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The Truth About Beats by Dre!

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Everything you need to know about Beats by Dre. Beats Pro vs Audio Technica ATH-M50: http://youtu.be/et_PWifUd1w Beats Audio - Explained: http://youtu.be/Cdbn_pmxFic Audio Technica ATH-M50x Review: http://youtu.be/y5DyEYuvF3o Audio Technica ATH-M50x: http://amzn.to/1pfMz7Y Beats Studio 2.0: http://amzn.to/1nbLheH Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM Intro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (25217)
Hardcore Gamer (8 hours ago)
Watching this video with my Sony MDR xb250 No matter what I just love them
Adithya Arun (11 hours ago)
I miss this intro :/
Shray Singh (20 hours ago)
AT and Sony are best
tony cossey (22 hours ago)
wow a youtube channel with some sense/facts, but i still would not buy beats, for me not real HI-FI IMO
anvesh k (1 day ago)
What you are saying is we pay for the celebrity endorsement not for the headphone if we get Beats.
The boss 12 (1 day ago)
I hate beats I can’t believe I considered buying a pair a few years ago but brands like sol republic Sony and audio Teknika all brands that are made for the audiophiles that can’t stand poorly made headphones
Dean Innes (2 days ago)
I own audio technica m40x, shure srh 440, shennhieser 449, akg, i love these headphones i also own beats pro and studios i also love those
Cupofjoe (2 days ago)
Beats do sound pretty good though and they're super comfortable
C. A. T. (2 days ago)
People sometimes underestimate the importance of marketing and good image.
Mac Daddy (2 days ago)
Love Sony headphones. Also Bob Marley headphones. Dre not really. Their just Cool.
Doesnt Matter (2 days ago)
How do we tell which headphones are good when buying then?
Xanas Killer (2 days ago)
*SHAKE IT OFF* make any shitty headphones *GREAT*
Ali PC (2 days ago)
Sony absolutely is the best
savage beast (3 days ago)
I love my Sennheiser PXC 550. would never buy Beats.
Emmanuel Pairis (3 days ago)
This was a relly good video! Good work.
Fridu54 (3 days ago)
All Beats headphones are useless in colder regions like Germany, Switzerland and others. According to Apple Support a feature to spare the battery, the beats turn off when it is 0 degrees Celsius or colder and can only be restarted when warmed up again. When the wind is strong, they sometimes turn off at 1 or 2 degrees Celsius, after 20 minutes outside, the colder the faster they turn off. Such a nonsense, did send them back to Apple as useless for me. My Sony is now running smoothly, even if it is much colder and this over hours. Can't understand this, but it is a NO GO in colder regions! Unfortunately, it is nowhere mentioned.
Fact Chitanda (4 days ago)
Probably the best financial advice I have ever got! Thanks Marques!
theChosN1 (4 days ago)
ath m50s and m70s are soo popular cuz of you marques lol
Kamaljit Singh (4 days ago)
Did you think company give you real data grow up man
ron baer (4 days ago)
that conversation should of started like this"dude, are you really watching/listening to that"
maedion gerrard (5 days ago)
Not a beats fanboy i do own a beats studio 3 i know there are better headphones than beats but quite honestly i always wanted a beats headphone sooo i bought one lol
Martin Fialka (5 days ago)
I would say they cost 50 bucks to make, not 150. 150 is for the advertisement costs and the remaining 100 is margin, research, wages etc. I'm just guessing though.
Gay Pelican (5 days ago)
Osmann (5 days ago)
$150 to make?! Heck no, not even a tenth of that..
shaaz nasir (6 days ago)
I have about 180 dollars to buy a new pair of headphones. I am looking for wireless and easy pairing with my iPhone. Any thoughts? I want quality and don't care about brand/fashion/boxing experience.  Thanks for any potential guidance.
