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Bringing A Modified Car To The Dealer

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What are the pro and cons of bringing a modified car into the dealer for work? Should you even bring them to the dealer? This can be a hot issue from a technician standpoint, as well as a customer standpoint. For the most part it is not an issue. Plus we don't see a ton of modified cars at the dealership. Do you bring your modified car to the dealership for work? Join me today as we break down: Cool part about modified cars at the dealership Well modified cars are great Poorly modified cars are not so great Why modified cars may be more work for the technician Areas where modified cars are a problem How modified cars impact labor times and work flow Who pays for repairs under warranty Being honest about your car mods It only matters when it matters Humble Mechanic Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfzU5uvU-lKLEvGiyabJxxazND2S7lC- Failed VW parts videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfzU5uvU-lIxxNMAO-nNe4c3Liohrrr- Tool Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfzU5uvU-lKA_oaxAkY0KKTvS4cxuPA7 How To videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfzU5uvU-lKM-_ShLfG-IrNqklIp0_To MK1 VR6 Swap Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfzU5uvU-lKJ09uR9evf987LmSuijY-p Follow me on: The Blog http://humblemechanic.com INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/humblemechanic/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/HumbleMechanic TWITTER https://twitter.com/HumbleMechanic GOOD STUFF ON AMAZON http://goo.gl/5304Qw (affiliate)
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Text Comments (664)
Challenger RC (15 hours ago)
How about when somebody brings a Nissan 350z to a Ford dealership
Matt Wilson (19 days ago)
That is why you ALWAYS record down the known working vag com codes, or at least triple check what you are doing and cross reference between a few sites.
Jackie Chan (21 days ago)
When I was fixing diesel trucks to pass emissions at regular shop, people blame anything but the modification
William Creech (25 days ago)
Do they still make a Golf truck
HumbleMechanic (25 days ago)
Sadly no
stan ferguson (1 month ago)
First new car I ever bought (I'm 60) and 1st first oil change. I didn't look under the hood and it seems a mouse had built a nest on oil fill cap. I only know this because mouse nest and crap were in the oil fill area. So needless to say, I don't have a good relationship with my dealers service department.
rjclark730 (1 month ago)
Can the dealer see if you changed a setting (via VagCom or OBDeleven) if you turn it back off/reset to original state?
HumbleMechanic (1 month ago)
Nah. And most of the time they dont care. Unless it is related to a concern.
nsmith3388 (1 month ago)
If you had a murano with empty cats, what would you do, and what would you say?
Sean Heiting (2 months ago)
I know this video is old and I'm late but for us the worst is when someone want an alignment and have a lifted/lowered vehicle and then get upset with us when we can't adjust their camber from -4° back to manufacturer specs
HumbleMechanic (2 months ago)
Yep! I’ve had plenty of cars that wouldn’t fit on the rack at all. Lol
Matthew Jensen (2 months ago)
I had a thermostat go on my car once, and had an aftermarket intake installed and I had a tech claim that my intake caused my thermostat to fail 😂
HumbleMechanic (2 months ago)
Bahaha. That’s silly.
Cdr. Amora Shepard (2 months ago)
Probably the most customized vehicle I have worked on so far was a Ram 3500(4X2) and the only stock thing was 'maybe' the block and it took over 45 minutes to do that oil change because it was one of the 2014-on bodies where the frame has an extra crossmember going directly under the filter. Because of how many mods had lines all around the filter, we ended up basically tearing out basically the entire intake up to the turbo to fit the filter through.
HumbleMechanic (2 months ago)
That sucks!!! And probably no most pay for you either
Matt Byerly (2 months ago)
Thats why i work on my own vehicles
HumbleMechanic (2 months ago)
I think more people should take that type of ownership
marshall (2 months ago)
When my Mustang was under warranty most Ford dealerships would not want to touch the car at all. They tried to tell me since the car was modified it had been "raced" so therefore they didn't want to cover anything. Too damn bad!!! So when I had installed Eibach springs and Tokico shocks they tried to tell me that those were the cause of the throw out bearing squealing. I told them to prove this to me, and they couldn't so warranty covered my TOB. In fact, I had my TOB changed twice under warranty. Oh yeah, they also tried to tell me that the short throw shifter messed up the TOB. Again, I called their bullsh*t and it still was fixed.
