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3 SCARiEST Brock Lesnar LOSSES in MMA Fights

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All 3 Brock Lesnar's Defeats in Professional Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) career. American WWE Superstar Loses by Knockouts and Submision. Lesion# 1. Frank Mir defeat Brock Lesnar by Submission. 2. Cain Velasquez Knocked Out Brock Lesnar. 3. Lesnar lose to Alistair Overeem by TKO. Subscribe on Lowlight TV (former Best MMA) https://www.youtube.com/c/BestMMAx
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Text Comments (3053)
Maico Coronado (41 minutes ago)
Brock lesner still that dude big up to him respcet
taylor trash (42 minutes ago)
Ubereem might could even beat Jon Jones I reckon
taylor trash (43 minutes ago)
Cain punches harder than anyone when he is healthy
Joe Mana (1 hour ago)
3rd ref looks like rob schneider
Martin quinn (3 hours ago)
He also lost to usada
Chito Fuentebella (4 hours ago)
Most stupid of all time
Curtis Brown (11 hours ago)
Cain v. Is a Worthless Mexican
Jeetu Sen (11 hours ago)
Its real fight not like wwe drama...wwe is more drama....less fight...hard to survive here
Pascal Fischer (11 hours ago)
Lesnar is very weak in real Life you can See😀😀😀😀
Kevin Penate (14 hours ago)
brock lesnar a bitch
phoenix god (15 hours ago)
One lesson taught us we don't need big muscles to win a fight
No Bro (15 hours ago)
Brock only had three losses
Jack Green (19 hours ago)
Why the hell do they tell Bruce buffer to say "He wAs A WwE sUpeRstAr" no one gives a shit that he was on a kids show
Muhammad Qasim (20 hours ago)
Good to see this cat got beat up by true ufc warriors😂😂😂
jason c (22 hours ago)
Lesnar is a joke. Stay out of the UFC lol
Lakhan singh Solanki (22 hours ago)
Brock Lesnar is biggest coward.
Tom zxzu (1 day ago)
I hate Frank Mir
Taken Titan (1 day ago)
Now that Brock has had his surgery he will kill all you fools
Brock is champion in wwe bcoz it is scripted already Mma is real that's why he lost Point my lord 😇👌
Omg 😲😲
Waleed Riasat (1 day ago)
I hate lesnar
C Blanco (1 day ago)
Lesnar had no skills just a roid rage on his and caveman attack
star child (1 day ago)
cain fight paid off
JoseCAM10 (1 day ago)
He will get smoked by DC
Kevin Solo (1 day ago)
This stuff is bound to happen at this level. These guys have trained there hole life's for this. Brock was just board and wanted something to do and with just physical freekness he still won the title and put up good fights against the best in the world.
Kevin Solo (1 day ago)
I love Brock lessnar but my friends thought I was crazy to put my money on Cain. It was a good payday
Ekara Edwards (1 day ago)
Brock is a dump heavy retard, so awkward when he tries to strike. He's a novelty fighter, a joke, a laugh, a spectacle. He sells tickets coz he's so big and dumb lol
benji alesana (1 day ago)
Hahahhaa wwe fake MMA real😂😂😂
suzan suzangothic (1 day ago)
This asshole bk is in defeated I feel so happy
It’s funny how everyone mentions everything about Brock except for his PED use! Yea he was better when he wasn’t sick and on the verge of death but then again; what would he have been like without steroids?
hyd 10 (2 days ago)
Wow ...superb..
Jimmy Bocanegra (2 days ago)
Luv seeing the bully getting his ass kicked that big bitch has no skill and no chin fake wwe is perfect for that meathead
Whodat (2 days ago)
He should stick to the rehearsed theatre of WWE, he is a performer not a fighter.
cook with priyansh (2 days ago)
Lesnar tapped out so easily this show that WWE is scripted
Wyatt Herb (2 days ago)
Miocic deserves a rematch over Lesnar getting a title fight.
William Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Lesnar is not a real fighter.
I'm a trash (2 days ago)
Esse brock lesnar nao sabe lutar em pe coitado dele contra o daniel comier kskks vai ser espancado kskkkskskkskks
sparkylukieboy2 (2 days ago)
I like watching brock bleed
Kevin Johnson (2 days ago)
Isbit juat me or does is seem like Brock need to take some time to work on them legs lol
Nils Meinhardt (3 days ago)
All three very good fighter
Ben Nicholson (3 days ago)
Brock Lesnar is a Wrestler to boot, Why on earth is he even doing MMA. Not saying he cant fight. But he isn't to the standards both Mentally and Physically as these guys, Many of MMA fighters have various bases of fighting. I.E Taekwondo or Kickboxing. With a mix of Jiu Jitsu ''Gracie Bara'' Or another grappling type such as Roman Greco. Brock is just a Wrestler and a Brawler..
