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I get in a lot of cases. Here's my favorite for the iPhone X so far! ➟➟UAG Cases: ➟Monarch - http://geni.us/qbfD ➟Metropolis - http://geni.us/L1Zu9C ➟➟Caseology Case: ➟http://geni.us/UVH7Ob ➟➟Incipio Case: ➟http://geni.us/bYggZI ➟➟IFCASE Metal Bumper: ➟http://geni.us/nR8dlB ➟➟Totallee Ultra Thin Case: ➟http://geni.us/uGf04j Music Credits: Johto - Ripple https://soundcloud.com/samwiiise/ripple STALK ME ON SOCIAL! TWITTER: @theJaredBusch INSTAGRAM: @theJaredBusch

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Text Comments (192)
Andrea Cristoforetti (4 months ago)
Man, I love your irony, sarcasm and sense of humor in general, one of my favourite youtubers, no doubt! Go on like this, you're great :)
Andrea Cristoforetti (4 months ago)
It's a pleasure Jared, if someone deserves it it's right to let him know right? 💪
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Cheers Andrea! Love reading comments like this! ❤️
Dhanuka Samin (1 month ago)
love the videos and your humor. you deserve more views
VenLouie (2 months ago)
love the bumper but lets talk about something more important. how do you only have 150k subs? u deserve so much better dude great work
Samir El asmar (2 months ago)
The uag black casee is fireee❤️❤️🔥🔥
Darien Olivo (2 months ago)
I like the fabric one
Mo Loss (3 months ago)
This videos never gonna reach 1000 likes 😂😂
Jose Alanis (3 months ago)
I like the parallax
Bob Calderon (3 months ago)
Totally love that Totallee Ultra Thin Case!
GJS (3 months ago)
love the monarch
Ghulam Abbas (3 months ago)
i dont want the case cz dont have X
hri doy (3 months ago)
not yet 1k likes
Kev B (3 months ago)
The bumper looks dope
Ahmed Abbasi (3 months ago)
I thoght your given away iphone 10 fuk
Mo Loss (3 months ago)
Metropolus 😍❤️
Christian Cordero (4 months ago)
I like the leather and metal UAG case!!!
SoulMakk (4 months ago)
Monarch looks sweet.
Adam Stonestreet (4 months ago)
UAG Monarch
Darlin Lopez (4 months ago)
I’ll like the dumper case
Ramon W Borges (4 months ago)
The Totallee case looks good, but I'm afraid that if I put on my iPhone X, I'll drop it within the hour. I usually don't drop my phone, but Murphy's Law...
Albis128 (4 months ago)
Incipio Case looks best :)
Joseph Ramos (4 months ago)
I loved all the UAG cases especially the folio one! Loved all the jokes during the video, made it more fun to watch without skipping
Anthony Arreola (4 months ago)
I favorite is the caseology and totalee
John Adams (4 months ago)
The metal bumper is the bomb diggity
Baseball Kidd15 (4 months ago)
The caseology case is straight heattttt. Can't wait to get my iPhone X this week!
Sam Signey (4 months ago)
Could u try giving my game a review it's called Dodge It - SS.Games I love your channel keep up the work👍
CARS:SAVAGE MODE ON (4 months ago)
Man that incipio looks mad AF
Miscrits (4 months ago)
Is the fabric case actually fabric? I read on an Amazon review that it was plastic with a fabric look?..
RallyWerks (4 months ago)
The metal bumper was rad. I’d be all about that in a jet or mat black.
Kenb1990 (4 months ago)
I really love the UAG cases. They are my go to choice when you need maximum protection. I also like the Caseology case too for the fresh design on the back. I would love to win either one of those. Thanks!
eurosonly (4 months ago)
Link to wallpaper please
eurosonly (4 months ago)
I've been into the caseology cases lately as they're really stylish and have that simple look to those which really compliments the simple design of the iphone
sevenayan (4 months ago)
The fabric case looks dope
Jinu Justin (4 months ago)
Woah. I love all of them 😁
Jacob Nyamu (4 months ago)
My favorite is the red UAG
Mega Boy (4 months ago)
+Jared Busch Do you like OtterBox? There are lots of new styles that keep your device safe while not making it pregnant. I myself use OtterBox defender series & lately the defender doesn't really add too much weight/fat than the old days. Like my S8+, it's really thin compared to the ones on the pregnant bezel iPhones.
cheeseblades (4 months ago)
Favorite is UAG
Bas Peperkamp (4 months ago)
#incipiocase #winning Nice video again!
Jeffrey Cai Qi Yang (4 months ago)
My favourite case is gonna be the UAG Metropolis case so I hope I can win it and thanks in advance!
Geek Spring (4 months ago)
Some pretty sweet cases. Love the Caseology case!
Styves Exantus (4 months ago)
Yo I NEED that Metropolis FIIIIIIIIIIRE! I’m color blind so let’s just call sunburn tangerine 😎🤙🏾
tech villain (4 months ago)
How can I win one, oh wait fuck it I don't have the 10...Good video
Grant Hansell (4 months ago)
I like the bumper case
Sammy_1300135 v (4 months ago)
Yo jared can you do a give away of that magnetic strap on you have
Rob Watkins (4 months ago)
Well done video as always Jared!
Dennis Doroslovac (4 months ago)
Ifcase is sick!