Jeremy Koshak (2 months ago)
It's need feet too early for a beer...
Javier Betancourt (2 months ago)
I worked at toyota for a bit had a bunch of moded tundra tacos and fj' s same deal. You would pick it up a bit quicker but the skid plates front bumper guards with lights and 16 inch wheels with mud slingers and bolted in center caps lol I don't miss that
Ricky Carleton (3 months ago)
First time viewer, and I was like, "I know those stickers!" I have half of the same ones on my gun safe! Yay NC!
euroovca25 (3 months ago)
lol detektiv, you lie or you just want to sound like its too much with the modules... if you fuck something up beyond recovery.. update the module and it puts the car to stock... it takes 20 minutes and costs 40€ .. fucking simple as this... you dont have to go and look and figure crap out, no, you plug it in and press one button, done...
euroovca25 (3 months ago)
update the car comfort or any corresponding module with the original vag tool, it puts everything to stock. even if you have ecu tune, it flashes the stock values in...
HumbleMechanic (3 months ago)
I am not sure what you are referring to.
Nazraq S (3 months ago)
I take my car to the dealership for everything but tires. Keeping my car stock, and enjoying a well maintained car.
Dragon-cat Motorsports (3 months ago)
Yeah about the slammed car, I work at a Hyundai dealership and we see those quite a bit
Latitude (3 months ago)
Good to know. If I ever get around to modifying my truck and later have to get repairs done, I'll tip a little extra to the mechanic.
Deplorable Dave (3 months ago)
I had a fairly highly modded BMW E46 M3 under warranty still. I was SO lucky to have my local dealer work on it NO PROBLEM. In fact I was given unbelievable breaks and latitude when I broke my half shaft TWICE! LOL. I did give the shop foreman a bottle of very expensive Single Malt scotch from time to time. And yes, the guys loved seeing my car. It was well done and most issues had zero to do with my mods. Basically I had very few issues because I must have had a car built on a Wednesday in Germany. The shop did rent me a car for free for two days while they checked out a clicking noise. It was some after market lug bolts that were too long. They ground them down and DID NOT CHARGE ME A DIME!!! They never messed with my DCM which DID have a custom tune on it. I consider my self very very lucky to have a dealer that was so cool.
James Brook (3 months ago)
Yeah about the slammed car; the mechanic I used insisted I remove the body kit before it goes up on the hoist. Good looking out
Tarzan (3 months ago)
You mod your car, but can't do your own oil? Wtf?
HumbleMechanic (3 months ago)
I think it’s more of a matter of want. I can pay about $15 in labor to have someone else do it. Top off all the fluids. Put air in tires and dispose of oil and filter. That’s not bad.
Oblithian (3 months ago)
So modifications aside... If there is a part that is defective (like a timing belt) and it is covered under warranty (legally, by the terms of the warranty contract) but the dealership still charges you, do they turn around and also bill the warranty?
HumbleMechanic (3 months ago)
No. The repair is coded differently.
BoostAddict (3 months ago)
I'm 15, and I have a question you could answer. I'm getting my drivers licence week, and I'll be able to drive on my own by next year. Would a VW dealership hire a 16 or 17 year old?
HumbleMechanic (3 months ago)
Most will only hire 18+ for insurance. But I’d go in and ask
David Skillen (3 months ago)
If your up your horse power why are you going to the dealer
David Skillen (3 months ago)
Changing the ecm or pcm is not for the average Joe. You need a real macanic to do that
K Mathew (3 months ago)
Do you think mercades would have a problem with it? I Am ganna buy a new c63s coupe and I want to modify it to the max, inside and outside.
