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Note 8 vs Pixel 2 XL: The Best Android

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Should you get a Galaxy Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL? Check out the video to find out! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0WgpO4J98E Pixel 2 XL Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaP_lANSPsg Joe Barksdale: https://www.instagram.com/jbdale72 More VS Videos iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sznXd_4XY9c iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpHfFh1bixY Music from Epidemic Sound. Start your free 30-day trial! https://goo.gl/ibDfse More tech goodness: http://www.technobuffalo.com Deals: http://bit.ly/1JMh2qc Follow us! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technobuffalo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technobuffalo Instagram: http://instagram.com/technobuffalo Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnoBuffalo

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Text Comments (1464)
DREAMS2719 (23 hours ago)
I wish to buy pixel 2Xl
chris dougherty (1 day ago)
I love my 256gb internal storage international unlocked version, duel sim card slot and micro SD, and I put a SanDisk 256gb SD card,so I have half a terabyte !!! It's awesome!
Ronak patel (1 day ago)
Note 8 vs pixel 2XL battery= note 8 win S9+ vs pixel 2xl battery= 2xl win in your video.... conclusion note 8 3300mah is better than s9+ 3500mah I think you confused me......... please answer if possible....???????
Mike Taylor (5 days ago)
Clearly a bias comparison...
Jenine Taylor (5 days ago)
Adrian Ionut Popescu (7 days ago)
Lewd Bandana (10 days ago)
Personally I would give the note 5 out of 6 tbh. I prefer the software.
C J (16 days ago)
Note 8 for battery. All credibility gone. Thumbs down.
Samir Melton (17 days ago)
Ty I hate everyone who does the "best for you" answer...pussies
Jovan Byars (20 days ago)
Note 8 wins by default.
Anthony Parker (21 days ago)
13:14....Android k is built into this. Huh? Are we in 2014?
skygunner27 (21 days ago)
Great comparison! I totally agree. Note 8 FTW!
Mill Wall (22 days ago)
Pixel ugly phone
Daniel Parris (23 days ago)
Watching on my s8 plus lol
Joseph Traill (23 days ago)
Note 8 Rocks 😎
Volkan Tutkun (23 days ago)
NOTE 8 is the Best phone ever
syed ibad (24 days ago)
Note 8 is bae. 🔥
Melissa Hannah (25 days ago)
I want a smartphone that is made in a country where they DO NOT eat dogs or cats !!! Is there a country like that ?? Can Apple bring all their product back to be made in America so we can own a real American smartphone please . Apple was started in America . It is a great phone . I really want to buy an American smartphone .
Landon Kennedy (27 days ago)
But really, everyone knows blackberry is where it’s at
Amir Arian (28 days ago)
The battery is for the pixel 2xl mate
jason beedle (1 month ago)
I've always had Iphone, sometimes I'd use a Samsung. Then I tried the pixel 2 xl and im amazed at how good it is. I don't miss my iPhone at all
T Kroll (1 month ago)
Agree. As a Note 5 owner I'm now considering buying a Note 8. No other phone comes anywhere near my preferred choice, no matter how many nano seconds slower it is to open apps/camera or if the battery life is 30 mins worse off, whether the finger print sensor is in the wrong position. IMO every other premium phone is exactly the same as the next. I am King Arthur and the sword in the stone is the mighty S Pen every time! Would seriously consider the Pixel if it had a stylus. My mind is made up now, it always was TBH..
Alan Lawson (1 month ago)
Pixel 2XL has stock Android, faster updates and a marginally better camera but other than that Samsung beats it hands down. 2 XL's screen is junk, has connectivity issues, no expandable storage and no headphone jack.
Mauricio Magnovska (1 month ago)
samsung is full of bloatware, all those samsunga apps are useless, screen looks good but brakes so easy, not buying another samsung again
JRG 11 (1 month ago)
Note 8!!! All Day!!!
Sir Callum (1 month ago)
I really think you should have a more accurate scoring system than "this one wins this entire category". You clearly state that many of the categories only had a slight edge to one side, yet they get the whole category with no credit to the other phone? Your conclusion doesn't accurately represent your analysis. Maybe you could give points out of five for each phone in each category, and then just add up the points. That way a "slight edge" wouldn't ultimately translate to a substantial one like it does with your current system.
Sir Callum (1 month ago)
Also, while a battery test is certainly appreciated, I don't think it should be the sole factor in your analysis. If you can't perform multiple tests, then please at least include your day-to-day experience. I see many other comments refuting your conclusion that the Note 8 could ever realistically win in this category, leading me to believe (and as I have heard elsewhere) that the Pixel 2 XL outperforms the Note 8 in everyday battery usage.
Joshua Smith (1 month ago)
Battery category was fucking retarded. This is exactly why I don't watch techno Buffalo videos. Aside from the fact that it's stupid to test the battery that way since no one uses their phone like that you yourself said the pixel 2 lasted longer. What the fuck idiot?
Hadley V. Crutchley (1 month ago)
I have an s8, but I'm considering getting the Pixel 3 when it comes out, I'm assuming, in Oct.
