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Sony Xperia XZ Premium 4K UNBOXING

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium Deepsea Black Unboxing UK featuring the 4K HDR 10 TRILUMINOS display and 19MP 960fps Slow Motion Eye Camera. Clove Technology ►►► https://www.clove.co.uk/sony-xperia-xz-premium SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrrRLyFMVmmL9NDAU2obJA?sub_confirmation=1 ►►► SUPERSAF MERCH = https://shop.crowdmade.com/collections/supersaf Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (1028)
Ubeyd Yilmaz (1 day ago)
People say the sony has big bezels but if you put the phone side by side with a 7 plus or 8 plus it almost exactly the same only the iPhone has rounded corners
Tom Chan (2 months ago)
I love SONY a lot as well as Sony Xperia series
GRIEGOR karagozian (2 months ago)
How much is the XPERIA XZ
Rahul Prasad (2 months ago)
I live in Australia should i get the XZ Premium, Samsung A5 or Oppo R11s.
Oskars R (2 months ago)
I use it now since it came out and am really happy bout the choice! Love the screen, love the cameras! Battery time is more then enough for my usage! Speakers could be bit louder, only thing I consider bad a bout it
Zayan Khan (2 months ago)
Why is everybody complaining about sony design, Samsung didn't change their design till the S8, same with apple till the iPhone X
SAS Productions (3 months ago)
i got this phone today and i fucking love it, the camera is amazing and the display is amazing and the speakers are amazing and the processor is amazing and everything runs amazing its a top phone.
Satvik Singh (3 months ago)
Its cool sir
XZ Premium User (3 months ago)
I bought one two weeks ago for $599 at Bestbuy and now they want $699. And with the 4K screen it is in a class all by itself and I already know the new Samsungs have better low light shooting and might do some comparison videos myself.
Pabitra Chanda (3 months ago)
My son's favarit phone
alex medina (4 months ago)
Just got mine yesterday and I'm loving it so far. Replaced the S8 with it
Manoj Gavali (5 months ago)
Make a speed test of these phones
Tigerex966 (5 months ago)
best display bar none
Polash Quadhi (5 months ago)
I am an advertiser. I film, take photos and videos. It's not possible to carry my Cinema Camera, Multi Lens DSLR, and Drones 24 hours. Certainly I cannot carry my huge Workstation capable of making Transformers. But I need to catch some unpredictable moments or casual shots. I needed a Professional Mobile device to support me to do that. Many of you might not know that only Sony has a Professional Branch among Sony, Samsung, Apple,LG. This means when they make their small devices, they keep their professional users in their mind, at least a little bit. I found Sony small devices always capable to work with professionals in their pro platform. But other devices might fail in many cases. Apple in this regards, sucks. I don't know how to open a huge AVI raw file to open in an apple device. But it's very easy on android, with that if the device is strong to back you up, you can have a professional mobile media device.
LulBrO FromDaGo (5 months ago)
<a target="_blank" href="https://www.amazon.comSony Xperia XZ - Unlocked Smartphone - 32GB - Forest Blue (US Warranty)
mohamed zubair (6 months ago)
Will Google daydream work whit sony xz premium
Richard Evans (6 months ago)
My Crapsung S8 is leaving me for an XZP. Samsung have pretty screens and that's it!
funkierfawn budgie (6 months ago)
I hate how people complain about the bezels, but i actually like them, they make the phone stand out and look more unique then the other brands that copy/paste Samsung or Apple.
Hristijan (7 months ago)
Thant`s not a phone that`s a brick :D BTW I have nothing against Sony.
Anonymous (7 months ago)
Best Smartphone in 2017 🤘
Justine Rovic Cenal (8 months ago)
You haven't done any cinematic test on Xperia devices. 😕
Jincheng Yang (8 months ago)
Does this UK model support dual SIM card?
osallivan (8 months ago)
I just got it today and sadly I'm a bit disappointed... For some reason the music pauses on it's own when I listen to it through any kind of earphones... I am trying a factory reset at the moment...
casey west (9 months ago)
Galaxy s8 is a garbage phone I literally traded it in yesterday for the xz. I've been with Sony for along time bought into the hype with Samsung and ended up massively disappointed. Sony is still king.