North Woods Road Warrior (4 months ago)
I started working at a Lincoln dealership in Maine back in 1998. I can remember the days of the early 90's to mid 95 Continentals coming in for services and every tech in the building hiding so they wouldn't have to work on them. For those unfamiliar with these they were the 3.8L front wheel drive ones. Also know as the Lincoln Guinea pigs. All the newer technologies were tested out on these models at the time. Which made for a mess of problems. Most were wiring and sensor related. But also the Lincoln air ride suspension was somewhat unique. They also had serious issues related to head gaskets and power steering line blow outs. All of which were major repairs that booked many hours of labor but always took hours more then they called for. I do work on the side and these cars I would actually refuse to work on. That says a lot cause I'll work on anything, factory, modified, custom, and such. But those evil Continentals and quad four pontiac/Gm engine rebuilds are about the only things I refuse to work on. This episode just brought those old memories flooding back. Are there any cars or specific engines that make you feel the same?
Kenneth Wilcox (4 months ago)
I see this a lot working at a Chrysler dealership with Jeep Wranglers. They do all these crazy lives and suspension mods etc then they want stuff fixed under warranty and you have to hassle with them about that. The offroad shop will break their wheel speed sensor when installing their lift, their jeep group in th says bring it in and have it fixed under warranty etc.
JAVERON H. (4 months ago)
I agree, if you modify something let whomever is to do your fixes (garage, dealer, family) know, and don't lie about it.  there have been times helping my dad that it turns out a modification they did was the actual culprit but would have meant something else was wrong with a completely stock vehicle.  plus if you know your vehicle's modification would make it harder for the mechanic to get the job done saying "thanks" at the least, hopefully more, should be an easy thing to do. I do minor mods, usually for durability or health boosting in mind.  my truck used to be 2 wheel drive because of where I lived.  I moved to another state and we made it a 4x4 because we found a truck frame, front axle, and transfer case for a year younger, but same.  mine is a 2004 ram 2500 5.9L Cummins with a NV5600 transmission (I greatly enjoy the reliability of my truck) the donor parts were for a 2003.  what bothered me was I was told my truck was going to fail inspection because the VIN number said it was a 2x4, but it was obviously a 4x4 (well trying at this point) due to the front axle (though at this time didn't have a 4x4 transmission so nothing was able to drive the front axle).  it passed but it was because one of the guys at the autoparts store next door was in and noticed the truck, knew it was mine and said what we had done.  for all I know it could have been the autoparts guy made up story to look better, but if it is true is bugs me that it would fail because they ran the VIN number and it came back as a 2x4.  currently I look at it as a "are you serious story" with some laughs.  if it had failed I wouldn't have been happy.  with what my family and I did the ONLY way anyone could tell it wasn't originally a 2x4 is if they looked up the vin number.  other than that it seems completely factory, and in a sense is since it is all the correct parts, just from 2 different trucks that have about a year difference keep up the great work
Jay Sosa (4 months ago)
I hate trying to sift through what a customer tells you and what is the truth usually the 2nd time around you get the my cousin Jim bob cooter try to fix her and now it’s been molested and worse then it was to begin
Mr. Akill3s (4 months ago)
I modify my computer, if there is an issue, I know how to fix it myself, I understand it completely. I can ID sounds made if its software or Hardware. I feel if you mod cars yourself to that degree, you should be able to do the same.
ROTSTarge (4 months ago)
Honestly this is kinda why I'm weary about doing anything with my car. I'm not looking to do anything radical, but since I have an extended warranty, I don't want to lose that.
Rodney Galindo (4 months ago)
I seen the title to this video and just laughed ! I would only have them fix a part that can be taken out
Owen S (5 months ago)
We caught my mum's new golf doing burnouts after being dropped off for a service. I don't trust mechanics for shit to do anything, they get paid so poorly there is a big incentive to rip people off.
