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How to get a job at Jaguar Land Rover

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Check out my amazing 5 tips to impress at Jaguar Land Rover. These tips can be used for any interview. Please check out my website for more amazing tips at http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com. Please like subscribe and comment. I will respond to any comments. If there are any subjects you wish me to cover then please leave a comment below or contact me via my website.
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Hooded Claw (5 days ago)
You also have to move to Slovakia......like land rover.
kamal khan (11 months ago)
do u know Philip moris
jncoachingtechnology (11 months ago)
kamal khan No sorry I do not know him.
Nikk CArroll (1 year ago)
i'll be applying soon, i have no automotive experience but i have been working as a electrical technician on f/a 18's for the last 4 years. Will that experience be competitive at this business?
jncoachingtechnology (1 year ago)
Nikk CArroll Wishing you all the best. In relation to your query it would be best to contact them direct to get the technical feedback you need. So get to know the technical part and then use the tips to strengthen your interview. Be awesome!
imran athani (1 year ago)
HI sir, how to apply from india .
Get IT Fixed (1 year ago)
good information. Thanks mate.
jncoachingtechnology (1 year ago)
Get IT Fixed You are more than welcome, glad you found it useful. Be awesome out there!
Luke Davis (1 year ago)
I believe tip no.1 should be getting the name correct. It's JLR jaguar Land Rover, not Land Rover jaguar.
jncoachingtechnology (1 year ago)
Luke Davis Thanks Luke, great that you have picked that up, attention to detail and you clearly have that. Appreciate the feedback, be awesome out there!
Alale Adem (1 year ago)
thank you very much, you gave me a good key while I'm preparing Rang Rover Interview
jncoachingtechnology (1 year ago)
You are more than welcome, glad it helped and let me know how you get on. Be awesome!
jncoachingtechnology (2 years ago)
Hi Ben thank you for your comments and your kind words, I do want to help people fulfil their potential. Re the Land Rover question; I did some research and I found many people who were looking for guidance to be able to work for Jaguar Land Rover, hence the video. However I wanted to ensure that it would also benefit others too! Yes the mirroring is a great way to get rapport, let me know how you get in with it. Whatever you do I wish you great success and thank you again for commenting; check out my website for more free tools! Kind regards your peak performance coach Joe
Micah Alexander-James (1 year ago)
+jncoachingtechnology ok thanks
jncoachingtechnology (1 year ago)
MIKE see my response above 👍
jncoachingtechnology (1 year ago)
MIKE For some reason the link will paste properly but if you go to their website and type a search in the box, psych tests you will find them there.
Micah Alexander-James (1 year ago)
It's say error 404 I think you gave me a incorrect ulr
Micah Alexander-James (1 year ago)
+jncoachingtechnology Thanks really appreciated for your research and I will keep you informed!
Ben Lasson (2 years ago)
Although you state your advice is obviously applicable to any job interview, is there any reasoning as to why you have mentioned Jaguar Land Rover specifically? l shall look into 'mirroring' in more depth now and how the subconscious draws on this to project perhaps some degree of assimilation to the interviewer but in the main, it was pretty much textbook advice from school. l enjoyed watching though, you seem very genuine in your intent. Thank.

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