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LG G6 long-term review: Five months later

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The LG G6 is considered by most to be a great, lower-cost alternative to the Galaxy S8, but how well do it hold up five months later? Find out in this video! _____________________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (542)
Mullah Osk (2 days ago)
Am i the only one who got the " Problem with charging - moisture detected in the USB port."? I got this error within a month on 2 LG G6's. I wonder if this is a big on all LG G6's or on only some
Alim Jamani (15 days ago)
which skin do you use?
Joshua Hu (17 days ago)
I died a little when he said close to stock android.
Brandon Wells (30 days ago)
How do i get rid of the horizontal static bar on my g6+? Started appearing a while ago and rebooted several times. Prime exclusive btw.
Short Lived Industries (1 month ago)
Anyone notice he sped up the video while the google now page was loading? Smh... 2:50
CMXCIX (1 month ago)
What? The fingerprint sensor on the G6 is one of the fastest sensors on any phone.
Serhatoryum (1 month ago)
1. Don't have Led light alerts for notifications.  2. We can't disable camera shutter sound (every time pressing the volume down button is not easy way)  3. Screenshot (volume + power button) is not easy
DEEPAK G (1 month ago)
Best mobile phone of 2017
sakisthefraud (1 month ago)
11 minutes talking, but forgot to mention that it doesn't have LED for notifications...
Amul (1 month ago)
Kagith Raveendran (2 months ago)
0:07 8:9 display, not 18:9 😂
iseeu1980 (2 months ago)
I loved my G3 but it became VERY sluggish when using the camera after a while. I would often miss great opportunities becays of load time. Is this an issue with the G6 and the SD821?
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
iseeu1980 Your welcome! I recently bought mine refurbished off Amazon for $300 and its very well spent money. Loving it so far.
iseeu1980 (2 months ago)
Ledenk mems Thanks man. I went for it because of it beeing pretty cheap now. Good value I hope.
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
By no means. The SD 821 has more than enough power for this phone to run very smoothly. You wouldn't notice a speed difference against a phone like the S8.
TasmanGuitarsAmps (3 months ago)
3h on time!?!?,hah ! You are very heavy heavy heavy user..or you had defected one. Mine is better then s7 (second mine) and s8 of my frend
Vaughn Hampton (3 months ago)
Thank you for the video and all the comments. I've been riddled with issues with my G5 (I love the phone, but between battery issues, screen issues, and software glitches I replaced the phone with warranty coverage 4 times). They finally offered me an upgrade to the G6, and I'll still get my upgrade in April (that I'll hold off on for a Pixel 3). I'm glad that the reviews are positive still for the G6.
Cypress Thunder (3 months ago)
He lied i have a canadian lg g6 and it has wireless charging
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
Cypress Thunder North American models have wireless charging. Canadian models come from the US.
Darcy Lewis (3 months ago)
You’ve sold me on the g6. Compared this to the s8 and pixel 2, both very tempting but with identical contracts the g6 is 0$ and the s8/pixel 2 are around 600$.
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
Darcy Lewis I got my G6 refurbished unlocked for $300
Sammy Salman (3 months ago)
May I ask, which launcher are you using?
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
Sammy Salman Nova Launcher
Lynda Smith Rippolone (3 months ago)
the phone is a NITEMARE, DO NOT BUY IT, hunk of JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!
jhg31 (1 month ago)
What the hell do you do to your phones lady?
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
L Smitty I have it and haven't had a single problem up to now.
L Smitty (2 months ago)
big issue with the charging port says there moisture, no moisture, got 4 replacements , still same issue, finally beat down Verizon to take the phone back and give me a refund!! 5 total g 6 later, the phone and LG customer service has been a very bad experience for me, also battery life is 4 hours, terrible phone also froze up alot and very slow , that my experence, never buy another LG !!
Ledenk mems (2 months ago)
Lynda Smith Rippolone Why? Its a very good phone.
Jonathan reid (3 months ago)
I've just went from v20 to g6 had around 5 days now and tbh i dont see too much difference except for waterproofing but lose removable battery and not as wide as v20 also miss my 2nd screen on v20 still not sure about g6 but hopefully more i use it it will turn me to favour it over my old v20
iseeu1980 (2 months ago)
What's the deal with the second screen people keep talking about? Split screen with two Apps running simoultaneously?