Josh Mac (5 months ago)
shut up and fix my 92 corrado with 4motion VRT swap and it better be under warranty lol the only problem ive ever had with dealer/mechanics has been with stainless steel exhaust flex hoses (for me they always brake same spot every time, on different cars too lol) but trying to find some place to replace it or repair it has been a huge problem for me, other wise ive never really had a problem with modified cars and dealing with shops or dealer ships(even when the car wasnt mine, dropped a buddies off once for service) but i think honesty plays a big part
Travis (6 months ago)
Hurricanes fan huh humble lol
Travis (6 months ago)
HumbleMechanic nice yea the canes are cool I like the flyers
HumbleMechanic (6 months ago)
+Big Trav haha. Yea we had season tickets for a while.
James Holbrook (8 months ago)
I mean if I'm modifying a car I'm not taking it to a dealership also not buying a VW or something like that
Cape Ferrelo Metalcraft (8 months ago)
If you're going to change stuff in VAG-com, make a list of mods with the original factory coding so you can either set it back to factory or let your tech know beforehand. It's like any other coding, comment comment comment. In this case the comments are not in the code but no matter how you document changes...document! Saves everyone a whole lot of time.
Kevin (9 months ago)
I rather have the car stock than lowered. Many people dont know how to mod cars properly.
pretty fly for a wifi (9 months ago)
Dealers are bitchs and will trash you're car, over charge ypu, steal you're change, FUCK DEALERS
HumbleMechanic (9 months ago)
Some are.. Many are just hard working dudes and chicks trying to do good work. But saying it that way is the same as saying all customers are assholes.. Many of my customers were awesome. I got to see their kids grow up, go off to college, and so on. I am even good friends with many of them outside of the dealer.
Brandon Lehman (10 months ago)
Nice hurricanes beanie, have you seen their off-season moves? They're looking at a playoff spot this year.
giantgeoff (10 months ago)
In the '70's Nobody would touch my Goats, or my Mach 1, which is how and why a 16 year old kid learns auto mechanics
Dan Solo (10 months ago)
No offence Charles,. but I know for sure that if it was Me, I probably wouldn't say anything cause many People who've Modded, know that as soon as they admit it, the Dealer is gonna suck through His/Her teeth, and say "It's gonna cost Ya.!" But I totally get that it's gonna really help the Diag...
HumbleMechanic (10 months ago)
+Dan Solo it all depends on the situation.
Allen TKO (10 months ago)
slammed car = dumbfck driver with a shitty taste
Jason howe (11 months ago)
modified take it back to the original shop that installed the modification..
Armstrong Racing (11 months ago)
Well said, totally agree. I'm a Subaru tech and we see a lot of tuned cars. If the problem is not related to the tune we fix it no problem.
Let's go green 35 (1 year ago)
I agree bro i had so many customers bringing a vehicle in complaining about a problem and then not telling you that it's got a ecu piggyback on it or pedal booster. So yeah i feal you man thanx for the video bro
Marco Navarro (1 year ago)
I'm a rat! If I get a modified truck in my work bay especially diesels, I contact the manufacturer, do a data drop from the vehicle and information from all the modules on that truck is uploaded to the corporate servers. Usually end up in a warranty restriction being placed on the vehicle.
Gtaoutsider (1 year ago)
The mods I have on my MK7 GTI HIDS , and obdeleven I did the windows , the carbon them on the radio and mfi , and the turn signals will that be a problem or void my warranty
Derek Hoffman (1 year ago)
my opinion on moded vehicles is this, if ur gonna mod a "under warranty" vehicle make the simple ones first. intake exhaust and ECM tune. just tell the tech that it's got bolt on mods. there cheap and benefit your vehicle. and with ECM tuners most if not all of them save the factory settings before they tune. I have taken my ram into dodge with an ecm issue and the tech asked me to reinstall the factory tune cuz the mod tune was not allowing him to fix the issue. (it was a m.a.s mapping issue found out the sensor was bad) and the tech liked my truck so much he offered to buy it that day from me. (I guess the test drive seal the deal on that) so anyways I'm waiting until my truck is paid off even though I drove it out of warranty 6k miles ago. and I think that's all anyone should do until the vehicle is out of warranty power train wise.
