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The dune buggy that can fly

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SkyRunner is a dune buggy and a power parachute in one. After almost three years in development, it is on track to hit the market later this year.
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She want Love (5 days ago)
What happens when your 4000 feet in the sky and parachute fails?? Any airbags to save the day?🤭🤔
Kyle Malone (10 days ago)
Trump's bullshit wall aint got shit on that the cartel can buy as many as they want
happy duck (13 days ago)
The new jack ass car
AppleBottemGs (14 days ago)
Needs to be in GTAV
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (15 days ago)
If free training to fly it you will give me , then I will try some other glyder bike design including this ,
Robert Gil (21 days ago)
i dont wanna see a broken neck flying this
Deadsy Padilla (1 month ago)
Cartels be traveling, trafficante del norte
little nick (1 month ago)
Lol cartels dream
J.C. Kohle (1 month ago)
i will take one.
Ixapter (1 month ago)
Ali Boy (1 month ago)
really coool job
Barsabus (1 month ago)
It's not a dune buggy
Mario Rose (1 month ago)
????? claro con esa lana no necesito eso
Robin Banks (2 months ago)
So it's a shit quad with a propeller for 119k? Well that blows
Cringe In A Bottle (2 months ago)
Dear santa.... I'll get rid of everything else on my list if you give me this.
Henrik S. (2 months ago)
This is not how we imagined flying cars in the 1980's. 😁
Stewart Deel (2 months ago)
Dude you can straight up drive off of a cliff
Richard Feng (3 months ago)
is this real
SRRN (3 months ago)
I want to pet it.
Princess Stool Toad (3 months ago)
Yeap=Yep all these midget blueye pig dna zuckerberg, Markus, Craigslist internet website inventor/owner scum fuckers. Starvation murder jail scum fuckers only a midget dna can survive thats why all the bigger niggers are put in jail thors brother.
Rasheed charya (3 months ago)
This is geniune car.
Ernst The Ace (3 months ago)
for 119k at least give me a chain or shaft driven prop, fuck off with that belt shit.
Alex Guttierrez (4 months ago)
Could use a couple of these in Mexico
John Ratko (4 months ago)
Thought "wow, cool." Then I saw who uploaded it and realized it's probably *fake.*
Harpo Marx (4 months ago)
Don't see a rudder. How do you steer it IN THE AIR? You neglected to mention that.
BrochachotheNacho (4 months ago)
Dune buggy+ paraglider=flying car.
Xpert_Destroyer 4 (4 months ago)
the next best thing to invest in if your a mexican drug smugler after trump builds a wall
Kyle Malone (10 days ago)
Xpert_Destroyer 4 yup
Runboy - (4 months ago)
My Mario Kart 7 dream is true
Pearse (4 months ago)
Best zombie vehicle
SpaceKraken (4 months ago)
Can propeller be used on the ground?
Hamish RYAN (4 months ago)
According to my calculations when this baby hits 38 mph we are gonna see some serious ****
LuxBelle (5 months ago)
When there is a fallout this is what you want.
Carnage Galassi (5 months ago)
This is a CIA operator vehicle.
randy beard (5 months ago)
James Bond is the Only One who could Afford to Buy One.....
sandun pg (5 months ago)
rockstar games have a look at this please!
Itz Reid (5 months ago)
This needs to be in GTA V
Aaron KM (5 months ago)
I want something about the size of a 4- wheeler or go-Kart that can hover about 4 to 5 feet off the ground . With a top speed of say 20 - 25 mph for sort trips to the store .I weigh 200 lbs so it needs to easily carry say 300 lbs with no problem. Oh and if it could be $1,200 or less that would be perfect . Easy trips to the corner store for chips , beer and Girls With Guns Magazine lol My dream flying vehicle basically Lukes land speed from Star wars but smaller , just a single occupant . Anyone seen something like this ? If I had the Capital I would do it myself ...
Dustin Moretz (6 months ago)
this is what gta based their knight rider car's parachute on :/
Boi (6 months ago)
The flying lawn mowers kid
VICTOR Austria (6 months ago)
Only an idiot would buy that shit
JustDennis (6 months ago)
just buy a normal dune buggy, attach a parachute and a fan on the back and you got a dune buggy that can fly. and its doesnt cost 119k.
FLX (6 months ago)
what if the cords tangle?
Alex White (6 months ago)
how long does it take to change from flying to ground and vice versa
Mario kart 7/8 in real life now we need anti gravity wheels
X X (6 months ago)
Fuck CNN fake news
B Tankful (6 months ago)
Paraglider wing. Not a parachute.
