneuf (18 days ago)
Sick stuff butt I will never ditch my B&W speaker with Denon amp. Analog team sorry
The Cosmic Vortex TV (18 days ago)
MKBHD, how do you use a dial pad during a Google home call?
Ben_Two _Bee_Two (19 days ago)
It's copying the sonos play 5
TBH FWM (19 days ago)
When you said “hey google” my google home mini answered your question
Sylvain Paquette (19 days ago)
Which weighting was used on the sound lever meter ?
Billy Whiteside (19 days ago)
you activated my google home during this video
Billy Whiteside (19 days ago)
Boris Bojanov (19 days ago)
Song name ?
Sam Wood (19 days ago)
Can the Max be paired with other Google Home devices? Can they play the same music at the same time? If I ask a question, will the closest unit answer the question, as it does with an Android phone and Google Home?
Takeit Easy (19 days ago)
Grr watching this with my Home in reach was a bad idea haha. However I will say it is really good at even quiet voices, as you said "Hey Google" my Chromecast turned down the volume quite low and the Home still picked you up so clearly.
Naveen S Ghodke (19 days ago)
Too big and too loud.
Michel Klee (19 days ago)
Can it be conected with the chromecast audio i already have?
Myst Morales (19 days ago)
Another piece of google trash. I have the Hotline number saved to my head because of calling so much because of issues almost everyday no matter how many replacements i have gotten; i still had the same type of problems !!! The source of the problem is the unfinished careless/abandoned software! Google cannot seem to get it right for some odd reason? Anything dealing with Google is a annoying problem especially with new updates crashing and breaking most systems which requires master resets repeatly which never end up working as good as it use to in the long run smh!. What is google's plot? ..
Myst Morales (19 days ago)
This garbage should only go for no more than 90$ (online) and 150$ (locally).
Pranav Rajagopal (19 days ago)
Donut, coffee mug, watermelon.
TheChosenOne (20 days ago)
I never noticed but he speaks with a lisp.
Rick Geng (20 days ago)
Guess who’s the smartest?
Sam Callan (20 days ago)
Not sure if its part of Google's complex YouTube algorithm but I've never search Apple Home Pod before yet when I typed A that was the first suggestion. That is weird because I was going to search that. Sorry found that pretty cool.
Darrin D (20 days ago)
NIce video. So I am interested in this Chromcast thing (this is the first time I looked into it). I have a Denon 7.2 surround sound receiver with Polk Audio Signature series 7.2 set up. Could I use a normal Chromcast (not the audio, since I'll need HDMI) to do the same thing with the Google Home Mini?
Jordan Noel (20 days ago)
All this google home stuff is getting really annoying. Everywhere i look its google home this & that
Juneao Alfred (20 days ago)
Female and male Google assistant only available with Google Home. Tried with android Oreo latest Google assistant app and she says "I'm afraid i can speak like a Bloke, no."
Calvin Wong (21 days ago)
When your Google home in the room activates
Red Wolf Rider (21 days ago)
Smart Grey Loaf of Bread
saratj1 (21 days ago)
google is like How can we mine data from inside their house and not on thier phone or computer, and get them to pay for it, I know a smart speaker muhahhahahha
Peter Frazier (21 days ago)
I have a mini and enjoy it really it. Might have to start saving
NY FAN (22 days ago)
It's a pos.. u can't play any songs if ur not a Google music subscriber.. 9$ a month.. fn bs
Landry Hardy (22 days ago)
My Home was going crazy during this.
Danny Thrower (22 days ago)
What speaker do you recommend for combining with a Google mini?
Henry kirya (22 days ago)
How Not to buy this just get a cheap but good mini amp from china usd 100 combine that with a cheap but decent pair of bookshelf speakers usd 100 add chromecast and you got yourself a thumpin bang for buck smart ass sound system for only about usd 250
Finin O'Callaghan (22 days ago)
It’s a shame it’s hideous
lovingorca (22 days ago)
Hello there, Happy new year. I hope you had a great Christmas 😎🌹
JandJ (22 days ago)
Your Face in the thumbnail be like 8}
Vic da G (23 days ago)
they should update google home to allow separation or combination of video and audio for videos!
Hugo Lewis (23 days ago)
Realize settle stretch olwmk corporate wild conservative cloth portfolio observation communication journal excuse popularity.
William Hendrix (23 days ago)
The devil dislike d the vid
Jaciel Espinosa-Severo (24 days ago)
You activated my Google home 2 times!
Kanu sharma Sharma (24 days ago)
hii this is the best gi
tvricky101 (24 days ago)
wtf lol when you said hey google mine went off and i literally got so scare d
Kunj (24 days ago)
He plays fantasy
Freez 0ver (25 days ago)
Hey every one subscribe me and i will subscribe you back....
TeEzY Da BeAsT (25 days ago)
Jeez I just got the Mini for Christmas and then this comes out...😏
Do you mind repeating how you could hook up a different speaker system through Chromecast? Thanks
Sam C (25 days ago)
Well, at least it’s designed to be a premium audio device, a device which promises premium sound, unlike the HomePod, which is basically at the same price.

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