Rajinder Pal (3 days ago)
fix for money
William Breen (3 days ago)
LOL haha you big bully asshole
William Breen (3 days ago)
Daniel Cormier is going to be the fourth person to do this to him and Jon Jones will be the fifth person! Brock Lesnar wasn't impressive athlete as a college wrestler and did some entertaining things in the professional wrestling world but he is not a real fighter and cannot take a punch and is afraid to take a punch that was evident against Alistair Overeem! He's a big scary guy no doubt and you wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley but pitted against people his size he gets exposed real quick for being the punk ass bully he is! He is a big cream puff when it comes to fighting someone his own size and strength and skill! What Frank Mir did to him was impressive but what Cain Velasquez did to him was awesome and what overing did to him was a humiliating Bully Beatdown
1fastmex (10 minutes ago)
Your a fucking idiot. He was a division 1 national champion wrestler. As well as a ju co national champion wrestler. The best college wrestler in the nation. He had his first fight in the UFC with maybe 5 months of training MMA and went against the former heavy weight champion which on the rematch shortly after. He beat with maybe a year training. He also beat heath herring at the time who was an absolute monster in pride. He took down some of the top guys in the world and fought the rest of the worlds top with extremely minimal training. Your an idiot. Should probably do a little research before you say bold statements you know nothing about
William Breen (11 hours ago)
Josh Emery I don't know dude? I mean there's no doubt that people would want to see that rematch but I think the same result would happen again just like the first time! I mean Kane's a bad boy and has been documented as one of the hardest heavyweight Strikers in the UFC heavyweight history! I mean he's not the all-out Beast of a wrestler like Brock Lesnar but his wrestling was certainly enough to keep him from that god-awful ground-and-pound attack from Brock! He basically was too fast too elusive and way too ferocious for Brock to deal with. If there were no referee and it was on the street Kane would have killed him! No doubt in my mind
carlos pineda (12 hours ago)
Yes yes yes! I’ve been saying this!and Cormier and Brock are on the same level of Wrestling Daniel even better , so strikes Daniel will win because Brock cowards when hit
When i became the sun.. (16 hours ago)
William Breen qho the fook is jon jones?
Josh Emery (17 hours ago)
William Breen that would be a great rematch
Harshaan Deol (3 days ago)
But he fight well
Sonny Witherspoon (3 days ago)
Miss Cain
LokedOutSteelAJ (3 days ago)
He's only lost 3 fights
deputydog7669 (4 days ago)
pussy on roids
WickedRoller (4 days ago)
Brocks entire strategy is look for the take down and do alot of weak hammer fists and see if the ref will stop the fight.
Zan Rahmadi (4 days ago)
mohit pawar (4 days ago)
See Brock in second he was fast and see cm punk he looses all two fights with such a bad condition 😂😂Brock win his debut fight but he loose this
Selim hh (4 days ago)
Ironic that the 2 strongest heavyweights Cain and Daniel are best friends 😂👍🏼 Love cormier
Raghuraj Raghuraj (4 days ago)
Raghuraj Raghuraj (4 days ago)
Buck Futtler (4 days ago)
DC is gonna make these 3 feel like a walk in the park...never been so excited to see someone get whooped...january cant come soon enough!
Exploring L.A (5 days ago)
Respect this fool for having the balls to try ufc, not many wwe guys would
joed acilo (5 days ago)
Meanwhile Paul: Brock Brock Brock
Ali Abi (5 days ago)
Brock lesnar is the king in WWE.But he is the garbage in MMA.
Ali Abi (5 days ago)
VCL MMA (5 days ago)
Man handling guys like Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Mark Hunt, Shane Carwin AND still you think he is garbage
Bill Blass (5 days ago)
so what's up with Cain, is he retired? His last fight was like 5 years ago
BAZOOKA TURTLE (5 days ago)
Brock likes Frank Mir's ass. He tapped it the first time and whupped it the next.
Lindon Dumais (5 days ago)
Before or after his surgery? Because I know he wasn’t 100%
HAWAIIRAMSFAN7 (5 days ago)
3 scariest steroid losses
robbo 2 (5 days ago)
Overeem really fucked him up
Jason Bustos (5 days ago)
Conor McGregor vs Brock Lesnar. Who would win?