Mike Shilovski (6 months ago)
All is left is to make it possible to swim on this as well and you're all set up lol
beechcraftboy36 (7 months ago)
I wish there were lightweight wings that would fold on the side, and could also act as doors for ground use
Lethal K (7 months ago)
*Runs from the cops*
Tim Nolan (7 months ago)
How many pilots have unfortunately said that. Let the ground come up to meet you.
Daëmon (7 months ago)
120k and still not a passenger...
Rusty Pistol (7 months ago)
Where are we this its 2017
Cartney84 Ian (8 months ago)
That's my next summer just for sure
Shaun Tracy (8 months ago)
Tell me about the part between 50 and 60 seconds where death or great injury set you to a screaming and fearing for your life and looking for the missing road in this video! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am going to crash oooooooh my God is this a bad idea.
Hue G Rekt (8 months ago)
You could outfit the bottom and make it where it can float so if you don't take the parachute out you can just drive it into the water and flip the fan on.
Turtles and Coins (8 months ago)
How much for 10?
TheEyeHoleMan (8 months ago)
Mr Magelacuttie (8 months ago)
That flag represents America an it's laws and standards we hold high! If you wanna talk about criminal activity that claims lives every day! Then change your pic asshole
Joan s.cerdán (8 months ago)
it remembers me to a GTA V car
jeremy ciccone (8 months ago)
10000 feet in the air!fuck that!
Mudda Fuggit (8 months ago)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Josue Ochoa (8 months ago)
So this is how I"ll die huh?
The Don A.R.K (8 months ago)
I'll run from the police in that👍
Gary Hudson (8 months ago)
Or the bank job film.
el xero (8 months ago)
awesome! now build one for water
Najee Jackson (8 months ago)
What the code to get this in GTA V
J Mireles (8 months ago)
I want a dozen for...purposes...😆
Sharkly GoldMan (8 months ago)
Can someone please make a decent personal aircraft/landcraft and stop with these pathetic ghetto mashups? You couldn't pay me to fly in that thing.
Sharkly GoldMan (8 months ago)
And of course they muted the sound because that thing is LOUD af!
Mike Cyr (8 months ago)
How much does it cost? in US and Canada
äïđïł ämïñ (8 months ago)
I know what's in your mind...people will say how much this fucking beast?
Theofficialcraigsmith (8 months ago)
fake news
hun biggs (8 months ago)
Next gta 5 car
Guy inCrowd (8 months ago)
how does it turn in the air, anyone knows?
HEILONG (8 months ago)
Lol wants to come down but the wind doesn't stop
Normy (8 months ago)
Is that mark zuckerberg
lotheeus (8 months ago)
this thing could kill the traffic jam forever ... where could I buy one
Four4 (8 months ago)
that looks scary as fuck
Shantorey Wilkins (8 months ago)
P V (8 months ago)
cool as shit.....shd be the next XXX movie
Joe Shook (8 months ago)
Jr. Jorge Dandoval (8 months ago)
This is a good creation but more for escapists, reality is this won't help against any storms. Though it's the best cheap flying choice. Well done.
N00z (8 months ago)
"When you see it, it looks like it came out of a movie" wtf i seen those cars before that one just has a parachute attached to it
Benjamin Zhang (8 months ago)
come on guys, this man just wants to make some money
b lock (8 months ago)
I just went to their website, $139k. wow. I guess us regular people, the working class, us slaves will never touch that. If I could, I would empower people to have what they want with a little hard work. No matter how hard I work, this slave will never be able to afford that. I would sell it for far less and they could make the same amount of profit cause many more people could afford it. It's an age old problem, the rich keep the poor dumbed down so that they have people under them, they feel better about themselves when they can control us and have slaves. Now get back to work slave and be a good little servant for the state.
ronnieam33 (8 months ago)
Better get rid of those street tires if you are going to run off road and how well will it land on dirt with off road tires ??
TheBeanieNation (8 months ago)
yeah but how much is this thing again?
collateral damage (8 months ago)
so can i fly it to work?
b lock (8 months ago)
man I want one. how much?
Lh9901 (8 months ago)
Add this to Player unknown battlegrounds
Beyond the Mind (8 months ago)
what happend when your engine breaks down in mid air? do you cruise or start to fall down faster?
Jerry Whidby (8 months ago)
How much effort goes into repacking the chute.
AwesomeGuy 990 (8 months ago)
Did they get inspired by the ruiner 2000 from gta?
Gibbet Hoskins (8 months ago)
That's frikken insane.... like something out of GTA
How does it turn in the air
iVlogBuzz (8 months ago)
Nothing new really as this design principals have been in James Bond movies (none of Daniel Craig's)
Sergej Nadaždin (8 months ago)
Fresh Prince (8 months ago)
fake news
''One the road it's an ultimate off road vehicle''
faizan faizan (8 months ago)
arre Bhai ye kitne ka melegaa

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