Tournel Henry (6 days ago)
So, basically, gadgets are now getting stupidly expensive with no extra functionality all because of endorsements? Well, if all companies start doing this, we might as well stop using the products because, then, we can't afford them and the company is also indirectly exploiting the customers
The Trolling Tryhard (6 days ago)
The studio 3s and EPs are their best headphones
Tournel Henry (6 days ago)
300CAD for a Beats headphone that has less quality than my 50CAD Chinese headphones. Also, the tiny wired headphones that come with an old phones have great quality
Ty Don (6 days ago)
Whenever moster made them they sounded great,
King of 1974 (6 days ago)
I listened to this through a pair of 30 dollar bootleg beats bought in China
JLocni (7 days ago)
Sennheiser boys, they will get you some serious headphones.
intentative (7 days ago)
Ved Patil (7 days ago)
i have a pair of solo3s. they're not too terrible, Hell I love them! But there are definitely some better ones for that price point
adam wiacek (7 days ago)
Rusty Shackleford (7 days ago)
I knew and agree with most of this information. Couldn't have put it better though, very well said.
BrainSquash (7 days ago)
Beats By Dre Is The Apple Of Headphones....
turd burglar (13 hours ago)
PokeSportXYZ lol
PokeSportXYZ (21 hours ago)
BrainSquash no, because while beats by Dre are terrible quality, Apple products are amazing, premium quality.
Rohut Sandhu (5 days ago)
BrainSquash apple owns it lol
beats is owned by apple
Breeze (7 days ago)
i have five pairs of beats in my house 😬😬
ROBIN (8 days ago)
they sounds worse than my 15 dollar headphones(sennheisers) , my rich cousin own a bunch of beats headphones i feel sympathy for him
Bushhawk (8 days ago)
"The more people think your product is worth, the more they are willing to pay for it..." Sounds like Apple to me.
Fruit500 (8 days ago)
Let's be honest here, Beats is basically just the Apple of headphones
Itz Ferny (8 days ago)
Beats are only worth it when they’re on sale. Just bought some studio 2s for $159 and I’m satisfied with the money I put down for them.
lostn65 (8 days ago)
But Beats do sound awful though... if you're buying something that sounds good as opposed to a fashion statement, buy something else. Please. If you only want it for fashion, you can buy a clone for a fraction of the price, and no one can tell it's a clone.
Ajay Singh (8 days ago)
they got nice looks just like apple iPhone and hence the increase in price. most they charge is the looks....
Rylan Milgrim (8 days ago)
Bose is the best!
FatBoy&Slim (8 days ago)
Beats by ‘Dr Dre’ not by ‘dre’ it’s a Mandela effect
kikikatme (8 days ago)
Absolutely awesome in depth analysis into the real selling point of "Beats" love the new approach to a new angle of your tech reviews which doesn't just cover specs
Daniel Weis (8 days ago)
How much of the premium headphones market exists because of Beats by Dre? Audio Technica didn't lose 60% of their would-be customers to Beats. I think saying Beats has 60% of the market is misleading.
ChinoisMc (8 days ago)
Beats headphones are necklaces. Sometimes they aren't even plugged. It's just status. The price is far away from its quality.
Aro Pay (8 days ago)
I don't know why I thought this was already common knowledge, clearly I was wrong. Thank you.
Elena Faenza (8 days ago)
They suck
Ian Holaday (8 days ago)
The hell? Im using beats to watch this and your beginning thing was completely wrong, Studio 2s have more upper range than any other headphones ive used, aswell as more bass
Doug B (8 days ago)
Great info. Don’t forget about i before e, except after c.
My list. 1:beats 2:skull candy 2:Bose 3: other
ZAE.3 (8 days ago)
ZAE.3 (8 days ago)
lmfao the fact that “beats fanboys” is a phrase makes me wanna die. i fucking buy beats headphones and i wear them😂 some people are so obsessed with others
Nicholas Buenger (8 days ago)
Love you
Ujyant Ramesh (8 days ago)
I'm watching this video wearing Beats lol
arewhyinoh (8 days ago)
Beats are the Patron of headphones.
Odin's Hammer (8 days ago)
What about metalheads with guitar brands?
