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The life hacks and habits of billionaires

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Tim Ferriss reveals what he's learned about the routines and day to day lives of billionaires and business titans.
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Mark Leopold (1 year ago)
We need to repeatedly ask ourselves incredible and amazing questions to have an amazing and incredible life -- 3 minutes -- check it out! :>)
mel saint (1 year ago)
Why is he not a billionaire himself?
Analysis Hero (10 months ago)
He's actually extremely wealthy, but his whole thing is 'mini vacations'. Eg, he'll work for about 2 months, then take a whole month to himself to use the money to enjoy life to the fullest-- while bouncing back completely.
Jelly Cheeks (1 year ago)
Man he should really keep the head shaved all the way down these days, and stop it with the bug eyes. Also, stop using the hipster tone of voice with the super low pitch sentence endings. Let's get some more round, pear shaped tones in the voice there, guy.
Carla Wiersema (1 year ago)
I've been wanting to read Tools for Titans for weeks now. Deal sealed - broken into healthy, wealthy, wise. Love that. Thanks for your art Tim.
Michael Taylor (1 year ago)
... and psilocybin, come on Tim. It's your real drug of choice.
Collin Bell (1 year ago)
It seems like I am on my way. I listen to the same song on repeat for hours when I am working.
jamal albayaa (1 year ago)
She's hot haha
diljeetkumar1 (1 year ago)
it's too long book of 700+ pages, is it worth spending time and energy?
kushagra bainsla (22 days ago)
diljeetkumar1 ofcourse
Jonathan Ⓥ (1 year ago)
This guy is not even relevant anymore.
trance212 (6 months ago)
The Business Channel forreal! Lol
trance212 (6 months ago)
He is relevant. You, Jonathan, not so much.
Andrés Rubio (7 months ago)
Jonathan Ⓥ he is relevant enough for you to watch his video.
The Business Channel (10 months ago)
Jonathan Ⓥ he's worth $100 millions. Whats your net worth? 😂 you mist live in your parents basement still faggot.
Analysis Hero (10 months ago)
He didn't want to reveal all the secrets of his book in a 3 minute video-- you'd have to read it to appreciate it.
cobbiek (1 year ago)
That sound bit @1:41 though haha
wijaya47 (1 year ago)
Very unhelpful video. This guy is just another success/"Help You" guru. The most important factor in success is luck, and also genetics(which is also determined by luck as well!)
Jules - (5 months ago)
wijaya47 Your mindset isn't suitable for succes
Om Ghawalkar (5 months ago)
wijaya47 The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
The Business Channel (10 months ago)
wijaya47 he's worth $100 millions. Whats your net worth? 😂 you mist live in your parents basement still faggot.
Analysis Hero (10 months ago)
If you actually knew anything about Tim Ferris, you'd realize that his biggest model is Seneca. The stoic philosopher-- and what is stoicism all about? Accepting what happens, and making the best of it. He's not a 'help you' guru, just because you didn't get what he's all about in this random 3 minute video with some strange lady. Try actually reading tools of titans and the tao of seneca before you judge him.
wijaya47 (1 year ago)
All you need to "make it", is Ability and NOT having anything catastrophic happening to you. Even mentality is inherited. Science proves free will doesn't exist. I don't believe in magic, neither should you too. You are fighting the reality, because you need this belief to give you motivation. I don't need it. I am strong enough.
Jordan Shackelford (1 year ago)
that bitch tried to interview martin shkreli
Mcburnie (1 year ago)
martin's a legend
Coach Luis (1 year ago)
That book should replace the Bible.
trance212 (6 months ago)
No thanks
Analysis Hero (10 months ago)
Liltaw10 (1 year ago)
Luis Garcia no...
Killer Queen (1 year ago)
Great information!! Must check this book out!
Dro (1 year ago)

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