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Our Revolution Farmer Takes On GOP Incumbent In California

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TYT's John Iadarola (https://Twitter.com/johniadarola), host of The Damage Report, spoke with Justice Democrat Audrey Denney (D), who is running against Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R) to represent California's 1st district in the U.S. House of Representatives. https://www.audreyforcongress.com/ Donate: https://www.audreyforcongress.com/donate/ Volunteer Link: https://www.audreyforcongress.com/volunteer/ Don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below! *** Follow Our Incredible Reporting Team On The Road! Subscribe to TYT Politics on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TYTPolitics Like TYT Politics on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TYTPolitics Follow TYT Politics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TYTPolitics Join TYT Politics on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TYTPolitics/
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Text Comments (33)
Ryan Heather (2 days ago)
Speaking for the 2nd District in CA, we’d love to have her running our libertarian neighbor to the east... lol please please please help Audrey Denny win!!!
Joey Albertson (6 days ago)
thats not nice to talk about trumpthat way we know trumps a ass hole
chickendinner2012 (7 days ago)
Audrey Denney for Congress #MedicareForAll
diamondkharness (7 days ago)
TYT. Please cover the CA District 4 candidate. Jessica Morse for Congress. We will need support for her to beat the Incumbent republican. Jessica got 20% of the vote and beat another dem candidate.
Ilfart 218 (7 days ago)
Regular working people getting involved with government love it.
calichef1962 (7 days ago)
She's got both votes in MY house! I really hope she's able to beat the pants off that scum-sucking, mouth-breathing, climate change-denying, fundamentalist Neanderthal, LaMalfa! He's done NOTHING for this district-- ever! His ONLY claim to fame is having been one of Keith Olberman's Worst Persons of the Day once when he was newly elected. I really hope she starts using his donor list and congressional voting record against him in both print and video ads. I'm not talking about mud slinging here, I'm talking about telling the truth about all the times he's voted to take his constituents' health care away. Also, all the times he's voted to cut SNAP, Medicaid, housing assistance, energy assistance and Social Security-- the various programs his constituents must rely on just to live because there are no jobs or opportunities here. Good luck, Ms. Denney! We REALLY need you!
Joey Albertson (7 days ago)
lets give trump a present in november make congress blue
Matthew Hilliard (6 days ago)
295Phoenix and you have no idea about our district, that Audrey and the Green Party candidate are close and he has endorsed her and there is great respect all around. Keep your nose in Phoenix - we will keep our nose in North State California.
295Phoenix (6 days ago)
Robert J. Montgomery You really are that much of a fucking idiot, aren't you?
Robert J. Montgomery (6 days ago)
295Phoenix Yes the reason why Green party people are not elected is because first past the post election wouldn’t allow someone who gets 3% of the vote to win. Matthew was right: Run along
295Phoenix (6 days ago)
Robert J. Montgomery You might as well vote for Trump at this rate given how much you're shooting yourself in the foot.
295Phoenix (6 days ago)
Matthew Hilliard Less to do with my attitude and more to do with first past the post voting and turnout that barely breaks 50% on presidential election years and is less than half of that otherwise.
Brent Showers (7 days ago)
I hope she can pull off a W.
Matthew Hilliard (7 days ago)
Brent Showers The toughest thing in our district and I’m probably sure in Michigan as well, it’s convincing people who do not vote because they don’t like the corruption that we actually have uncorrupted candidates. Both parties have done so much damage to trust and faith in the electorate for so many years that it’s hard to change peoples minds. But I’ll keep continuing to have those conversations!
Matthew Hilliard (7 days ago)
Brent Showers We are all in for Audrey. Signs up everywhere for primary ( we had to take down until Sept 22 and will be back up in force then!) giving as much as we can, etc. We are a vanishing breed of Pete Wilson style, free trade, social safety net supporting lost race of fiscally moderate socially liberal California Republicans that do not seem to exist anymore I don’t agree with everything that Audrey is wanting to implement But her willingness to listen and actually talk to her constituents is something we have not experienced ever in Doug LaMalfa. I’ve never worked so hard to get someone elected we were working hard before the primary which I’m so glad we won, now the hard work, hopefully we can get a W.
Brent Showers (7 days ago)
Matthew Hilliard and here is your chance to fight back against the national GOP. Neo fascism and racism should never become mainstream. progressives want to win you moderates over. We understand you all feel lost right now and don’t know where to go. My grandparents are also life long republicans small business owners and turned progressive as soon as they knew trump was the nominee your not alone. It should hearten moderates to know I hope we are for small business over corporate and many of us are more aligned with Eisenhower. We hope that maybe one day you all can reclaim your party and make it a Eisenhower party. We hope to bring moderates to our side but even being willing to listen to the progressive lefts stances would be nice. We want a United front against trump. Not sure we will have a country left if we don’t stand together behind a common vision
Harry Christofi (7 days ago)
Holy shit, How can she look so pale on the thumbnail?
Vladimir Zulevic (2 days ago)
white privilege lol
Chaz Bennett (7 days ago)
Harry Christofi lighting too strong.
Cyril O'Reilly (7 days ago)
Audrey Denney 2018! She's excellent! https://www.audreyforcongress.com/

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