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iOS 12 hands-on: Memoji, Siri Shortcuts, and more

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iOS 12 will arrive on your iPhone this fall. But right now, developers are able to take an early look. Here’s our preview of the very first beta — it’s still early, and things could change, but we’re already able to check out several of the biggest upcoming features. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl
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Text Comments (211)
The Verge (10 days ago)
Do you think you’ll actually use Screen Time? - Jake
Han Aral (7 days ago)
If you have iOS 12, go in to settings, it's right below do not disturb.
Benjamin P. Ellis (8 days ago)
The Verge Google Dashboard FTW! (Well-being)
Thomas Horsman (9 days ago)
Ranay Padarath or you could click manage and “deliver quietly”
Omar Abdulla (9 days ago)
My screen time feature isn’t working what do I do?
sahil gangwani (9 days ago)
Martin marty (3 days ago)
Marie Brunner (7 days ago)
Canvas smart water son stock difficult period Greek anyway negative.
Seungwon Oh (7 days ago)
Why ju take his wallet? 😂
Rikardo Rvszo (8 days ago)
Memoji for you = Huge Ears with Glasses
Xennic (8 days ago)
The new Siri-feature is pretty cool
Clarence Royandoyan (8 days ago)
I want to see Dieter do this. His Memoji will be easy to do.
H31y (8 days ago)
Wow...These are such exciting and innovative features. Been using the majority of them for a while now... Switching to iPhone for dem Snapchat filters though.
10 (8 days ago)
No one cares about Memoji or AR emoji
Raul Velasquez (8 days ago)
@4:20 new Full screen iPad coming soon maybe?
Howard Abraham (9 days ago)
It's not Jake's fault, but I just can't get excited about any of this. We need a new product category. Phones are commodities.
I.P Mahendra (9 days ago)
Still third-party apps are not optimised sometimes apps like YouTube closing when I working with it
Issie wizzie (9 days ago)
Apple grow up ...people grow up you are not kids anymore. Need life changing apps and enhancements.
John Espino (9 days ago)
This may be off-beat, but I think the *style* of not having the main actor (in this case, Jake) stare into the camera for most of the video really helps the viewer focus on what he's talking about (in this case, iOS12 on the iPad and iPhone). Just an interesting comment. 👍 PS For most of my friends who have an iPhone X, the Memoji thing is the only reason that they jumped to a potentially-buggy iOS12 beta. And for those who don't have an iPhone X, this is going to be one of those features why they would jump ship. Good on Apple to really capitalize on their Face and Camera tech—months in and still no market equivalent.
dark13art (9 days ago)
iPhone X gestures on iPad is just wrong!Who ever in apple think this is good should be fired!! If Tim can’t see it...maybe he should look for another job. Apple was about attention to details great hardware with great software but today they make mistakes that shouldn’t been happening. Hopefully they will make it right in next update.
Lukas T (9 days ago)
Siri Shortcuts could be amazing.
Scott Dann (9 days ago)
I'm sure WhatsApp could easily do their own version of mimoji or whatever you wanna call it. It's not like it needs a great deal of processing power I've had apps like that on my iPhone 4. Nobody uses imessage because WhatsApp is cross platform.
roman2011 (9 days ago)
Jason (9 days ago)
I get it. So, iOS 12 is about Apple copying Samsung.
Stas Pavlov (9 days ago)
This release of iOS is epically underwhelming.
JiNeTiK (9 days ago)
4:31 The voice memos icon looks like the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop...
Zuriel Daher (9 days ago)
I sometimes
Aleksandr Morozov (9 days ago)
omg this horrible ticking sound on background
Fazley Fadzil (9 days ago)
that ain't no punk alien that's MARY POPPINS YALL
Benbot (9 days ago)
All useless features for me. What about widgets?!
Srdjan Smudja (9 days ago)
Widget is still in iOS12. They did not remove it.
Alan Hughes (9 days ago)
hopefully siri shortcuts makes more sense that that "workflow" app and isn't just a re-branded name for it
Craig Burghardt Jr (10 days ago)
👎 for memoji and 👍 for Siri shortcuts
Patrick Gile (10 days ago)
Any updates on CarPlay apps?
Benjamin P. Ellis (8 days ago)
Patrick Gile Yep! CarPlay now works with third-party navigatory services.
