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Ticwatch S and E Review - Affordable Android Wear

2032 ratings | 108244 views
Read the post: http://andauth.co/OiKbOh | Buy the Ticwatch S http://tyvm.ly/72jw4 | Buy the Ticwatch E: http://tyvm.ly/TicE The Ticwatch S and E drift from the original design in order to offer a more affordable option, but does the price effect the quality? Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (170)
MANXAN H (5 hours ago)
If a guy cares what matches his watch he doesn’t date women
Alejo (4 days ago)
did you try restarting the E? or resetting it LOL
Mr. MPQ (18 days ago)
Love all the PhillyD spotlight! Lol... great review. Been trying to decide between these two watches for a while now.
Ayman Ibrahim (19 days ago)
Sick jacket!
Hayden Rouse (1 month ago)
There's a deal for a ticwatch e and the new ticpods and I'm very tempted
Drake (1 month ago)
I wish you guys could do a follow-up with the E. I went with the Samsung Gear S3 classic.. love the look and feel, absolutely hate the ecosystem. No Google music, maps etc etc... How on Earth is Samsung getting rave reviews with their proprietary junk. The Ticwatch E looks great.
Neill Jansen van Vuuren (2 months ago)
Ticwatch E or Misfit vapor?
JohnnyZenith (2 months ago)
No NFC, no sale.
Kimsea Chea (2 months ago)
Can you do a review on Lemfo Lem5 pro
suthesan arasu (3 months ago)
If you have the money or save up to another good brand like Garmin or casio protrek. Instead of buying 10 cheap model wearing.
Ovi Wan Kenobi (3 months ago)
I still use the Huawei Watch with a Milanese band because no one has ever made a true replacement for it. Got it at launch a free years ago, used it every day and it still works really well. I find that the secret to battery life is turning on ambient display only when you need it and power it off overnight. It lasts me about 4-5 days like that. Normally it still only lasts 1.5 days of continuous use with ambient display on.
L. Chalwell (3 months ago)
Thanks for the review. Where did you get the yellow Kali shirt?
Eric Stroud (3 months ago)
Bought a ticwatch S in black. Only complaint I've got so far is lack of NFC. Would definitely recommend.
Eric Stroud (1 month ago)
Ar R yes. It works just fine for driving or biking, I use it all the time.
Ar R (1 month ago)
I can't find this answer anywhere, can you use the gps for directions while driving?
Eric Stroud (1 month ago)
Jan Michael Suarez typically 1 to two days.
Jan Michael Suarez (1 month ago)
Eric Stroud how long does your battery life of your ticwatch s last now?
DDMM DM (4 months ago)
got an almost new S for US$105 from someone who backed the KS campaign last year and later realized that it is pretty much useless on IOS. 105 is a reasonable deal and I wouldn't pay 199 for it.
Castic Spar (4 months ago)
someone help me please, want to get a smart watch , but not sure which. can someone help what is the best smartwatch to get.
Ian Aitken (4 months ago)
you should disclose whether you got paid for this
Lidocain Larry (4 months ago)
I got the E for 100 bucks on Kickstarter and so far I'm very happy with it. I'd love for the battery to last longer but as long as the hardware doesn't fail on me too soon it is an amazing watch for that price.
Jet Earlewood (4 months ago)
Thanks for explaining about these two items. My LEMFO Y3 Android 5.1 smart watch was giving me so much trouble that I got a Series 2 Apple watch. I love it, but miss the custom watch skins I had like Seiko, Panerai and others on the Y3. Can 3rd party watch faces be downloaded to the Tics? Thank you.
איתמר ערב (3 months ago)
Jet Earlewood yes, as with any Android Wear (:
Orhanic (4 months ago)
How is the speaker quality?
Benjamin Bee (5 months ago)
I'm going to get an E. I'm not new to smartwatches (I have an Sony Smart Watch 3) but it is getting outdated and I don't have the money to get a more expensive than the E
Freak (5 months ago)
With the zenwatch 3 being only like 30 euros more I am torn
Walter Francis (5 months ago)
Please, be snooty about the price
Myk Mingo (5 months ago)
Please review Xiaomi Amazfit Pace.