Safir (8 days ago)
So the placebo effect
Mahmudul Hasan (8 days ago)
Bids by Dre..😹
michael lister (9 days ago)
experts tricking retards into buying dogshit
Matthew sause (9 days ago)
I'm using beats studio 1 right now. And they are really good. They are the best I've had so far. The sounds is great and they are very comfy
totszwai (9 days ago)
TL;DR Beat by Dre is overpriced piece of shit for nubs LOL
Gabriel Hunt (9 days ago)
I've tried Beats personally. I have to say: they sound pretty good to me. But the whole point of the brand is to be a hypebeast.
artnos (9 days ago)
So.. in conclusion beats suck for sound. Yea love my Sennheiser
Pheonix Gaming (9 days ago)
No joke im wearing beats while watching this
Beats by Dre can do whatever they want, in the end it's just a crappy thing. Competition has way better headsets in every way :)
Camera Geek (9 days ago)
I’m watching this on PURO headphones they work well, sound great and are metal with an iPhone sorta like design.
Matt W (10 days ago)
I’ve been trying to convince my kids that you buy for sound quality. But they still want Beats. They’ll get it someday.
Omrhi Reubens (10 days ago)
Myodditieswasup (10 days ago)
Cough cough Razer has better unboxing
Vince TME (10 days ago)
Beats are only good from models, studio 2.0 wireless and above
Siavash Sh (11 days ago)
Beats head bass headphone Sony clean sound
Siavash Sh (11 days ago)
I love Sony & beats🖤❤️
Selken (11 days ago)
Nothing like enjoying my Sennheiser HD 800 S.
Daniel Zhan (11 days ago)
He has to stop preaching for the M50x. They are over priced compared to the 598s that sound much better. 580x is only 150 bucks at mass drop and the vastly superior K7xx and HD 6xx are 200. I have the K7xx fyi
nick Krystosek (11 days ago)
One thing i noticed is in stores they have limited brands to pick from
Zach Voght (11 days ago)
Wait a week or 2 price is half that used I paid 50 bucks for mine and they rock 👍🏻
Ion Luca Caragiale (12 days ago)
WHO THE FUCK cares about the design and specially the unboxing experience...people are you sick???? WTF you unbox them once and listen for years....wtf?!?!?!?!
Gunner Dohrenwend (12 days ago)
thoughts on bose?
Kate (12 days ago)
True. I will say I love my wireless beats I've tried about 5 different wireless earphones for working out and most of them fall out of my ear. I know there are others with better sound quality, but it's not always about that.
Michael Coleman (12 days ago)
This is an excellent lesson in marketing, and I suspect reaches a lot of viewers who never would have given the subject any thought before.  Kudos.
josh millere (12 days ago)
Marshalls are pretty sexy and sound great for 200
Lemon Salt (12 days ago)
Nice clone XD
Ace of Cakes (13 days ago)
Promoting beats because they sell alot of them and because greater athletes/musicians/etc is senseless and it shouldnt be promoted for any case. Its just a way to trick people that dont know better, to buy them because they think that famous persons actually would use them in their day to day life.
Xavier Paul (13 days ago)
175k Likes and 4k dislikes, will we know which ones own beats
Jesus (13 days ago)
My friend was a manager at a Beats factory. He says they're actually only $9 to produce.
MrKnocik (13 days ago)
Beats and Apple are similar and I am not going to buy any of those. For now I use Bose and OnePlus ;)
Fabian Stein (14 days ago)
You really did a great video, great explanations!
Jimmy Soulios (14 days ago)
Statues bought studio 3 gold white 😁❤️
Rydro (14 days ago)
You dont sound black
Ernest Kapesa (14 days ago)
Love the Truth.
J labs are good & cheap xd
Debbiw Pta (14 days ago)
One of the ear speakers stopped working after a week. I'm so bummef
Dilly Billy (14 days ago)
Bose is best
kuruptizzle323 (14 days ago)
U sold out
warren wayne (14 days ago)
Well , someone had to say it. Anyone else think of another company with this video? Apple anyone?
CHIDY (14 days ago)
I'd wear my turtle beaches to school rather than these
Erv Melgo (15 days ago)
I have beats headphones, but it cannot hold water with my Vmoda LP2s. Sound quality? Heck Vmodas.

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