WALTER WHITE (10 days ago)
So innovative...lol no
Aliyu Abba (10 days ago)
Samsung AR emoji comes to mind...memoji
Martin Filimonov (10 days ago)
Can Siri shortcuts help when you want to call someone?
Ariel Zabihi (10 days ago)
Jakes takes people’s wallets..?
Yogesh Patel (10 days ago)
Google copying Siri shortcut in 3...2...1......
Chase Hanson (2 days ago)
Marco Spinaci That came out like a month ago lol, it’s not like it’s been able to do that for a long time
Benjamin P. Ellis (8 days ago)
Google Assistant Routines
faisal aldrou (9 days ago)
Yogesh Patel you are stupid
Marco Spinaci (9 days ago)
Dude, seriously? Is Siri capable to simulate an entire call phone with a real person? Google Assistant is way smarter
Sachin Majotra (9 days ago)
We already have shortcuts lol
Darcer's Tech (10 days ago)
How do you bring up the dock while in app on the iPad?
Alan Charly (10 days ago)
Darcer's Tech if you swipe fast then it’s home or else dock
Darcer's Tech (10 days ago)
Ac Tech Does that not bring you home now?
Alan Charly (10 days ago)
Darcer's Tech swipe up
lucas (10 days ago)
Ok. We get it now.
Thomas Weinreich (10 days ago)
do the old four fingers iPad gestures still work?
ClaxtonBay123 (10 days ago)
Who is this new guy? 🤔 i like this guy.
Clarence Royandoyan (8 days ago)
ClaxtonBay123 His name’s Jake. He’s worked on a couple videos for The Verge. His most popular series is Workflow
Dan iel (10 days ago)
All I want is multi window 😩
Thomas Cn (10 days ago)
Apple just copied Google on every aspect, they just added memojis...
Srdjan Smudja (9 days ago)
Memoji is a updated version Animoji which Apple created long time ago.
Thomas Cn (10 days ago)
Isaiah Pez webos navigation, not iphone x's one
Isaiah Pez (10 days ago)
Thomas Cn ehh, not even google owns the feature they have a lot of it was picked off developer ideas. Besides if were compare the two google gave Android P the IPhone X home button for some reason.
Shloeb (10 days ago)
Google maps in carplay is the biggest new feature for me in ios 12
Zla Kob (8 days ago)
Shloeb Android Fan Boy
A. M. (10 days ago)
Why nobody is talking how useless those emojis are,I mean you can’t use them in WhatsApp
Slynnt (9 days ago)
You can take a selfie or record your memoji and then send it on other messaging apps but tbh iMessage is the only reason i have an iPhone rn
Fredo Alv (9 days ago)
I only use Whatsapp to talk to friends outside of the country from there no one uses it like ppl in the USA use Snapchat Instagram DMs iMessage or just plain text from my experience.
WhatsApp is 100% trash use iMessage
sanjit senguttuvan (10 days ago)
When is fall.Like which month exactly?
Parkershaw (10 days ago)
sanjit senguttuvan September
Badar Shahzad (10 days ago)
i liked the 5 finger pinch to close apps on the iPad better
Alan Charly (10 days ago)
Badar Shahzad it was there before
Dominic Buteau (10 days ago)
Dammit Jake he wants his wallet
Ashwin Shaji (10 days ago)
I think google’s version Of app limiting is better than Apple. I’m using iOS 12 beta I just keep on ignoring the time limit.
Kartik Joshi (10 days ago)
0:53 That looks like yondu
Jellykrop (9 days ago)
Augustus Arthur (10 days ago)
Kartik Joshi yh from guardians of the Galaxy amirite?
Benoît Bibaud (10 days ago)
So Apple asks people to make Siri clever by themselves with shortcuts instead of making it at least as good as Google or Alexa, right?
MarkDaNerd (9 days ago)
Ac Tech do you have anymore arguments
andgar923 (9 days ago)
I agree it's not as good as other assistants, but Im assuming it's done as a security measure. The main reason Siri isn't as advanced isn't because Apple isn't capable of being more advanced, but mainly due to the security/privacy risks involved. They play a delicate balance of having a secure system while having beneficial/requested features. That's been Apple for eons.
MarkDaNerd (9 days ago)
Ac Tech and those tweaks are what make them more useful
MarkDaNerd (9 days ago)
Ac Tech I'm in my late teens
Alan Charly (9 days ago)
MarkDaNerd how old are You?
