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DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins - https://dbrand.com/samsung-galaxy-skins Samsung Galaxy S8 (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2gf1HeQ Samsung Galaxy S8 (International) - http://geni.us/oCMe Samsung Galaxy S8+ (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2xCdnLU Samsung Galaxy S8+ (International) - http://geni.us/ZCG8IR The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone but I think most people would be better off spending their cash an a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. If you've got the cash for the Note 8 you'll be happy with it but your dollar goes a lot further if you spend it on a Galaxy S8 or S8+. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak

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Unbox Therapy (8 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins - https://dbrand.com/samsung-galaxy-skins
Con (2 months ago)
Unbox Therapy Last comment!
Con (2 months ago)
Unbox Therapy hnm
Ed Cook (2 months ago)
Unbox Therapy
Your Subscriber (2 months ago)
500th reply
Tetrapex (2 hours ago)
It's okay to admit you have small hands for the fingerprint sensor. xD
Christian Robertson (2 hours ago)
Incredibly useful for math
ultragyors (8 hours ago)
bullshit video.not 8 the best
Callum Williams (13 hours ago)
Does America not have phone contracts?
Lunar Turtle (15 hours ago)
The price is down to 700 now so should i buy it or the s8+
Mike 10452 (21 hours ago)
thanks I brought a Note 8 two of them. I will never by a pixel ugly phone or crappy one note garbage. dO YOU WORK FOR THESE COMPANIES.
Mike 10452 (22 hours ago)
what is you a pixel or one plus fanatic
U talk too much for nothing we still buy it
Andrei Scott Paguel (1 day ago)
So if you don't want it can i have it?🙈
Kyle Smith (2 days ago)
Hey Lou my wife and I both just went ro sprint and got the Note 8 for under 600.00 each and in 12 months time we can upgrade to the newest Note at that time and have only paid 400.00 each for them both
Battle Hero (2 days ago)
This the first unbox therapy I ever saw
Bobert McAllen (2 days ago)
The SPen is actually very helpful. Trust me, the urge to show it off actual makes you more productive when you need to write something down. S8+ is a clear loser. Sorry but I can prove it.
Bobert McAllen (2 days ago)
The battery optimization is there for both so there is no difference...
IGN BrO's (2 days ago)
5mins plus "Gold"😂😂😂😂
Dávid Koronczi (2 days ago)
I have Note 8.... Note 8 is best phone ever... dont trust this guy
Vikram Singh (3 days ago)
4 GB RAM on S8 Plus and 6 GB RAM on Note 8. Note 8 comes with AKG earphones bundled. Note 8 leads all the way. S8 Plus is not the same phone as Note 8. Lou sounds pissed for no reason. Just mindless blabbering by Lou.
ROBERT P. (3 days ago)
Samsung note 8 is good phone except couple things. first the Bixby physical button is terrible, i wish i could convert to google assist. second the phone is over long and narrow. When we say Note, it should be little be wider than usual s8.
muzzammil syed (3 days ago)
Brendan Smith (3 days ago)
While the battery is non removable, the back can be pried off and then you just unhook some cables and take out some screws so it basically has a user replacable battery.
No: Six (3 days ago)
Good advertising approach! "Think about that" lol
mark James (3 days ago)
I'd like to ask and compare other note like devices that have good in depth art features and how to use them and compare it like the xiaomi note vs Samsung note 8
mark James (3 days ago)
I'm still rocking the note 4 my only peeve was 6 update got rid of many art features 4.4 had on board
Jhovanne Alegado (3 days ago)
mrjavhlanify (3 days ago)
Note series best. Samsung Note8 best! Still using
Brittany Jones (3 days ago)
Just got the note 8 after being an iPhone user for the past 10 years. I absolutely love it. Love the way it fits in my hands and the pen was a must have. I messed around with couple galaxy phones while in the store and I just didnt like how curved they were.
kptuber 25 (4 days ago)
i kind of agree with lue even if a artist wants the s pen go buy it seperate and the cost of the s8 and s8+ is also a very big difference . i like smaller phones like the s8 and for the stylis i can buy a seperate one no beggy plus it will cost me less
CC Seekstruth (4 days ago)
I bought this phone just hours after watching this video. I love the s pen
Channel Baimagambetov (4 days ago)
buy note 8 and s8
vodoovlog&gaming 2 (4 days ago)
TheGzillaman (4 days ago)
why anyone would even bother to listen to this dude, lol.
Quante Brinson (4 days ago)
I got the note 8 I love it. It's still a little better than the s9+
Theresa Arlene Gambe (4 days ago)
iphone X is just used as a status symbol
AnDrawid (4 days ago)
Whaaaaaat? Can't even argue with you. Just watch any of my videos and see why this smart phone is a must have for some of us.
tavish mac douche (5 days ago)
I hate my note 8
mii6619 (5 days ago)
Question.. should I buy samsung galaxy s9 plus or wait for the new note 9
Mark Johnson (5 days ago)
You are crazy Note 8 is the best smart phone on the market
Jmoonshine42 (5 days ago)
no body ever straight up buys a phone any more any ways. this phone literally almost works for your entire computer needs. more cores and ram than most computers for more money than the phone. it also has a lot more features than any other phone.... my only complaints with the phone is the screen edges. you absolutely need a case as your fingers will touch the edge display and some times ruin what you are doing. a case keeps your fingers off of the edge display, and the bixby button. but you can disable that feature
AnDrawid (4 days ago)
Jmoonshine42 exactly it gets work done. Don't buy it to take selfies.
edin hasić (5 days ago)
Dude, you take too much and you grow too much. Do not Philosophy.
