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Mone Jare Chay Bondhu Prany Jare Chay by SHIPLU & JAWEL : FEAT Shat Rong

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Mone Jare Chay Bondhu Prany Jare Chay মনে যারে চায়,আমার প্রানে যারে চায় FOKE SONG Lyric: GOLAM KIBRIA & KAUSHIK HOSSAIN TAPOSH Tune: KAUSHIK HOSSAIN TAPOSH Singer: SHIPLU GUITAR : JAWEL #Mone #Jaarey #Chaay #SHIPLU #WindofChange #JUWEL #KHULNA #Folk #Music #Bangla #Bangladesh
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Ifte Bhuiyan (1 month ago)
Great work guys!!! Please promote your work. Best of luck :)

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