King Kunta (10 days ago)
Haha you think that's how you look like 😂
Pratik Thingle (10 days ago)
Screen time sounds like Google dashboard 🤔. I don't know why? Are they same?🙄
Marco Spinaci (9 days ago)
Ac Tech informations may have been leaked before the presentation. Google or Apple probably copied each other, but months before the presentation, of course.
Alan Charly (10 days ago)
Pratik Thingle Yaa they are but not a copy coz within one month its impossible for companies to copy each other
Matthew Vargas (10 days ago)
“Can you answer me?” Yeesh.
jaideepwadali (10 days ago)
Keep In Mind Its BETA Afterall Ios 12 will Be Awesome 😎
hugo (10 days ago)
memoji is fun for only first day....them it's boring af
Alan Charly (10 days ago)
Memeorandum of Understanding dude it’s not for fun it’s for iMessages.
mahchymk93 (10 days ago)
Did you take my wallet???
DHINTON7295 (10 days ago)
YouTubers hated Bixby but now Shortcuts is a big deal. Smh.
MarkDaNerd (8 days ago)
YS Chung not unless you delete all the google apps
YS Chung (9 days ago)
If you have a phone with Bixby you probably are giving the same amount of data to Google anyway...
Vinnie Sifter (9 days ago)
YS Chung data security?
YS Chung (9 days ago)
But aside from that in almost every other category google assistant is superior
Vinnie Sifter (9 days ago)
Yasin Hasan LMAO no,it’s somehow worse
Ghost Hunter (10 days ago)
"did you take my wallet" Sorry, Jake :)
Jules A (10 days ago)
People really get excited by stuffs like emojis, memojis? Wow
makasete30 (8 days ago)
Lighten up grandad
J A (8 days ago)
I can imagine people getting excited about these things but I wonder how many would stay excited past the first day of usage or second.
Jellykrop (9 days ago)
Adults acting like they are 12.
Jules A (9 days ago)
andgar923, is spending time with friends better than staying at home on one's computer? I guess, most sucessful people kept spending times with their friends.
andgar923 (9 days ago)
Not a Memoji fan, but people that do get excited for them actually DO get out more. They more than likely have friends that they want to share and send memojis to. Whereas YouTube geeks with Superman avatars sit at home on their computers.
harsh kumar (10 days ago)
Most secure and trusted software.. 😊😊
Aditya Dengare (10 days ago)
The group notifications,measure app,the new memoji,and new features in do not disturb mood and all the other staff is great....In short ios 12 is awesome 😊😊😊
Aditya Dengare (7 days ago)
Han Aral that true ios gives for security compare to android and latest update to to thier devices......For example iphone 5s which now the older version but still it's going to get ios 12 update.
Han Aral (7 days ago)
I agree, in all honesty both OSs are fine as a phone, but I and many others enjoy the amazing security iOS offers. I also like their push to get people healthier. I have lost a lot of weight purely because my apple watch reminds me to get up and go out when I set around too much.
Aditya Dengare (7 days ago)
Han Aral that's the week point of Android...
Han Aral (7 days ago)
It's probably just as good, problem is android oreo which is almost 2 years old now, is only installed on 6% of devices, let alone android P, which hasn't even got support for tablets.
le huynh (9 days ago)
Sachin Majotra really?
Simon Wolf (10 days ago)
Why didn't they call it iMoji?
Kevin Damerr (10 days ago)
Simon Wolf iMoji - Animoji - Emoji == iMoji
Let's have a tech talk (10 days ago)
Doesn't look much like him
I.P Mahendra (10 days ago)
Memoji is great iOS 12 beta is fast but very unstable
Zla Kob (8 days ago)
beta works 👌👌👌
Adrian (9 days ago)
I have not had any issues with the iOS 12 beta. What problems are you facing?
malek mestiri (10 days ago)
Hhhhhhhhhhhh lol I love the video photo of memoji
Spencer Weaver (10 days ago)
3rd yes
Nicholas (10 days ago)
🤦🏻‍♂️ looks nothing like him.
Alan Charly (10 days ago)
Nicholas it’s just to personalize. They didn’t say it will look exactly like you. What Samsung said was they will look exactly like you but finally it ended being creepy and terrible

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