Tanya Kucey (3 months ago)
Anyone done FB live with the front facing camera? hows the quality if you're not within 1" of the lens?
Isaak Mascorro (3 months ago)
if you really know where to look it can be really cheap and worth it i got it for 240
Chad Mauger (4 months ago)
Double-tap the screen to check notifications without unlocking the phone
Miguel W (4 months ago)
Hey millennial narrator, can you guys find some thesaurus for flagship and nutshell, you all sound like dorks repeting the same phrases.
Sniper Thief (4 months ago)
Would you recommend this phone over the OnePlus 5t
Raj Reddy (4 months ago)
Did he say this is not the best looking smartphone ? Dude it bloody well IS the best looking smartphone. Even better looking than the v30.
Jason Wilde (3 months ago)
Raj Reddy ever heard of an opinion
Jerose Pellejo (4 months ago)
I've got my lg g6 with 64 gb with quad dac...
Jerose Pellejo (3 months ago)
Here at saudi arabia
Tanya Kucey (3 months ago)
Kayoh Silva (4 months ago)
Aparelho lindo ... Porém a câmera é uma nós tá.... Tinha o Nexus 5x troquei... M arrependi ....de longe o 5x é infinitamente superior no quesito câmera
Cihan Erkli (4 months ago)
'Long term review' of a whopping 5 months. Honestly people, who are these guys? Regular people don't switch or buy new phones a few months in and implying that the G6 is an 'old' model now is absolutely a first world problem (with an unhealthy degree of spoiledness)
Phatfatman (4 months ago)
Sprint has the G6 for $270. Is this phone good enough to last a couple of years? Or should I spend a lot more money on a newer android phone?
josh heredia (4 months ago)
The original lg skin on this phone looks too similar to iOS and especially that spotlight search function
Evan Ganske (4 months ago)
My G6 stopped vibrating and fails vibration tests on phone diagnostics apps. Anyone else have this problem?
Francesco Barbieri (4 months ago)
I just got a g6 for 315€, unbelievable how the price has fallen on this thing. Sad for LG, good for me. Most online retailers sell the g6 at ~390-410€ in Italy now.
Francesco Barbieri (3 months ago)
Davide Ghelfi got very lucky on ebay
Davide Ghelfi (3 months ago)
Francesco where did you buy it?
Th3_LoNl3y 1 (4 months ago)
4:56 lol shots fired at apple
clouds5 (5 months ago)
For me personally, best phone of 2017, especially if you're looking for something with good value. What you get for your money is amazing.
Chase Englisbee (5 months ago)
I still love my G6! Wideangel lens has always been a favorite. Some of the camera features are a gimmick however I do find their 360 photo technology works very fast very fluid and produces an excellent 360 image. This phone still impresses with battery life, wireless charging and its durability. Hands down for the price compared to other devices this LG flagship is just that, a flagship and with that said I am happy with my purchase. No regrets.
Hadi Amjad (5 months ago)
Just bought mine for 250. Too bad for those who spent 700+ LOL
Slot1 (4 months ago)
Where did you get it that cheap? Was it used? Cheapest I can find is 400
PrimeMuscle (5 months ago)
This is by far the best smartphone I ever had !!!!!
6yteware .command (5 months ago)
lmao i just upgraded today from a lg g3 to g6 over the v30 cuz of price i like it so far 😊
Zeeshan Mhaskar (5 months ago)
6yteware .command I am planning to buy one too. But the front facing camera might be a deal breaker for me
H W (5 months ago)
Does it have raise to wake and tap to wake?
Bruno. M (5 months ago)
I'm pretty new to LG phones, but does the G6 have the bootloop problem?
Hitesh Gavini (5 months ago)
Its 18:9,not 8 by 9 at 0.9
theone 43 (5 months ago)
You don't need to press the button to check notifications just double tap the screen
Gal (6 months ago)
One of the best phones I've ever had! Love it
Mambutu O'Malley (6 months ago)
5 months = long-term?! Ok... Also, stop pretending that you actually used this phone for 5 months. You would know about "double tap to wake" if you actually would have used it for one week.
mady bali (6 months ago)
nice phone but i dont like skin phone :)
Jamar Jackson (6 months ago)
how u get that Google tab to the left
Jose (6 months ago)
Mate, you waste time mentioning the not perfectly round corners, but fail to mention the CRAPPIEST selfie camera since at least 2004!!! Get a grip.