Branden McNabb (1 year ago)
Is my 1985 Ford Mustang GT's suspension covered under warranty? The car is _slightly_ old. *_Sarcasm_*
Kevin Schmidt (1 year ago)
You seem like a great mechanic but for the love of god please clean up your beard. i'm not saying you need to get rid of if, but you need to shape it up brother.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Kevin Schmidt lol I've been through a few trims since this video. Probably due for another one soon.
Butters (1 year ago)
so inshort if ur going to have custom mods on a car make sure ur the one moding it and understand engineering.its like me going to best buy with my PC that I build and saying hey I need this fix then leave, no u don't do that u come in and u explain how it's all set up and everything and tell them in detail whats going on and work with them. earring is caring
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
Yea I have no issues with that. Just be upfront and helpful. I have had more people lie to me about mods than not.
Duzzer One (1 year ago)
lmao fuck dealer techs.
Duzzer One (1 year ago)
HumbleMechanic I gave up on dealers man, after hearing their prices I simply walked away. I do the work on my own now lol with the help of videos like yours.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
Now that I think we can agree on. There are times however that dealers are really fair in their pricing. The dealer I worked at was cheaper for an oil change than most of the jiffy change places. When you compare like for like oil change
Duzzer One (1 year ago)
HumbleMechanic no hate on the mechanics themselves lol. dealers get ridiculously expensive though. to better phrase it, fuck dealer prices.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Luis Mendez care to elaborate? ;)
Clayton Lusk (1 year ago)
I see ignorance in the comment section below.
Tom Allen (1 year ago)
It's all good, just take your moded POS somewhere else.
Noah Broome (1 year ago)
Awesome Great to here!
HenryMania (1 year ago)
As soon as he said I change the stuff/things/settings back to OEM in order to fix your problem I stopped watching. I could endure these "mechanics" aka fitters bitching and not wanting to do the work on a modded car but at least be upfront honest with your customer.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+HenryMania what would be your advice then for a better diagnostic approach?
Alex Shimkus (1 year ago)
I drive a mildly modified Mitsubishi. I take my car to the Dealership all the time, I know the Managers, Staff, and Techs, etc. they all know the work I have done. If my car ends up running the tech some time, I will always take care of the tech who performed the work. The way I look at it, the tech takes care of my car so I will do the same in return, whether its giving them $20 bucks on the side or a case of Monster or Gatorade because I know they have a long day.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Alex Shimkus nice!!! Wish more customers did that. :)
Leshpar Dracendor (1 year ago)
90% of this sounds like common sense, but then customers are idiots.
Albert Gallardo (1 year ago)
bs bs bs bs bs bs bs dont be weinie my car is slamed and the only techs that i find dont know squat is at the dealer.
wiggys shop (1 year ago)
great video. I have a 67 Karmann Ghia with dual 44 IDF Weber carburetors. I would be very impressed if a dealership still has a carb sync tool. :)
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
LOL, I know mine didn't.