Redmi note 5 pro vs Nokia 7 plus
Nomenclature0 (1 month ago)
I went from the original Pixel XLto the Note 8
MarsuveezBlack (2 months ago)
A phone without a jack will never be a winner.
frampton488 (2 months ago)
John, I just wanted to say that I love your videos. I have been going to your videos for what seems like a decade for all my tech info. Its amazing how far you guys have come since you sitting in your apartment in front of one stationary camera. Keep up the great work!
BHARATH V R (2 months ago)
Pixel 2 xl is the best.
Arlo Brie (2 months ago)
"better" really just comes down to needs analysis of your customer. With these great devices your "better" is just your opinion.
Bothand Nether (2 months ago)
got the XL2 today for 1/2 the monthly price of the Note. thank you for helping me to decide, You rock.
Nïvek Eneerg (2 months ago)
I see the N64 on the table in the background
lovingorca (2 months ago)
I learned yesterday that the the note 8 can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at once. Even Apple can’t do that. I traded my iPhone 7Plus for a Samsung Note 8. I also love the new Google lens feature. Android has come a long way. Google just keeps getting better and better. Just like you I really enjoy the S pen. Samsung now has a tablet that come with an S pen. Samsung Tab S 3 9.7 you can even buy a keyboard case for it.
Kory Farmer (2 months ago)
You will be waiting for those updates for software for the note 8 as you would for the pixel
Jah Gonzaga (2 months ago)
im pissed off w/ the biased review of this guy...hands down pixel 2 xl was better in terms of battery life...sure samsung payed this guy
salty salty (2 months ago)
I see a lot of people have the note 8 including myself. It seems the note 8 is selling very well. Im glad people are wise enought to know the extra money is definately worth the overall experience you get from the note 8. Imo this is the most beautiful and capable phone ever made. I am beyond impressed with this phone. I recommend the note 8 to ayone who has a taste for flagship smartphones.
Alicia Florrick (2 months ago)
Watching this on my note 8. Incredible experience..
BHARATH V R (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me the wallpaper on Note 8 at 2:40 and 8:38 ?
Henky Tse (2 months ago)
Great review till the last few minutes the voice from the new presenter makes me sleepy
Golden Phone (2 months ago)
note 8 battery is bad as hell then u say it wins over pixel hh u are really amatuer
Mike Bird (2 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE my Note 8 but if I was to get another phone it would 110% be the Pixel 2 XL
Keenan Cumberland (2 months ago)
I agree with the gentleman who plays ball. I like the pixel 2 XL better because I was leaning towards iOS I also had the 8 plus and the iPhone x. I almost left Android for good until I got a hold of the pixel 2 XL this phone combines a lot of features only found on the iPhone and the stock Android experience has been wonderful I think that the Note 8 is a great phone however after owning the note for about 6 months and owning the pixel 2 XL for a few days yeah I got the panda bro!
aliwalyd3 lol (2 months ago)
how the fuck can you give the note the battery class? every youtuber said that the not has a bad battery
jesmin musa (2 months ago)
I vote google pixel XL because Android is made by google.
Rob Schoenfeld (2 months ago)
This dude is a Samsung fucking buttboi.....
Bennett Hall (2 months ago)
Battery should've been pixel xl
Adityaraj Chauhan (2 months ago)
Nice video bro
Shafii Sigera (2 months ago)
there is so much fun in android, and these days we dont even need custom roms anymore or rooting devices, they just get better and better on customization and user experience
1ma1 ya1 (2 months ago)
Why didn't you scan your MIDDLE finger??
Rob hoy (2 months ago)
I'm looking forward to the 2019 note....
6ix.Cycle (2 months ago)
By the way anyone notice the Nintendo 64? :-D
6ix.Cycle (2 months ago)
Hate to tell you this but the S pen is tangible.
James Wells (2 months ago)
Great video guys!!
DreeTheGodd (2 months ago)
Y’all are just saying the note 8 is better because you have one😂 just stfu and admit that the pixel 2 XL is miles better, and it’ll last longer than that laggy ass Samshit
K Black (2 months ago)
Opinions here don't matter much unless you have used them both. My opinion of the Note 8 is that it's been completely trouble free for me for 4.5 months. The pen is completely essential to me being a contractor and that I'm paper free out on a job. I have map templates that I make a lot notes on and I never want to go back to using paper.
Frank Jackson (2 months ago)
Lmao man you're hilarious while driving home the topic at hand
Nischal Prajapati (2 months ago)
Is the pixel water resistant tho
StoutNerd (2 months ago)
Jonny Jonny (2 months ago)
Pixel wins of course
Edward Tiangco (2 months ago)
I would've wanted a pixel but my network doesn't offer it.. heck, my friend who works for my service provider don't even know about the pixel.. it's always the big two.. so i chose one.. don't get me wrong, i am happy with my choice..
chris generette (2 months ago)
If the note 8 was just a 6.2 or a 6.1 But still note 8 first pic than iphone x
Hagan Du helicopter (2 months ago)
what's sad is that he never mentions that the note 8 has an eye scanner
Cameron Morgan (2 months ago)
I have this iPhone X and I’m planning on going back to android I’m waiting to see what the next pixel will be giving us cause to be honest im scared of going back to Samsung because oh how bad my last Samsung was it was (galaxy s6) it was slow, updates took forever, battery life was sub par. I’m leaning more towards the pixel because of what I like about iPhone. I hear the pixel is similar to iPhone when it comes to a base software that just works, that’s what I really want a phone that works that brings a few different things to the table away from iPhone.