Unboxing Deutschland (5 months ago)
Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎
killafocker (5 months ago)
I just want a watch to look cool, just ordered ticwatch e
Lorenz Calairo (5 months ago)
3:06 not just the watch but your skin
dmitriy40 (5 months ago)
Right. But have you seen negative reviews on Amazon? Even your demo model "E" crapped out on you. Today model "E" is going for $128 with the coupon offered on their site. People are complaining this is actually lower than Kickstarter early bird deal! I was getting excited about the price, but decided not to buy, after reading the reviews. Looks like lottery type gamble on quality.
Ouvert (5 months ago)
No buttons no joy ...
Ky Ng (5 months ago)
Thumbs down. Took 6 minutes to tell me the price ??
Dennis Deveaux (5 months ago)
I'd rather have Google Assistant than S Voice, and since I can't get the HERE WeGo maps for the Gear S3, Android Wear just might be the better way to go. Luckily this is a (fairly) cheap way to find out how much I'll like it
Hayden East (5 months ago)
I’ve been wanting this review forever
dhairy grover (5 months ago)
Herbert Robe (5 months ago)
And I got the gear S2 classic
mao (5 months ago)
pathetic )=
Anuj Tomar (5 months ago)
Got it few days back for ~130 USD, watch is great at this price point, , but i wish if they had used steel or unbreakable plastic for watch dial so prevent any breakage in future, will be worth the money if runs fine for 2 years hopefully, found some cool watch faces too, check in below - https://youtu.be/Z92HdYAu3gc
*_#perkt_* (5 months ago)
Hey Josh!. ..as a veteran., I really liked when you saluted the audience. The ☮️ sign works, but maybe try a throwback salute again someday. 😄
Anthony Rossetti (5 months ago)
I got this watch for Christmas. I love it. 🤗
Dash Reaper (5 months ago)
I like the word affordable 150+ dollars ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
medo Mody (5 months ago)
Please review for Tecno Camon CX
Razor2048 (5 months ago)
Android wear is failing due to a bad app experience. Most smartwatch apps are low quality while costing a lot. When you get one, you will soon find that after 2-3 apps, there is really nothing out there to get.
Akiva Katan (5 months ago)
He threw up the JV in his intro... 👌
Brody Lane (5 months ago)
Improve poet delay hang couch income trait whole bear equipment past tender.
super mario (5 months ago)
make a video top 10 or 5 smartwatches that can make calls
Anthony Zulueta (5 months ago)
Hey Josh where did you get your Kali Method Tee? I kickstarted the Ticwatch E version, and so far no issues with the display. It is perfect for what I am looking for in a smartwatch and very affordable. Great review as always.
m0h4md (5 months ago)
good watch .. great review .. the three fingers move (i assume refer to J.V. ) is just lame
Dillon Herrero (5 months ago)
Android wear just doesn't seem completely there. And it seems Google is already doing what they do best and giving up on it.
Justin Vorrink (5 months ago)
can you just sent the ticwatch E Black please
Mujtaba Mujeeb (5 months ago)
Next time when you do a review leave a link below for purchases. It's a good practice. Every reviewer does that.
Adam Briggs (5 months ago)
Dude, what's up with your arm/wrist? Looks like scabies...
freddywayne (5 months ago)
Mobvoi got really cheap on these new TicWatch S & E. The tickle touch gesture is gone & no longer uses a wireless charging plate. I'll pass.
Eluminary Xarrais (5 months ago)
I use an asus zenwatch 3, these look nice but ill stick with zenwatch till dies properly
christianfilmer1500 (5 months ago)
He didn't mention it but the ticwatch S does have a grey/black option. It's not just yellow.
christianfilmer1500 (5 months ago)
I think I'd like this as I would like a smart watch but don't really want to spend more than $200 on one. Mostly because I don't think I'd use many features Beyond the basics Which the ticwatch seems to offer.
Luca Fusari (5 months ago)
xiaomi amazfit pace is the answer ;)
Ricardo Hernández (5 months ago)
Kerri (5 months ago)
The problem with Android Wear is that there are no affordable options, everything is either of comparable price to the Apple Watch (which is a far better product with far better support), or it's even more expensive (£450 for major brand smart watches, let alone the designer stuff). All I want is an affordable smart watch for under £200, preferably £150, that has NFC for Android Pay, a HRM, and is waterproof for morning showers.
Chris Romberg (5 months ago)
The look is awful...
Olli Jalava (5 months ago)
could you review fossil q control smartwatch? please?