SaTaNeAtChEeSe IV (1 year ago)
When I was working as a tyre fitter I had this guy come in with a Mk4 Golf R32 and he was very much in love with his car and did not hesitate to tell us all about it. It came in for a tracking (wheel alignment) as the car was pulling to one side. Now at first sight the car looked and pretty much sounded like a R32 so at no point did I need to question it being a R32. The problem came when I was under the car and having put it in the air I realised the centre section of the exhaust was very small for a R32. As I got under the engine to get to the track rod ends I started to notice that the engine was also very small for what the car was so I asked the guy what engine was in the car as I needed to know for the tracking geometry. He said that it was a R32. So now knowing that it was not by looking at the sump and the standard middle section of the exhaust going to these custom twin cans sticking out the back I then asked what engine size is it really? He very sheepishly responded 1.4. Now, I'm not judging the guy for driving a replica R32 and it was a very good rep. Exterior, interior, wheels, everything! But don't assume I'm just some dumb ass tyre fitter. I was a fully trained vehicle tech and quickly realised it was a sheep in wolfs clothing. The bit that made me laugh was he was as bold as brass at telling me it was a R32 before hand and bragged at how "fast" it was. Silly billy! And for needing to know the engine size to begin with? Our alignment chart is ordered by brand, model and engine size and each car differs in alignment in accordance to these. Thus needing to know. I'll never forget that. Made me and my colleagues chuckle for days XD
never go full Pony (1 year ago)
I always go to the dealership with my modified Mitsubishi. We have a good relationship. Let's just say they recommended me a different brand of zip ties because they knew I was always using them
spanishh2001 (1 year ago)
reason why I stay away from dealers ...I either work on it myself or take it to a specialty shop ...most dealerships don't like to have modded cars come in because it eats at their bottom line ....
Jess Stuart (1 year ago)
People who outright deny everything about something they obviously messed-up should have to clean up their own mess, or be charged double.
Datsun510zen (1 year ago)
Be it age or modification, at some point no manufacturer shops will even look at your car. When I was a kid I installed side draft carbs on my car and couldn't even pay the dealer shop to replace the clutch. I even offered to let them nullify any warranty, but no go. I get a sense that "point" is different from one dealer/service manager to the next though. Today if I drove my modified 1972 Datsun 510 into a Nissan shop they would't even know what they were looking at.
rupe53 (1 year ago)
The problem you run into with a 72 Datsun 510 is everyone at the dealer was born well after the car was made. You don't see too many seasoned "old timers" in dealers these days because the young guys know it all and will work for peanuts compared to a guy in his 50s or 60s, who might know that the OEM dual point distributor was put there for emissions and the second set of points was supposed to be adjusted for a 5 degree offset on the timing. They also wont have a clue about those "flat top" carbs in the 260Z that had vapor lock issues due to a thermostat problem. Yeah, they had coolant lines under the carbs to keep them warm in cold weather for emissions. In that era you needed a brain to fix a car, not a computer. Back in the day we charged a full 8 hours flat rate to clean and overhaul those 260Z carbs, and when it left it was running like a Swiss watch while still meeting factory specs.  A good technician could go through the stock carbs, do it in maybe 5-6 hours, and still make money for himself, while making the customer happy. Today they'd rip it out and screw on some aftermarket stuff then wonder why there were quirks!
Mike Barber (1 year ago)
H&R Springs are really high end?
CTWalker Photo (1 year ago)
the jeep dealer loves me the tub and up is stock, that's it.. they hate it
pdavid24 (1 year ago)
I've had pretty good experience with my dealer. The only thing that made me laugh was that the service adviser told me that the mechanic recommended on my next check in to do a fuel system clean because "These new GDI engines are known to produce excessive carbon build up on the injectors." The problem is my car is like 3 model years before they had GDI.
Bill Overbeck (1 year ago)
When I was 15 I bought a modified Volvo 242. They had converted it to a pickup but it was all healed together by epoxy and underneath the truck bed it was filed with water and tangled unconnected wires plus there was a hole in the floor so you could see the driveshaft spinning while driving it...
Bill Overbeck (1 year ago)
Yeah. A 242 pickup would be pretty cool if done properly.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
YIKES! cool concept poor execution?
Bill Overbeck (1 year ago)
No I didn't mean like international modifications. They just did a really horrible job converting it so the rain got into the car and almost short-circuited it and the rust made that hole in the floor.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
cool? I mean it sounds pretty awesome, but what was it?
kevin gose (1 year ago)
how do you get to know a good tech at the dealership? Seems you are going to work with the service advisor who don't work on your car all the tine.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
Here are 2 videos I have done about that. This is just me. ~ https://youtu.be/8djSQIDqhMU This is a collab with Eric aka EricTheCarGuy ~https://youtu.be/nKeP_-Zv67A
R N (1 year ago)
Love the Aviator sticker!
