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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!

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The double-edged flagship from Samsung! Galaxy S7 Review: https://youtu.be/1sgeM6DsV40 Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (4505)
Bravo Guys (4 days ago)
Brother, I want samsung galaxy s7 edge black 😊
SAM THE LAMB (8 days ago)
Your t-shirt is to big bro, why you wearing XL t-shirt when you know your a medium ???
Clay Silvia (18 days ago)
still repping this phone 2 years later- it still runs like new, with the addition of a 64GB Micro SD card last year. i'm sure it'll last me at least 2 more years.
Who is watching on S7 Edge Black Onyx 😀
从υѕтα千α (26 days ago)
What's the wallpaper on s7
Vince Capio (1 month ago)
Can i have your old s7 edge? XD
Diego gomez (1 month ago)
I´m so sad... my samsung galaxy s7 edge has just died, it dosn´t boot up, dosn´t charge neither enter the recovery mode, I've tried absolutely everything..
SoftShadow Gaming (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video
Village TV (1 month ago)
Rhonda Bernard (2 months ago)
Can you remove the back? and where does the SD and SIM cards live?
mydogplayspubg (2 months ago)
The galaxy S9 is coming and I still can't afford the s7.. God damn!
mydogplayspubg dude s7 Edge is only $400
Christian Andersson (2 months ago)
Still the best phone I've ever had. Battery life, camera, UI, overall looks and user experience. Could use a better DAC, front facing stereo speakers and a higher pixel camera but hey, those are just details. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for life!
Junel Saladaga (2 months ago)
Here we have a guy who loves Iphone x and pixel 2 bashing an S7 edge he does not even use. Lol
Ali (Vulgaru') (2 months ago)
anyone use s7 edge in 2018?
SpacedMagicMan (3 months ago)
The s7 edge is one of my favorite phones ever! I now have the note 8 but man that s7 edge was a *BEAUTY*
Grace McGee (3 months ago)
S7 Edge worth getting in 2018? Looking for a new phone and I want something reliable but not extremely costly. None of the paying a grand for a flagship nonsense
Jocelyn Guzman (3 months ago)
I always look at your video before purchasing! Thank you so much! :D
Mark Van (3 months ago)
Hard to believe that this was a year ago.
Pavel K (3 months ago)
i was given a galaxy s7 edge for christmas, but to be honest; i love my moto x2 much better. sure the s7 edge is much more pricey, but the moto works flawlessly and that makes it that much better.
Clash TM (3 months ago)
72p squad??
Sarim Mehboob (4 months ago)
Well, this is the best phone offered by Samsung.
Dhyey Desai (4 months ago)
How did he get that stock android look ? Can you recommend the launcher name ?
Matyáš Nazaretský (4 months ago)
Incognegro (4 months ago)
Okay uhhh... you never showed anything of camera quality?
Jack Sparrow (4 months ago)
my penis is 5.5 inches! yaay its in the large phone territory! .. no wait what!
azeem jamsheed (4 months ago)
I like s7 edge
Daniel P (4 months ago)
Intro music is trash
Misogynistic MILFlover (4 months ago)
If the Samsung S9 had front speakers, I'd buy it in a heartbeat
Jonathan Dy (5 months ago)
Marques is your favorite nba team the clippers?
Ndeh Stanley (5 months ago)
Great video. I choose the s7 edge. I am a power user just like you :D
angel perez (5 months ago)
my galaxy s7 is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be
selva krishna (5 months ago)
Vietnam made Samsung S7 edge real or fake????
Lely Hanan (5 months ago)
mar,can you make a video about s6 edge and s7 edge differences
Star Hopes (6 months ago)
your my main go to for phone reviews. so id like to know coz im looking at upgrading my cell. which do u like the edge or notes? for me i think money wise it would prob be s7 edge or note 5. and did you ever have any pink line issues on the edge? ive seen those alot on used ones.
Bike Star Rj (6 months ago)
Which phone is better the iPhone 6s or gs7 edge?
Daniel P (6 months ago)
Ricardo Johnson uh the answer should be pretty obvious
Vince Versoza (6 months ago)
Is the s7 edge still a good phone up to this date? Cause my brother is planning to give his s7 edge to me by December, so, is it still worth it? I mean I'm getiing it for free 😂😅😁
Vince Versoza (4 months ago)
Ilaria Palmas yah thanks. I'll be getting the phone by December 7. I'm so excited 😂
More than a game (4 months ago)
Vince Versoza TOTALLY worth it
ProudRu55ell 122 (6 months ago)
S7 won.