LukaNyan (5 months ago)
By judging from the look of the charghing pins on the back of the watch I can see that they will eventually wear out.. that's a bum. Same thing happened on my amazfit pace
Dan Phillips (5 months ago)
They need to get some decent chipsets into smart watches, they should also be getting days worth of battery easily to get into the mainstream.
kmitchpg (5 months ago)
I have the black ticwatch S and it looks fine as a casual, everyday watch. It has a good screen and the interface is fast and fluid but the battery life isn't great. I can just about get a day from it, even with Mobvoi's battery conditioning tips. By comparison my 2nd gen Moto 360 can last two days easily but it feels slow next to the newer ticwatch S.
Matt (5 months ago)
You don't put Amazon links because you want us to go the forum. Sad.
Ryan Fernandes (5 months ago)
I'm buying it after watching the review
LeagueOfNations94 (5 months ago)
I'm waiting for the amazfit 2
osama tariq (5 months ago)
LeagueOfNations94 that’s quite expensive than this
Joe Dmello (5 months ago)
You are the best
Arshil Ahmed (5 months ago)
Nico Berrutti (5 months ago)
Are they useful with a S7 edge? Or should I pair my phone with a Samsung Watch?
Yash Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Nico Berrutti I have a Tcwatch S paired with my Note 8, and I haven't had any problems with it. It works great. If you want higher quality, I would recommend getting the Samsung Gear S3. Tizen doesn't really have that many apps compared to Android Wear so take that into consideration when buying a smartwatch. On Android Wear you can port apk files from the Play Store onto the watch, which can't be done on Samsung smartwatches, due to Tizen.
The Barbaric Broneh (5 months ago)
"Affordable" - £250 in UK
Galilejus Kalenda (1 month ago)
where are you getting this from lol
Benjamin Bee (5 months ago)
The Barbaric Broneh on Amazon UK, the E is £115
ytxstream but it's ok comparing it to other smart watches, it is affordable of course, but I dont want a phone on my wrist, if I want a smartwacth it will be to have a music controller on it for my phone
ytxstream My phone, the Samsung galaxy J7 Prime costed that. Lol. When you're looking for a cool looking smart watch with some feautures, you might not want to pay more for it than your phone.
ytxstream (5 months ago)
That's actually cheap
Kellan Stevens (5 months ago)
I had a zenwatch 2 but it broke 2 weeks ago when I went into the river 😢 and it just got splashed But I might get this watch 😊
-EM- (5 months ago)
once again a rubish watch. lol
Stuart Strauzer (5 months ago)
I have the S and E and I haven't had any complaints or malfunction on either
Jan Michael Suarez (1 month ago)
Hi stuart hows your ticwatch e and s now?
LuchoGrafiix (2 months ago)
Stuart Strauzer which one is better? I'm not sure which one choose!
Roland Hamid (5 months ago)
Can you use Android pay
dmitriy40 (5 months ago)
Go to their website, they have all the specks. No NFC, so no ANY KIND OF PAY.
christianfilmer1500 (5 months ago)
Roland Hamid no, no NFC on either the E or S from what I know.
Krishna Sagar (5 months ago)
Tic Tic Tic
ARandomgamer (5 months ago)
I just got a apple watch series 3 and I got this notification lol
Smokee Goddinson (5 months ago)
Thanks for sending me to your dummy post. 😪
Marios Pentelas (5 months ago)
For 130 i got the E i am very pleased. I dont feel that plastic you all youtubers talking about. Its feels super solid as a watch. If you dont like it go spend 350$ for a better one. About the screen i don't know much, i hope it stays as it is.
Ritwik Bhattacharya (5 months ago)
Tick watch is screwed,damnn
Hoan Tran (5 months ago)
I don't wear smartwatch or digital watch
Ayman Ibrahim (19 days ago)
Good to know
Mario G (5 months ago)
Hoan Tran get a life
Adam York (5 months ago)
They both come in white, black and the neon yellow green to my knowledge.
ABHINAV ROY (5 months ago)
awesome video by handsome guy...
Laur Vasile (5 months ago)
Work on ios ?
Ya Boi Sanik (5 months ago)
Laur Vasile yes
sidharath bansal (5 months ago)
Hey! It's Sidharath bansal ✌ What's going on everybody? 😎
Daryl Tatum (5 months ago)
The secondary smart watches market have great choices
Cyrell Jones (5 months ago)
U have a weird Hand Skin.
