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The Property Show Episode 173 - Kuraiha Waterfront/Fairacres

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iayyam (1 month ago)
At 37:14 which Asians is she referring to who don't want an African to live amongst them... in Africa?
EUNICE KAVENGI (2 months ago)
omg move ads
Lisa Njoroge (4 months ago)
In love with these homes i need one ASAP
Mari Mare (11 months ago)
I mean one of this houses I will own it.
Mari Mare (11 months ago)
Soon I am going to be the owner of this houses in Jesus Name. They are so beautiful.
Kwamboka _mg (1 year ago)
this houses are so beautiful especially the grey ones...
omundi edwin (5 months ago)
Kwamboka _mg yo
Dennis Kamonde (1 year ago)
that soundtrack is epic, it makes me feel like am already in one of those beautiful houses. am getting one soon
Young Luo (1 year ago)
A dollar is around is around 105 Ksh today
Kueh Tier (1 year ago)
How much price for US dollar?
omundi edwin (5 months ago)
Kueh Tier 130000
Boniface Kuddy (1 year ago)
Nice houses, l wish l will be able to afford to buy one soon.

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