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Top 15 Most Shocking Reactions To Red Card in Football

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Text Comments (7129)
Ariana Grande (28 minutes ago)
5:29 me when sport begins 😂
Mike roscope (56 minutes ago)
Just ONE please can someone just make ONE footy video without ear damagingly shite music
asha mahmoud (1 hour ago)
#6 : No No not him. he's our only chance.😤😤😤
calep gonzalez (1 hour ago)
simon el pendejo de miera un puto
calep gonzalez (1 hour ago)
simon es muy listo
calep gonzalez (1 hour ago)
es fumador
Aidan Joy (1 hour ago)
SUPREMEx SUMO (2 hours ago)
#10 at the end 😂
DaJX (2 hours ago)
China NO. 1
kumbandit (5 hours ago)
Nice vid but should have not cut off the fouls that led to those, so we can see for ourselves if their anger or whatever reaction they make is justified.
CHAOS Yt (6 hours ago)
Whoever made this video.. I just want to #### him for all his hard work in putting this together
Dawid Lee-van-dowsky (6 hours ago)
The black people snd muslims are the most aggressive.
Dawid Kwieciński (7 hours ago)
0:27 OMG
Thomas Mäder (7 hours ago)
Again a clickbait thumb nail and the funny thing is that you wouldn’t even need it. Stupid. PS: That’s why you don’t have lots of subscribers.
Argumemnon (7 hours ago)
Lots of Waaaaah! Waaaahh!
Azeezy Loki (8 hours ago)
Pussy ass sport
Honest Truth (8 hours ago)
If you were missing out on thousands of pounds because of a diving nonce or a terrible decision you might also have a reaction
Selintje54 (8 hours ago)
Stupid reasons.. i don't know why they are overacting because it is there own fault right 🤦🏽‍♀️
Song at 3:20
sandrisaug (8 hours ago)
Психически нездоровые.
Siyad Ramees (9 hours ago)
CR 7
Siyad Ramees (9 hours ago)
Mental Neymar
Markelof ESO (9 hours ago)
1:28 is that Ramires?
roblox gamer (10 hours ago)
Poor guy who was crying
Gijs Bal (10 hours ago)
lol y u mad bro
vikram raj (12 hours ago)
Clickbait..shame of you
North Sea Brent (13 hours ago)
Niggers will be niggers, dirty cunting animals.
Brayan Cruz (13 hours ago)
5:51 llevo años esperando ver eso :3 hermoso sin duda
Renny Moreno (13 hours ago)
A lot of these red card reactions are from the past
Abu Umer (14 hours ago)
ياجماعة الخير صاحب هذه القناة كواد وملامحه مثل المغولي حسن ياري ههههه وعنده ٧ خوات شراميط يكود عليهم مع مخانيث من اسرائيل ومن ايران وافغانستان والأفغان والباكستانيين يلاوطونه وعمل ٤ عمليات بواسير في دبره خخخخخ عشان يعجل بفرج المهدي ابن المتناكة دا بقا كان بيتناك من عمر ٧ سنين واصيب بالشبق الجنسي في سن العاشرة وبيتخانق مع خواته الشراميط على عير زوار الحسين ونسيت اقول حاجة وهي انه هذا الشئ هو مدمن على مص العير حتى تصل الخصيتين الى شفتيه هنيئا لك ياخو الشرميظ ال ٧
Abu Umer (14 hours ago)
Mary Chryst (14 hours ago)
What the music?
Angelina Allen (15 hours ago)
And you've got to have Neymar in the thumbnail.
Cristian Serrano (15 hours ago)
Didn't know Kyrie Irving played Soccer 3:26
Broncanus (16 hours ago)
Hilarious uni-brow 4:10
Mary Madrid (16 hours ago)
Qué mierda por q ponen a Neymar y no sale qué. Chafa
Blagoja Acovski (17 hours ago)
Poor referee just trying to dk his job
Blagoja Acovski (17 hours ago)
md enamul haque (17 hours ago)
All the players shouldbe hardly punised
Dan D (21 hours ago)
5:52 sleepy cat... purr...purr... purr
SweetLife Moderato (21 hours ago)
The referee at #3 actually passed away.. RIP
Torre Alháquime (22 hours ago)
¿Donde está Neymar? sólo vine por la miniatura xD.