Valey (6 months ago)
3hours screen on time?! Bye bye lg g6!
LoadGamePL (6 months ago)
Another half a year and we'll finally gonna see if it's gonna bootloop or they finally fixed it.
naresh ramesh (6 months ago)
I don't think lg ui is similar to stock android..In heavy usage with only mobile data and location turned on im getting nearly 6hrs usage time..Overall its a great phone
Roku Tv (6 months ago)
does this phone get image retention? because after erasing my notification bar you could still see the icons in a gray background, i had that issue in the g5 and i don't want it to happen again in my g6
Marion Chito (6 months ago)
I regret buying the G6. Camera performance is not as great compared to S8. Battery performance is not as great from what I heard..
Wrath C (6 months ago)
There are many mixed reviews on it, wait till you have it. Don't let others discourage you by their reviews lol. Plus it looks like he did not use it for that long, since he does not know that double tap turns on lockscreeen to check notification without unlocking the phone XD. Look up LG G6 months latter review from : Booredatwork . com youtube channel. He most likely has used the LG G6 lol.
astigmatik (6 months ago)
Can you explain more? I'm almost buying this phone.
Badal Bora (6 months ago)
Me likes lg g6 a lot!! I feel it is very underrated.. so I'm gonna buy it soon.
Harish VFX (6 months ago)
this guy forget to mention about selfie cam of this mob !!
Rymon Rules (6 months ago)
Guys I wanna buy it so is battery life good?
Wrath C (6 months ago)
Look up LG G6 months latter review from : Booredatwork . com youtube channel. He most likely has used the LG G6 lol. He says it's good.
EmCol (6 months ago)
Dude you could go to the effort of knowing what you're talking about BEFORE doing this video. You can tap the screen to check notifications without using power button. If you dont like the default home screen, LG has THREE built in home screen layout options that you totally ignored, and you just told people to charge the phone overnight which is the WORST advice I've seen in a long time. People, the phone takes maximum 1.5hrs to charge from empty with the stock charger.. DO NOT charge it overnight, you'll only wreck your phone. Lastly, the screen corners are not "sloppy", the LCD itself is manufactured to that shape, which makes it more robust in the event of a drop - this can be seen in the G6 teardown by JerryRigEverything. The corners are curved on a pixel level, not simply cut off by the front glass. If your phone is unlocking slowly, I'm guessing maybe Nova Launcher is having problems? My G6 unlocks every bit as fast as my partners Pixel and the shop demo S8s etc.
Terrance Li (16 days ago)
ibignose (1 month ago)
> DO NOT charge it overnight, you'll only wreck your phone. How will this wreck your phone?
XRaptor JESUS (6 months ago)
i love how a heaphone jack is now a feature xD
sukamal sen (6 months ago)
Could you advice me among 3 phones Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Lg g6, Nokia 8 which is more compact in hand,I mean smaller in Size . ??
PotatoCS (6 months ago)
I'm thinking about it too but since the G6 was released in 2016 I'm worried about it aging badly so I'm going for the s8 or maybe even The mate9. Might even wait for the 10 series coming 16th October not sure. Comments and thoughts are welcome.
roKr55 (6 months ago)
Got this phone for $385 on ebay. Also got 2 year warranty from LG. For that price this phone is a steal. Just upset about how slow the updates are from LG. Was happy with the support for Oneplus One before I got this.
Joel Lee (6 months ago)
Why can't they just wait a couple months before releasing a flagship with SD835? It's the same every year. Very strange...
Larry Smith (6 months ago)
Why in the hell does a reviewer working for Android Police pronounce Android Andrew? Andrew 7.0! Seriously, I want more Andrew content.
Jason Weber (6 months ago)
Long term? I'm still using my 2014 Iphone 6 Plus...