Ryan Collins (4 months ago)
The incipio case is nice but the uag is a fucking beast.
Brianna Marie (4 months ago)
lol the cases are great and my favorite is probably the UAG one but honestly my favorite part of this video were the dirty jokes lmao
Nitik Sharma (4 months ago)
Lmao the condom commercial! 😂😂
Robin Verheij (4 months ago)
Last case for sure :D
gary iciano (4 months ago)
Where I can find the parallax in that color ?
Misha Davydiuk (4 months ago)
Hey Jared is there Pixel 2 XL review coming any time soon? I really like the phone and wanted to hear your opinion. Also when I was looking for a case for a Pixel 2 XL there's nothing much to choose from. So maybe you could compare those 2 types of videos. Btw I end up buying Google's fabric case which is heavy on a price but really good. Waiting for new videos ;/
techaficionado38 (4 months ago)
Most of the cases look awesome!!
Mo Loss (4 months ago)
Plus, havent won a giveaway in my life so it would be great to win the Metropolus. 😎
Mo Loss (4 months ago)
The Metropolus is my favorite case. Especially because its super protective. I own a space grey iPhone X and i have a feeling it would look AMAZING on it. Btw i live in Toronto, Canada so you wont have to pay a lot for shipping 😉 Love your content Jared. Keep it up! 😍
skysilsby94 (4 months ago)
UAG Monarch!
Rene Salcido (4 months ago)
That magma case is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eduardo Valdivia (4 months ago)
This is the first video I’ve ever watched on your channel and I think what made me subscribe was your humor and also great video!!!!
Eduardo Valdivia (4 months ago)
Best case was the uag!
David Meadows (4 months ago)
Love those UAG cases!
Sujay Ravi (4 months ago)
My favorite is the totalle case!
Kaminsky Evans (4 months ago)
I would have to say the incipio fabric case is awesome.
echozoom87 (4 months ago)
DammItDeanne (4 months ago)
Love the Red UAG case, it's a solid red color! love it. Also loving the Fabric case <3
Phone Daft (4 months ago)
How can anyone dislike his videos? I love his videos even if it's about shit I would never buy! Magnetic strap on Lol! Great video as always. I've not bought my iPhone X yet so don't pick me. Need to sell my Pixel 2 XL first. And to be honest I ain't up for that.
adam pilkington (4 months ago)
The first case
عبدالله محمد (4 months ago)
I like them all ☺️☺️
Vojta Frydl (4 months ago)
your vids should be 18+
Rey Font (4 months ago)
I like the incidio case
Kyle Quan (4 months ago)
The UAG monarch looks awesome
Sid Veecious (4 months ago)
i really like the ultra thin one and UAG monarch!
karolay llanos (4 months ago)
Mansoor Khoso (4 months ago)
I like that metal rim outer shell case.
SapamJr (4 months ago)
Bayu Dharma Putra (4 months ago)
i like the show the back of iPhone X and i want the ifcase
Aleksandar Gonovski (4 months ago)
Metropolis is my choice and I must say your videos are getting better and better...Nice job man keep it up
mark hanna (4 months ago)
Suh UAG monarch
Robert Banica (4 months ago)
Totallee Ultra Thin Case:
Mickey (4 months ago)
My fav case is the fabric case!!!
Qory Azkia (4 months ago)
Marcus C (4 months ago)
Totallee case
Jordan M (4 months ago)
Awesome. Been looking for a new bumper after using rhino shield for a while. Is the one you’re using the gun metal?
Muhammad Arif Zahran (4 months ago)
I would have to say either the Monarch, or the UAG folio case. Monarch wins in therms of luxury for me. UAG also is a company with some amount of experience in the rugged case market.
Dan Fernández (4 months ago)
UAG Monarch case
Robert Santangelo (4 months ago)
Man if I wasn’t married you’d be mine ! Kick ass videos man.
myboikev (4 months ago)
the last case the fireeeee 😍
desmond smith (4 months ago)
I like that red uag one. All of the cases were pretty nice though.
Kevin Davis (4 months ago)
Some manufacturer needs to be a rebel and make a left handed wallet case. Watching this on my iPhone X with the UAG Monarch case in white pulling protective duty.
Jason Hicks (4 months ago)
I have always wanted to try one of those really thin cases. Great video!
Venkata Akhil Yeddula (4 months ago)
I like the last case.
Matt Ellefson (4 months ago)
UAG metropolis
Elijah Waite (4 months ago)
I don't even have an iPhone 10, I still watched the video though.
Cristobal Garcia II (4 months ago)
I have to go with the Totalee case! Has that bare non-existing feel with very slight protection.
Manuel Flores (4 months ago)
Dope Cases👌🏼🔥 Can I Have 1? or 2 or 3 or All Of Them?😭 Lol
chuck sheppard (4 months ago)
Either UAG case
Tamas Kispal (4 months ago)
UAG Monarch dope
Rayvee Consuelo (4 months ago)
I would love to win the UAG monarch :)
xflipaex (4 months ago)
UAG folio case is nice in black
Adam (4 months ago)
Monarch Case pls! Woop
KhornePhlakes (4 months ago)
The Fabric Incipio Case. Classy af
ArroGant (4 months ago)
UAG Monarch looks sweet!
Kemet Iverson (4 months ago)
Lmfaooo I like he has such a chill personality and the IFCASE Metal Bumper is my favorite for sure.

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