Nishan Maji (22 hours ago)
6:09 when someone tells my homie to pull up
fleurn0 (22 hours ago)
#10, what a prick
WhiteNinja (23 hours ago)
Being a referee is hard...
Merveil Meok (23 hours ago)
drkdragn28 (23 hours ago)
It's funny how Neymar is the thumbnail for many of these sort of football related videos. Just shows the guy is a living joke
Jeroen van Hagen (23 hours ago)
Saff Stroud (1 day ago)
this was the most craziest thing i've seeeeeeeeeen
kIM jONGuN (1 day ago)
How ARMED MAN in the 'football ground' ?
Bunny Rivard (1 day ago)
And they say people are racist to black people.
mommaLaughing (1 day ago)
Crying while running? Lol
jean claude KERBART (1 day ago)
une belle brochette de cons qui s'en prennent a l'arbitre !
Paulus MANKER (1 day ago)
6:46 is the best . . . they need army und teargas
Jozef Mucka (1 day ago)
gay music go kys retard
Adam Smith (1 day ago)
#2 referee runs faster than players
Mari Mon (1 day ago)
2:05 Fucking idiot
Yes cat
imran shaikh (1 day ago)
soooo funny3.06..shocking red card to referee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DiamondWolf Playz (1 day ago)
Skyrilla (1 day ago)
Low IQ manchildren.
Rb (1 day ago)
I suspect there are a lot of ethnic tensions with the African league that we have no idea of and the refs could be seen as being bias to one group over another. That could be why they get bashed by the entire team.
Fire mageGT (1 day ago)
LoganBerry (1 day ago)
What a bunch of pussies.. grow up
Patrick Holt (1 day ago)
The referee is like instant karma.
Malcolmvlogs May (1 day ago)
So sad not
Jamie Laupama (1 day ago)
WTF they're little shits
Siyanda Hopewell (1 day ago)
7 CREATIONS (1 day ago)
Pavan Walker (1 day ago)
Kick fail #2:12
Andrea Buck (1 day ago)
Nr ..6 wie ne pussy
Andrea Buck (1 day ago)
Abílio Ferreira (1 day ago)
joao vieira pinto... in euro... see that
Cyrix Team (1 day ago)
5:51 is kickass..
YaBoi Rey (1 day ago)
The music lyrics: never gonna give, never gonna give I KNOW, know know What it actually sounds like: Nufagongif nufagongif, i no no no
YaBoi Rey (1 day ago)
That thumbnail tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Naji Kerio (1 day ago)
0:33 should’ve pulled out the brown card after that.
kezia khan (1 day ago)
Baller Factory (1 day ago)
sunnyvanilline (1 day ago)
in reality, men are stupid animals.
Anthony Salcedo (1 day ago)
South American s are like wild animals
Frame Pro157 (1 day ago)
Fuck 5:53😂😂
YOW TUBE (1 day ago)
They were acting like kids
Alan Crandall (1 day ago)
Assaulting a referee should result in a season long ban. FIFA needs to show it protects referees.
Lisa F (1 day ago)
Number (6)😂😂😂😂😂
Arno Smith (1 day ago)
Dumbest fucking childlike idiots
short sighteddog (1 day ago)
Spoilt children
Crazy Updates (1 day ago)
Sweetie Sk Sk (1 day ago)
Did U Know.? (1 day ago)
Pele was the real Brazils inspiration neymar had to do alot of hard work to match the level in international football.
Bhuwan Chemjong (1 day ago)
Michael Ellis (1 day ago)
The crying guy was hands down my favorite
thetute59 (1 day ago)
Lul such drama!Edit: Team chasing referee: funny how the players always watched back to see if the rest chased as well. Dont wanna beat up an older man running away by yourself.And why were there armed gunmen on the field? Oo After watching this I have to watch huge fights in hockey.
Cristiano Ronaldo (1 day ago)
and the ref punched back
Cristiano Ronaldo (1 day ago)
pushing hard the ref?
GameBroski (1 day ago)
#14 even the refs flop lol
Kevin (1 day ago)
what a bunch of babies
dotch (1 day ago)
Soccer players are such pussies
Rasool Karim (1 day ago)
I guess the red card really hurts they feeling lol crying over the red card..
Łukasz Pustelnik (1 day ago)
3:05 The tables have turned!

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