Shyam A (9 months ago)
Hi Saf!!! Your videos are awesome.. Please do a detailed camera comparison between Xz premium and Samsung Galaxy S8..(Not S8+).. I'm eagerly looking forward to it..
Shaizad Maredia (9 months ago)
how is the VR experience on 4k Screen also side by side video?
vijay theri (9 months ago)
Sony the best ever
Ash (9 months ago)
It's between this and the U11 for me...
John B. (9 months ago)
do us get earbuds
Shijo Jose (9 months ago)
Too much bezel!!!
KAFIL SHIAKH (9 months ago)
Sony Xperia XZ premium have a good music like Walkman ?
GoezThex (9 months ago)
I hate people nowadays, you know you are not interested on this phone, so don't watch it, don't comment shit when you know you're not gonna buy it, I miss unbox and review video from 2011 to 2013, only people who interested watch the video or for recommendations
Charan Raj (9 months ago)
is it a good phone to buy with 40% discount.
Róshan Roy (9 months ago)
It's the best smart phone ever on Earth. iPhone looks a small kid in front of Sony. hehe. I love Sony.
ssou gay (9 months ago)
this phone is awelsome.
William Sanna (9 months ago)
Is this the UK version? I read on Amazon that it doesn't come up with quick charger and headphones, is that true? Need an answer please.
astro-nut (9 months ago)
I'm still rockin' my Z5
Jiří Huser (9 months ago)
I'd rather pick xz premium over the S8. (I'm Samsung user) and nougat is horrible. Crappy battery life and ui looks awful. Samsung experience is just ugly. First time I like sony product.
Md Shubo (9 months ago)
i am a samsung fan asual. i have using a good protective cover in back with protecting surroundings edges of phone. just didn't put any tampered glass cover in screen. just buying after 2 weeks fall it from my hand not even very high. its about from your side pocket in pants to ground. so its fall and my screen crack in middle but it spread like spider from one side to another side. my point is its a unfortunate but not expect that much fragile. my previous S7 (no edge) i used for 1 years and drop may be more than 50 times from bad distance nothing happen only difference was i put tempered glass on S7 wht i didn't put in S8. i don't know who i blame to? but now thinking to move for SONY XPERIA XZ PREMIUM.
The Persona (9 months ago)
I like big bezels on phone....fite me...
Roshan Roshan (9 months ago)
I like the phone it so cool
Darren Fernandez (9 months ago)
kapanget ng sony nyo😣😕😪😱😰😨
Picklu Ghosh (9 months ago)
can we see a speedtest between xzpremium and one plus 5
HUMZA TOUSEEF (10 months ago)
Ok my BDay is coming so what should I get Sony Xperia XZ or Samsung galaxy s8/s8+
alienhex (10 months ago)
Can't I register 2 fingerprints?
Ann Sajendra (10 months ago)
Please can I have it
DEATHSHOT O-O (10 months ago)
fastest phone in 2017😎
Loki Prince (10 months ago)
plzzz ask u r friend of other channel to do durability plzzxx
Sujato Roy (10 months ago)
Sony's comeback...
natchanon nakdang (10 months ago)
And here I am sitting with my Z2 unable to buy new phone because this thing just refuse to be broken.
Toyour janna (10 months ago)
BRAIN BARBECUE (10 months ago)
good nice description
Illy Khan (10 months ago)
Hi Saf, Can you do one cinematic video with XZ Premium and include slow mo? I think will be great. Thanks in advance.
ENTER THE SKY (10 months ago)
2.0 i don't think its going to do good in low light.
Şahin Şahiner (10 months ago)
SONY is the best
Leonhart Leong (10 months ago)
*_Sony Xperia XZ Premium_* Thumb up.