Bob Marley (1 year ago)
VAGCOM has check boxes, you don't need to write anything down. Just check it on, then check it off it doesn't work...
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Bob Marley it does, but I still recommend making copies of the original coding. Just in case something goes sideways
Pauly Lewis (1 year ago)
if i bought it new, i wouldn't modify it until the warranty runs out. but i have never bought new or had a warranty so i just modify away. also dealer rates are too high typically so unless it is a real specialty item or i know the tech has the solution i need, i stay away from the dealer.
Candisa (6 months ago)
I bought my current car new and did a few mods in the warranty period. I simply discussed my plans before doing them and I didn't do anything they didn't like me doing. I also chose my dealership based on how open they are about mods. Why would you buy a car you know you'll modify at a dealership that doesn't know or approve your plans?
Alex K (1 year ago)
Hyundai just disqualifies your warranty and tells you to pound sand on diagnostic fees.
SPACE TRUCKER (1 year ago)
I would wait until the car is out of warranty.
Defour (1 year ago)
i usually tip my mechanic when i get a alignment or something i am either too lazy or cant do. Usually with a beer but whatever
Kobra (1 year ago)
Our local dealership is where I used to take my car for service. I have a full cat-back magnaflow exhaust on the 3.6L VR6. There's always that one tech there that would come out to say hey to me when he heard it roll into the shop bay. However, I started taking it to a local Euro shop that only deals with VW, Audi, and Mini. They're ALL enthusiasts and all have a wonderful time working on my car. Owner of the shop has a lower'd Audi wagon and a lower'd MKVI GTI. Such an awesome community to be a part of.
Kobra (1 year ago)
Indeed, and when I sealed the deal that I'd be bringing it back there for future services, they gave me a bunch of stickers, ECS tuning lanyard, and a hat. Something you may not always get going to the dealer. XD
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Kobra it's a lot of fun when everyone is am enthusiast!!
Cory Falcone (1 year ago)
Thank you sir. Good info.
Channel4Infinity (1 year ago)
VW wont even work on my car haha. Slammed, tuned, modified 2 the extend that nothing is original anymore... changed engine, platework, interior everyting haha... The VW dealer looks at it, say nice car dude, but we are not going to work on it... too much out of the books. even ordering parts is difficult...
Caddy Guy (1 year ago)
I try to take my car in as little as possible. When I do, usually to confirm my diagnostics, I always make sure to inform them that there is 2 batteries.
This guy sucks. His subs show it.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+The E Card Man With Vids hahah. Thanks. I don't mind the hate, I try and understand it. I want to make the best videos I can. So if people say I suck, I like to figure out why they think that.
Jesus you are humble. lol.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+The E Card Man With Vids man you're way off the mark. But it's cool. I still appreciate your comment. ;)
Funny you respond to a comment like this, but when actual help is needed, don't even bother to reply. Like I said,this guy(YOU) SUCK.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+The E Card Man With Vids you know you can say "you suck". Content creators see the comments ;)
P Kuudsk (1 year ago)
Years in the trade and never ever got a true story from the customer until I told them ,NO YOU'RE trying to bullshit me,then they tell the truth. I don't care about the water pump,brakes ,window .Unless it is 100% related.Why do people think they can pull one over on a teck who does this every day? It pisses me off and I will find anyway to charge more if someone LIES!
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+P Kuudsk I've definitely had plenty of customers lie to me. The cool thing is, the car doesn't usually lie.