Nitro Assassin (2 months ago)
Samsung for lyf
NDCubs1 (2 months ago)
Someth8ng that u didn’t cover is that pixel has unlimited storage of pictures and videos that doesn’t count towards the device storage
Tamás Répási (2 months ago)
Holy shit, an unbiased channel!
Eddie Castro (2 months ago)
Im a triggered femenist
Erislandy Valdez (2 months ago)
Going from a xl2 to a note 8, the pixel is a fantastic smooth phone but the touch registration is abysmal at best. Want to play a game that requires both thumbs being on the screen? Lol good luck want to click on a link? Better hit it 5 times before it registers. Great phone horrible screen issues
The life of KD (2 months ago)
finding it really hard to decide between these 2 phones
Tino Ramos (2 months ago)
How come no one in here is talking about the crap going on with the Pixel 2 after the last update? Like I said, azz monkeys.
Tino Ramos (2 months ago)
F'ing bought and paid for azz monkey.
Screaming-Muffin (2 months ago)
you can fix google launcher with another laucher , but you cannot uninstall samsung bloatware easily.
Blake T (2 months ago)
It's really close between the two devices. Both are pretty great at a lot of things. But which one has the most flaws? The Note gets slow OS updates. But the Pixel 2 XL has a lower quality screen, is prone to burn in, and has just 4 GB of RAM. Also, it has no headphone jack. I enjoy a lot of things about my 2 XL, but I'd say the Note is a better phone. I miss 6 GB of ram from my OnePlus 3T, and will probably be buying a OnePlus 6 when it comes out. Good thing is T-Mobile got me a discount, making my 2 XL just $524. So it is well worth that price.
Lance Rhoads (2 months ago)
Pixel 2 xl! I hate bixby!
craig bryan (2 months ago)
My first stock Android since the Droid 1 and I love it. Wanted to install Nova but l really don't need it. The camera is the best I've had and can finally compete with my daughters iPhone 8 lol. The battery is awsome, lasts all day for me. Only downside is the lack of the headphone jack. I hate the dongle..hate it. Still searching for a decent wireless earbuds that won't cost me a ton. Coming from the Note 5 , don't going back to Samsung.
John Williams (2 months ago)
As an owner of both. Pixel personal phone and Note 8 work phone. The Note sits in my pocket about 85% of the time. Amazing phone but I simply prefer the Pixel. Can't go wrong with either one, and idk I must've missed that blue tint, grainy display that these people have been getting because viewing these next to each other the looks damn similar.
Kevin Fairbrother (2 months ago)
Lol absolutely no mention of audio quality through wired headphones, which is why I bought a V30 anyway. Not sure why I was even watching.
David Payne (2 months ago)
Note 8 vs iphone x
Farhan Chowdhury (2 months ago)
Why would you want the search bar at the top? Pragamtically it makes sense on the bottom. And Google definitely let's you change where your search bar is. It's called replacing the launcher. The ui elements that shine in Google's vision of Android over Samsung's is the subtle differences in things like font, ui transitions, more useful spacing of elements. They just pay more attention to detail in that regard than Samsung.
merman101 (2 months ago)
the pixel isn't metal it's painted with a plastic layer
Alex M (2 months ago)
You guys have no idea how much fun and easy it is to take a note with the S pen on the note
1604viewer (2 months ago)
Software note takes as well. The pixel is glitchy and laggy. I have the note currently and really on paper this is an amazing phone. But day to day it's got lots of issues
DreeTheGodd (2 months ago)
1604viewer nigga stop lying 😂😂
Sung-June Kim (2 months ago)
Can u do note 8 vs iPhone x
daviddaaannggg (2 months ago)
Alexander Vinderslev (2 months ago)
Can't trust a Samsung wanker. Unsub immediately and find someone unbiased.
Tushar D (2 months ago)
Battery is pixel2 xl not note8 in real world it's wrong though😣
fsaed a (2 months ago)
thats bullshit
Mini Know Hows (3 months ago)
Fuck the review im looking at that 007 Golden Eye,, me and my two brother would spend hours killing each other.
Mohammed N. Khan (3 months ago)
Epic ending
Winston Chambers (3 months ago)
That was cool!!
Digital Games (3 months ago)
But the pixel 2 xl lasted as long as the note so what's the difference?
Dimetri Drossos (3 months ago)
once again the note 8 takes the thrown!
Ktm Duke (3 months ago)
Definetly iphone 8 plus wins
Murali Krishna (3 months ago)
Too boaring video
gerardo goena (3 months ago)
You deserve more subscribers man
Anardo McBean (3 months ago)
You say Note 8 is better, but even though I'm not a tech reviewer on YouTube. I would like to believe that I know somewhat about smartphones and I have to respectfully disagree.

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