Chethan Chinmay (10 months ago)
very good
Dennis Schmitz (10 months ago)
What's special about the XZ Premium? - 2013 looks with big bezels and sharp edges - A display with a lower than average contrast ratio (about 900:1), not even sRGB color gamut and a higher resolution you'll never notice (not if you don't use VR) - A camera which does a great job doing aquarelle paintings
Jordan Chng (10 months ago)
big sammy fan but this sony is pretty damn good. props to sony.
shreyank surve (10 months ago)
comparison we wanted
shreyank surve (10 months ago)
I'm a huge SONY fan ,this is masterpiece, specially body and design
Kelvin Williams (10 months ago)
Hey SuperSaf how long before the first XZ premium camera comparison video?
abdullah imran (10 months ago)
hey bro please do a super saf style camera comparison between the Xperia and s8
tim dook (10 months ago)
Sony and Nokia make the best phones Sony has amazing cameras and displays and Nokia has a great design far better than Samsung, Google, Motorola, HTC, and even apple.
Ygor Cortes (10 months ago)
Can't wait for the camera comparison and the speedtest!
Viraat Prithvi (10 months ago)
looks like a Xiaomi Mi3
MrSirGiorgos (10 months ago)
best phone of 2017 and ever!
James Meyer (10 months ago)
Xperia is the best Android phone IMO
Roberto A (10 months ago)
Let's wait on that iPhone 8 please SAMBOTS AND SONY.............
D. E. Bodiford (10 months ago)
Declaration of Conformity? I smell Eun.
Navpreet Singh (10 months ago)
plz do durability test of xz premium
RAYHAN The Golden Eagle (10 months ago)
Wanna see speed test between s8+ and xz premium
Pranay Ramteke (10 months ago)
this is really cool phone
Faisal Salafi (10 months ago)
Hey saf please give me this phone
C & P (10 months ago)
Looks ugly like the Blackberry Ugly rounded + Ugly boxed ontop&Bottom
Tiny Review (10 months ago)
Why everything has to be glossy these days :/
Underyourbedeyes (10 months ago)
i like the bezles. I held the S8 and was not impressed. THe screen aspect ratio was weird and it feels unnatural to hold
Phuc Le (10 months ago)
HI, I would love to see a review and camera test of the HTC U11.
prashant sajwan (10 months ago)
sexy phone definitely going for it, something​ different and better have arrived in the market apart from samsung, oppo, vivo ,all such shit Chinese stuffs
Jack Thompson (10 months ago)
sony phones all suck so what's the point
Mahad Ayaz (10 months ago)
no speed test
Mahad Ayaz (10 months ago)
the screen looks discusting
Padid AZG. (10 months ago)
Another rectangular brick from Sony. This Sony doesn't understand anymore what innovation is. Another loser...
Karan Bhogle (10 months ago)
The phone is good but the Xperiance would be remembered for the rest of your life and I hope the once who buy this will learn something.
EpicMango (10 months ago)
Yes do the camera comparison please.
Worlds News (10 months ago)
Sudheer P (10 months ago)
will it upgrade to the latest OS and also next Android O?
OZAMA (10 months ago)
Bezels are the deal breaker!
Chris Ngieng Ngui Choon (10 months ago)
Saf take one 4k short video for Sony XZ Premium. Then compare the previous 4k short videos with Samsung S8. Which quality is better.
What about the card?
Mayank Lakhlani (10 months ago)
Do a round comparison between S8 and XZ Premium.
Jessy Landry (10 months ago)
any other company > apple lol
ViktorHD (10 months ago)
PoKoJoE (10 months ago)
is spotify loaded out of the box?
marlowe marzan (10 months ago)
Sony Xperia XZ premium is better than S8
Saadiq Ganief (10 months ago)
S8 is a piece of shit phone... please make way for The Premium. ; )
Peter Vernelen (10 months ago)
All nice but why are they so desperately holding on to that design/shape? not to mention these jumbo sized bezels
usman abdulkadir (10 months ago)
great review very nice phone

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