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Property Tax Biased Against Hindus And Muslims

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The Property Tax is characterised by a pro-Christian bias. This, from Attorney Vashist Maharaj who points out that the law specifically excludes Christian-based religions from payment of the tax. Lest anyone think the word "denominational" includes all religions, Mr. Maharaj explains that this is not so. He says neither temple nor mosque is to be allowed the same grace as the Christian religious bodies. He argues this is institutionalised discrimination being perpetrated since 1920, when indentureship was abolished and colonial masters wanted to destroy a growing landed caste. He believes that Government should not have limited jurisdiction over religious bodies in terms of Property Tax, Corporation Tax, and Stamp Duty.
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Greenfaceman (7 days ago)
I wonder if the colonial masters were still in charge, if those Hindus and Muslims that are Indian would talking that rubbish?
stefan bhagwat (7 days ago)
Nah soldier.is d hindus n muslim having money 2 especially d hindus dem.n not 2 forget dem stinkin 1%.who marrying dem own family.sick sick animals
Evans Andall (7 days ago)
Where them does come out boi
O.Rajgobin Shane (7 days ago)
I doubt dat u know how imbert does explain things he will certainly clarify.it will be 2 blatant discrimination.
Rishirishi Roopnarine (7 days ago)
What the $$$$$$$

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