Renzo C (5 months ago)
Effect or Affect?
Daryl Tatum (5 months ago)
MyKronos is watch company to look at
Aaron Dishman (5 months ago)
Bought the TicWatch E on Amazon when they had a deal at ~$130, and I couldn't be happier. Storing music, tracking my run, without having to carry my phone is awesome! Sucks that their review unit went wonky...
István Nagy (1 month ago)
It's not the longest but can manage about 1.5 days easy.
fauzi effendi (2 months ago)
Are the battery last long.....
GUTER FÜHRER 1488 (5 months ago)
Kaius P (5 months ago)
Lmao 😂 bad joke
GUTER FÜHRER 1488 (5 months ago)
Donoriginals they do Everyone is speaking and writing in a White man's language, everyone wants to live in White nations so our lives matter more
Donoriginals (5 months ago)
Timi Akinlonu (5 months ago)
Naa, I will still stick with my gear S3 frontier. Only downside of tizen is lack of apps but very good
Juraj Vitko (2 months ago)
useless for replying to any notifications whatsoever, or doing anything on the watch for that matter
tako (5 months ago)
Jack Dren I fail to see how I seem to be aggravated in any way, lol.
Jack Dren (5 months ago)
tako I don't know why you're mad about this. You said the whole point of a smartwatch is to manage notifications and the gear s3 does that pretty well, as well as an excellent battery life, a solid build quality, and great fitness tracking capability. I recieved my s3 as a gift but if I didn't have it already I would definitely buy one.
tako (5 months ago)
Jack Dren If you wanted a watch then you should have purchased an actual watch, not a smartwatch. It's not about having "too much apps" but having a selection that you can choose from and not have it limited but your OS. A smartwatch's entire purpose is to help you manage your notification from your phone.
Jack Dren (5 months ago)
tako who needs too much apps? What you need is a watch that is high quality and can get the job done. It's a watch, not a phone.
Perfect 💖
Super Geekys (5 months ago)
No, I'm late again.😥
Ikram Ramli (5 months ago)
quickly make funny comments!!!! ><
nimr0d (5 months ago)
You know you can buy Ticwatch S also in black color right?
I just bought a new smartwatch for $25 isn't the best but it gets the job done. People are starting to stop buying smartwatches because they essentially all do the same thing and mines is not different
Ignacio Romero (5 months ago)
There are very little *really useful* things a smartwatch can do, and none are present on a cheap smartwatch
Anthony Rossetti (5 months ago)
Meh I'm coming from the 35.00 smartwatch to the 129.99 one. They are loads different. The cheap ones are okay if you just wanna be notified but the more expensive ones are really worth the price,and offer a much better experience.
Gökhan gökmen (5 months ago)
I don't want to charge my smartwatch once a day or 2 days. I want to charge once a week so I got amazfit pace and I'm happy about it.
dave Lizada (5 months ago)
How much is this?
Daniel Quevedo (5 months ago)
Free christmas advice for everyone: Don't ever wear a smartwatch with any formal outfit unless you wanna look like a freakin NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD, also always remember to shave both sides of your mustache
Linus Blaney (1 month ago)
Huawei watch w1 style... Looks pretty classy
Lukas Zumaras (3 months ago)
Who doesn't want to look like a freaking NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD? I
Joey Vandyck (5 months ago)
Fossil q explorist
Ignacio Romero (5 months ago)
That's the thing I liked the most of my old metal Moto 360 1 gen... My new LG Watch Sport is giant and not that elegant, but at least it doesn't look like a toy
Eluminary Xarrais (5 months ago)
Take a look at an asus zenwatch 3 people are surprised its a smart watch when i show them
Elvan Tan (5 months ago)
Got a TicWatch E for my first android wear and i'm loving it, sorry that your TicWatch E have such a bad burn in on the screen
ydn (5 months ago)
whats with the sudden change in clips?? 🤔🤔 and why the dummy post????
Rashid Iqbal (5 months ago)
I actually bought it and it sucks especially their battery life is not even a one day. Just kindly visit their facebook page how many people are complaining about these watches.
Jan Michael Suarez (1 month ago)
Rashid Iqbal so its not worth it to buy this one?
Thiva 540 (5 months ago)
Thank you ...

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