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9 Things You Never Knew About The Property Brothers That'll Make You Swoon

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As if being 6'4 and smokin' hot twins wasn't sexy enough, we've uncovered 9 more facts that make us love HGTV's Property Brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott even more. The hottest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and pop culture video! Our POPSUGAR hosts bring you the latest celebrity updates, exclusive celebrity interviews, fun TV recaps and movie reviews, and pop culture mashups. We are huge fans of everyone from Beyonce and Angelina Jolie to Harry Styles and Jennifer Lawrence (and, of course, Ryan Gosling). Subscribe to POPSUGAR! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Check out the rest of the channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PopSugarTV
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Text Comments (34)
Patry kyl (2 months ago)
I love Jonathan !!! Kiss from argentina!!!😍
Mirka R (4 months ago)
Beautiful men Jonathan and Drew Scott as Elvis Presley!!!😊🌷
Marlene Weich (7 months ago)
Como eu gosto desses dois !!!!!!
ese hombre (8 months ago)
One thing I saw which didn't make any sense was in one the episodes where the brothers were renovating a home for clients that were brothers. Their mother had given them money so they could move out of an apartment to a large home. Several house were looked at to purchase. A home was chosen and bought. The two renovators had the house inspected. Here's the thing. During renovation the two renovators found that the electrical wiring was not up to code. There was no ground wire anywhere to be found. So it would cost $9000.00 to have the electrical updated. I found that strange since buying a home requires a house inspection whether you want one or not. That electrical problem would have been caught before purchase. But I'm only familiar with Arizona reality so I'm not sure if all states require quality inspections of homes prior to purchase. Maybe the state these two brothers bought a home doesn't require quality inspections or inspectors.
Hello (10 months ago)
is it bad that i knew all of this?? lol. that's how much i love them. although i'm pretty sure jonathan is dating someone now and drew is engaged? am i wrong?
lyn funair (1 year ago)
love you both wish I was younger but have a 20 year old daughter she's beautiful no boyfriend
Taurie March (1 year ago)
Love these guys I Love Their shows
Regan Andersen (1 year ago)
Jonathon should have totally been the bachelor that would make the rest of my life!
Alexx H (1 year ago)
They're cute CANADIAN TWIN boys and Jonathan Scott is also an Illusionist
Peter B (1 year ago)
The starting prices of the houses in the show are offensively overpriced. The fact that the buyers are forced to very hard work and still have to pay obscene amounts of monies, is absolutely disrespectful towards all of them. No one in the real life would ever agree to such egregious financial abuse. The show is not believable at all!!! TOTAL MALARKI!!!
Monica NS (1 year ago)
Peter B the prices are not obscenex the houses are just in different areas where living is more expensive... and they don't do all the work they just help with one wall and cabinets the rest is done by professional s.
Yvonne Castle (1 year ago)
if I could I would pinch two prety hinny wow
Lucille Kranz (1 year ago)
I think these brothers are the greatest, I will also say I didn't know they could sing as well as they do so now I have yet another reason for just how great they are. I just bet their parents are proud of them because, I'm. Not related to them and I'm proud to even know them through their show.
GirladyLocks (1 year ago)
Ditto to everything you said :)
Knomme Cushe (1 year ago)
Jonathan is gay, a month after his "altercation" at a gay bar in ND, he mysteriously gets a girlfriend. Why would you have a woman and be at a gay bar in ND, when you live in Vegas and her in Vancouver, Canada? Nobody cares who you fuck Jonathan but stop the lies. It would come out and you would just look more stupid.
Yvonne Castle (1 year ago)
I'm confused since when did his private become ur business?
1spicytomato (2 years ago)
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Forbiddenangel989 (2 years ago)
I like the Scott brothers and watching them on "My Dream Home". There both eye candy ;)
Revan Queen (2 years ago)
I went to date Jonathan ❤️💛💚💙💜❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟
Rach Well (2 years ago)
Johnathan is hot
Taurie March (1 year ago)
I agree both are hot
Amy Smith (2 years ago)
there was this one episode where I swear jonathan teared up bc this one picky lady didn't like the unsymetrical windows
xXiOSEditingXx (2 years ago)
I watched them twerk last night @ the Grand Ole Opry 😂
Puppet89 Frisky (2 years ago)
Wow I love watching the show know I seen you on the cmt I said wow I didn't know that you was a singer nice job whrer can I get the coast at
I love watching Drew and Johnathan on Property Brothers and after listening to their song "Hold On" I would love to buy an album by them. They are really very good easy to listen to. Everything they do is fantastic glad we got to see them through TV..........however this is not Christopher it's his aunt Maria
Yvonne Castle (1 year ago)
me too just tell me how
+Christopher Silvonic it's ok gram
Immy Majors (2 years ago)
they're both my fave
angela serries (2 years ago)
how can I get the property brothers to do a fixer upper for me I am moving to Pennsylvania
Jaida Thomas (1 year ago)
+Jaida Thomas they do them in USA go on they website
Jaida Thomas (1 year ago)
no they don't
court Carrere (2 years ago)
+angela serries he only does renovations in canada
Brenda G (2 years ago)
loved this, alot of things I didn't know about them. I am also a twin, thanks for sharing!! :)

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