Sophie Shinning (7 months ago)
what about the front cam??
lee zimby (7 months ago)
I just got the lg g6 after smashing my note 5 . the note 5 was the best phone i personally ever owned. And now this g6 and to be honest i just cant like it. I smashed the camera on the back in the first week in my pocket somehow seriously !!!. I have two options as i have insurance with a 200 deductable i can get a brand new lg and trade that phone for an s7 or iphone 6s plus . or just get a new lg g6 and ride it out . any thoughts ????
Ronald Sutherland (7 months ago)
I had the G6 for a week. I love it so far. For the price it a great phone.
Mehul Parekh (7 months ago)
Bill Sanderson (7 months ago)
you don't have to use the power button to check notifications on the lock screen. 2 knock on the screen to see them. 2 knock again to turn off the display. how can you not be aware of this feature?
Oliver Roberts (7 months ago)
how long will the batter last if I'm a heavy user? I use my Phone a lot in one day ( 15h) I watch a lot of videos, surfs instagram and snapchat a lot, plus I use the phone quite a lot too meaning a lot of screen on time. any g6 users that can tell me what I'll get? I'd love to buy it and battery life is my only concern.
marko milicevic (7 months ago)
Im looking to buy a phone so that i can use it in the next 2-3 yrs (my htc m8 is slowly but surely dying ) , as in my country i cannot get op or pixel, im left with a choice of s8 and g6 (v30 seems too big but idk), so does anyone have any recommendation, which will last me longer and have fewer crashes/lags over time :D thanks
marko milicevic (7 months ago)
Aleksandar Đorđević fala buraz 😁
Aleksandar Đorđević (7 months ago)
marko milicevic Ako kupiš samsung mozes da imas problem sa burn in- om i sa softverom posto je jako nestabilan. lg radi stabilnije sto se softvera tice a nema ni zakrivljeni ekran koji moze da se lako polomi. Ja sam vlasnik lg g5 telefona i vec 14 meseci radi odlicno.
majkofsweden (7 months ago)
How did you get the video to fill the entire display? Thinking about getting this phone but think the black borders around video might bug me, but maybe they are not a problem?
John Lesler Antonio (7 months ago)
Link of the wallpaper pls!
Vales Valet (7 months ago)
I was about to buy it on ebay, but then I remembered the bootloop that occured on my nexus 6p and lg g4, so i got the samsung s7 instead.
André Fagnan (6 months ago)
nexus 6p is Huawei
ricardo gerapusco (7 months ago)
..one of the best smart phone..im using LG..& im gonna upgrade to G6..thanks LG..
Matt N (7 months ago)
double tap screen to see notifications problem solved????
Lucas Nakata (7 months ago)
Luke C. Kim (7 months ago)
Long-term is 5 months? i'm still using my galaxy s5 for 3.5 years
Bryan Dube (7 months ago)
Still regretting i bought a G6 the camera completely sucks but the entire phone functions well.I was using a S7 and you can see the difference btwn the two.#Disappointed
Tanya Kucey (3 months ago)
in what way?
Apache Warrior (7 months ago)
This guy is full of shit lol. The finger print works fast af
Tech Time (5 months ago)
Its not as fast and I issues when the phone is plugged into charger... I had the same issue with my v20
naresh ramesh (6 months ago)
Apache Warrior I'm also g6 user .. Fingerprint is not as fast as competitor
Glenn S (7 months ago)
+Android Police what are you using there for the Google "Pill" widget?
ahmed essam (7 months ago)
S7 edge or lg g6 ?
Jessica (7 months ago)
ahmed essam (7 months ago)
John Pretty but display is better in s7 ??!
John Pretty (7 months ago)
Rob Taylor (7 months ago)
Still very happy with the LG G6 after 3 months! I like the shape of the phone and the large screen size. It's very comfortable to hold (unlike the S8)
Derreck Caldwell (7 months ago)
I'm thinking about getting the LG G6 nice review
HK Leon (7 months ago)
SICK! wallpaper
Chromatic Progress (7 months ago)
This is probably an entirely too random / unrelated question, but...what notebooks are those at 1:04 ? They look really nice.
RAHMAN _ (7 months ago)
Buy iPhone 6s or LG G6
dinesh gupta (6 months ago)
TheTechPerson (7 months ago)
0:33 LAG
Robert Dabob (7 months ago)
Settings>general>fingerprint and security>usage access deny access to google play services. Seemed to drastically improve my battery life. Phone idle drain specifically. Anyone confirm this?