StupidoCreatura (5 days ago)
Have the Note, love it. Love it to play dos-games with the s-pen. Love it to paint, Make music, Do Photoshop, actually take notes. All on the go. I'm one of theese guys 😁
African Pastor (5 days ago)
That skin!!!!!!!!
GuruGyaan (5 days ago)
Best phone u are a lier
Michal Litecký (5 days ago)
Every day not regretting I got it.
kanehi (5 days ago)
I had the Note 4 and it was great while it lasted. On the fly note taking is awesome.
Stephanie joy Oroy (6 days ago)
Still have note edge lol
Raffaele6Barbaro (6 days ago)
You're a fkn cinnamon roll, I'm subscribing
Amri anomrac (6 days ago)
Why all the time you say that to the phones is useful not useless
Surafel Workineh (6 days ago)
send it to me
CosmoBee7 (6 days ago)
Excellent, helpful video.  I love this guy!
faraz naeem (6 days ago)
Dont forget this phone has a function that tells you if your child is crying while you are listening to the music with headphones on...Sold
DEE SMITH (6 days ago)
$1,000 crazy! I have a a j3 $135 it works STREIGHT TALK users why spend $1,000. J3 has lots of storage! Your right what else can BUy for $1,0000 ? Food, bills, vacation, college, house payment. Lots of other things u can buy then an expensive phone!
Courtney Tynes (7 days ago)
Lmao, I got the note 8 and I'm in love with it.
Zaid Tariq (7 days ago)
Hey lew do a vid on p20 pro...btw your amazing👍👍👌
utkarsh Pandey (7 days ago)
Haha nice nice review but fortunately in India now it's a really good option... Just at par with S8 PLUS.. steller deal still... Chose it over pixel 2 xl
Kristen (7 days ago)
I seriously considered the S8 but after having a Note 4 I thought it might be like going from a Mercedes to a Honda and stuck with the Note 8. I'm sure the S8 is good but once you've had the Mercedes it's hard to downgrade.
James Bond (7 days ago)
When is Galaxy Note 9 going to be released ? Please make a video on the predicted features on Note 9. Thank you.
iamsheel (38 minutes ago)
I love everything on the note 8 (maybe not much on the battery) and I would LOVE to have it, but yeah. 1.15k is too much for a phone. it's a marketing scheme to realise a phone with someshit then realise another without the shit to keep the sales. but i'm not in a state that allows to wait for them
Karen Redding (7 days ago)
Hey! Just wait a few months after they come out and get them cheap. I paid for my Note 8 $500 with a Otter case off eBay from a lady with excellent 100% feedback, that away you get the phone you want. I love my S pen and the features of this phone. My phone and case looked liked it had never been used.
ExpotGamer 123 (7 days ago)
Ok, I'll get a button phone
Sam Arblaster (8 days ago)
I did buy it and it's the best phone I've ever had
Natashaa Suhaimi (8 days ago)
False, I hate u. Samsung note 8 is better than note 5.
jessica daniel (8 days ago)
I'm still on my note 5 but I want this
E-Music Studio (8 days ago)
S8 is better for normal user. You say you never see some user that use S pen for work right .You know something you're Stupid. Look far don't just your self.
Johnny Vandep (8 days ago)
DON'T listen to this Apple Fanboy.
King Arun (8 days ago)
Note 3 is great
Carlo Lui (9 days ago)
5 inch full screen is better for one hand control. Note 8, S8+ and S9+ are too long, but S8 & S9 haven't dual camera and small battery, so that i didn't buy it
Sephiroth (10 days ago)
You got to explain this to the average person, yeah? Well, that's not what this phone is marketed towards. It's marketed towards business men and women. I kind of wish you had said that but, you just say "You might be into that." So think of it like Windows Professional, okay? The average person doesn't use all those extra features included in a so-called better version of Windows. Some people like myself just want all the extra features despite not always needing to use them. Having more control or power, even if you don't always need it. Let's say if you were a Microsoft Store sales representative and asked me, "Hello sir. Could I interest you in Windows 7 Home Edition or Windows 7 Ultimate Edition? Ultimate sounds pretty catchy, don't you think? Sounds like I'm getting a lot of powerful features but, I think the reality is that the average person would certainly be better suited with Home Edition because they'll never use those features to make the couple extra hundreds of dollars worth the purchase. Anyways, I still like your review but, something about how you present your arguments makes me want to just comment on it. I'll even like the video for you.