Zodiac (6 months ago)
I'm thinking of buying one of these.i do play games a lot and it makes me concerned with the whole batteries exploding. Are these a high risk of exploding like we heard or do you think it's an OK move to pick one up? Please answer
hey it's shane (6 months ago)
My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6, but the battery isn't that bad. With the settings I changed, (i don't remember what settings I changed I just watched a whole bunch of videos on how to improve the battery) I got up to 10 hours of battery life on a heavy usage day.
Andria Lovedeep (6 months ago)
very nice review
M.A. Ahsan (6 months ago)
I am planning to buy S7 edge but I am afraid about its sensitivity of screen. Once dropped screen will get crack. What you suggest guys should go for it or not ???
Ufuk XiYiZi (6 months ago)
M.A. Ahsan I've dropped it many times and except for some scratches I can't complain at all. It is a good phone!
Rusdy Razak (6 months ago)
Hi guys, I have a plan to buy this phone. Switching from Oppo F1 Plus (which is an amazing phone and also cheap, lol). The 2nd hand price for this phone in my country is about $400 (still in a very good condition, and have 4 months warranty). Should I buy another Chinese flagship phone for that kind of price, or should I buy this phone? Or do you have any other suggestion? Thanks!
Shadow (6 months ago)
Can it multi-window?
TypeONegative 1377 (7 months ago)
Hi I have an iPhone 4s
Daniel P (6 months ago)
TypeONegative 1377 lol
Laurence Harvey (7 months ago)
Marques is simply the best at what he does 100%
Xhoel Domi (7 months ago)
Should i downgrade my s7 edge from Nougat to Marshmallow???
Vek Theater (7 months ago)
does the s7 edge battery fits with the s7 ?
MrRhypexTrap (7 months ago)
Is it worth from s6 to s7 edge in 2017?
Jose Gerry Pajela (7 months ago)
Wallpaper of the samsung s7?
Sky Fall (7 months ago)
hello, I just recently bought a new note 4 and today a new S7 edge. note 4 is my favorite design phone ever built. bought the S7 edge for it's curved edges. but one thing I have a question about is why can my note 4 being same resolution do 1440p in youtube but the S7 edge same resolution and even higher pixel count only does 1080p? get back to me on that. cos I'm stumped I got it now. they reduced the resolution for some reason and can crank it up in settings.
Nik Gosselin (8 months ago)
I'm getting mine in about a couple of days I'm super excited I'm going from the g5 to the s7 edge do you think that's a good decision ???
Internet Guy (8 months ago)
Obviously you like the Edge more, but is it worth the higher price?
RED MOBILE uk (8 months ago)
Love your reviews mate
Aon Muhammad (8 months ago)
gotta love that intro music
Zapatozi (9 months ago)
We got...S7 Edge, S7 and S7 Active!
Travis Berenyi (9 months ago)
I miss an IR blaster.
junaid sharief (9 months ago)
this phone rocks but once felt thats "the end" screen will have big black lines no matter what screen protector you have
Jay Vaun Manos (9 months ago)
May i ask if you have a theme installed on this s7 edge at 1:08? And if yes what is it? I like the way it looks like a stock android. Thanks.
Olivera Doderovic (9 months ago)
i love siamsung and ifone but the dudues ij the video is nigga and gay
B_Rabbit845 (9 months ago)
wassup bro I just switched from my iPhone 6s to a galaxy s7 edge silver titanium and hands down the best phone I have ever own so far... I love the massive screens size and the massive battery life I mostly get 4-5 Hours of screen on time! highly recommend this phone!
Ahmad Salem (9 months ago)
is s7 edge waterproof?
Alif Khan (9 months ago)
samsung galaxy s 7 edge not good
Daniel P (6 months ago)
Alif Khan (9 months ago)
Virgil Todor (10 months ago)
Hey man I think you have good ideas about what to do better to develop a better phone Whay you don't apply to get a job may be to work for Samsung phones? I salut you and continue just like that
Pocet Bro (10 months ago)
I'm watching this in my Samsung s7 edge
Abel Cano (10 months ago)
Does someone knows where he get his wallpaper?
