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Several Coast NASA MPs back DP Ruto’s 2022 bid

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A section of opposition leaders from the coastal region have now thrown their weight behind deputy president William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid. The leaders who have in the past been vocal on their criticism of government now say they are ready to work together for the sake of the country and propel the DP to the presidency in the next election cycle. Citizen TV is Kenya's leading television station commanding an audience reach of over 60% and in its over 12 years of existence as a pioneer brand for the Royal Media Services (RMS), it has set footprints across the country leaving no region uncovered. This is your ideal channel for the latest and breaking news, top stories, politics, business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment from Kenya and around the world. Follow us: http://citizentv.co.ke https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya https://www.facebook.com/Citizentvkenya https://plus.google.com/+CitizenTVKenya https://instagram.com/citizentvkenya
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Text Comments (16)
michael Kipngetich (2 months ago)
2022 Tosha kabiza madam
watu23254 (3 months ago)
Never saw this coming hahahaha
Robert Oduor (3 months ago)
Pipe dream.
T. nyaky (3 months ago)
fucking pigs all they do is eat eat eat....we in 2018 .have issues in 2018 yet this ass holes are talking about 2022...am never voting again.
Faith Akoth (3 months ago)
Ule Ule Waweru (3 months ago)
Wakenya Let Us never fight ju ya Politicians and Politics... Please...I know only my neighbors, not politicians, who are Kenyans from all tribes, Ukabila inaletwa na siasa...ya ubinafsi...
Brian Gabriel (3 months ago)
This politicians play us to be fools..so now because of your own interest to shift camp you think i will go with you??? Its a high time we show this fools that people power matters and we kick all of them out of office. Most of them are all the same
Rich bound (3 months ago)
Can't believe 2022 politics are already in session
comrade kipepe (3 months ago)
noma sana kweli siasa ni haramu kama allah alivyo sema
evans gambo (3 months ago)
Pesa ni mbaya I say
Margret Wangari (3 months ago)
Hehehe😨huyu mama niule alisema anatuma wachawi wote wazuie jubilee kupiga kura😱😱😱sham on her
Hellen iminza (3 months ago)
Heheee kuenjoiwa
Ibramod matteo boi (3 months ago)
sorry hio ni ndoto
Ibramod matteo boi (3 months ago)
Aisha piwewe umepewa tip nini
michael Kipngetich (3 months ago)
Hiyo ni baba bwana

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