Ornas Raditya (7 months ago)
i'm considering this phone or S8 for my S6's successor, the G6 is at sweet price spot in my country (around $550 retail, compared to $700 on S8). how about quad DAC?, it seems the review doesn't cover any part on that thing.
Hi im Ish (7 months ago)
US models don't have quad dac....
Pb31218 lyfe (7 months ago)
tutorial for Android skin on G6 pleaseee
Eric Poaps (7 months ago)
How do u 'extend videos to fit display!?'
Marc Montellano (7 months ago)
You're not a heavy user if you only have 3 hours of screen on time guy.
Jonny MacGinty (7 months ago)
I bought my LG G6 2 weeks ago and i love it but has anyone noticed that when writing a text or WhatsApp message and you write the wrong word and when you go to delete the word in one foul swoop (like i was able to do on my crappy S4) it only deletes letter by letter ? which is a pain in the arse
Jonny MacGinty (5 months ago)
Hi, only back from holidays and seeing your message now, thanks I will install it and see how i get on, I'm bored with the stock keyboard now, Cheers !!
Heathaze _ (5 months ago)
Jonny MacGinty I prefer SwiftKey over the LG stock keyboard. The Gboard from Google is also better than the LG.
Oliver Lam (7 months ago)
I enjoy using Lg g6 but the front camera is absolutely disappointing as it works horribly when when the light is weak. :( But I love making Vlog. So, I find the dual camera is pretty useful especially for travel. If you wanna know how I use my LG G6. You can check the video I uploaded on youtube.
NickLAUZ95 (7 months ago)
The snapchat camera is absolute TRASH on the LG G6, especially in low light. My LG G3 snapchat camera was better, for f*ck sakes. Great phone, but such disappointing performance on snapchat, one of the apps I use the most. :/
Isaac Robles (7 months ago)
NickLAUZ95 yes! Snapchat on this phone is horrible!
pr0jectSkyneT (7 months ago)
Bought an international version G6 H870DS for my sister. It suddenly froze on her so she did a restart. It took forever to boot so she tried to restart it again. Would no longer boot. Because of international version, LG would not honor warranty. She's now stuck with a dead phone. This is an international version though so I can't speak for the US versions. Still left a sour taste in my mouth and would never buy LG smart phones again.
Uziah Bhatti (8 months ago)
The best thing is its ergonomic design and has lcd instead of oled.
Bob Brodie (8 months ago)
If you like the LG G6 so much, why aren't you talking about the newest model, the LG G6+? I got mine for $600 US on eBay from a US based re seller, who imports the phones from Hong Kong. No wireless charging, but 128gb of storage and a 32-bit quad hi-fi dac. I put a 128gb micro sd card in mine for an extra $50. The models of the G6+ seem to vary a bit, country to country. I'm using mine on T-Mobile in the US. Because it's not a network locked phone, I do not get wifi calling, or VoLTE. But T-Mobile has fabulous coverage where I live, so those are non issues for me.
Bob Brodie (7 months ago)
That's fine, everyone has their own set of priorities. I ruled out a US version of the phone because to me, 32gb of storage is inadequate. The Hong Kong version of the LG G6+ has 128gb of storage, and a 32-bit quad hifi dac. The US LG G6 does not, and those were deciding factors for me. The sound of of this phone with my Bose ear buds is amazing! T-Mobile's coverage where I live is so good, I do not need to have VoLTE or VoWiFi.
gcd23 (7 months ago)
Bob Brodie FYI, the unlocked US model works flawlessly on TMO with VoLTE and VoWifi both working. If the Imported version worked with TMO fully I would consider it but it doesn't.
Majid Khalid (8 months ago)
Dude I am not going to watch this entire video. All I can say after watching an LG G6 video after a long time is, this phone DOES look better than S8. However, I don't have one right now. Will see how it feels in the hand when I hold it.
xEury19 (7 months ago)
I have this phone. The front facing camera sucks. Other than that, everything else's good. Battery life too. I think the aesthetic of the LG G6 is better than the S8, especially because everything is flushed (no protruding parts).
reid chandler (8 months ago)
Double tap to check notifications without unlocking your home screen. This has been an LG feature since at least the G3

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