Péo Perreault (10 months ago)
So is it still a good phone to buy in june 2017??
Yigit Uysal (9 months ago)
Ofc. It has everything (even the S7, if you want more compactness) you need.
Alem Kalender (10 months ago)
s7 active boi
Anna Padilla (10 months ago)
what about water proof is it water proof
Spober XI (10 months ago)
caribmaroon (10 months ago)
Hi Marques, I was looking into buying a used S7 Edge, but during recent research am coming across quite a number of users, here in the UK, commenting/complaining about a 'pink line' appearing down the side (inside) of the screen which doesn't seem to be able to disappear permanently, and users are also frustrated because Samsung seem to be ignoring their complaints about this issue. Have you heard about problem? And would it still be a good idea to buy one in case this occurred? I can't afford a new one, or the Google Pixel (new or used) but am in need of a smartphone that takes really good pictures and videos. I'm not a techie. Would appreciate your help here.
Tuhin Ahamad (10 months ago)
if samsung use the edge as a small shortcut to get to the notification quick
Tonmoy Ahmed (10 months ago)
I'm watching this from my Samsung galaxy s7 edge.
Chuy Gl (9 months ago)
typing on the phone is ok, its nice two handed and goes terrific, however when you use it one-handed, you might occasionally touch other keys... still good though
Flavia (10 months ago)
Tonmoy Ahmed got a question. can you tipe without touching the edge? or would a s7 be better?
F!RESKY (10 months ago)
I'm in love with your intro song man :D
Shishir Bhatta (10 months ago)
It's have screen mirror features or not
jokerererer (11 months ago)
Daniel P (6 months ago)
jokerererer shut up
Magdum Rushikesh (11 months ago)
which wallpaper you used in this video?
Christian Jee (11 months ago)
Imagen if iphones have good edge display, i would die for it
Valium & Flowers (11 months ago)
They added third party applications to the edge panel lol, eating your words. Plus that one you showed that you used to use looks like shit....
kostas kakaris (11 months ago)
What theme are you using ?It looks a lot like stock android!
Jonathan Pho (11 months ago)
honestly when your blasting music it's only on Spotify where this phones speaker sucks
Kosog0NG (11 months ago)
A really great unbiased review on 2016's greatest smartphone. I really do appreciate the way you put these out and edit them. Thank you.
romeo677 (11 months ago)
This video among others helped guide me towards the S7 Edge upgrade from my trusted Galaxy Note 2 with ZeroLemon battery. What surprised me most from the transition is that I no longer needed a ZeroLemon battery for my phone which transformed my daily weapon akin to a break, into what a smart phone should be, a full days utility weapon. So thank you Marques Brownlee for making the transition easy and dedicating the time to do these videos.
Mastermind Shaikat (11 months ago)
I buy this phone
Amshahril Panee (11 months ago)
with S8 already out.i finally can afford S6 :D
David Cosloff TV (1 year ago)
This is the phone I totally want to get. I really love this phone because of the new feature of the cooler in the phone and also features with amoled display and quad hd.
WiZaRdUsMaN 7 (1 year ago)
Dan GamingLIVE (1 year ago)
could a 13year old use the edge
Sinatra Jr. (1 year ago)
I miss that Instagram logo T_T Let's have a moment of silence for it R.I.P
kingsoul kingdoms (1 year ago)
Marco boyy (1 year ago)
watching on my S7 edge 😂
Glauk Shala (1 year ago)
s8 and s7 edge speed test is be interesing
Rad (1 year ago)
what launcher were you using on the S7 Edge
Karim Oussayar (1 year ago)
who is watching this when the galaxy s8 8s out?
Gopal Modi (1 year ago)
what is the name of the music?
Austin Kline (1 year ago)
Its not waterproof?
David Fabian (1 year ago)
Anyone know what launcher he's using?
laurenangel 204 (1 year ago)
David Fabian Google Now Launcher
Jaison m (1 year ago)
What's the full form of mkbhd
Marquis Dorsey (1 year ago)
How does he make the phone stand up straight on its own like that? 🤔
Gabriel Rangel (1 year ago)
It's all right here at your fingertips

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