2Much Decibels (1 year ago)
I made the mistake once... My car had a problem with acceleration and the car wouldn't go past 15 mph (Somebody told me that the engine was in "Defense mode"). The dealership spent 4 hours on the car trying to solve the problem, and it finally came to the conclusion that the engine was doing that because I changed my rear lights to some LED ones. As the car is 2 years old, they are so many computers on the car that check every electric circuit that one of them was picking up that my rear lights weren't working at all... So it cost me nearly 475$ (104.95$ per hour, times four, plus 14.975% taxes, plus brand new 3rd brake light. as it was broken) to know that the 120$ pair of Plasma LED I bought on eBay didn't fit on my car. TL;DR : Cost me 600$ to upgrade something that didn't fit on my car, because technology
MiGujack3 (1 year ago)
Reading shit like this makes me stay away from new cars.
Darnell Craig (1 year ago)
I always had issues trusting people to do anything on my cars.
ajharvey19 (1 year ago)
Big Boss! love that place!
ajharvey19 (1 year ago)
yes one of my favorites as well, along with Knight night! happy to see a local or once was on YouTube! lol
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
ME too. We use to go on the "tour" all the time. Aces and Ates still stands as one of my all time favs
kicker758 (1 year ago)
I agree with you about communicating with your Tech and Service Writer about mods. Before i bought my tiguan i talked with the service writer who than set me up with the 2 techs i should work with. The tiguan only gets worked on by them and ill wait in line to work with the service writer i trust. They do what is requested which is just oil changes and i make sure the tiguan is aired up so its easy for lift access.
ihartspeling (1 year ago)
Hey go canes!
Vinny Thome (1 year ago)
if every mechanic was only like you..
Mac Silvey (1 year ago)
I've never owned a car that had an active warranty so this never mattered :p
berto371rr (1 year ago)
will doing cat back exhaust and intake void warranty
berto371rr (1 year ago)
HumbleMechanic i understamd that but what could really go wrong from doing the muffler and resonator delete. still have stock down pipe .. i put the stock intake in whenever it looks like rain. domt want to suck any water in it
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
That really depends. Odds are, NO. But a dealer can deny your claim if they think it's related in any way.
Trevonne Scott (1 year ago)
I wish people would watch this video before coming into pepboys XD
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
lynnthegreat10 (1 year ago)
Having to think about something critically shouldn't have to be seen as an inconvenience. It should offer a mental challenge. Which after Passat after Passat I would think that a challenge would be welcome & refreshing.
Dual_Pypes_92 (1 year ago)
Do you ever get bored and tired of working on mostly VW's all day every day?
Delaney Barnes (1 year ago)
The Infiniti dealership refused to even scan the codes on my G35 because I had an intake. I do 99% of the work on my car but I had no idea the reason that it shut off while driving was because the fuel pump went out.
Jahman Borneo (1 year ago)
What the fuck is with Youtubers and loud ass intros? Thats what want at 5am......loud music that is way above the rest of the video.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Jahman Borneo I can't speak for anyone else. But I have worked to fine tune this over years Sometimes you learn the hard way
Caleb McCann (1 year ago)
Wow your boss would kill you for revealing all these secrets
Caleb McCann (1 year ago)
Right but there are plenty of cars that meet that criteria I just can't decide.
Evanor (1 year ago)
Well there you go, now you know what youre after for, get to the google machine and start looking
Caleb McCann (1 year ago)
lol have had a corolla and a Camry now. They're okay just not everything I'd like them to be. Im pretty sure HumbleMechanic works close enough to Jason in Colorado. What I want: used sedan under 10 years old....must have horsepower > 165 and weigh less that 3400lbs
Evanor (1 year ago)
Your question is way too vague. You didnt even say what country youre in so even if you did get a response like "yeah, always buy a marmaduke skyhigh, and nothing else ever its the best car in existence" but then you say "oh well we dont have that in Scandinavia, what else?". Its requires personal research of what you need, what you want, and what you like, but failing that, just get a toyota corolla
Caleb McCann (1 year ago)
Im indecisive... what would you get if you could have any car (factory settings)
Blue Wo1f (1 year ago)
Asking for thoughts? I want to know where you work so I can take my future modified car to you.

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