Matthew Wood (5 days ago)
Never ever liked Brock the Big Bully. Always happy to see him get his block knocked off lol! Cant throw hands so he always tackles lol!
Marvin Monroe (5 days ago)
I fucking despise Steve Mazzagotti
Cameron4anime (5 days ago)
Brock Lesnar is such a cunt. I met him in real life and straight up said "You're such an asshole, go fuck yourself!" And walked about 10 feet to look cool but never ran faster in my life even though I wasn't getting chased. 😂😭💀
M- Loya (5 days ago)
What happens when a roided up WWE star meet a roided up World champion kick boxing and Grand prix champion? Fake ass WWE Star gets his ass kicked and sent back to the fake world of WWE where the kicks to the gut don't really hurt! Lmao
Leroy Sinclair (5 days ago)
Lesnar is mediocre
theprogamer 5484 (5 days ago)
He touch his butt
St4n15 (5 days ago)
Why nobody of you motherfuckers that you comment, none of you is talking about Brock Lesnar first fight in ufc and was winning, his first opportunity to take the tittle and he took it, Brock Lesnar can fight in real fight and can fight in anything that it’s about fight
The Black Schwab (5 days ago)
Brock Lesnar is a bitch.
Aaron Ditchfield (5 days ago)
leg lock is scary ???
TheGamingPukes (5 days ago)
He’s only lost 3 times lmao
Cam Anderson (6 days ago)
Just imagine what DC will do
Rocky Dennis MVP (6 days ago)
The C.V fight, had that been any other fight, Herb would have stopped it the second the opponent hit the mat. Since this was a Lesnar fight, they wanted to see as much action as long as they could. C.V fucked Lesnar up in that fight!!
Kool Cool (6 days ago)
tweed187187 (6 days ago)
The UFC is barely hanging to life so they're back to another awkward "high profile" fight using Brock Lesnar lol. RIP UFC.
Johnny 34 (6 days ago)
Shane Carwin beat him worse than anybody has for a full round. That may be Brock's best fight ever because he refused to go down, and Carwin was completely gassed entering the 2nd, having no shot to win at that point.
Ammar Yasir (6 days ago)
Milk taker
Adriyan Slavchev (6 days ago)
i think the best fight will be DC vs Cain !!! and its exactly of the UFC style as fook ...
Adriyan Slavchev (6 days ago)
it happens all the time in UFC and ultimate fighter
USER 1 (6 days ago)
they are freinds and training partners so it won't happen
ARMS COLOUR LAB (6 days ago)
Fuck you Brock
ARMS COLOUR LAB (6 days ago)
You gave Brock a real taste.
Paul Fisher (6 days ago)
lesner got his ass whipped in real fighting, lol!!
Paul Fisher (6 days ago)
WWE is fake n if u research they even tell u, lol!!
Apra veyie (6 days ago)
Brock is back. i want to see him getting some real shots, heard he is boasting in wwe
FluxMaster Flex (6 days ago)
Anyone say body shots don't hurt never experienced it. They will drop anyone fast!
Chaz Ryan (6 days ago)
He had diverticulitis crises during the time of that last fight
DEADSsavagee (6 days ago)
Cain would win 10 out of 10 fight against him no problem at all
BABYBOY (6 days ago)
haaaa haaa haaaaaa.. brock got hiz ass whippppdd..lol
AFGUN_ DIEGO (6 days ago)
Even DC will take down brock lol
USER 1 (6 days ago)
even dc lol he has a 246 lbs olympic wrestler
Alonzo Wolf (6 days ago)
1st one got cocky 2nd he was sick 3rd he was sick as well
USER 1 (6 days ago)
K0ngs D0ng (6 days ago)
I don’t count the last loss. That chuck has been tested positive for roids and then after he got busted he sucked
K0ngs D0ng (6 days ago)
USER 1 Lesnar tested negative before the match
USER 1 (6 days ago)
they were both juiced
TIN TAN (6 days ago)
G (6 days ago)
Overeem was so smart to keep going for the body, he must have known about Brock's stomach condition
brock lesnar a piece of shit
steven chamberlain (6 days ago)
brock is way over paid in the wwe there are guys out there that deserve it much much more
3:12 It's the famous kick breaking ribs
K. G. R. (7 days ago)
Brock Lesnar without steroids loses to fighters who are not using steroids. Brock Lesnar on steroids loses to fighters on steroids. He's just not a fighter.
tell to brock lesnar wife and son not to see this video oppnent never show fucking mercy to brock lesnar

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