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Easily uncover assets of your client with this easy to use discovery process. Great for financial advisors and life insurance agents. Close more deals with this training! visit: www.LISacademy.com for more details
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Brandon Insure (3 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this +trisTOM
My Music (1 month ago)
I’m confused about the last allocation calculation. For an employer to “ 3% match” a contribution, the employee (the client before us) has to put forth 3%. Therefore there is only 4% of the allocated investment to be tapped or moved so-to-say. Did I miss something in the calculation?
trisTOM (1 month ago)
Might have been a slip of the words, but you get the idea. Invest into your 401k up to the match and anything in addition, shift the money into other areas such as life insurance. Glad that you’ve forwarded it to your agents. We provide one on one agent training as well. We work with Work with plenty of teams and customize a majority of our learning to fit their need. If this is something you and your team might be interested, reach out via email. www.tristom.com/contactus
My Music (1 month ago)
trisTOM First thank you for this great presentation. Ive shared it with my team of agents. At the point 9:16 in your presentation you say that the individual is over-funding their 401k by 7%. In my calculations it is only over by 4%. The amount above (4%) the employer matched funds. <Of course the ROI on the specific stocks in the porfolio meeds to be considered.> However just looking at the investment and finding money for their life insurance is only going to be 4% of their net. What ever that calculates to be.
trisTOM (1 month ago)
I’m not sure what the question is. If an employee were to place 3% of his/her income into the 401k while the employer matches up to 3%. That would be an equal, “what you put in they put in” type situation. Any additional money (above the first 3%) could be placed into other investments or possibly life insurance.
mromarbass1 (5 months ago)
Any new videos anytime soon?
trisTOM (4 months ago)
Adding another video in the next week! A new video is coming on to trisTOM.com later this week! You can always sign up there. We would love to work with you!
Matt YT (5 months ago)
I do like this strategy for helping the client find money. The overfunding verbiage is good. But since roth iras and life insurance use after tax money, they're not entirely tax free, you just paid the tax first. You gotta be very careful with this conversation..
trisTOM (4 months ago)
100% agree, Matt. You NEVER want to say that withdrawing from your cash value life insurance policy is TAX FREE. You need to let them know that taking money from the policy can be done in a tax-free way. (FIFO and loan)
Sunshine Olano (7 months ago)
I live in UAE we have no tax .. Well atleast for now.
trisTOM (7 months ago)
+Sunshine Olano VAT! Coming in January! That’ll be fun to watch. I️ spend a great deal of time there for work.
fred stone (1 year ago)
So i should reallocate the money to life insurance policy because that is what is best for my client??
I seen Find The for your client to buy life insurance.
Dick Perlas (1 year ago)
Great Video. Thank you Sir. God bless you. Manila, Philippines
Edmund Caluyo (2 years ago)
wow. thank u Sir
Mick Wong (2 years ago)
you should post these slides. Very insightful
John Rey (2 years ago)
i'm having problem with contacting my close friends they seems to give all the excuse you ca listen. any tips for this kind of problem?
Jefferson Dorcema (2 years ago)
i have a question <if an agent is in the military ,can u tell all the things that he can do or not
Bradford Myers (2 years ago)
Moving money "up" to tax free money only makes sense when you hold all other varitables equal. If my 401(k) is invested in government securites and has a comparitable interest rate to a life insurance "investment" then go ahead, but for the majority of clients who hold some equities in their 401k they are going to outperform the life insuranse "investment"
Hunter Phillips (2 years ago)
does the employer match a percentage of every dollar put in regardless, or does this mean the employer now matches 100% of what they put into the 401k
Mick Wong (2 years ago)
+LISacademy So even though the 7% (or whatever is unmatched), is being invested and accumulating additional value, you should reallocate it to a Roth or a life insurance policy where it can be invested and accumulate additional value similarly.
Coach Wade (2 years ago)
This video is very informational. I would recommend that all life agents watch this video. Again great job.
Mike Lefchak (1 year ago)

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