Shawn Stuckey (10 days ago)
Now after 7 and a half months, the Note 8 is the best device.
andrew reeves (10 days ago)
Stop talking shit the note 8 is fucking epic
iPath23 (11 days ago)
video quality and frames are better in the 8+....
Smokey Mcsmoke (11 days ago)
Really helpfull,thanks
family home tv (11 days ago)
I really dont know why s8 have a bigger battery than the note 8 . Note 8 is the flagship of samsung and the different between the note 8 and s8 is just the s pen and the dual camera and nothing more.
Courtney Tynes (6 days ago)
family home tv trust me, it strains the battery when you charge it to 100. So even if you charge it to 100, it'll run down quicker than if you just charge it to 98. And one other thing I forgot to tell you is don't use your phone while it's charging. Since ive started doing theses things, my battery lifespan has been longer.
family home tv (6 days ago)
Courtney Tynes why? the battery must be 100 than only we can use the phone for a longer time
Courtney Tynes (6 days ago)
Try switching up some habits. Like don't charge your phone all the way to 100 and don't leave it in all night to charge because it'll mess up the battery
family home tv (6 days ago)
Courtney Tynes i am also andriod user but my phone have some issues
Courtney Tynes (6 days ago)
Yeah, I'm an android user, and I've always been, so that was one of the first things I noticed when I got the phone.
Ana T (11 days ago)
Do you compare Samsung phones to iPhone?
My brother uses his Note 8 to draw all the time
Trend India (11 days ago)
Ferenc Lengyel (11 days ago)
Jonh Snow (11 days ago)
This has 8 million views lol
Freddie Valley (11 days ago)
is it just me or is the camera quality kind of bad?
handaya love06 (12 days ago)
what phone for the best picture .thanks
Rajmohan Pillay (12 days ago)
Commenting on this post by my Note 8 😛 Using for 6 months and its just amazing.
xXRepresentXx Rap (12 days ago)
Is that background music the beat from 'Samy Deluxe - weck mich bitte auf' ?
Gary J Ferguson (12 days ago)
Had it since it came out its awesome
Gary J Ferguson (12 days ago)
You suck lou
Michael Boyd (12 days ago)
Note 8 suffers from burn-in.
Best Review Ever 👍👍👍 I have watched so many reviews but almost no known has approached the angle of a practical point view in the same way you did & that what really does matter the most. They just talked about new features of which you might not likely use it that much. I have an S8 & it's really the best device that I have ever purchased. Yet, I have just broke the screen & the cracks are spreading on almost a daily basis & I was about to buy the Note 8 , but now I think I have a change if heart thanks to your review. Anyway; thanks for this great & realistic review which have covered the essential & actuall daily usage of mobiles.
Alireza Agahi (12 days ago)
I started off on the Samsung i900 Omnia before the Note series were even born. I switched to the Note phones when the Note 2 came out, then upgraded to the Note 3 and Note 4 and then the Note 4, then another Note 4.... and when that one died, you guessed it, another Note 4. I would love to upgrade but Samsung took away the removable battery. It's so satisfying when you can leave your drained battery on the charging dock and seamlessly stick in a new fully charged battery and go about your business as opposed to having to hook up your phone to a charger or clunky power bank for hours. Being a power user, I'll have to stick with my fourth Note 4 device for now and probably buy my fifth when this one kicks the bucket - until maybe a miracle happens and Samsung brings back the removable battery to the Note series. :(
aliwalyd3 lol (12 days ago)
lmao so many salty people that bought the note 8 right before this video...
Saphire Tiger (12 days ago)
I want the stylus really hard so I need it
DreeTheGodd (9 days ago)
Saphire Tiger nigga what
Masayoshi Otomo (12 days ago)
Good point!
Kabir Lethbridge (12 days ago)
I caint bileve u guys get them cheaper i have just baught the note 8 for £869 wich is 1178 dollors 😭
asianpopprince (12 days ago)
Watching this video makes me want to upgrade my xperia more. Sorry.
Tylan Sparks (12 days ago)
So the Galaxy S8 plus has the same camera as the note 8?
Kajoun Newman (12 days ago)
Note 5!
swagmasterdoritos (12 days ago)
A big turn off of the Note 8 is that in order to view media (i.e youtube videos, netflix, etc) you have to either watch with additional bezels made by the phone due to the offset ratio, or double tap the screen to remove them but you're video is zoomed in and cut off on the horizontal sides.
Lek H (13 days ago)
to late my mom just bought one
Sasuke Uchiha (13 days ago)
Man i miss the home button...
Sam (14 days ago)
The collective ego consciousness with non critical thinking or thinking out side the box mentality trying to defend there Note8.
BenSavage (14 days ago)
stop with the black culture apropriationn. you're a white guy, so speak like one
BenSavage (9 days ago)
DreeTheGodd wow. way to be offensive
DreeTheGodd (9 days ago)
BenSavage man shut yo bitch ass up
Le Fatikan (14 days ago)
Take it from a guy who's been having a Note phone for the past 5-6 years... i can count on one hand how many times i used the pen lol
chiro626 legend (14 days ago)
At the end of the day, it's all about what one wants.

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